Monday, April 30, 2018

Kanye West gets threatened by another rapper

Douglas Ernst reports at The Washington Times,
Musician Kanye West’s public support for President Trump has resulted in calls for gang violence against him by a former associate of rapper Snoop Dogg.

Daz Dillinger of the “The Dogg Pound” duo took to social media on Monday with a “Crip alert” to attack Mr. West for his recent rhetoric in favor of Republicans and conservatives. The threats by Mr. Dillinger, real name Delmar Drew Arnaud, were made on Instagram.

Yo national alert, all the Crips out there, y’all f— Kanye up,” his Instagram post said, a Los Angeles CBS affiliate reported before it was removed.

“Better not ever see you in concert,” he added. “Better not ever see you around the [Long Beach]. Better not ever see you around California. Stay in Calabasas, ya hear me? ‘Cuz we got a Crip alert for Kanye. You don’t speak on Crip gods, n—. We the Crips gods, n—. You know what I’m saying? … All the Crips out there, you see that n—, bang on his a— . F— his a— up.”
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Trump's Executive Order to pull the federal government out of K-12 eduction

S.A. Miller reports in the Washington Times,
President Trump signed an executive order Wednesday to start pulling the federal government out of K-12 education, following through on a campaign promise to return school control to state and local officials.

The order, dubbed the “Education Federalism Executive Order,” will launch a 300-day review of Obama-era regulations and guidance for school districts and directs Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to modify or repeal measures she deems an overreach by the federal government.

“For too long the government has imposed its will on state and local governments. The result has been education that spends more and achieves far, far, far less,” Mr. Trump said. “My administration has been working to reverse this federal power grab and give power back to families, cities [and] states — give power back to localities.”
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Worse people have been pardoned!

Mary Catherine Ham writes at The Federalist seven reasons why President Trump whould pardon Martha Stewart.

1. The Whole Thing Was Nonsense

2. To Take A Swipe At Comey
Hey, we know what makes the guy tick. Guess who decided to go after Stewart on these charges when he was a federal prosecutor? James Comey. A pardon to Stewart would be a blow to Comey that is perfectly within Trump’s power and a much less controversial move than firing him was.

3. They’re Both Famous New Yorkers

4. Because She Took Her Punishment With Dignity

5. Maybe We’ll Get To See Someone Refuse a Pardon
...the way this week is going, her bestie Snoop may be sporting a MAGA hat by Friday and he and Martha will show up at the White House with a perfect apple pie for Melania.

6. To Make His Own Point About Lying To Investigators

7. Lots of Worse People Have Been Pardoned

Explosions in Syria

The Washington Post believes Israel is responsible for the explosions in Syria yesterday. Read the report here.

"Before they changed the world, these technologies were schematics on paper."

In Popular Mechanics, Jay Bennett details 15 patents that have changed our world. They are:

Magnetic Levitation (Maglev)


Motorized Exoskeleton

Quadcopter Drone

3D Printer

Bionic Eye

Global Positioning System

CRISPR Gene Editing

Brain Implant



Self-Driving Car

Solar Panel

(3G) Third Generation Wireless Mobile Telecommunications

Virtual Reality

Go here to read about each one and see diagrams to further explain.

Democrats with press cards, Caravan at our border

Andrew says journalists in DC are living in a fantasy world, believing that they are oppressed and heroic. In fact, they are merely Democrats with press cards! It was the Left in the 60s that introduced vulgarities that people say now on t.v. Trump is a product of that culture the Left created. They set off the atom bomb that destroyed our culture. He is Godzilla, the monster that came after that! Joe Biden says Republicans want to put Black people back in chains. No one on the Left says a word about that, but if Donald Trump says the crowd at his inaugural was bigger than it was, that is a lie that must be talked about for days.

For some reason the left really hates Mike Pence. Is it because he is polite, a Christian, believes in God? No it's that he is a better human being!

Michael Knowles joins Andrew to talk about the caravan at our southern border. It is now reduced in number to around 600. By the way, did you know that 1000 people a day are stopped at our border trying to cross into the U.S. illegally? Under our catch and release policy we arrest them and tell them to show up for their court date. If they don't show up they get to live in America. Some punishment, huh? Illegal immigration has plummeted 40% since Trump became president.

Fight back!

How manipulation of language has paid off for the Left. Whoever controls the words controls the culture.

Racial discrimination becomes Affirmative action.

Global warming becomes climate change.

War in Afghanistan became Overseas Contingency Operation.

Young criminals have become Justice-Involved Youth.

Mandates and Taxes are Individual Shared Responsibility Payments.

Government spending becomes an Investment.

Wanting to keep more of your hard-earned money becomes Greed!

Taking more of someone else's money is them paying their fair share.

Opposing a Democrat in the White House is Obstruction. Opposing a Republican in the White House is Resistance.

In the name of diversity the Left enforces intellectual conformity.

It censors opposing views in the name of tolerance.

It labels all non-Left views hate speech.

How can you defame a porn star?

Is she presumed to be a person of good character? Read about Stormy's defamation lawsuit here.

Where are they?

Garnace Burke reports in the Associated Press,
Federal officials lost track of nearly 1,500 migrant children last year after a government agency placed the minors in the homes of adult sponsors in communities across the country, according to testimony before a Senate subcommittee Thursday.

...Since the dramatic surge of border crossings in 2013, the federal government has placed more than 180,000 unaccompanied minors with parents or other adult sponsors who are expected to care for the children and help them attend school while they seek legal status in immigration court.

An AP investigation found in 2016 that more than two dozen unaccompanied children had been sent to homes where they were sexually assaulted, starved or forced to work for little or no pay. At the time, many adult sponsors didn’t undergo thorough background checks, government officials rarely visited homes and in some cases had no idea that sponsors had taken in several unrelated children, a possible sign of human trafficking.

From October to December 2017, HHS called 7,635 children the agency had placed with sponsors, and found 6,075 of the children were still living with their sponsors, 28 had run away, five had been deported and 52 were living with someone else. The rest were missing, said Steven Wagner, acting assistant secretary at HHS.

“These kids, regardless of their immigration status, deserve to be treated properly, not abused or trafficked,” said Portman, who chairs the subcommittee. “This is all about accountability.”

Portman began investigating after a case in his home state of Ohio, where eight Guatemalan teens were placed with human traffickers and forced to work on egg farms under threats of death. Six people have been convicted and sentenced to federal prison for their participation in the trafficking scheme that began in 2013.
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A crime far worse than Watergate!

D. Hawthorne writes in American Greatness,
...Regarding the character of the special counsel, Dershowitz described Mueller’s personal involvement in “the most scandalous miscarriage of justice in the modern history of the FBI,” where four men were sent to prison for murders they were known not to have committed. They remained locked up for nearly 30 years, after which a judge awarded them $102 million for false imprisonment.

