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In American Greatness, Victor Davis Hanson writes about the Joe Biden Who Never Was.
At an age when most long ago embraced a consistent political belief, late septuagenarian Joe Biden suddenly reinvented himself as our first woke president. That is ironic in so many ways because Joe’s past is a wasteland of racialist condescension and prejudicial gaffes. For much of the 1980s and 1990s, he positioned himself as the workingman’s Democrat from Delaware (or, as Biden once beamed, “We [Delawareans] were on the South’s side in the Civil War.”). In truth, he exuded chauvinism well beyond that of his constituents.
Biden’s concocted working-man schtick meant praising former segregationists of the Senate like Robert Byrd and James O. Eastland. He would talk tough about inner-city predators, even as he pontificated about his support for tough drug sentencing. Kamala Harris, without any political traction other than her race and gender, once predicated her unimpressive and early aborted presidential campaign on the single strategy of knocking Joe out of the primaries for his purported innate racism that hurt victims of color, such as herself, the deprived child of two Ph.Ds.
...Yes, Putin is a thug, but a peculiar sort of one with over 7,000 nuclear weapons. So when Biden nonchalantly calls him a killer and announces he “will pay a price,” such thugs do two things: they get angry at being called what they are, and they investigate whether their offender has any clout to back up the invective.
...Biden is proving the Biden he always was—as incompetent as Jimmy Carter, without the latter’s probity. He may prove as corrupt as Bill Clinton yet without his animal energy. His narcissism matches that of Al Gore and John Kerry, but without even their thin veneer of assumed authority. He is a greater racial divider than Barack Obama but without Obama’s smooth contextualizations.
And the media that hated Trump and hyped his coarseness, worships Biden’s as it masks his far greater crudity.
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A view of Hong Kong

For the story related to this photo go here:

Are the good times gone?

Celebrating the return of Ace's fabulous blog!

Cartel attacks cops by using drones!

As if police were not already facing enough problems, in Mexico one of the cartels is attacking cops by using drones. Read more here:

Shine a light on them!

"If we obeyed Maxine Waters and ignored the pig blood, hopefully the chaos would end!"

"It doesn't matter what demands you follow, the mobs demand more!" Never-ending ethnic conflict is the point. Radicalism works. That is the lesson the mobs have learned. When you burn cities, you get what you want!

The Chauvin verdict

New Neo writes,
...But Chauvin is something new, in my opinion, and his fate is a reflection of the power of videos and of propaganda. Within just a few days of Floyd’s death, most of America – the press, the left, and even many people on the right – judged him guilty merely on the evidence of a 9-minute video that only told a small portion of the story. Most of them unhesitatingly called his death a murder at the hands of Chauvin – and this was even done by lawyers, including lawyers on the right, who should know better. It seemed to me that way too many people were eager to signal how righteous they were, and they saw condemning Chauvin as a murderer without knowing the actual facts as the way to accomplish that.
...I’m fairly certain there will be an appeal. I doubt it will succeed. Because the larger issue here – and one that is not just the result of this case – is that our legal system now has been increasingly corrupted by the threat of mob action. Whether it be riots, members of Congress or a president opining on what the verdict should be, doxxing or mere cancel culture, many jurors are intimidated, many judges seem timid and afraid to go against the mob opinion, and many lawyers are afraid to defend unpopular defendants. These things undermine a legal system and can destroy it; perhaps it’s already destroyed. In the Chauvin jury selection process, people who said they were afraid to be on the jury were excused. Logic indicates to me that those people were probably more likely to have been the ones at least willing to hear the evidence and vote “not guilty.” They were rightly afraid; I can’t blame them.
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Convicted of standing in for America's evil, racist system!

Derek Chauvin's crime was standing in for America's evil, racist system! That is the narrative that has been trotted out. Yet, no evidence was presented about America being a racist country. Chauvin will go to jail for the rest of his life for being convicted of facts not in evidence! Many more black Americans will die because of the attitudes toward policing? Is the desire to tear down the system making life better for Americans? Are we about to see the collapse of proactive policing in America?

Attention all rioters

Via Steve Green

The importance of Ivermectin, Vitamin D, and a healthy immune system

Dr. Ryan Cole gives a dynamic speech about the importance of a healthy immune system and much more!

Why do we put up with the looting? Ask Walmart and Target!

Tuesday, April 20, 2021


Tyler O'Neil reports,
The jury found Derek Chauvin guilty of unintentional second-degree murder. The jury found him guilty of third-degree murder. The jury also found him guilty of second-degree manslaughter. All charges referred to Chauvin’s role in the death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020.
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What does a quick verdict mean?

Ace of Spades writes,
Jury Is Already Back in Chauvin Case, Indicating Almost Certain "Guilty" Verdicts — Ace
A quick decision, especially in this case, means "We surrender, Burn Loot Murder. Here's the racial scapegoat you wanted to lynch. Please don't burn our houses down or kill us."
Mad Max got her way.
As did the judge who absolutely refused very reasonable requests to change the venue of the trial and to sequester the jurors from news -- and threats.
There is no more America. This is a post-apocalyptic hellscape. There are no laws except for what violent racist mobs make.
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Verdict Is In!

The jurors have reached a verdict in the Chauvin murder trial. Expect it this afternoon.

Biden backs up Maxine Waters

Joe Biden plays the role of provocateur in chief, as he sends a message to the Chauvin jurors. Sundance writes,
JoeBama injected the advance racial narrative today giving support and cover for rioters in Minnesota if the outcome of the verdict in the Chauvin trial is not the “right” one according to his own views. Biden stated during media remarks: “I’m praying the verdict is the right verdict, which I think is overwhelming in my view.”
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"Space to destroy!"

