Sunday, November 30, 2008


The pond is icing over, but this mallard will stay until the last inch of uniced water disappears.

"Walk While You Have the Light" (John 12:35)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Best Ever!

The juiciest turkey ever, kids helping with all phases of the meal and clean up, a day off of work = the best Thanksgiving ever! I hope yours was, too!

The American Spirit

If you ever come to Colorado, one of the cool places to visit is the Royal Gorge. It is the world's highest suspension bridge over a spectacular deep canyon of the Arkansas River. This month a man put on a jet pack (no parachute) and journeyed from one side of the canyon to the other.
The American spirit is not dead, and we can all be thankful for that today.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cooking Juicy Turkeys

Yesterday I called 1 800 Butterball to ask them how to cook our turkeys that we raised. I wanted to avoid having the 10 to 15 pound turkeys be so dry as they have been in previous years.

First, the woman told me that to make sure the frozen turkey thaws, it should be in the refrigerator at least three days. If it isn't thawing fast enough, put him in the sink breast down and fill the sink with cold tap water. Keep the bird in the sink for 3 to 4 hours, changing the cold tap water every 30 minutes.

Cook the unstuffed turkey 3 to 3 and one-half hours at 325 degrees in a shallow pan filled with vegetable oil. Cook it uncovered for the first two hours, but put a sheet of aluminum foil over the top of the bird for the last hour. The bird is done when the thigh is 180 degrees and the breast is 170 degrees. Let the bird rest for twenty minutes before devouring.

Got Milk?

These three goats are giving us milk twice a day. The brown ones are alpines. Their milk is less rich and creamy than the milk we get from Mia, the nubian. All three give the best milk, by far, than I have ever drunk, and lactose free!

Hanging On

It is below freezing almost every night now, but the pansies are hanging on.

Going For It

You can only sit around and sun yourself for so long. Sooner or later you must take the plunge into that cold water.

God's Love

While photographing the sunset the other night, I saw this cloud that looked like it wanted to come right down and kiss the trees!


Merry was an eight-week-old puppy when a friend gave her to Colleen last December, when I had my heart attack. She will be giving birth to poodle pups around the first of the year. She has such great posture!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Why the steep drop in such a short time?

Colleen just called me to tell me that she had just filled up our van at a rate of $1.58 per gallon! Can anybody explain to me why the price of oil has dropped so dramatically in such a short time? Did people really cut back that much on their driving? I doubt it.

Feeling Grateful

Do you know people who are chronically miserable? Beware of these people. They are always looking for someone to blame for their misery. If it is convenient for them to build themselves up by pointing the blame finger at you, they will not hesitate.

On the other hand, there are people who are chronically happy. Those are the kinds of people you want to be around. They are not looking to blame anybody. These persons just want to contribute. They always have something about which they are feeling grateful!

A blog I visit daily points out here that there is research that shows that replacing negative emotions with positive thinking is not enough. Yes, we need to encourage positive thinking, but along with that, we need to encourage positive emotions. “[R]esearch in the neurosciences has made it quite clear that emotional processes operate at a much higher speed than thoughts.”

The most neglected emotion is gratitude. We are one week away from Thanksgiving. As blogger Ann Voskamp recommends, even though at times it may seem counterintuitive to give thanks to God when things are not going well, that is exactly the best medicine that can be prescribed for each of us!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I had a wonderful dad who provided for his family. He did have one quirk, though, that caused him to leave his family every year about this time. He would drive from our home in Iowa to North Dakota. Then, he would crawl on his belly in blizzard conditions to get to his duck blind, wait quietly until he saw a flock of ducks or geese flying in the sky, call them on his duck whistle, then, when they got within firing range, he would rise up and shoot them dead.

He often asked me if I wanted to join him in this endeavor. However, I always had some excuse related to the game of basketball. Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve we always had duck and/or pheasant, along with home grown delicacies from Dad's sizeable garden. Somehow I managed to eat my share of the wild birds, even though I had nothing to do with getting them to the table.