...This rogue mindset permeated the entire Obama Administration, creating a rationale for spying on whistleblowers, journalists, and other U.S. citizens; spending more than $180 million over eight years fighting FOIA lawsuits; obstructing oversight by inspectors general (with the State Department having no permanent IG during Clinton’s tenure), leading 47 IGs to complain to Congress in 2014; and using the IRS to target political enemies. All of that contributed to chaos by creating greater information asymmetries, giving the government a power advantage that makes it impossible for the people to be sovereign.

...A rogue ruling class has successfully undermined the constitutional foundation of America, a crime far worse than Watergate. They remain a fundamental threat to our civil liberties.
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Now we know why!

Now we know why China summoned Kim Jong-un! Geologist Trevor Nace reports in Forbes,
North Korean president Kim Jong-un recently announced his country has halted its nuclear testing program. While it is unclear whether this is a political move in preparation for meeting with the United States president Donald Trump, recent evidence suggests the country may have been forced to halt testing.

A recent study by a group of geologists discovered that the mountain used by North Korea for its nuclear bomb testing has collapsed as a result of the explosions. The collapsed mountain is raising concerns about radioactive fallout, which could make its way into China.

Scientists from the University of Science and Technology of China believe this could be the true reason North Korean President Kim Jong-un announced the halt of their nuclear testing program.

The collapse of Mount Mantap was a result of five recent nuclear blasts at the Punggye-ri nuclear test site in northwest North Korea. The recent nuclear tests tore open a hole in the mountain, causing it to collapse and creating a pathway for radioactivity to escape from the mountain.
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Netanyahu has documents that prove Iran lied about not having nuclear weapons program

Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu spoke to his nation Monday night. He told its citizens that Israel is now in possession of documents proving that Iran lied about not having a nuclear weapons program. Read the story here.

Kentucky needs these big ships!

In Breitbart we learn that
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) in-laws have ordered 10 massive cargo ships from the Chinese government since the senator’s wife Elaine Chao became Secretary of Transportation. The deep financial ties between the Chao family’s shipping business Foremost Group and the Chinese regime were first revealed in the #1 New York Times bestseller Secret Empires.
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White House Correspondents dinner plays into Trump's hands, Syria gets bombed big time, Kim Jong un to go the Qaddafi route?

Here is JJ Sefton's Morning Report at the Ace of Spades blog.
Good morning kids. The week begins and besides the completely revolting display with this Wolf dame at the White House Correspondents Dinner, more serious matters are making news on the international/foreign policy front, so let's lead off with those.

First, a reported Iranian base within Syria was rocked by powerful explosions which actually pinged seismographs. I'm assuming the Israelis or others conducted an air or missile strike and it cooked off an ammo dump of some kind. In any case, there's an interesting essay about the toxic shambles that is Syria - which is completely attributable to Obama and Hillary - and what our options are in dealing with the situation.

Meanwhile, as the President prepares for his summit with Whoa, Fat! NSA Advisor John Bolton is sounding the correct tone, insofar as if the NorKs really want peace and to denuclearize the Korean peninsula, they will have to go the route that Moammar Qaddafi did in Libya when he gave up his nuke program. And because it was so effective, it is sure to test the veracity of the NorK's pledges in this regard. Meanwhile, one positive sign from the tea leaves is the Chi-Coms announcing that the site where the NorKs test their nukes has completely collapsed and that radiation might be drifting northwards to their country. By going public with this, some experts are inferring that the Chi-Coms have had enough of their pudgy puppet and are in fact forcing him to shut down his nuke program. Interesting no matter how you slice it.

The political fallout from all of this is hitting closer to home where even Nancy Palsi has stated that depending upon what really happens, PDT would in fact deserve a Nobel Peace Prize, but I digress. On the heels of French prexy Macron's visit (see the link about him and his coddling of the Islamists), Angela Merkel came to town, also seeking to dissuade the President from backing out of the Iran Nuke Sellout Deal. What she got was PDT demanding Germany cough up a lot more money for its NATO commitment as well as a rebuke for our huge trade deficit with them (not altogether unrelated is the last link about the horrifyingly rapid rise of anti-Semitism in Deutschland with the influx of, you-know-what).

Closer to home, members of that migrant caravan are reportedly jumping the barriers at the US-Mexico border and entering the country while the Canadians suddenly are dealing with a massive influx of Nigerians evidently entering from our side of the border and seeking asylum, mostly due to the toughening of tourist visa requirements over the last 18 months.

On to politics where Maxine "Polluted" Waters keeps harping on impeachment despite Democrat big-wigs understanding the growing political toxicity of that message. With the midterms now six months out, the so-called Blue Wave is looking more and more like wish-casting. Hence the aforementioned plus red state Democrats reticent to go against PDT's nominees and also the complete collapse of the Mueller witch hunt (more on this in a moment). And aside from hammering away on Twitter, the President is now doing what he does best; hitting the road and meeting the people as he did at a combo pep/campaign-style rally in Michigan over the weekend. Also, the son of a postage stamp is giving everyone a case of the itches.

And speaking of the Mueller witch hunt, despite the Slim's Slimes hit piece on Devin Nunes, Clapper and Comey have exposed themselves to be liars and the Deep State embeds still burrowed into the FBI are stonewalling the release of the agency's communications with CrowdStrike, the cyber security firm charged with examining whitewashing the content of the DNC's servers central to the criminality of the Awans, Debbie Wasserman-Test and the Bollard.

On healthcare, we have some thoughtful pieces in the wake of the state-sanctioned murder of Alfie Evans (sadly, not a unique case in the UK) as well as Obamacare driving people to drink. Speaking of which, over the weekend, a friend mentioned to me that the President made an announcement at his Michigan rally about pushing for allowing the sale of insurance across state lines.

From hither and yon, what happened at the White House Correspondents Dinner speaks for itself. Interesting (read: disgusting) how the reporters were offended not by what belched out of the deviant-in-question's filthy sewer about Sarah Huckabee Sanders, but that what she said could be used as a political weapon by the President to bash them and fire up the base.

Lastly, a couple of pieces about anti-semitism; one about its rapid resurgence in Germany and one reflective of it here at home at an eatery in Oakland, California.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.
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Let's hope!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Horowitz's revenge, Obama's plausible deniability, and the spooks' sting

Mark Tapscott writes in Lifezette three scary facts about the FBI scandal. 1. First, there’s Horowitz’s revenge.
...a few months before Horowitz was sworn into the job in 2012, Eric Holder, Obama’s attorney general and previously deputy attorney general under President Bill Clinton, gutted the IG act provision that mandates their access to all necessary documents. Holder acted at the behest of then-FBI Director Robert Mueller and others at the bureau.

