Sunday, August 23, 2020

Some early tweets I liked today

Chuck Ross tweeted,
Biden and his campaign getting so salty over questions if he’s had a Covid test is beyond weird.

Sean Davis tweeted,
Actually, the most remarkable fact of the entire Russia affair is that the FBI deliberately framed innocent people, fabricated evidence, and defrauded federal courts in order to spy on their political foes for the crime of not voting for Hillary Clinton.

Dan Bongino tweeted,
ANTIFA is a fascist terror-group committed to eliminating free speech and ushering in fascism in the United States. This is an indisputable FACT.

Clay Travis tweeted,
Florida update: percent positive today is 4.89%. This means the “outbreak” is officially over in FL with a fraction of NY & NJ’s death rate. Should be top story in country after months of FL fear porn. But most in media will completely ignore it.

Victoria Toensing tweeted,
Why did
Wallace constantly talk over
and only once, very gently, interrupt Dem. Sen Chris Coons? Coons ignored
xenophobe for China travel ban and saying China not threat to US. Also, China $$$for Hunter. #MAGA2020

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