I do remember one occasion, though, when I was a young teen learning to drive. My dad and his brother invited me to drive, while they looked for pheasants. My uncle had been a tail gunner in an airplane in World War II. He sat in the back seat behind Dad, who was in the front passenger seat. I was driving along a quiet dirt road amidst rows and rows of cornfields, when all of a sudden a torrent of excited, unrepeatable words ushered forth from the back seat. My uncle demanded that I stop the car, then he raised the shotgun out the window of the car, and shot to death a pheasant who was minding his business at the edge of a cornfield.

That experience made a lasting impression on me, and the memory is still vivid many years later. The geese in these pictures I took yesterday are smarter than those ducks and pheasants my dad used to hunt. They know that if they hang around lakes and ponds in metro Denver, no one will have a license to shoot them!


This is a true story. Teddy Kennedy returned to the U.S.Senate this week, followed by his wife and their two dogs. One of his dogs is named Splash. I am not making this up. This man has no sensitivity to the family of Mary Jo Kopechne, no clue whatsoever.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Courage to Stand Up and Speak Out

Last night the despicable terrorist Bill Ayres was at Georgetown University promoting a book he has written. A young Georgetown student stood up and challenged Ayres during the question and answer period. Of course, Ayres did not answer the question. Instead, he lectured the student not to watch Fox News. He told the student he needed to become a deeper thinker. I applaud this student for having the courage to challenge this America-hater.

We Need Every Element of the Conservative Coalition

There are some who are saying that the conservative coalition needs to purge this element or that element. How ridiculous! I say we need every element. We need the social conservatives, the fiscal conservatives, those who want a strong national defense, the libertarians, and whomever else I may be forgetting.

Panic and Bailouts, Or Faith, Forgiveness, and Striving For Excellence?

What is worse, a deepening recession, or a deepening deficit? Obama is telling us not to worry about the deficit for the next couple of years.

What was the management of the American auto industry thinking when they approved benefit packages of $70 per hour for their union workers, while Toyota's package is over $20 per hour less? In the 1950s 28% of American workers were unionized. Now it is 7%. The UAW is an albatross around the neck of the American automakers.

Private money is sitting on the sidelines, because no one knows what Treasury Secretary Paulson is going to do with the hundreds of billions of our dollars approved by the panicked members of Congress. Also, no Senator or Representative wants to be seen as celebrating when fellow Americans fail. Few had the courage to try to stop the bailouts.

We have this modern ethic that exalts self esteem. No one is supposed to be allowed to fail. More importance is placed on that than on excellence in competition. So, others are out-competing us. Self esteem, however, is only achieved when one accomplishes something through hard work and striving for excellence.

Do you make mistakes? Do you fail sometimes in your daily life? What do you do about it? How do you avoid making the same mistakes again the next day? If you are a Christian, you have the promise of God that His Holy Spirit is within you to help you overcome your sinful nature, if you seek to become all that God intends you to be. We must acknowledge our sins and ask for forgiveness unceasingly, and trust God to help us live as He would have us live. This is what I know I need to do every hour of every day. I also believe God has blessed our country, because we have acknowledged God and sought His guidance in setting up our country. If we turn our backs on God, we deserve to fail, and we will.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Free Trade: Where Has It Gotten Us?

The proposed injection of taxpayer money into the auto industry is engendering some good debate. Pat Buchanan reminds us that none of the presidents who are honored on Mount Rushmore favored free trade. All were America-firsters. It is not an "in" thing any more to be an America-firster. Should America impose tariffs on all foreign goods? Trillions of dollars and thousands of jobs have left America due to the free trade policies of the Clinton and Bush presidencies.

Should we make more loans to the auto industry? If so, should the unions and management be required to make some concessions and sacrifices? I think so. We should encourage foreign companies to come to America to produce their autos and other goods, using American workers. We could reduce the amount of the tariffs to those foreign companies who set up shop in America. What do you think?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

They may be pansies, but they are tough!

Ideas, Derangement, and Solutions

Have you noticed how vicious some people on the left become, if you challenge their behavior or writing? Sometimes their berserkness (if that is not a word, it should be) takes me by surprise.

It seems that the more highly "educated" the lefty is, the more vitriolic their diatribe. Recently I challenged a highly educated professor who has a radio program. One day I listened to him ridiculing Sean Hannity and Sean's radio listeners who call the program. I thought the professor's attempt at humor was pathetic, and I told him so. But I also challenged him to respond to Sean's ideas. Some of you may know that Sean has put forth a set of ten principles for conservatives to make a stand on, and if we do, Sean believes it will help us win elections in America.