In the Conservative Treehouse Sundance writes,
From the moment representative James Clyburn aligned his AME church network with Barack Obama’s Chicago machine there was a strategy at work.
Clyburn uses the old-fashioned racial playbook through the AME church network. The AME network includes Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Meanwhile Obama historically used the modern race-based network: the Nation of Islam and New Black Panther Party. The NoI and NBPP are also allied with DNC Chairman Tom Perez.
Tom Perez was the head of the DOJ Civil Rights Division… which is not coincidental because the election of 2020 is the second time both networks have merged upon, and attempted to activate, the Black Lives Matter crowd. The first time they merged was in Orlando and Miami during the 2012 “Justice for Trayvon” movement.
Black Lives Matter came out of the organization known as “The Dream Defenders”. The defenders were the younger generational version of the civil rights AME network.
In 2012/2013 President Obama and Tom Perez were able to blend the Dream Defenders into an alignment with Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam, and the New Black Panther Party.
As an outcome of a more bitter ideology, the Dream Defenders became more antagonistic and combative when they launched the rebranded version, ‘Black Lives Matter’.
The newly blended Black Lives Matter network had their first heavy visibility with the “Justice for Mike Brown” movement that destroyed Ferguson, Missouri.
After the Mike Brown pretense collapsed the BLM group moved to Baltimore to exploit the false narrative that surrounded the death of Freddie Gray.
Baltimore was then set ablaze with the leadership of Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake who famously said it was important to give the riot crowd “space to destroy.”
...Fast forward to just before Super Tuesday 2020. Bernie Sanders has momentum, and is about to become unstoppable. Bernie was a threat to remove DNC leadership power the same way Trump removed RNC party power in 2016.
Party power is money; billions from the big club at stake. Now we see why it was critical for Team Obama (BLM) and the AME team to unite quickly that Super-Tuesday weekend; which is exactly what they did.
While James Clyburn quickly notified the AME network, former President Barack Obama activated his control over the DNC network; and signaled to all other primary candidates they needed to drop out in a designed sequence. The DNC Club made offers they could not refuse. Remember, club rules.
The message from James Clyburn to DNC Chairman Tom Perez, and by extension to Barack Obama, was really simple: without me you would have been dealing with Bernie Sanders, and the DNC would be on the brink of disassembly… so ‘take a knee.’
Obama doesn’t care so long as the larger goals are achieved. Advance radical leftist policies, destroy the American capitalistic system and fundamentally change the United States by diminishing it, while simultaneously keeping all the wealth under the control of an elite group of aligned interests.
That’s the longer term goal.
Now we watch Minneapolis for what comes next….

Monday, April 19, 2021

A U.S. Congresswoman urges mob violence!

In the Legal Insurrection blog, attorney Andrew Blanca writes,
If it cannot be expected that Chauvin can get any fairer a trial elsewhere in Minnesota than he can in the rage-mob surrounded Hennepin County Courthouse, the solution consistent with the “justice” any of us would want for ourselves or anyone we care about is not to compel him to endure an unfair trial where he is.
Rather, the solution consistent with “justice” is to dismiss these charges, with prejudice.
And if the rationale for not doing so is anticipated rioting, looting, and arson—and I expect that will be the rationale—then all we’re doing is admitting that we’ve already handed over “justice” in America to the mob, and adopted the “Emmett Till lynching model” of “justice” for anyone targeted by the mob.
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One of my favorite Colorado mountains!

Via American Digest

Arrested Development, or the opposite?

From 1970: Maybe we can find out what the women are all upset about! What are men doing wrong? "They are in charge!" Thanks to Ann Althouse

Sunday, April 18, 2021

How the media spins it


Candace Owens on her first day at the Daily Wire

I am happy for her and for the Daily Wire team.

Springtime beauty

via Ann Voskamp

Coke's history

Ulysses S. Tennyson reports in 100 Percent Fed Up that people are learning about the founder of the woke Coca Cola company.
It turns out the founder of Coke-A-Cola was a Confederate soldier who owned slaves and was a morphine addict, among other things…
Read more here:

Where things currently stand in the Chauvin trial

Attorney Andrew Branca provides us with an excellent analysis of the Chauvin murder trial in the death of George Floyd. In the Legal Insurrection blog he explains what the state needed to do to prove the charges against Chauvin. Read it all here:

Know your friends and enemies

Stanford study shows facemasks ineffective to block human-to-human transmission of Covid-19!

J.D. Rucker writes in the American Conservative Movement,
Did you hear about the peer-reviewed study done by Stanford University that demonstrates beyond a reasonable doubt that face masks have absolutely zero chance of preventing the spread of Covid-19? No? It was posted on the the National Center for Biological Information government website. The NCBI is a branch of the National Institute for Health, so one would think such a study would be widely reported by mainstream media and embraced by the “science-loving” folks in Big Tech.
He was quoting directly from the NCBI publication of the study. The government website he linked to features a peer-reviewed study by Stanford University’s Baruch Vainshelboim. In it, he cited 67 scholars, doctors, scientists, and other studies to support his conclusions.
The sentence Cortes quoted from the study’s conclusion reads: “The data suggest that both medical and non-medical facemasks are ineffective to block human-to-human transmission of viral and infectious disease such SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19, supporting against the usage of facemasks.”
Read the whole thing here:

"A pillow over the face of a terminally ill patient. "

That is how Glenn Ellmers describes HR 1 in a piece written for American Greatness. Read the whole thing here: CBD in Ace of Spades agrees here:

18 days!

Volkswagon is celebrating the fact that it's new electric car made a trip across the United States in only 18 days. Buck Throckmorten covered the story with his usual well-targeted sarcasm.
It’s almost as if the greens and government planners are successful in getting us out of gas-powered cars and into electric cars, we might find our freedom of movement greatly constrained by an inability to power our cars. Go figure.
Gasoline-powered vehicles probably did more to advance liberty and standards of living in the 20thcentury than anything else. They’ll be missed if the corporate / Marxist alliance is successful in stamping out the internal combustion engine. Of course, freedom will also be missed.
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Friday, April 16, 2021

The Jurors

In PJ Media, Victoria Taft asks,
Who Are the Jurors in the George Floyd Case – and Are They Safe?
Go here to read her report:

Boehner and his principles

Is it 15, or 20 million dollars? Read more here:


Marxist investing millions protected by corporations

One of the most widely reported stories on the web today is about the founder of #Black Lives Matter and her multimillion dollar real estate purchases. Jonathan Turley comments in his blog,
As noted earlier, the greatest irony may not be the home purchase but the corporate support. A professed Marxist, Cullors has not only been paid handsomely by corporations like Warner Brothers but is being actively protected by corporations like Twitter and now Facebook in blocking the underlying story.

"Multinational corporate officials hate capitalism!"

In the Conservative Treehouse, Sundance explains that multinational corporate officials hate capitalism!
Multinationals want control, and capitalism does not allow them control. Multinationals use lobbyists to generate legislative regulations that stall competition. Multinationals do not want competition; they are, by nature of their interest, anti-capitalists.
...Unfortunately the multinationals are also the funding mechanism for the UniParty. Democrats and Republicans both benefit from the financial process of payments by the multinationals for control of legislative outcomes. This is the entire purpose of K-Street. In third-world countries we call bribery of elected officials “corruption”; however, in the United States we call bribery of elected officials “lobbying”, the process is exactly the same.
Read more here:

Will a manslaughter conviction appease the rioters and looters?