Holder — who would subsequently be held in contempt by Congress for refusing to turn over subpoenaed documents in the “Fast and Furious” scandal — thus forced Horowitz to request in writing any documents he sought from the bureau.

There then ensued a three-year struggle in Congress and the media that culminated in Obama having no choice but to sign the Inspector General Empowerment Act of 2016, which removed all doubt about the IG’s access.

...There is an old saying in Washington that "things that go around have a way of coming back around."

2. "President Obama was sending messages and receiving messages on Hillary Clinton's private email server. Jim Comey knew that, and when President Obama went on television and said, 'There's no issue here, she didn't really intend to cause harm,' what he was really saying in essence is, 'You'd better let her off, because if you wind up accusing her, you wind up accusing me.'

"Comey followed that lead. And the notion that this was somehow something that he had to do for the welfare of the country, there's a lot of disingenuous claptrap." In other words, preserving Obama's "plausible deniability" was priority number one.

Third, there's the spooks' sting. These two scandals are loaded with spymasters. The most powerful ones weren't even at the FBI. Think former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper and former CIA Director John Brennan. And don't forget former national security adviser Susan Rice or former U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power.

All these people enjoyed years of unfettered, or nearly so, access to the incredible digital and electronic listening power developed by the U.S. intelligence community in the wake of 9/11, including the ability to "unmask" any lawmaker, congressional staffer, corporate executive, philanthropic executive or donor, judge, foreign official, presidential appointee, diplomat, or military officer overheard in any of the hundreds of millions of conversations intercepted by the listening agencies.
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Explosions in Syria tonight

Red State is reporting huge explosions in the Syrian city of Hama. Read more here.

Who are these caravan people, and who is funding them? Turn back the caravan!

Sarah Hoyt writes in PJ Media about the caravan of Central Americans who are in Tijuana seeking asylum in the United States.
The truth of the matter is that Mexico might not be lending open support to this attempt to test US borders, but they are in fact lending it their support, by not arresting these illegal aliens on their soil (Mexico has much tougher immigration laws than ours) and not offering them asylum there. Instead, they let what must be a significant and large multitude continue towards the US border.

...They’re coming to test the “Trump administration’s tough rhetoric”. In effect, they’re coming to test our borders and our decision to uphold their integrity.

It shouldn’t need to be said, but I’ll say it: I am not against immigration. It would be stupid and weird for me to be against immigration, given that I’m an immigrant myself.

I am not, however, a believer in open borders. The whole open borders project is a weird project of intellectual elites who view themselves as the aristocrats of the world and all cultures similarly blighted and in need of their input. It was never realistic, and it is less realistic than ever for the US.

Because I am quite devoted to our founding principles and the liberty which they secure us, I don’t believe in immigration simply for economic necessity or to escape this or that. While those are valid motives to immigrate anywhere – including here – you should come here with the intention of becoming an American, or as my friend, Dave Freer, himself an immigrant to Australia, puts it, FIFO: Fit in or F**k off.

This “caravan” coming to “test” our borders is the very antithesis of FIFO, and in fact, if we do not find a way to turn it away, and ship these people back where they came from, we might as well consider our borders non-existent. And you know what you call a country with non-existent borders? Not a country. To study the fate of such a land, read up on the tragedy of the commons.

...Doubtless with the cooperation of local governments this was assembled by some international organization, like one of George Soros’ open borders fronts.

...There is no other reason for them to, determinedly and as a group, make to our border, past all the other countries they pass on the way. If their goal was simply to rebuild their lives anew, they could easily do so in Guatemala, or Mexico, countries where their native language is spoken, and where the culture is much easier for them to integrate into. And there is no way if someone weren’t paying for their expenses, they would be allowed to continue as a multitude, through places in Mexico that they must be eating out of all provisions and where they must be taking up every free room.

These are not desperate refugees, making for our border past all the other countries, looking for a place of safety. These are at best economic immigrants who have heard the streets are paved with gold here, and who don’t understand that our wealth comes from freedom and hard work. (To be fair, neither do our native leftists.) At worst, they’re people with shady pasts, recruited, encouraged and pushed by governments and organizations that don’t mean us well, to show that our borders are weak and that we’re ripe for increased invasion.

Even were they desperate refugees, I’d like to point out that one of the theories for the fall of Rome is that the Germanic tribes were pushed into Roman territory by the pressure of the Huns invading their borders. Just because they’re refugees from war and disorder, it doesn’t mean they won’t destroy your law, your order, your culture and your country. Just ask Germany, forced to cancel Oktoberfest in many cities, due to their vast numbers of “refugees” from countries that don’t understand the difference between a party and an occasion for rape.

The borders must be defended, or we will cease to exist as a country, and the haven of liberty, the place where your hard work pays off, that immigrants and real refugees have sought throughout the centuries will cease to exist.

Ignore leftists looking to establish a permanent vote-farm. Ignore soft-headed liberals atwitter with the plight of “refugees.” Ignore even softer headed bishops, who think “Latin America” means an increase of their parishioners.

We must turn away this cold and calculated attempt at invasion so that the Statue of Liberty can continue holding her torch beside the golden gate, and so that people in the future who want to be Americans and work at upholding our unique beliefs, will have a place to go.

Turn back the caravan.
Read more here.

Jeff Bezos discusses his space passion

You don't choose your passions; your passions choose you!

His visions: millions of people living and working in space.

He has been working on Blue Origin for fifteen years. Their motto: Step by step ferociously. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Bezos believes in doing everything in the right sequence and never skipping any steps.

Here is Bezo's launch and landing of Blue Origin New Shepherd rocket and capsule.

12 Conservative Principles

Maybe young people have been talked to about rights enough for about the next fifteen decades!

Tell the truth. Take responsibility!

Cultural appropriation is a tremendously ill-defined pathological concept.

The ten most powerful journalists in Canada have told Jordan that they censor themselves. They are afraid to say and write what they think! They also told Jordan that they were being censored by their editors.

Fantastic opening monologue!

Mark Steyn tells Judge Jeanine after hearing her opening monologue it is no wonder she has the highest rated Saturday show on television! I thoroughly agree. I wish Andrew McCarthy would watch her opening monologue!
Mark notes that Trump is somebody who pushes back, which it turns out is exactly what millions of Americans have been wanting! Democrats trashed George W. Bush, who took the high road and said nothing!

Michelle Malkin notes that Clapper, Brennan, and Comey are all liars. A triumvirate of treachery!

The ethics officer, Brad Thor might challenge Trump in 2020, Comey shares stuff from his diary

Greg: Kim Jong Un looking great in a shirt borrowed from Hillary!