Here are Sean's ten points:

1) To be the Candidate of National security:
a) Victory in Iraq
b) Fully support NSA, Patriot act, tough interrogations, keeping Gitmo open
c) A Candidate that pledges to NOT demean our military while they are fighting for their Country. eg Harry Reid: "the surge has failed", "the war is lost"
d) Candidate that promises to ensure that our veterans can live out their lives in dignity.

2) The Candidate who pledges to oppose Appeasement:
a) The Candidate will oppose any and all efforts to negotiate with dictators of the world in places like Iran, Syria, N.Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela without "pre-conditions"

3) The Candidate Pledges to support Tax CUTS, and fiscal responsibility:
a) The American people are NOT under taxed, Government Spends too much
b) The Candidate who Pledges to ELIMINATE and VOTE AGAINST ALL Earmarks
c) The Candidate pledges to BALANCE the budget

4) The Candidate Pledges to be a supporter of "Energy Independence"
a) supports Immediate drilling in Anwar and the 48 states
b) Building new refineries
c) Begin building and using Nuclear Facilities
d) expand coal mining
e) realistic steward of the environment
While simultaneously working with private industry to develop the new energy technologies for the future, with the goal being that America becomes completely energy independent within the next 15 years.

5) The Candidate pledges to secure our borders completely within 12 months:
a) build all necessary fences
b) use all available technology to help and support agents at the border
c) train and hire agents as needed

6) Healthcare:
The Candidate will look for Free-Market solutions to the problems facing the Healthcare industry, and will vigorously oppose any efforts to "nationalize healthcare".
a) The Candidate will fight for Individual health savings accounts, that includes "catastrophic insurance" for every American, so people can control their own healthcare choices.

7) Education:
a) The Candidate pledges to "save" American children from the failing educational system
b) The Candidate will fight to break the unholy alliance of the Democratic party and teachers unions, which at best has institutionalized mediocrity, and has failed children across the country
c) fight for "CHOICE" in education and let parents decide
d) fight for vouchers for parents

8) Social Security and Medicare:
a) The Candidate will "save" social security and medicare from bankruptcy.
b) Options will include "private retirement" funds so people can "control" their own destiny.

9) Judges
a) The Candidate vows to support ONLY judges who recognize that their job is to interpret the Constitution, and NOT legislate from the bench.

10) American Dream:
The Candidate accepts as their duty and responsibility to educate, inform, and remind people that with the blessings of Freedom comes a Great responsibility. That Government's primary goal is to preserve, protect and defend our God given gift of freedom.

That Government's do not have the ability to solve all of our problems, and to take away all of our fears and concerns. We need their pledge that we will be the candidate that promotes Individual liberty, Capitalism, a strong national defense and will support policies that encourage such...

It is our fundamental belief that limited Government, and Greater individual responsibility will insure the continued prosperity and success for future generations.

We the people who believe in the words of Ronald Reagan, that we are "the best last hope for man on this earth," "a shining city on a hill," and that our best days are before us if our Government will simply trust the American people.

Yes, there are grammatical errors. Sean probably should have included more about the economy, too. However, these are ideas worth discussing.

In response to my email the "Republican" professor unloaded with an incredibly hateful diatribe against Hannity, President Bush, and me. I appreciated being put in the same company as Hannity and Bush, but I was surprised at the bizarre derangement reflected in the words spewing forth from the guy's keyboard.

Friday, November 14, 2008

First Snow of the Season

We had our first big snow of the season last night, and awoke to a blizzard this morning. It is already clearing up, though, and the sun is even peeking through the clouds. I'll be sure to take my camera with me. The kids and animals are slip-sliding all over the place.

Happy Birthday to Sara

Last night and today we celebrated Sara's fifth birthday. I think her coolest gift was this Barbie laptop sent to her by her grandmother. It teaches children how to put letters together to spell words. She is enjoying all of her presents.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Amazing Contradiction

The economy became the overpowering issue in the election, cementing Obama's chances for victory. Obama has chosen Rahm Emanuel, who was a board member at Fannie Mae/ Freddie Mac, as his chief of staff! I find it amazing that no one is emphasizing what a huge contradiction that is. Simply amazing!