William Jacobson of the blog Legal Insurrection believes Officer Derek Chauvin will be convicted of manslaughter in the death of George Floyd. Jacobson was interviewed on a radio program.
It may have been excessive use of force. He maybe shouldn’t have had pressure on his back and chest for that long, but the concept of the knee to the neck that we hear every single day over and over again is not factually correct. The prosecution’s own witnesses have acknowledged that and the cause of death by their expert witnesses is not the knee pressure to the neck.
It is the overall restraint of him in the prone position with weight on his back which made it impossible for him to inhale. That’s the cause of death. According to them, it’s not the cutting of blood to the neck. I don’t think the any municipality is ready because the general public and particularly the public who wants a conviction here is convinced of something that’s not true, that there was a knee to the neck for nine minutes. And I think that the media has played a part in this as they always do. And I think that anything short of conviction on all counts is going to erupt in rioting.
You know, if I had to bet, I’d say they’re going to convict him of manslaughter. I forget the specific wording of the statute, but it’s essentially, you know, if you, in a grossly negligent way, put somebody in a position that you know, death is reasonably foreseeable that you’re guilty, even if you didn’t intend it to happen. And I think that’s what it’s going to be. The second degree murder is not as many people are saying intentional, you know, nothing to do with intent. It’s basically a felony murder charge that you kill somebody unlawfully in the course of committing another crime. And I don’t know what that other crime would be here. You know, some sort of unlawful assault, but the defense use of force witnesses have already said that it was okay to take him to the ground and it was okay to put him in the prone position.
Read more here:

"Known to authorities"

Leisa Audette reports in 100% Fed Up,
A tragic mass shooting overnight at a FedEx facility near the Indianapolis airport left 8 dead and 5 hospitalized.
Local authorities have identified the deceased shooter as 19-year-old Brandon Scott Hole, who they say was known to authorities before the shooting. A concerned family member had notified authorities before the mass shooting. Hole was an ex-employee of FedEx and was familiar with the facility.
"Known to authorities!" But the system once again did not solve the problem, as in so many other cases.

Will the press cover this up?

Ace reports that Joe Biden missed a scheduled visit today with the prime minister of Japan. I checked to see if Drudge is reporting on it, and he is not, but he did have a piece about how Biden's approval numbers are 20 points higher than Trump's were at this stage of his presidency. No explanation has been given by the White House as to Biden's reason for missing the sceduled meeting. Read more here: frameBide's _pm_but_groper_joe_is_apparently_sick

Part three of Project Veritas expose on CNN

Project Veritas published part three of its revelations about CNN. Today it is about the
CNN Technical Director admits that CNN pushes stories with white killers and suppresses stories about black killers.
Read more here:

Cashing In!

Ace reports today,
Note that Joe Biden claimed his family would not "cash in" if he won the presidency.
Ace goes on to report that Hunter Biden got a $2 million dollar advance to launch his book last week, which sold only seventy-three books on Amazon! It sold 11,000 altogether. Read more here:

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Talking provocatively - while carrying a twig!

Victor Davis Hanson writes in American Greatness,
The Trump Administration flooded the world with cheap oil to Russia’s chagrin. It pulled out from asymmetrical missile treaties with Russia. It sold sophisticated arms to the Ukrainians. The Russians concluded that Trump might do anything, and so waited for another president before again testing America.
In contrast, Biden too often talks provocatively—while carrying a twig. He has gratuitously called Putin “a killer.” And he warned that the Russian dictator “would pay a price” for supposedly interfering in the 2020 election.
...If Trump was unpredictably blunt, Biden is too often predictably confused. And he appears frail, sending a message to autocracies that America’s commander-in-chief is not fully in control.
Read more here:

Chauvin case narrowly misses a mistrial today

Attorney Andrew Branca writes about the Chauvin murder trial in Legal Insurrection,
...Frankly, in my professional opinion, a mistrial in this case would be entirely warranted, if not from this particular incident in isolation, then from the accumulated harms done to the defense by the state’s untimely dropping of thousands of exhibits on the defense even as the trial proper was taking place, averaging nearly 500 new exhibits each day of the trial.
...At this point the state and defense both made the final announcement that they were resting their case in chief, and Judge Cahill turned his attention to the jury.
...They would be dismissed for the day, and until Monday at 9:00am CT, at which time they would return to court to hear the closing arguments of the state and the defense, receive their jury instructions, and begin their deliberations. They were reminded that they were to be sequestered during deliberations, and so were cautioned to “pack a bag.”
Read more here:

He doesn't give up!

Via Ace of Spades

What is the necessary predicate for deadly force?

In his Instapundit blog, Glenn Reynolds writes about
No Charges Against Officer Who Shot Ashli Babbitt: DOJ.
Missing from this: Any claim that the unarmed Ashli Babbitt posed a threat of death or great bodily harm, the necessary predicate for deadly force, to anyone. There’s no “members of Congress were scared” exception to the law on deadly force.
But this is a police shooting that all the Best People heartily approve.
Read more here:

Did you wonder what #BLM stood for?

Standing the test of time

In PJ Media Paula Bolyard reviews a book by Rory Groves, showing which occupations have historically been the most durable. Here are the top ten:
The top 10 durable professions, according to Groves, are: Shepherd (rancher, livestock farmer, dairyman) Farmer Midwife Gardener (arborist, vinedresser, landscaper, flower farmer) Woodworker (cabinetmaker, finish carpenter) Carpenter (a builder of structures) Painter (siding contractor, wall covering specialist) Cook (chef, caterer, restauranteur) Brewer (winemaker, distiller) Innkeeper (hotelier)
Go here to read more:

Biden gets tough with Putin, then flinches!

In The Last Refuge, Sundance reports,
As Russia continues to build up troop presence near the Ukraine border, Joe Biden sent a warning to Vladimir Putin. In response Russia told the U.S. to stay out of the Black Sea “for your own good” while they conduct exercises. Biden turned back two U.S. navy ships…. Hours later Putin closed the Kerch Strait.
The Biden administration is attempting to give the illusion of strength but it is all an act and Russia knows it. The Ukraine is vulnerable to Russian absorption because a large portion of the Ukrainian people support Russia. NATO is attempting to issue threats, but Russia knows the EU, and specifically Germany, will do nothing except grasp their pearls. It is all false bravado on the part of the NATO alliance; they have no teeth and their electorate have no desire for another conflict.
A Background Note – Additional leverage Putin holds goes back to the Nordstream 2 gas pipeline to supply the energy needs of Germany. German Chancellor Angela Merkel was warned by President Trump not to go forward with the pipeline that creates a geopolitical leverage for Russia. Merkel went ahead despite the warnings, and adding salt to the issue, Germany never upheld their NATO funding commitments (2% of GDP). This was a major source of contention between Trump and Merkel.
Read more here:

Off to the camps!