Kat was happy to see so many people upset at Kanye West's support of Trump, because she got to feel better than them!

Tyrus: We have a citizen as president, and he'd rather hang with us than them!

Brad Thor says he might challenge the president in 2020's Republican primary.

Greg on Comey: Who shares stuff from a diary with a buddy? Tyrus: If it wasn't a leak, what is it? Drew: Did he have a diary the day before, or did he just come up with that excuse?

Greg: The world's rudest person caught on camera (Caren Turner). Drew: I can't stand it when people tell the rest of us how to behave, when the person telling us that behaves however she wishes. Tyrus: White privilege gone wrong! She was the ethics officer for the Port Authority Board!


Alan Dershowitz writes in the Washington Examiner,
...too many former civil libertarians are prepared to sacrifice civil liberties and the quest for truth on the altar of “Get Trump.”

This is all too typical of the about-face many civil libertarians have taken since Trump became president. I have previously written about the ACLU’s abdication of its traditional role in challenging governmental overreach. For the new ACLU, getting Trump trumps civil liberties.
Read more here.

Yes, the Fix Was In

Andrew McCarthy writes at National Review,
Comey has implicitly confirmed what we’ve been saying here for well over a year: In the Clinton emails caper, the fix was in.

...He knew Obama’s Justice Department would sweep Hillary’s violations under the rug, so he played along.

...the February 14 memo (the physical memo and its informational content) belonged to the government. Comey orchestrated the transmission of its contents to the media without authorization. That’s a leak, period. Comey has tried to circumvent this inconvenience by a crimped definition of “leak” — it is only, he told CNN’s Anderson Cooper, the “unauthorized disclosure of classified information.” No, that is a classified leak. Other unauthorized disclosures to the media of non-public government information may not be quite as serious, but they are still leaks.

Yes, the Fix Was In
These columns have repeatedly pointed out that the decision whether to indict Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified information was not the FBI’s call. It was up to the Obama Justice Department, which was in the tank for Mrs. Clinton and was taking direction from President Obama. In April 2016, Obama publicly stated that he did not want his party’s inevitable nominee charged with a crime.

In making that assertion, Obama distorted the Espionage Act, falsely implying that it required proof of intent to harm the United States before someone could be convicted of mishandling classified information. To the contrary, the law holds that a person is guilty (1) if she willfully causes the unauthorized transmission of classified information — meaning if she understands the wrongfulness of the action and intentionally performs it anyway — or (2) if through “gross negligence” she permits the information to be removed from its proper place or to be otherwise mishandled (see Section 793(d), (e), and (f) of Title 18, U.S. Code). The Justice Department adopted Obama’s erroneous intent standard, as, ultimately, did Comey.

The former director’s statements in the Brett Baier interview firmly establish that the decision not to indict Mrs. Clinton was based on Obama Justice Department standards, not on the terms of the statute.

For example, when asked why he was confident, long before Clinton was even interviewed, that she would not be charged, Comey said the investigators working the case told him, “Look boss, on the current course and speed, it looks like it’s not gonna get to a place where the prosecutors would bring it.” It was not that the evidence was insufficient under the law; it was that the Justice Department would not indict.

...the FBI just has to describe what she did. If what she did was extremely careless, then that does add up to “grossly negligent” under the 1917 statute — but it is for the Justice Department to connect those legal dots. If Obama’s Justice officials fail to do so, that’s politics, not law enforcement, so why let the non-partisan FBI get dragged into it? It is not the FBI’s job to make pronouncements on the law. It is not the FBI’s burden to pull out the thesaurus and don Mrs. Clinton’s misconduct in just the right lexical finery until it finally fits the Obama Justice Department’s misinterpretation of a clear criminal statute.

Again, Comey would have us see him, simultaneously, as the stalwart check on potential Justice Department corruption and the helpless slave of Justice Department direction. But he can’t be both. The simple fact is: Nothing obliged him to exercise prosecutorial discretion in the emails investigation. The FBI’s job was to investigate, not to decide whether the evidence was sufficient to support an indictment. If he was worried that Attorney General Loretta Lynch was conflicted, the upright move was to advise her to step aside — and to do it not at the end but at an earlier point, when it might have helped the FBI get out from under the irregular constraints her Justice Department was imposing on investigators. And a prosecutor’s conflict is not a basis for the FBI to appropriate her authority — Lynch had a deputy and other subordinates who could have acted as attorney general if her recusal was warranted.

More to the point, there was no need to say anything. There is no requirement that the FBI or the Justice Department ever announce that an investigation has been closed. The former director keeps asking, “What was I to do” under these difficult circumstances? The answer is: nothing. The government speaks in court, when a person is formally accused of a crime and has the full pallet of due-process rights to defend herself. Unless and until that happens, no one is entitled to know whether an investigation exists or what its status may be.

The public did not have the right to know what was happening in the Clinton investigation. In fact, we recently learned in connection with the inspector-general’s report on Comey’s deputy, Andrew McCabe, that Comey had quite properly tried to conceal the existence of an ongoing investigation of the Clinton Foundation. It was not Comey’s fault that the Democrats nominated someone under criminal suspicion, but neither was it Comey’s duty to remove the suspicion. Indeed, Comey repeatedly told Trump that the FBI could not publicly say Trump was not a suspect: If new evidence ever emerged that turned Trump into a suspect, Comey explained, he would be obliged to correct the misimpression.

So why not the same rules for Clinton? After all, those are the rules. When the Democrats nominated Clinton, they were knowingly running the risk that the investigation might explode her candidacy. If the country had elected her, we would have been running the risk (however minimal) that a Clinton Justice Department might someday indict her. It was not the FBI’s task to manage Mrs. Clinton’s risks or defend the Obama Justice Department’s politicized enforcement standards.

Director Comey took it upon himself to do both. It was not possible simultaneously to do that and to protect the FBI from the fallout.
Read more here.

Our Most Precious Commodity

Guest post
by Suzann Darnall

After the past several weeks of special events, family gatherings, and time spent with my grandchildren, I cannot believe I am writing about the heartbreaking view some in our world take on the worth of children. Our most precious commodity and some treat them as inconvenient or disposable. In my opinion, it is beyond sad, it is despicable, if not downright evil.

As I am writing this, my husband and I are blessed to have three of our granddaughters spend the weekend with us. Just another in a list of special times we have gotten to spend with our grandchildren over the past weeks, months, and years. We are extremely lucky in that one set of grandkids live in the same town and the other set lives about 1 hour away. So, we do see them fairly often. But, despite the frequency of get-togethers, we are still quite cognizant of the value of each moment we get to have with the precious wee folk who are part of our family and our lives.