This Morning's Sunrise

The Age of Victimization

One of the things Colleen and I work hardest on in parenting is to teach our children to take responsibility for their actions. When they make a mistake, we want them first to look at their own actions, how they handle situations, then to ask themselves, "How could I have handled that better? What other choices could I have mede? What would have happened if I would have done this, instead of that?"

Of course, we know that the best thing we can do is practice what we preach. We know that the behaviors we model in our own daily lives are most impactful in teaching children how to function responsibly. We need to be asking ourselves all of those same questions that we are teaching our children to ask.

Have you noticed how even most adults in today's world prefer to see themselves as victims? If they screw up, it isn't anything they did; it is always someone else's fault. Does it make sense for us to expect our children to be more mature than we are?

I was pleased to hear that Barack Obama telephoned Nancy Reagan after his press conference the other day, to apologize to her for his seance remarks. That showed class and leadership on his part. That is the kind of leadership we need; a willingness to look at whether his actions and words are appropriate.

Election Results

Election results are being analyzed. What are some of the features of the election results that you find significant or interesting?

We are told that 88% of evangelical Christians voted for McCain/Palin. On the other hand, 54% of Catholics supported Obama/Biden, despite the fact that Obama voted several times in the Illinois senate to let babies die, who were born despite botched abortions. Why is abortion the only choice "pro-choicers" make? Hispanics voted 2 to 1 for Obama over McCain. That might explain the Catholic vote.

Both North Carolina and Indiana went for Obama, albeit by slim margins. Al Franken may yet win in Minnesota, if election officials keep finding boxes of Democratic votes in the trunks of their cars. We are getting close to the sixty votes in the Senate needed to stop Republicans from filibustering.

The cult of Obama was quite a phenomenon in this year's election.

Wild Fish and Game

Did you happen to see Greta Van Susteren's interviews with Sarah Palin in her Alaska home? One of the things I found interesting was that the Palins stock fresh fish, moose, and caribou in their freezer. Coloradans eat wild fish and game, too, but we supplement with chicken, turkey, beef, and lots of potato chips.

Currently there is an E coli outbreak in some of the mountain communities southwest of Denver. Health officials have determined that the outbreak was caused by children playing in fields where elk have been grazing. Kids get the elk droppings on their shoes, come home and take off their shoes, and eat something before washing their hands.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Victimless Crimes"

"These are victimless crimes." Do you know of any drug addicts who commit victimless crimes? No? Neither do I. That is because there is no such thing!

That phrase, "victimless crimes," is such garbage, that is spewed by liberals who do not wish to impose consequences on drug dealers and addicts who commit crimes to support their habits. Sure, they need treatment. But they are not going to stop committing crimes until they suffer consequences for their crimes sufficient to cause them to want to stop.


I was glad to see Obama apologize to Nancy Reagan. Yes, Nancy Reagan consulted astrology, but it was Hillary Clinton who conducted seances in the White House, channeling Eleanor Roosevelt. The media is silent about that, as is Obama.

Honoring the Cream of America's Crop

Today is Veterans Day. Here is a salute to the cream of America's crop: the men and women who served, and are serving, and the families from which they come. May you kill the evil enemy who wishes to kill all of us. You have protected us, and we will always honor your service.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Blaming Christians, Blaming Blacks

Have you wondered what might have happened if Obama would have lost the election? Well we can get a pretty good idea from watching what is happening in California. An angry mob, blaming Christians for the outcome of voting on Prop 8, ripped a cross out of a woman's arms at Saddleback church Sunday, and yelled and screamed and threw things, scaring children. White gays, angry that blacks voted for Prop 8, shouted the "n" word at black gays in Westwood.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Expectations and Tolerance

Most people understand how tolerance works in the life of an alcoholic. Alcoholics over time have a diminished response to the poison that first-time drinkers react to immediately. Alcoholics' bodies actually learn to tolerate the poison.

Likewise, children of alcoholics develop a tolerance to dysfunctional relationships. It may be a whole lifetime before they realize that they actually could have some control over the poison of these dysfunctional relationships, instead of tolerating the dysfunction! When the same or similar dysfunctional characteristics show up in the spouse they choose, or the children they raise, it registers in the brain of the adult child of alcoholics as something that they don't like, but not as something they can do something about!