Commenters at Ace of Spades are wondering how long it will be before "conservative" or "Christian" get defined as "mental illness." Or, is it already happening with "Red Flag" laws? Commenter Hogmartin writes,
"Define conservatism as a mental disorder, and we are off to the camps." They can do remote diagnoses these days without even interviewing the patient. Or so I gather, from the number of licensed psychiatrists or psychologists who diagnosed Trump with everything in the DSM just by shrieking in incoherent rage at his image on their TV screens and then reporting the diagnoses as guests on network 'news' shows.
Commenter Christopher Taylor writes,
...Whether its genetic treatments to "fix" your broken brain that rejects leftist trash, or the declaration that you're broken and need to be separated from society for the good of us all, the end result is the same.
All it would take is showing the demonstrably provable truth that we are different than them at a mental level, combined with a popular movement that portrays this "different" as "evil"
Oh wait, yeah we already have that today.
Today in the Federalist Edie Heipel reports,
Last week, legal accountability group Judicial Watch dropped a bombshell: a nearly 600-page report proving the U.S. government has been buying and trafficking “fresh” aborted baby body parts. These body parts, purchased by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to “humanize” mice and test biologic drugs in scientific experiments, came from babies up to 24-weeks-old gestation, just weeks from being born.
Read much more here:

Euthanizing the unborn, then the old and infirm, then the mentally ill

Coblogger CBD writes in the Ace of Spades blog,
It is the degradation of the sanctity and value of life, and it is one of the most powerful tools in the totalitarian playbook. They start with the unborn, who are the most innocent and the most vulnerable. Then they move on to the old and the infirm. Andrew Cuomo showed us the way by killing thousands of the elderly in their nursing homes and assisted living facilities.
But they have been itching to kill the mentally ill for some time. Just look at what they did to them by closing the mental institutions! How many thousands of them have died on the streets since the 1970s? As usual, Europe leads the way when it comes to genocide, but this time they are channeling a particularly vile brand of utilitarianism...kill the crazies, but let's harvest their organs too!
Read more here:

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Is he now organizing in Hell or in Heaven?

"There is nothing worse than a combination of power and self-righteousness!" Whoopsie: Two people who claim to be Saul Alinsky followers (Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton) won't want to hear that!

Knowing where your bread is buttered!

Expose what happened!

Deliberately or negligently complicit

In American Greatness, Conrad Black writes that Trump
might have won even if the votes had been counted fairly only in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, where a flip of approximately 50,000 between the three states would have given him victory.
The fact that the former Republican establishment fell in with the Democratic narrative and refused to accept the possibility of this, in the most tainted election in American history (except perhaps 1876), is a disgrace and a dishonor to them. There was never any moral or practical imperative for President Trump falsely to abandon the righteousness of his claims of a dishonestly counted election.
At some point, the former Republican establishment will need to familiarize itself with the consequences of being defeated by Trump within its own party, of having been led effectively by him, and of having been deliberately or negligently complicit in his unjust (if perhaps only temporary) departure from the nation’s highest office.
Read more here:

"Once upon a time, students played hooky. Now teachers do."

Don Surber posted this sign displayed in a McDonalds restaurant:
The sign was earlier posted in The Sun in this article:
"Workers in the hospitality industry have been concerned about their own health and safety in the work place."
But Surber disagrees:
That was a nice try to sugar-coat the pill, but the truth is millions of Americans who should be working are being paid to sit at home and do nothing but play video games.
At least one-third of Chicago teachers do not wish to work. Covid-19 is a good excuse.
Discouraged workers?
They just want to play video games all morning, and then go to McDonald's and complain about slow service because the joint is understaffed.
Read more here:

Turning unity into division

In the Washington Post of all places, Mark Thiessen writes that Joe Biden
who promised to put his “whole soul” into uniting Republicans and Democrats, passing a bipartisan covid bill should have been a layup. I mean, Trump did it five times. But instead, the president has turned unity into division by using covid relief as a pretext to pass all sorts of liberal spending projects that have nothing to do with the pandemic....
Read more here:

"The objective of a defense case is supposed to be the creation of reasonable doubt, not the removal of all doubt."

For an understanding of the Chauvin trial I have been reading Legal Insurrection. Today I read what Andrew McCarthy wrote in National Review. His conclusion of day 12 (yesterday) was that the prosecution devastated the defense. Read more here: An attorney named Andrew Branca is covering the trial for Legal Insurrection. He correctly predicted that today the judge would deny the defense motion for acquittal. Read more here:

Welcoming new Democratic voters

Gabe Kaminsky reports in the Federalist,
The White House is spending close to $352 a night to provide beds to the estimated 80,000 migrant families expected to flood the border from now until September, according to a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement document obtained by the Washington Examiner.
The initiative is part of an approximately $87 million contract ICE awarded to Family Endeavors, a San Antonio, Texas non-profit that has a former senior official on the Biden transition team, Andrew Lorenzen-Strait. No bids were solicited for the contract.
Read more here:

"Demographic change is the key to the Democratic Party's political ambitions"

Just say yes?

In City Journal, Howard Husock writes about how government is now encouraging drug use and other vices, risking social catastrophe. First is encouraging the legalization of marijuana. Another is legalization of prostitution. Then, of course, there are lotteries and state-sanctioned sports betting.
None of this, of course, is to say that drug use, gambling, and prostitution would disappear if they were not permitted by law. Rather, it is to question the wisdom of government both encouraging them and relying on the tax revenue they generate. It was not so long ago that government urged us to “just say no” to drugs. It may not have been an effective effort, but that doesn’t mean that government should encourage us to just say yes.
Read more here:

Sting on CNN by Project Veritas

Project Veritas has infiltrated CNN! Go here to see what the CNN technical director admits: and here:

Tuesday, April 13, 2021


Would you want to be a police officer?

The New Neo writes in her blog,
...It’s hard to imagine why anyone would want to be a police officer these days. It’s always been a job of great danger and tremendous opportunity for error, but now the public and even other public officials seem to be completely unforgiving of any errors and demand 100% perfection. This is, of course, impossible.
The net result will be that there will be a lack of police officers – of course, that’s one of the left’s goals, so they consider that a feature rather than a bug – and the people who do serve as police will be more likely to be of lower quality and far more jittery and risk-averse. One can expect a resultant a decline in public safety, a phenomenon we’re already seeing. Again, though, the left seems to consider that a feature rather than a bug.
Read more here:

How can Democrats blame us for their own problems, especially when where we live we don’t have any of these problems?

In Breitbart, John Nolte writes about living in rural America.
Anyone of any race, religion, color, sexual preference, or creed is welcome in MAGA country. As long as you leave us alone to live our beliefs, we will not only leave you alone to live your beliefs, if you ever need help, we will be there for you.
Read more here:

You are replaceable!

In the American Thinker, Andrea Widburg praises Tucker Carlson for explaining that the Democrats are supporting waves of illegal immigration because they vote overwhelmingly Democrat. Read or watch Tucker here:

Monday, April 12, 2021

"The integrity of elections"

John Hinderaker writes in PowerLine,
We have two parties in America: one that wants free, fair and honest elections, with only legal voters casting ballots, and doing so only once, and one that wants ballot harvesting, unverified mail-in voting, unattended drop boxes into which anyone can drop any number of ballots of unknown provenance, and so on. It isn’t hard to see which party has confidence in the power of its ideas to gain the support of most Americans, as long as only actual, living and legal voters cast ballots, and they only vote once.
The integrity of our elections will be one of America’s most important issues in the years to come.
Read more here:

"Now is not the time for hand-wringing and finger-pointing. Now is the time for honest, critical self-evaluation."