The sweetness of time spent with my six living grandchildren is made more valuable in the knowledge that we have one little angel who only stayed here for a brief time. We were blessed with getting to meet her. She lived, she breathed, and her little heartbeat. She was held by her parents, loved by her siblings, treasured by her grandparents, and even seen by her great-grandparents on FaceTime. Just a few all too brief hours that measured her life’s span and which must last each of us a lifetime until we meet her on the other side.

So, as I bask in the joy of time with my grandbabies, I am reminded of the frailty of the lives of some of our little ones. This is balanced by the those who are healthy and simply grow up way too fast for the parents and grandparents who want to treasure the phases and ages children go through in their life’s journey.There is a small bit of sorrow combined with great joy to the found in the knowledge that the Lord only gives them to us for a space of time. Some of them leave this life to soon, while others grow up to move out to live on their own as adults. Of course, there is another set of sorrows when a child lives a long life but is permanently caught in a state of child-like need due to issues with mind and/or body.

But, what is breaking my heart is not those children who are loved and cherished by their families and their communities. Those who are cared for during a short life, a long life, a life of illness, or a life of health. These little ones are not the children we should be concerned about. It is those who are not considered to be the gems of our society by their families or their communities that we should be trying better to protect.

We should be outraged that socialized medicine is deciding which babies should be allowed (or even forced) to die. We should be angry that extensive armed security is used to protect politicians, banks, entertainment venues, jewelry stores, and celebrities, but not our children’s schools. We should be doing everything we can to decrease abortions and increase adoptions. We should be making sure that foster-care is a temporary, safe option for children, not a money-making scheme for government leeches and nothing more than job-security for social workers. We should be preventing the horror of Female Genital Mutilation. We should be aggressively prosecuting pedophiles, child-pornographers, and those forcing children into the sex-trade. In short, we should be doing anything and everything to protect the innocents among us!

What is more precious than our children? They are the crowning jewel of any society. They are the hope for good things to come. Children are the future. Why are we wasting, damaging, and killing ours?

Read more of Suzann's essays at WoolyMammoth.Org

Caravan at the border

Elliot Spagat reports for the AP on the caravan of Central Americans who are in Tijuana, just across the border from San Diego, as they seek to enter the U.S..

Read it here.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

More allegations against Matt Lauer and new ones against Tom Brokaw

ye vs. the people!

There is a preview here of a new song by Kanye West. It's interesting in that it includes another rapper confronting him about his support for President Trump. It is entitled ye vs. the people.

Murder is not dying with dignity

This podcast was aired Friday. Alfie died Satuday morning. Ben makes a good point. If Alfie were at home and his parents refused to give him food, they would be brought up on charges of child abuse. In fact, it is the hospital and British courts taking him off life support!

Clinton-Mueller coup

Daniel Greenfield reports at Front Page Magazine,
This isn't just an attack on Trump. It's an attack on the Constitution.

4 Republican senators voted to protect the Clinton-Mueller coup effort. The bill would prevent Mueller or a special prosecutor from being fired without, effectively, the approval, passive or active, of a Federal judge.

With every committee Democrat backing the legislation, only one Republican was needed to secure passage.

But they got four.

In the end, four Republicans voted for the bill: Sens. Thom Tillis (N.C.), Lindsey Graham(S.C.), Chuck Grassley (Iowa) and Jeff Flake (Ariz.).
Read more here.

Maybe I'll become a Seahawks fan!

Bob Condotta reports in the Seattle Times,
The Seahawks drafted Shaquem Griffin, the twin brother of cornerback Shaquill, with the 141st overall pick of the 2018 NFL Draft.

Shaquem, who has been without his left hand since he was 4 years old, was one of the standouts of the NFL Combine, running a 4.38 40 after having initially not been invited. He was the American Athletic Conference Defensive Player of the Year as a senior at Central Florida in helping lead the team to an undefeated 13-0 season.

Revolution in Iran?

For years I have always found Michael Ledeen to be the most knowledgeable American writer on the subject of Iran. He reports in PJ Media,
The apparent discovery of the mummified remains of Reza Shah by Iranian archaeologists must have sent chills up and down the spine of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Reza is the symbol of the kind of government most Iranians want: secular, tolerant, modern. His name has often been chanted in the nationwide demonstrations that have continued unabated for weeks.

We don’t get anything approaching a decent picture of the national tumult -- foreign journalists are forbidden to travel outside Tehran -- but I asked a well-informed Iranian if he could tell me where the demonstrations were going on, and he said “it’s easier to tell you where there aren’t any.”

The country is convulsed, and the “return of Reza Shah” will be widely taken as an omen. I wonder if Trump, Macron, and Merkel understand how powerful this event can be.

Most of the “coverage” of the Iranian uprising attributes it to misery, in keeping with the widespread belief that revolutions are driven by economic failure and the attendant social suffering. Indeed, workers have gone on strike at businesses and factories, as they have not been paid for many months. But that only accounts for part of the revolt, which has spread to mosques.

When mosques are not sparsely frequented, which is the rule, they have become sites of anti-regime outbursts. Iranians correctly see that the mullahs and ayatollahs have wrecked the country, from the ecological catastrophe (many regions are slated to run out of clean water in a matter of months) to the corruption of the ruling elite, including the elite Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps and the supreme leader himself. They have stolen billions, while the value of the rial has crashed, approaching 1/1000th its worth at the time of the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

Meanwhile, oppression mounts. President Rouhani, who is invariably termed a “moderate reformer,” has presided over a 50% increase in the rate of publicly announced executions. The women’s revolt against the mandatory dress code covers the whole country. Schools and universities are under virtual military occupation because the regime leaders know the students detest them.

It’s a revolutionary situation, in short, and Reza Shah’s reappearance symbolizes it. Of all people, former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has given voice to the conviction that the regime is now on the edge of the abyss. Ahmadinejad, long regarded as one of the meanest of the hardliners, publicly said the current regime acts "in a way as if they'll be around forever. They have no news of what's happening. There's not ground below their feet. Events in Iran will soon transform the whole world."

No event would be more beneficial to the United States than the fall of the Tehran regime and its replacement with a freely and legitimately elected government. It would likely spell the doom of Assad’s Syrian tyranny, give some breathing space to those Iraqi leaders willing to fight for independence rather than submit to Iranian demands, undermine Hezbollah’s murderous domination of Lebanon and big chunks of Syria as well as their expanding operations in Latin America, deprive the Russians of a major source of cannon fodder for their Middle Eastern adventures, provide Saudi Arabia’s new leaders with victory in Yemen, and diminish radical Islamist terrorism throughout Africa.

...Yet we do not seem to be supporting revolution in Iran, even when it costs nothing and is easily done, as in changing the lineup at our Farsi-language broadcasting facilities. We learned during the Reagan years that dissidents desperately need information about their own country, and Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, and Radio Liberty successfully informed the Soviet citizenry that they were not alone -- that dissidents all over the Empire were fighting for freedom.