It's all about expectations. Children of alcoholics learn to lower their expectations that the alcoholic parent will ever fulfill a normal parental role. Society has high expectations for mothers, for example. If the mother is an alcoholic, or a narcissist, or otherwise mentally ill, the child learns that she cannot expect from her mother a reciprocal relationship. It becomes the child's role to take care of the mother in those instances. That dysfunction may last a lifetime.

However, it must be incredibly liberating to an adult child of alcoholics to discover that he can learn to protect himself by adjusting his expectations. He realizes that it is not realistic to expect the parental figure ever to provide what should have been provided to the child. He realizes that the parent is just not capable of fulfilling a parental role. He no longer gets lulled into expectations that are not realistic.

If not liberating, at least it may bring peace to the person who has suffered a lifetime of internal torment, because of expectations that did not fit the realities of his or her life.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Covering Their Backsides

Some anonymous coward or cowards within the McCain campaign organization are trying to villify Sarah Palin, and, of course, they have accomplices in the media who want this extremely popular woman to go away and not come back. It won't work. Not only is she a beautiful woman, but far more importantly, she is a person of character, poise, toughness, and integrity. McCain's campaign floundered until McCain brilliantly chose Palin as his running mate. Conservatives all over the country loved her.

I hope these anonymous cowards are flushed out, so no future candidate will trust them to run a campaign.

How Will Obama Handle Criticism?

I wrote a piece yesterday about President Bush. I am amazed at how he has kept his composure against the hateful onslaught he has endured from the left. Not only have they insulted him morning, noon, and night for eight years; they have disrespected our country, too. Obama constantly referred to the need to change America. Change is here folks. A strong wind has blown in from the left.

Has there ever in our history been a president as villified as Bush? Has there ever been a president so relentlessly attacked by the mainstream media? The only major media outlet that shows respect to him is Fox News. Fox kills all the other cable outlets in ratings. As low as President Bush's ratings are, they are triple the ratings of the Pelosi/Reed Congress.

The constant drumbeat of negativity toward Bush by the media clearly influenced the electorate. Most Americans spend little time analyzing current events. What they learn, they catch in snippits at the top of the hour, while driving to and from work, or while waiting for sports or weather to come on during local t.v. or radio news. Many now get their news on the internet. The most vicious and widespread criticism of President Bush comes from the internet.

Obama appears to be internet-savvy. He plans to use his email organization to mobilize support for his programs during his presidency. McCain, on the other hand, was not internet savvy. From what I understand, he does not even use a computer.

Nevertheless, my hat is off to George Bush, if for no other reason than the way he has risen above the biased media and hatred spewing daily from the left. He is a man of honor, of deep Christian faith, and he practices what Jesus asked His followers to do, showing mercy and forgiveness to those who defile his name. At the same time, he has made it his mission to keep the citizens of the United States safe, and he has succeeded.

How will Obama respond to the inevitable criticisms? Will he keep his focus on what is best for our country, or will he be thin-skinned and vindictive? Handling criticism, especially unfair criticism, is not a trait many of us have. Let's pray that Obama grows in the job, and becomes a truly great president who does the right thing, even when he is being second-guessed. Unlike George Bush, Obama will have a very supportive media, so that should help him.

Mobs and Discrimination

In this year's election, most cities went for Obama, while the rural areas mostly favored McCain. Trouble is, the cities are where most Americans now live.

It was just the opposite when our country was founded. No less of an American than Thomas Jefferson, in his Notes on Virginia, wrote, "The mobs of great cities add just so much to the support of pure government, as sores do to the strength of the body."

The mobs in California do not like the outcome of Proposition 8. The large turnout of black voters was not helpful to those who wished to change the legal definition of marriage. Many blacks resent the efforts of gays to compare themselves to blacks in terms of discrimination and victimization.

Actually, I have observed more prejudice among young people toward gays than I have seen toward blacks. There is much more disparaging use of the word "gay" than of the "n" word in today's America. In fact, I think there is probably more use of the "n" word among blacks toward one another than there is from whites about blacks.