Here is another take on the 2020 election, written in January by John Solomon.
...the liberal oligarchs club — George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, Mike Bloomberg et al — spent more than ever to win. But they also transformed the way political donations were spent by imposing corporate governance and specific returns on investment.
Every recipient had to deliver very specific outcomes to keep getting money, governed by lengthy contract-like documents. And the outcomes and deliverables were mapped to the two larger goals of controlling the narrative and the rules of the election.
Read more here:

Mark Steyn telling it like it is

While catching up with reading other blogs, I came upon this post from February from Mark Steyn.
But whatever his virtues, I suggest it is time for conservatives to fully accept the fact that Trump failed at the Power Game.
Yes, he faced extraordinary opposition. Intelligence agencies tried to frame him. Media concocted fabrications about him. His own administration officials regularly planted damaging leaks about him, or even undermined him publicly. Military leaders joined in insubordination against his legal orders to quash riots. The House of Representatives impeached him on blatantly specious grounds. Establishment Republicans—overtly and covertly—thwarted him whenever possible. Beltway goon George Conway decided it was more important to trash Trump than save his own marriage and provide a healthy environment for his children. Public figures pretended to decapitate him, and mocked his wife and son. Mob pressure targeted members of his administration for career ruin, intimidation and harassment, and social media "disappearance" in perpetuity.
Trump hired people he should never have hired, then didn't fire them when he should have. Sessions. Bolton. Nielsen. Barr. Tillerson. Mattis. Milley. Esper. Scaramucci. Omarosa. Haley. Pruitt. Wray. He even seriously considered hiring the soulless snake Mitt Romney as his secretary of state. On and on the list could go. Trump began by claiming he was only going to hire "the best people". In the end, it was Trump himself who concluded he only hired the worst people, since he so often went on social media to trash the very people he had hired.
In the two years prior to election day, Trump repeatedly announced that Democrats were going to try to rig the 2020 election against him. He said it at rallies. He said it in interviews and tweets. If we take him at his word, he knew perfectly well an attempt was coming.
And so I ask: What was Team Trump's fraud prevention plan? What did he actually do to reduce the chances of ballot-stuffing, voting machine manipulation, fraudulent mail-in ballots, Chinese election-tampering, etc.?
From what anyone can tell, the answer is: nothing. There was no fraud prevention plan.
Read the whole thing here:

What happens when traditional meritocratic standards are replaced by woke guidelines?

Victor Davis Hanson raises lots of questions about what will happen if the new woke guidelines replace traditional meritocratic standards. Read the whole thing here:

Don't pay any attention to that Constitution-thingy!

"May we never forget what evil men can do when they are appeased by the rest of the world."

Seventy-six years ago today,
General Eisenhower met Generals Bradley and Patton at Ohrdruf Concentration Camp. Afterward, Eisenhower also ordered every American soldier in the area who was not on the front lines to visit Ohrdruf and Buchenwald. He wanted them to see for themselves what they were fighting against.
Later, he cabled Army Chief of Staff George Marshall to explain the horrors of what he saw.
Read more here:

BLM warms up in Minneapolis

Tyler O'Neil reports in PJ Media about rioting and looting in Minneapolis following the shooting of a suspected gang member. Read it and view videos here:

What shall we ban next?

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Takes one to know one

Know your place!

More Americans have died from the China Covid 19 virus than all Americans who died in World Wars One and Two!

One is enjoying; one isn't!

Via NewNeo

Russia masses troops, tanks, missiles, robots near Ukraine border

Read more here:

Ed Driscoll writes in Instapundit, "Blocking a video with “four public health experts from Stanford University, the University of Oxford, and Harvard Medical School” just because DeSantis is with them seems pretty churlish of YouTube. Don’t they know he enjoys bipartisan support?"

Read the story here:

Where is the money going?

Do you know how much #BlackLivesMatter raked in in 2020? $90 million! Read more here:

The battle of Tinhorn Flats

Diana West writes,
You probably never heard of Tinhorn Flats. I had not, not until photographer Peter Duke alerted me to a protest there this week, where he shot these photos. But all Americans should know about Tinhorn Flats, a Western-themed restaurant in the middle of Burbank, California, where Angelenos yearning to breathe free (maskless) of the corona hoax tyranny and peacefully assemble for beer and burgers according to their constitutional rights and good taste have rallied, and continue to rally, yes, for freedom.
Local media coverage sketches in only the outline of this small business's epic struggle against dictatorial Big Government and Big Tech, not to mention Big Fear and Big Apathy. The most recent account of the restaurant's battle to stay open for business and liberty documents the third arrest since April 1 by Burbank police of Lucas Lepejian (photo below), the 20-year-old son of Tinhorn Flats proprietor Baret Lupejian.
...the restaurant supports freedom, capitalism and President Trump, and reviles tyranny, socialism and Governor Newsom. No wonder they are in the crosshairs -- but no wonder they are in the fight!
Read more and see photos here:

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Alinsky was about power to the people, not to Hillary or Barack!

"Name them, shame them, and make them pay."

So recommends Glenn Reynolds to EZRA LEVANT OF CANADIAN ALT-MEDIA NETWORK REBEL NEWS as "50 heavily armed police just raided the hotel where our Rebel News reporters were staying in Montreal." Read more here:

If states rebel against federal Covid demands, will the U.S. military be deployed?

If states rebel against federal Covid demands, will the U.S. military be deployed? Sundance espects it. He writes,
♦ WHAT: As I look forward the likely origination point for military deployment will be federal COVID mandates, though it could also be state election issues. ♦ HOW: The hardline leftists are weaponizing the military for political benefit. ♦ WHEN: As a result of severe federal government intrusion it is only a matter of time before states start to rebel against federal COVID demands. That, in my opinion, will be the inflection point and posse comitatus will be suspended.
Read more here:

We still have a First Amendment, barely!

The Supreme Court voted 5-4 to stop California from stopping in-home Bible ministries due to Covid. Read more here:

Friday, April 09, 2021

Let's boycott the boycotters!

Glenn Beaton writes in Aspen beat. He is pleading with his Colorado readers to boycott the All Star game which major league baseball moved from Atlanta to Denver because of some new voting laws recently passed in Georgia.
What Biden lied about this time was the Georgia voting law. He said it was a Jim Crow law. He said it closed the polls at 5 pm, right as people got off work, and he objected to the requirement for a photo ID. He said it discriminates against black voters, as if white voters don’t work till 5 pm and black voters don’t have ID’s.
It was all a lie. The law doesn’t close the polls at 5 pm at all. In fact, it codifies what was earlier just an informal and inconsistent tradition of keeping them open till 7 pm in most counties. As for photo ID’s, that requirement has consistently been upheld by the Supreme Court even back in the days that the Court leaned left. In any event, studies show that photo ID requirements do not in fact impact blacks disproportionately.
Read more here:

"Social Democracy?"

