Thursday, August 20, 2020

Biden's Mr. Nice Guy persona

In Town Hall, Ellie Bufkin does a beautiful job bringing us many videos and descriptions of Joe Biden losing his cool in campaign appearances before the lockdown enabled him to hide from answering questions from Americans.
Although Biden's basement quarantine has spared him an untold number of awkward, unpleasant interactions with voters and the media, he has still managed to accuse a Black reporter of being a "junkie," told a Black radio host if he didn't support his bid for the White House he "ain't black," and said African Americans didn't have any diversity.

The Democrats' facade of "Biden the nice guy" seems to be based entirely on an idea of a man and not his actions. With or without the cover of his surrogates, Biden will eventually have to face real questions from the American people, who will be quickly reminded of his true persona.
Read and watch it all here.

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