The other day our daughter Sara told me she is the only black person in her preschool (a fact I had already observed). I asked her if she wishes there were more black children in the class. She said no, with little or no hesitation. We have taught her that her "chocolate" skin color is beautiful, and she is proud of it.

Gut Feelings

I see the Russian Bear already is moving to challenge Barack Obama, moving nuclear missiles closer to Poland and Georgia. My gut feeling about Obama is that he would be weak and irresolute when it comes to building and maintaining a strong national defense. I got that feeling when he was running (to the left) for the Democratic nomination. He came back toward the center in the race against McCain, but my initial impression remains.

I hope I am wrong. Maybe the guy is the 21at century Macchiavelli. That is another gut feeling I have about him. He did what he had to do to win the presidency, and now we shall see how he will lead. For the sake of our beloved country, we must all wish him well.

The Last Tree With Leaves

Soft Pink

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Liberty, Adoration, and Consistency

In the Federalist Papers James Madison argued that our liberty would be more likely to be protected if there were more competing factions across our far-flung land. With the likes of Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid now being united with the new president, our liberty may be more threatened than it has been in any time in our lifetimes. Additionally, Obama has apparently picked hardliner Rahm Emmanuel to be his Chief of Staff. Emmanuel is not a unifer! We must be prepared for some real struggles in the months and years ahead. We must clearly articulate the principles upon which we stand, in hopes that, as George Washington phrased it in his inaugural address, the "sacred fires of liberty" will prevail.

One of the things that might surprise Barack Obama, given the emotional outpouring of love he has received from hundreds of thousands of adoring fans, is the fact that the adoration may be short-lived, and many of those same people may turn against him. is already making threats and mentioning how much money they have raised for him. George Washington experienced similar adoration of wildly cheering Americans as he made the trip from Mount Vernon to New York for his inauguration. He remembered, though, that he had received adoration before, only to see those same people try to remove him from his post as commander of the army, when things were looking bleak.

We must be consistent, and we must offer solutions to the real problems our country faces. Obama can no longer get away with saying one thing and doing another. He must learn to be consistent, too.

Classy People

President Bush, who has been relentlessly villainized by Barack Obama for the last two years, has graciously invited the Obamas to the White House, and today Obama is being given the same intelligence briefing that President Bush is getting. What a contrast with the treatment Bush got from the Clintons!

Wednesday an emotional Neil Cavuto's voice cracked while he talked about his experiences at the Bush White House. He said that President Bush was as gracious to every member of the Fox television crew, to elevator operators, to all White House staff, as he was to heads of state.

The Bushes brought class back to the presidency and to the White House. George Bush is a man at peace with himself and with God. We may have huge differences with some of his decisions, and his poor communication skills, but there can be no dispute that he is a man of impeccable character who does not stoop to the level of the leftist thugs who attack him night and day, month after month.

Are We Secure in Our Houses, Papers, Persons?

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

I have been reading the constitution. The words above are the fourth amendment to the constitution of the United States. It is a part of our Bill of Rights. Have we lost these rights?

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It wasn't what he said, just how well he said it!

Barack Obama is articulate, even eloquent when he speaks. We have been listening to George Bush for eight years, and he is Obama's polar opposite in terms of his ability to communicate. I think that is the main reason Obama won. It wasn't what he said, it was that he said it so eloquently and articulately.

Barack Obama opposed Prop 8 in California, which was in defense of traditional marriage. It passed, and so did a similar one in Florida.

It wasn't what he said, just how well he said it!


Pat Buchanan made an interesting observation today. When the conservatives win, the media demands that the conservatives reach out to the other side. When the liberals win, the media urges conservatives to get behind the new leaders!

Pray for them, yes. Respect them, yes. Honor their achievement, yes. Congratulate them, yes. Be magnanimous in defeat, yes. But unify behind their beliefs, no! We need to unify behind our beliefs, learn to communicate those beliefs. 55million Americans voted another way, Barack. We will be vigilantly watching what you do. We wish you well, but you do not get a free pass.

Life, liberty, love of country, that shining city on the hill; we will find leaders who can articulate and fight for conservative principles: power to the individual, the family, marriage, not the government. We are not going to nominate any more moderates, Barack. We are going to nominate a candidate who can use technology, like you did, Barack. We are going to nominate someone who can persuade, like you did, Barack. We are not going to duck and cover. We are not hanging our heads in defeat.