Today, Iranians need to know that revolutionary activity challenges the regime everywhere. That we stand with them in this revolutionary moment, and that we, too, would welcome a return of the values that make Reza Shah a contemporary political force.

Instead of arguing with allies about whether to continue to adhere to an unsigned nuclear agreement with a regime that is undoubtedly cheating at every possible opportunity, we should exert every effort to defeat that evil regime.

A riveting interview

Guests on this version of the Mark Steyn Show are Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer. They have written a book entitled Gosnell, The Untold Story of America's Most Prolific Serial Killer.

If you cave in the skull while the rest of the body is outside the vaginal canal, that's perfectly legal. If you wait until the skull is out before you plunge your scissors in, that's infanticide.

What attracted police attention to Gosnell? Not the abortions. He also had a side business in pill-dealing. One law enforcement named Jim Wood gave it his attention as an undercover drugs officer. Staff told Wood about two deaths of adult females. Wood checked police reports. Nothing!

One of the jurors wanted to know how many abortions Gosnell had performed. His answer? 40,000!

His clinic had not been inspected in 17 years! The nail salon around the corner got inspected every year. Were there botched abortions? Yes, several women sought help in emergency rooms. Doctors wrote notes to the health department. No response.

Although he murdered well over one hundred babies, he was only charged with seven murders because authorities in Pennslyvania did not want their murder statistics to soar.

Phelim talks about the lack of media coverage. "There is no diversity of thought in America's newsrooms. The reporters are so proud of themselves. They don't want to go there. They are all pro choice." Mark says the evil is not just that there is one man killing babies. The evil is that our broader culture would rather he just kept on killing babies because there are political complications to objecting to the killing of babies.

You can buy the skin of a Down Syndrome baby for 320 dollars!

Pennslvania permits abortion at 6 months. Other places in America permit abortion at 40 weeks! (Colorado and New Mexico).

Ann and Phelim visited Gosnell in prison. He has no remorse. He is enjoying the chance to rest after working so hard performing abortions. When Officer Wood applied handcuffs to him, Gosnell responded, "So this is what happens when you try to help people!"

Journalists not reporting the news are dangerous and wicked.

Maybe it's England that should be unplugged!

Alfie Evans died this morning. Mark Steyn writes,
...Alfie Evans died in the early hours of Saturday morning. We were told that there was no miracle awaiting in England, Italy or elsewhere for poor little Alfie. Two-thirds of his brain had been eaten away. But, in the grander scheme of things, it is not the baby but Mother England that seems increasingly brain-dead, and for whom it might be kindest simply to unplug...
Read more here.

A different cosmos

In the Weekly Standard, PJ O'Rourke explains why he believes the New York Times and its readers
live in another cosmos—a universe with different physics, different mathematics, different scientific constants, and different laws of nature.
Read the whole thing here.

Academic fraud at every level of education

Walter Williams reports at The Daily Wire,
Earlier this month, the 2017 National Assessment of Educational Progress, aka The Nation's Report Card, was released. It's not a pretty story. Only 37 percent of 12th-graders tested proficient or better in reading, and only 25 percent did so in math. Among black students, only 17 percent tested proficient or better in reading, and just 7 percent reached at least a proficient level in math.

The atrocious NAEP performance is only a fraction of the bad news. Nationally, our high school graduation rate is over 80 percent. That means high school diplomas, which attest that these students can read and compute at a 12th-grade level, are conferred when 63 percent are not proficient in reading and 75 percent are not proficient in math. For blacks, the news is worse. Roughly 75 percent of black students received high school diplomas attesting that they could read and compute at the 12th-grade level. However, 83 percent could not read at that level, and 93 percent could not do math at that level. It's grossly dishonest for the education establishment and politicians to boast about unprecedented graduation rates when the high school diplomas, for the most part, do not represent academic achievement. At best, they certify attendance.

Fraudulent high school diplomas aren't the worst part of the fraud. Some of the greatest fraud occurs at the higher education levels — colleges and universities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 70 percent of white high school graduates in 2016 enrolled in college, and 58 percent of black high school graduates enrolled in college. Here are my questions to you: If only 37 percent of white high school graduates test as college-ready, how come colleges are admitting 70 percent of them? And if roughly 17 percent of black high school graduates test as college-ready, how come colleges are admitting 58 percent of them.

It's inconceivable that college administrators are unaware that they are admitting students who are ill-prepared and cannot perform at the college level. Colleges cope with ill-prepared students in several ways. They provide remedial courses. One study suggests that more than two-thirds of community college students take at least one remedial course, as do 40 percent of four-year college students. College professors dumb down their courses so that ill-prepared students can get passing grades. Colleges also set up majors with little analytical demands so as to accommodate students with analytical deficits. Such majors often include the term "studies," such as ethnic studies, cultural studies, gender studies and American studies. The major for the most ill-prepared students, sadly enough, is education. When students' SAT scores are ranked by intended major, education majors place 26th on a list of 38.

The bottom line is that colleges are admitting youngsters who have not mastered what used to be considered a ninth-grade level of proficiency in reading, writing and arithmetic. Very often, when they graduate from college, they still can't master even a 12th-grade level of academic proficiency. The problem is worse in college sports. During a recent University of North Carolina scandal, a learning specialist hired to help athletes found that during the period from 2004 to 2012, 60 percent of the 183 members of the football and basketball teams read between fourth- and eighth-grade levels. About 10 percent read below a third-grade level. Keep in mind that all of these athletes both graduated from high school and were admitted to college.
Read more here.

Giving ten billion dollars to Amazon is a bad idea

Keith Curtis reports at American Thinker,
The U.S. Department of Defense has more than 3,000 datacenters and countless applications. The DOD smartly want to consolidate to save money. In March, the DOD put out a request for a proposal about a compute cloud infrastructure. Business Insider reports that Amazon is currently a shoe-in for the $10-billion contract.
He explains here why it is a bad idea.

Lying to Congress, then getting hired by CNN

In The Federalist, Sean Davis reports,
A newly declassified report on Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. elections reveals that former intelligence chief James Clapper lied to Congress about information he shared with CNN on the infamous Steele dossier.

...As The Federalist‘s Mollie Hemingway noted after Comey’s memos were finally made available to the public, the fired FBI director’s account of the briefing of Trump suggested that the entire briefing was a setup from the beginning, and that it was scheduled and held just so it could be leaked to journalists who wanted an excuse to publish a dossier nobody had verified.

...Clapper, who previously lied to Congress about whether the U.S. government was electronically spying on millions of Americans, was subsequently hired by CNN just months after his leak.
Read more here.