In Quillette, Joel Kotkin writes,
In the United States, the Democrats have become almost indistinguishable from the big Wall Street firms and tech oligarchies, mainstream media, and other wealthy elites. Democrats once ruled mining and manufacturing towns; today, they represent 41 of the 50 wealthiest Congressional districts. The Republican Party, meanwhile, has evolved from the country club Wall Street party into one reliant on white working-class voters, and increasingly minorities, like Latinos, who appreciate that Trump delivered the first real income gains in a generation.
None of this is far-fetched, as we can see by the growing acceptance of stimulus transfer payments in both the United States and Europe. Yet, over time, as families become more dependent on government transfers, they may choose to confiscate the wealth of the uber-rich. Great inequality, Adam Smith suggested, naturally leads the poor to “invade” the “possessions of the rich.22 Some on the Left already propose using the riches of the oligarchy to fund a “fully automated luxury communism,” a kind of technologically enabled collectivist paradise. Given the history of utopian musings like these over the past century, they should be feared. But compared to growing inequality and dismal prospects for most, such a radical approach could still become surprisingly attractive.
Read more here:

Thursday, April 08, 2021

The groper

One of the nine women who have come forward to talk about Governor Cuomo's inappropriate sexual behavior has given new details here:

Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, and Lee Elder are the honorary starters of the Masters tournament

Paying for sex?

Tonight there is finally a website providing actual evidence against Congressman Matt Gaetz. The king of gossip, The Daily Mail, has the new information here:

Still no evidence against Matt Gaetz

In the Hot Air blog, Ed Morrisey has new information regarding Congressman Matt Gaetz. All of the eight women who work in his congressional office have signed a letter of support for Gaetz. Morrisey writes,
The statement did not include the individual names of those providing the testimony; the statement was signed “The women of the Office of US Congressman Matt Gaetz”. According to the Daily Caller, though, all eight of his female staffers signed off on the statement. This does not mean that Gaetz didn’t commit some sort of wrongdoing, of course, but the people in his office should know his behavior better than most. With Gaetz reportedly looking for a media gig, the staffers will not likely need to worry much longer about covering for their boss either.
And if they have indeed “tracked his schedule” while in office, they’d know better than most about any of his travel partners, at least those while on official duty.
until we see evidence, the best strategy is to keep an open mind.
Read more here:

Pass the Ketchup

"The political class may have expected to usher Derek Chauvin off to a speedy oblivion for the sake of a greater good, but instead, they have a fight on their hands."

Minnesota attorney John Hinderaker writes in the PowerLine blog,
I am willing to believe that it would have been better practice for Chauvin and the others to get off Floyd at some point, but seriously: failure to get off a guy who is crazed with drugs and has been battling with officers for 15 minutes, and more or less winning, is murder? or manslaughter? I don’t think that is an easy sell.
Yesterday, a senior official of Minnesota’s Bureau of Criminal Apprehension testified. Nelson’s cross-examination was effective. He brought out the fact that the normal procedure is for the BCA to investigate a crime or alleged crime, and write a report. That report is delivered to the relevant authorities, who then decide whether to bring criminal charges against one or more defendants. But that normal procedure wasn’t followed here. Rather, criminal charges were brought almost immediately against Chauvin and the other officers, while the investigation was just beginning. Charge first, investigate later–that is how things proceeded, under political pressure. Watch for this to be a significant theme in Nelson’s closing argument.
The political class may have expected to usher Derek Chauvin off to a speedy oblivion for the sake of a greater good, but instead, they have a fight on their hands.
Read more here.

Hiding his toxic drugs from police by ingesting them!

In the Legal Insurrection blog, Attorney Andrew Branca continues his coverage of the Chauvin murder trial Day Nine.
But eventually the state ran out of sobbing and crying bystander witnesses, and the prosecution’s narrative was obliged to begin talking about facts. And the apparent trend to my eye is that the more the state talks about facts, the more their narrative of guilt begins to closely resemble the defense narrative of innocence.
Alternatively, is there an equally, or even more likely, explanation for Floyd’s death? Perhaps the astonishing high levels of fentanyl in his system, and the fentanyl discovered (eventually) in both the Mercedes SUV Floyd was driving and the squad car from which Floyd achieved his violent escape.
After all, how does fentanyl kill? By depressing respiratory function. That is, by chemical induction of asphyxia. Which eventually, of course, will result in cardiac arrest. Which is how Floyd died.
The more the case turns to drugs—not in the hypothetical sense of Floyd’s generalized and tragic life-long struggle with addiction, but in the specific sense that his body was full of a drug whose lethal effect was cessation of respiration—the more reasonable doubt is raised about the state’s claim that the causal factor in Floyd’s death was the officers charged in this case.
All of that moves the collective narrative away from Chauvin’s knee as a cause of Floyd’s death, and towards Floyd’s poorly made decision to hide his toxic drugs from police by ingesting them as being what killed him.
Read more here.

Hunter Biden memoir left out a few things

The Daily Mail is in possession of thousands of emails, and dozens of videos and photos of Hunter Biden. Hunter failed to pick up his computer from a shop in Delaware. Now it is in the possession of a gossipy online website. Hunter released his book memoir Tuesday, so you can read that and augment it with the stuff on his computer from the Daily Mail in the coming days. As addicts do, Hunter never fails to portray himself as a victim. He tells his dad in an email 2/24/19 about
"the fucking bullseye you painted on my back." "Your team just made me the uncontrollable troubled tax cheat philanderer sex and drug addict that you tried so hard to fix but couldn't yet."
Read more here.

The woke: annointed bullies and hypocrites

In American Greatness, Victor Davis Hanson writes some more today about wokeness.
The woke revolution is not a grassroots movement. It is powered by a well-connected and guilt-ridden elite. Yet the religion of Wokeness assumes these high priests deserve exemptions. Their wealth, credentials, contacts, and power ensure none are ever subject to the consequences of their own sermons.
...wokeness is medieval. Sin is not given up as much as atoned for—and excused—through loud confessionals.
Self-righteous elites rant about carbon footprints, needless border security, defunding the police, gun control, and charter schools. But they rarely forgo their own private jets, third and fourth homes, estate walls, armed security guards, and prep schools. Apparently to rant about “privilege” means the less you need to worry about your own.
Wokeness is not really about fairness for minorities, the oppressed, and the poor, past or present. It is mostly a self-confessional cult of anointed bullies, and hypocrites of all races and genders, who seek to flex, and increase, their own privilege and power. Period.
Read more here.

Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Don't let it happen. It depends on you!