Laura Ingraham today is mentioning Bobby Jindal and Sara Palin as two new stars of the conservative movement. People who deeply believe in conservative principles, and who are comfortable in standing on those principles, engaging with those who believe in something else.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Laura Ingraham for President

If Obama wins today, and he has the majorities he needs in the Congress, we will have to fight harder than ever for our conservative principles. We will have to get behind people who have the intelligence, energy, and courage to promulgate those principles. We need people who can communicate those principles. George Bush's greatest failing, even greater than his profligate spending, was his inability to communicate.

If Obama wins, he, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Feinstein, Feingold, and Schumer will go after talk radio. That may be where our next leader of the conservative movement will come from. I suggest Laura Ingraham. Laura is committed to these principles, can articulate them, is a fighter, and already has a national following. So can Rush Limbaugh, but Rush has too many people who hate him, because he has never bowed down before the gods of political correctness. I don't think Rush could be elected, but I believe Laura could. The Fairness Doctrine will kill talk radio. Hopefully, that will help people like Hannity, Beck, Ingraham, Prager, Hewitt, Davis and Limbaugh to practice their principles to give us somebody we can enthusiastically support. Michael Savage has already thrown his hat in the ring. He is far too hateful and full of himself to win.

The Messianic Community Organizer

Many white young adults are attaching themselves to the messianic Obama. Why? To avoid being sent to defend our liberty? Do they not realize there is no draft? Obama has plans to fund a civilian army, though, and he wants to fund it with as much money as we currently spend on the military. Who are they going to come after?

Bankrupting Coal Companies, Skyrocketing our Electricity Rates

Did you hear the audio or watch the video of Obama talking with the editorial board of the San Francisco Chronicle? It was amazing. He actually boasted that his plan would "bankrupt" coal companies and cause electricity rates to "skyrocket." I only hope people in the coal producing states heard it or saw it.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

If I Could Have an Eagle...

Eight-year-old Jon wrote this piece.

If I could have any pet in the world, it would be an eagle. I want an eagle because eagles are on most dollar bills, and they are very wild. Plus, the eagle is our national bird! My eagle's wings will be the size of two boar goats combined! He will be so good of a flyer he will fly around the world and then fly to the moon and back to me! His screech will be so loud he would cause two earthquakes and all of the volcanoes in the whole world would explode into tiny puddles of lava.

I would feed him fresh turkey, clean fish, and plump rats, and give him fresh, crystal clear water. I will keep it in a cage two miles long, with big green bushes he could hide in, and huge trees with vines so long he could swing across the whole cage.

I will teach it how to hunt little things that he could later hunt on his own. He will become such a good hunter that he could eventually hunt big animals like moose, deer, buffalo, bear, and maybe even an elephant. If I could have an eagle, he would be the best pet I could ever have in my whole life!

An American Tragedy

Friday's Rocky Mountain News has a story that is heartbreaking. A father, who was a police officer, was accused of physically abusing his infant daughter. The three-month-old child had eleven fractures on her tiny body. Child welfare workers removed the child from her home, causing unspeakable trauma to the parents and child. The baby's mom was hysterical. Child welfare workers told her that if she ever wanted to be reunited with her baby, she would have to divorce her husband, whom she loved.

Pressured by authorities to confess to crimes he did not commit, seeing his wife inconsolable, suffering unbelievable despair with no hope for the truth to prevail, the man shot his wife to death as she slept, then put two guns in his mouth and pulled both triggers, ending his life. These actions, of course, most likely caused authorities to be smugly certain they had accused the right man.

At a court hearing two days after the deaths of the parents, the foster mother told the court that something else was wrong with the baby. Genetic tests were ordered. Two days after the baby's mother was buried, the test results came back. The baby had spinal muscular atrophy, a genetic disease that prevents muscles from developing. The diagnosis explained the fractures. They were not caused by the father.

This case is just one more illustration of what is wrong with our child welfare system. Innocent people are judged guilty by child welfare workers, who assume for themselves the powers of judge and jury. Prejudged as guilty, parents have to spend months or years trying to prove their innocence. If the child welfare worker is sadistic, untold psychological damage is done to the innocent parents. It is an American tragedy that is not being addressed.

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