Tuesday, August 25, 2020

What the live-bloggers are saying

Stephen Green writes in VodkaPundit,
Melania Trump might not enjoy Michelle Obama's fawning press -- I'm being delicate here -- but the hopeful and forgiving message delivered by our current FLOTUS is so much more genuinely American than the former FLOTUS's speech last week that it drives one point home:
America is an idea any foreigner can embrace, and that any native-born can reject.

Stacey Lennox wrote in VodkaPundit,
Melania is beautiful, cultured, smart, and sincere in her love for children. The left hates her for all this.

Stacey Lennox wrote in VodkaPundit,
So many minority speakers talking about thinking for themselves. The Democrats' and left's memes on this could not be any MORE offensive. The way Tim Scott, Herschel Walker, Kim Klacik, and Vernon Jones were treated today is not okay in America. I fear Daniel Cameron will be treated similarly tomorrow. This is antithetical to the promise of MLK. It is the GOP that believes in that promise. Content of character. Not color of skin.

Stacey Lennox wrote in VodkaPundit,
How do you watch this convention and not feel great about America?

How do you not see the GOP is the big tent?

Everyone is here. And all are welcome.

Bryan Preston wrote in VodkaPundit,
Tonight's theme is "Land of Promise."

We've heard from a redeemed criminal, who is a reformer now, who got a pardon from the president.

We've heard from average Americans who were suffering from grave illnesses, but the president's policy on "right to try" gave them hope.

Now we've seen the president preside over the naturalization of five new American citizens who are legal immigrants to our country. E Pluribus Unum - out of many, one.

"Land of Promise," indeed.

Megan Fox wrote in VodkaPundit,
Mike Pence had a radio career before entering politics. He also kept it up some while he was in Congress.

I worked with him once or twice when he guest-hosted for Laura Ingraham and I was one of her exec producers. Pence was amazing to work with, down to earth and made everyone feel at ease while we put on great shows. He's really, truly, a good man.

I don't say that about very many political figures. But I'll say it about Mike Pence. realization ceremony is great. So much for Donald Trump-hating immigrants. I also like that no one is wearing a mask. I'm very happy to get a break from the mask-wearing virtue signalers.

Tyler O'Neil tweeted,
n a powerful speech, @PamBondi used Joe Biden's own campaign slogan to reveal his corruption in Ukraine, China, and Iraq. The Democrats impeached Trump for daring to ask questions about Burisma. @GOPConvention #RNC2020

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