Via RipleysMom in the MOTUS blog

Peddling Misinformation

Have you noticed that not a week goes by without the media's false reporting about something? Emily Lashinsky writes in the Federalist,
The media’s false reporting about new election legislation in Georgia whipped up a controversy that left millions of people grossly misinformed, frightened voters, mired major corporations in high-stakes public relations frenzies, distracted the political discourse, and furthered the country’s divisions. In short, it’s a perfect example of how the media is fueling our national conflict.
There is a long list of headline news the legacy media has gotten absolutely wrong in recent years. Their combination of bias and incompetence ensures the bulk of our news is run through a filter and distorted before making its way to the public, thrusting us into an enormously dangerous alternate reality that leaves us ill-informed, divided, and distrustful. (The media, for instances, loves to fear-monger over conspiracy theories. But those theories become more attractive to people because of the media’s abject corruption.)
Read more here.

"We should go where the evidence takes us!"

What corporate board will he be on after his term as governor ends?

Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Our next president

"246 vaccinated residents diagnosed with COVID; 3 dead, Michigan reports"

Mark Hicks reports in the Detroit News,
As many as 246 Michigan residents considered fully vaccinated against COVID-19 were later diagnosed with the virus, and three have died, state officials confirmed Monday.
Read more here.

The attempt to shut up Mike Gaetz

Tamar Lapin reports in the New York Post,
The man accused of trying to extort $25 million from Rep. Matt Gaetz’s family admitted Monday that he asked the congressman’s dad for cash — but denied that it was a shakedown.
Read more here.

"Unproven accusations? Shit, these accusations are currently *unaccused.*

Ace of Spades acknowledges the complete lack of verified accusations against Congressman Matt Gaetz and writes in his blog,
Maybe we should all wait until there's one actual accuser before all running like panicked horses every single time the left starts shooting off (blank) pistol shots to get us running in the direction they want.
I really wish those on the right who are joining yet another political op against a Trump supporter would put their own sexual hang-ups about unmarried men being required to live like celibate monks until marriage.
Matt Gaetz has ZERO accusers. Zero. This bullshit seems to come from people who are trying to extort him.
And the op includes putting out rumors to the press that a guy who left Gaetz office for entirely unrelated reasons actually left because he was witness to unspecified perversions.
Read more here.

"Either Chauvin’s knee killed Floyd, or the drug overdose killed him."

For the Legal Insurrection blog, Attorney Andrew Branca continues his coverage of the Derek Chauvin murder trial over the in-custody death of George Floyd.
The fact that the media will only cover direct questioning, however, and will substantively ignore cross-examination has real implications for race relations in America generally and for urban infrastructure in the immediate aftermath of this case, specifically.
The testimony of Dr. Langenfeld has followed what has become a common pattern in this case. The (carefully prepared?) state’s witness is carefully questioned by the state to illicit headline worthy quotes, but it’s ultimately revealed on cross-examination that those quoted opinions were based on extremely limited information, lacked context of the full circumstances, and were gutted on cross-examination as a result.
...the media effectively only covers the direct questioning of the state’s witnesses. As a result, the public only hears the state’s version of the facts.
There’s a reason that our legal system is adversarial in nature, however, and that’s for the obvious reason that there’s always two sides to every story. It’s only by listening to both sides, with their individual strengths and weaknesses, that one can have an overall informed opinion about what likely happened.
Specifically, in his testimony Dr. Langenfeld told Blackwell on direct that he had no report that the patient had overdosed on a specific medication for which there might be a specific antidote. In fact, of course, Floyd had overdosed on the opioid fentanyl, for which there is a specific antidote. That information, however, did not reach Langenfeld.
...there’s a perfectly viable, and evidence-supported alternative explanation for Floyd’s asphyxia—the three-fold fatal levels of fentanyl in Floyd’s system.
After all, as even Langenfeld himself confirmed today, the means by which fentanyl kills its victims is by suppression of respiration. That’s just another form of asphyxiation. And we have actual toxicology results to support the fentanyl levels. There’s literally zero evidence of how much pressure the 140-pound Chauvin might have been applying, or not, to the neck of the 230-pound Floyd.
I just don’t get the investment in this line of argument, frankly. We have the definitive tox results on fentanyl levels, and they were three-times fatal dose. We also have the chemical analysis results of the pills found both the Mercedes SUV and the squad car, the latter covered in Floyd’s saliva and DNA, and they were a combination of fentanyl and methamphetamine—and the methamphetamine component is obviously a powerful stimulant that would explain away the lack of sleepiness.
Direct questioning of Chief Arradondo was conducted by Prosecutor Schleiter, and Schleiter returned to his earlier emphasis on the “soft” values of the Minneapolis Police Department—compassion, dignity, guardianship, respect, be courteous, be polite, and so forth. Little or no emphasis was placed on the “protect” part of the “protect and serve” motto common to most police departments. It’s as if the assumption is that bad guys be bad only because the police first failed to treat them with courteous respect.
Arradondo even testified that it’s the mission of the MPD “to treat all people with dignity and respect above all else.” Really? Above ALL else? Above preserving innocent life? We’re going to be careful to treat the domestic abuser with a gun to his spouse’s head with all the dignity and respect a non-violent law-abiding citizen would be entitled to?
It should go without saying, of course, that there is no way Addarondo can know, by merely looking at a video, how much pressure Chauvin was actually applying—and remember, guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Further, we know that the medical examiner found zero indication of trauma to Floyd’s neck.
As for Floyd’s pained expression, we have the earlier testimony of his co-addict lady friend that the same pills had previously caused Floyd an overdose involving such tremendous intestinal and body pain that he’d begged her to take him to the hospital—and this was only about a year prior to Floyd’s death, and involving essentially identical pills as those he consumed on May 25, 2020. I’ve little doubt that Floyd was indeed in great pain, but there’s an evidence-based explanation for that pain other than Chauvin’s knee.
Either Chauvin’s knee killed Floyd, or the drug overdose killed him. There’s no actual evidence that Chauvin’s knee applied sufficient pressure to kill, and there’s plenty of evidence supporting the hypothesis that it was the three-fold fentanyl overdose, the hypertensive and cardiac disease, and the poor judgment of Floyd to fight police that caused his death. Further, if Chauvin’s knee was not inflicting killing force, it was almost certainly permissible as a restraint intended to protect Floyd from himself, rather than as a use-of-force intended to neutralize an active threat against others.
Read more here.

Monday, April 05, 2021

Can you name the top ten fast food businesses by number of stores in order?

Here is a YouTube video that shows the top ten and how it changed from year to year going back to the 1980s.

"A human sacrifice to BLM"

Streiff writes in Red State,
It remains to be seen how the jury will react to the prosecutor disavowing the official autopsy and medical examiner’s report and asking them to mete out a vile travesty of justice based on the race of Floyd and Chauvin rather than on facts and evidence.
Read more here.

Will we elect him president in 2024?

Red State, Hot Air, and Breitbart all have articles defending Governor DeSantis.

Absurd enough yet?