Friday, April 27, 2018

"Resistance," "fascism," "racism," "injustice:" Where have we heard those words before?

On tonight's program, Terry Turchie is a former FBI agent who believes the radicals of the 60s are now entrenched in the Washington bureaucracies. Bill Ayres talked and wrote about the concepts we are hearing today: The chief strategy for infiltrating the government was called "The Resistance" by Ayres and his comrades in the 60s; they also used words like fascism, racism, injustice. The words are back. The people that are using them are in a political party, trying to influence all of us to be attracted to the ideas of socialism and our intelligence agencies under Obama seem to have been part of that.

Thomas Homan is Deputy ICE Director. The caravan of Central Americans seeking asylum have been traveling through Mexico for weeks and are now on the US border. If they were seeking asylum, why didn't they seek asylum in Mexico? Last year we had a 45-year low in illegal immigration but now the smugglers have figured out how to train people what to say. Homan is trying to get Congress to close the loopholes.

Univision has a reporter embedded with the cravan. A Univision anchor appeared as a guest and chided Tucker for asking why the Central Americans were not seeking asylum in Mexico. "Mexico had 26,000 murders last year! But Mexico is not a poor country; it is the tenth largest economy in the world. They come here because the US is saying to Mexicans, "Help Wanted!" The US economy is dependent on cheap labor!

New York Times reporter Amy Chozick was the next guest. She is a New York Times reporter, so therefore was a Hillary supporter. She has written a book about Hillary, whom she has been covering for many years. "There is no grey area with Hillary Clinton. You are either completely devoted to her or you are regarded as an enemy." Chelsea is mad at Amy and has been tweeting her anger at Amy's reporting.

Cathy Areu is a supporter and advocate of "cry closets" to help college kids cope with stress. Google has created similar environments for their employees to let off steam.

Bret Baier, Trey Gowdy, Jim Comey

Do you want to see Jim Comey squirm? Do you want to see an actual journalist at work? Watch this interview Bret Baier conducted with James Comey. The squirming begins in earnest at the fifteen minute mark in this tape.

Here is Trey Gowdy's reaction to the Comey intervew with Bret Baier. Trey Gowdy has read the application to the FISA court and he says the dossier was an indispensible part of the application. Who is lying, Gowdy or Comey? I say Comey!

Here is Bret Baier on what he takes away from the interview. Comey says he still doesn't know which Democrat(s) funded the dossier.

Comey's leaks and lies, Candace and Kanye, North and South Korea

Candace Owens is on the panel today! She is not surprised to see what is happening with Kanye West, since the one thing he advocates most for in his music is independence!

South Korean's president gave credit to President Trump for the wonderful breakthrough with North Korea.

Comey said to Brett Baier it doesn't really matter who funded the dossier! Jessie says that is absolutely ridiculous! Kimberlee gets better with every program of The Five.

The case of baby Alfie Evans

Have you been following the case of baby Alfie Evans in the UK? The Sun has the history here.Steven Woolfe proposes an Alfie's Law here.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Kim Jong Un takes a walk!

Kim Jong Un took a walk today...into South Korea! Fox has the breaking story here.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, left, shakes hands with South Korean President Moon Jae-in as Kim crossed the border into South Korea for their historic face-to-face talks, in Panmunjom. (Korea Broadcasting System via AP)

Dr. Jackson drops out of contention for V.A. job

The first segment was about the conviction today of Bill Cosby. Kimberlee, who I have grown to respect more and more, does an excellent job of explaining the process.

The second segment was about the Admiral Trump had appointed to run the V.A. deciding to drop out of contention. Once again Kimberlee is eloquent on the matter. Juan, of course, cannot resist arguing with her. Greg points out that if you are being nominated and you are a Republican you face two against one odds (media and Democrats on one side). Dana has known Dr. Jackson for years and is very fond of him. Additionally, she points out that under the leadership of Mitch McConnell 19 people got confirmed today!

Greg has some things to say about the Kanye West situation. He notes how Hollywood and the media lecture us on diversity and bullying, but when it comes right down to it they are groupthink enforcers intolerant of individuality! It is the curse (again) of identity politics which puts the group before the person. Also behind their mockery is the fear that their target of mockery might be onto something! When someone dares to be different in a way that comes with a cost, you either reevaluate your own choices or seek to silence him or her. Juan does his thing criticizing all the rest of the panel. This time, though, Kimberlee attacks him calling him myopic! You go, girl! "I stick up for people's rights to express themselves and individuality," she replied to his confrontation.

Times they are a changin'

Bloomberg is reporting that Ford has decided to give up on sedans, except it is keeping the Mustang. It is apparently ceding the sedan market to Honda Civic and Toyota Camry. Instead, Ford is going strong on SUVs, pickup trucks and commercial vehicles. Read the story here.

Henry Ford and the Model T Source: Hulton Archive via Getty Images

The only power the cultural Left has is that we back down! The North Korean military is less in lockstep than the American Left! You could announce that you have cured cancer and people would still troll you onthe internet!

The only power the cultural Left has is that we back down! Our cowardice! Does Kanye West have the right to think for himself? Yes! The cultural Left has no power except our cowardice! We have allowed the Left to decide what a decent human being is! It doesn't take rudeness to fight back; it takes the courage to be called rude! Jim Acosta is very well named, because he is constantly accosting people!

The Italians sent in a chopper to get the baby in England who was taken off life support. The parents want to keep the baby alive. The National Health "Service" says it is too expensive to keep the baby alive and the English court agreed. The police refused to allow the Italians to put the baby on board the chopper! The baby is still fighting for life! England is a place where the ordinary man has lost his voice. It can happen here!

Dennis Miller is today's guest. Dennis on Kanye West and the rapper Chance: Orange is the new black!

Lockstep? The North Korean military is less in lockstep than the American Left!

Trump's outer voice and inner voice are the same.

If I were Trump I would hire Hillary to deal with the Stormy Daniels thing. "Hillary, you've been cheated on more than a blind woman playing scrabble with gypsies. Can you take over this thing for me?"

Andrew asks, Do you run into people who don't like what you say? Dennis: "Who cares? You can see the internet: you could post that you cured cancer and people would still troll you!"

Dennis has a podcast: The Dennis Miller Option.

Andrew recommends a scary movie called A Quiet Place.

Bill Cosby found guilty

A jury in Pennslyvania found Bill cosby guilty of sexual assault today. Fox News has the details here.

Kanye West says the mob can't make him not love Donald Trump! Hillary campaign laundered funds, Who is your champion?