In Taki's Magazine, the Z Man writes,
Political correctness is a way to maintain control. By forcing people to accept and repeat the most ridiculous things, the people in charge break the will of the people. By accepting the lie, they can no longer live in the truth. “A society of emasculated liars is easy to control.”
This is the reason for these weird public confessionals from public figures accused of violating some part of the progressive catechism. It is not so much about breaking the spirit of the accused. That can be done in private. Doing it in public, forcing the rest of us to share in the man’s humiliation, compels the rest of us to quietly accept the authority of those forcing the accused to make his public confession.
...Social media is teeming with people who imagine themselves as witch-hunters. They search the social media profiles of suspects, looking for blasphemy against whatever is popular at the moment.
...The embrace of strange ideas is a way for those who enjoy human suffering to glory in it. This is why the modern right is powerless in these battles. Their bourgeois objectivism requires them to find a logical explanation for everything. Since there can be no rational answer for the burst of insanity we see at the top of society, the right must sit in stunned silence.
...We have arrived at the monstrous end of the liberal project. What started as a reasoned assault on superstition is now a collection of increasingly bizarre superstitions, in service to a war on observable reality.
Read more here.

"I have a feeling we’re about to see another example of the left not accepting science."

Ann Coulter writes a column in Taki's Magazine about the first week of testimony in the Chauvin trial. Read the whole thing here.

What was the actual cause of George Floyd's death?

In another example of the relevance and importance of blogging, Andrew Branca continues in Legal Insurrection his liveblogging of the murder trial of Derek Chauvin regarding the death of George Floyd.
After a full week of state’s witness, we’ve not yet seen any testimony on Floyd’s actual cause of death
For those who may not know, I’m Attorney Andrew F. Branca, an internationally-recognized expert in use-of-force law, providing daily real-time legal analysis of the Chauvin trial’s proceedings as a guest commentator for Legal Insurrection, as well as over at my own blog, Law of Self Defense.

Matt Gaetz makes a statement

Yes, I am rooting for Matt Gaetz. Here is a piece he wrote for the Washington Examiner today.

Sunday, April 04, 2021

NASA lands helicopter on Mars. First flight will be in five days

Hat tip to Farnsworth in the MOTUS blog

There is so much yet to learn!

Jon Entine and Patrick Whittle write in Quillette,
Europe has less than two-thirds of the population of Africa, but by mid-March 2021, it had 39 million cases and almost 900,000 deaths—900 percent more. The US, with less than a third of the population of Africa, has approximately 30 million cases and 535,00 deaths as of this writing, thousands of percent more on a per capita basis than Africa. In other words, the US, Europe, and parts of South America are experiencing far more than 1,000 deaths per million while most of sub-Saharan Africa has between 0.5 and 25 deaths per million, according to stats updated regularly by Wikipedia.
The most significant environmental factor, scientists say, is age. The average age of Europeans is 43; it’s 38 in the US; across the African continent, it is 18. The average age in Niger, Mali, Uganda, and Angola is under 16. Roughly a quarter of the population in both Europe and North America is over 60-years old, while in Africa, the 60+ age cohort makes up only six percent of the population.
Read more here.

It doesn't look like we will catch up!

Via Catturd

"He means for you to rise too!

Ann Voskamp writes in her blog,
What if the chamber of His heart in that clammy tomb hadn’t began to quiver in the silent dark; hadn’t pounded against His chest like He was pounding at the door of our own tomb, because letting Him in is our only way out? What if His scar-mangled hands hadn’t taken the slow careful moments to fold His grave clothes, like He was tenderly dressing our wounds, wrapping our rawest places so new hope can always unfold in us? “Death is forever dead & Jesus is always alive!”
Read more here.

The life

Gerard Vanderleun writes here about his resurrection and the life.


Via Ace of Spades Pet Thread —Misanthropic Humanitarian

Friday, April 02, 2021

.What a sad record!

Glenn Reynolds writes in the New York Post,
Looking at the FBI’s record, it’s hard not to conclude that it is far better at pursuing press and political opponents than at actually keeping us safe. It’s enough to make you wish those TV shows were fact and the FBI we actually have fiction.
Read more here.

"The science, it should now be obvious, does not support Mask dogma."

Jack Kerwick reports in FrontPage Magazine that scientific studies prove masks are ineffective.

"Deliberate lies and Soviet-level disinformation pumped into the body politic by our communist radical China-compromised corporate press."

Ace of Spades reports,
NPR Issues Major Correction, Retracting Intentionally-False Election Season Disinformation That the Hunter Biden Story Had Been "Discredited" By "Intelligence" —Ace

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

"Stop it!"

Via NewNeo

Please don't impeach me!

That is the way Ed Driscoll introduces the jist of the story of a bill signed by Governor Cuomo legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. Read more here.

He sounds innocent to me!

How can we fight the vaccine passport?

Naomi Wolf:
"This is the end of human liberty in the West!"
"It is not about the vaccine. It is about your data!"

15 million vaccine doses ruined!

Brittainy Bernstein reports in National Review,
Johnson & Johnson has paused shipment of its COVID-19 vaccine in the United States while the Food and Drug Administration investigates a factory mixup that ruined roughly 15 million doses of the vaccine.
Workers at a Baltimore plant run by Emergent BioSolutions, a manufacturing partner to Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca, reportedly mixed up the vaccines’ ingredients several weeks ago, according to the New York Times.
Read more here.

Ethical Patriarchy: Our Last Hope?

Well, here is something I did not expect to see today! In FrontPage Magazine, Jason Hill asks,
Ethical Patriarchy: Our Final Hope for Western Civilization?
Moral patriarchy is fundamentally defined by three foundational principles: (1) the capacity to provide, (2) the need to protect others, and (3) the aspirational desire to leave a legacy.
Patriarchy has lost its noble role because men have been made to feel irrelevant, disposable, and are systemically emasculated by an elite class of radicalized feminists and/or beta males who have joined forces with them because they have been socialized to think that masculinity, male leadership and male authority are synonymous with oppression. Or, perhaps, because they simply feel ambivalence about being men because they had weak fathers to begin with.
The sensibilities of our young people will need to be-reshaped. In practical terms, I recommend a set of policies that will aid a more refined republican mode of existence -- at least here in the United Sates. They include, but are not limited to: abolishing all government schools and universities; promoting Charter schools and granting tax credits to parents in order to give them greater choices in where they want their children educated; granting tax exemption for families where mothers homeschool their children; the drastic reduction of (or zero) income taxes for families in which mothers decide to remain full time at home to raise their children; applying severely punitive child abuse laws for tampering with the gender identities of children before they reach legal adulthood; repealing the Equality Act; illegalizing gang membership; extending the appellation of “terrorist organization” to groups that loot, burn and destroy property, such as Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, and such groups that are white supremacist in nature; defunding all private schools that threaten the First Amendment; discontinuing all equity and affirmative action programs; instilling an ethos of law and order in all registers of society; teaching patriotism, civic virtues, pride in citizenship, and the concomitant responsibilities that ought to be exercised alongside certain rights; teaching students to see that moral male authority exercised in a household upheld by marriage functions with the same invariability as do the laws of nature.
Read more here.