Malignant Narcissism. Is that you? Your entire identity is based on your feeling superior. Instead of proceeding with awareness of one's own infallibility, Leftists proceed with a certainty of their own moral superiority, projecting all of their issues onto someone else (sexism, racism, homosexuality, for example). Tammy Bruce talks with Tucker about the sexual harassment scandal which the far Left Center for American Progress finds itself embroiled in. 19 current and former staffers claim they were victims of sexual harassment. Tammy points out how those on the Left try to convince minorities, women, and gays they are your champions when the opposite is true. Those champions continually malign conservative policies that allow individuals to be personally empowered and individually free and financially independent. Those are the policies that get besmirched by the champions on the Left when those are the policies that improve people's lives!

Campaign Finance Legal expert Cleta Mitchell joins Tucker to discuss the illegal laundering of campaign contributions engaged in by the Hillary Clinton campaign. Donations were pretended to be sent to the state Democratic parties, but they were not. A brazen scheme and it's all in the public record. Even the New York Times and Washington Post could find it if they wanted to!

The Left is having a hard time convincing Americans to give up their guns. So now Leftist activists have turned to personally targeting advocates of gun rights. Including their families and children. Congressman Jeff Fortenberry of Lincoln, Nebraska has been victimized twice. Who did it? University of Nebraska faculty members, among others!

Mark Roosevelt of St. Johns College in Santa Fe was a guest. Their students read 200 books by the time they graduate. They don't have majors! "We don't think that life breaks down into majors (only 20% of college graduates get jobs in their majors).

Jason Whitlock encourages the NFL owners to make rules the players must follow, including patriotism at the beginning of games!

Kanye West says the mob can't make him not love Donald Trump! Jason Whitlock reminds us that in all things, competition is good. There is no competition for the black vote!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Are you shocked?

The Audacious Epigone blog did some digging and provides us with this graph.

Greg Gutfeld takes down Jim Acosta, Juan Williams blasts Kanye West

Kanye West on Trump: "The mob can't make me not love him!" Greg points out that there is a mob out there that wants to silence you if you leave your box. People are leaving the intellectual conformity! Jesse: "He's shattering the paradigms of us against them. You can't underestimate what is going on here politically and culturally."

Juan blasts Kanye and Greg says that's what happens when you step out of a box! Kimberlee adds comments supportive to Greg, so Juan shouts over her as he so often does. Kimberlee says Kanye is entitled to his opinion! Jesse believes Kanye is celebrating people for being independent thinkers (Candace Owens, for example).

Jim Acosta's disdainful superiority act. Greg sends his words right back at him: "You just have to have the faculties to see what Trump is doing, be calm and professional enough to deal with it, but maybe your elevator can't reach a floor where that's possible!"

Journalists are living in a bubble of dishonesty! The biggest lie they tell is the lie they tell themselves: that they are being objective!

Journalists are living in a bubble of dishonesty! The biggest lie they tell is the lie they tell themselves: that they are being objective!

How you can tell bigotry: if the speaker believes he or she is better than the people he is describing.

Someone writes Andrew: There is evil on earth because God does not want to force us to follow Him. In order for it to be a true relationship there must be freedom of choice. But the prospect of eternal damnation for choosing not to have a relationship with the Creator seems like putting a gun to your head and telling you that you are totally free to choose!

Andrew answers, "We live in a world where there are consequences. If you follow your instincts toward virtue, you are going to get there. If not, you already know you are doing the wrong thing., and that there will be consequences. As you go into the afterlife, the consequences continue.

Dennis Miller will be the guest on tomorrow's program!

I didn't want to let that ostrich in the hen house, but the roosters insisted.

There's more! Remember Marc Rich?

Caren Z. Turner is the woman on the YouTube video in my previous post. More on Caren Z. Turner from the Huffington Post:
...Ms. Turner began her career in international affairs in the commodities trading house, Marc Rich & Co. Int’l Ltd. where she was responsible for transporting, insuring and warehousing hundreds of millions of dollars of precious and semi-precious metals.

...Ms. Turner was on the National Finance Committee, Hillary Clinton for President
Read more here.

There's more! "I'm not so nice!" We can see that, lady.

She's back! A commenter at The Conservative Treehouse brings us more tape of the woman who harassed police, saying "This isn't going to go down nicely!" This video continues on from the previous video at about the 8 minute mark as the woman walks back to the police car to get an address of where to locate the car that was impounded. The police officer tells her he has already spoken to the driver and her daughter, and both wery very nice. She replies, "Guess what? I'm not so nice!" "The police have all been in my home and in my second home, and in my third home!"

A commenter writes that this woman was appointed to the Port Authority board by Gov. Chris Christie.

"I'm a friend of the mayor!"

At The Conservative Treehouse, Sundance brings us a video of
Caren Z. Turner, a Democratic lobbyist and Hillary Clinton finance chairwoman, resigned last week as a commissioner from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey after an investigation was opened into what agency officials would only describe as “profoundly disturbing conduct.”

Today police released video of the back-story where the “conduct” (previously non-described) is evident. Mrs. Turner attempted to intercede in an ordinary traffic stop where her daughter was a passenger. Flashing her Port Authority Badge, the ethics chairwoman attempted to influence the police and went on a vulgar tirade after police refused to acquiesce to her demands. WATCH:

What do you think?

On Twitter, Jordan Peterson gives us twelve principles for a 21st century conservatism.

New U.S. Office of Journalism

Jeffrey Lord has a hilarious piece at The American Spectator.
So you want to be a journalist — or you are one now?

In light of the news that the media finds that Sean Hannity’s friendship with Trump lawyer Michael Cohen should have been noted in every Hannity-Cohen interview, and with the news that the Guardian is now making Hannity’s private real estate dealings a news story? Now the new rules of journalism are clear — and the Trump Administration is responding quickly.

Henceforth, all practicing journalists in the United States must fill out a required Form for Transparent Journalism and file with the U.S. Office of Journalism that the Trump Administration has now established by executive order within the Department of Justice, retroactive to April 1, 2018. It is known informally as “The Hannity Rule.”
Read all the requirements here.

"The real fight for the future of this nation is in the classroom, for the hearts and minds of our children."

JJ Sefton summarizes his links for us at Ace of Spades.

Good morning kids. Here we are again with your midweek news aggravation and in the lead, I'd thought I'd highlight a story that has been completely embargoed by the Democrat-Leftist-Media complex. FEC records show that the Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign and the DNC conspired to launder $84 million in campaign funds in order to purposely hide donations far in excess of the legal limits for individual donors. The stunning thing about this whole thing is just the brazen way in which they (the Clintons, Democrats and Media) just pull this crap like it's just another day at the office. And then they have the utterly unmitigated temerity to file a RICO lawsuit against the Trump campaign and Russia in order to quadruple down on the patently risible fantasy that they somehow stole the 2016 election. Meh, I guess what's surprising is that they are so utterly full of themselves and think themselves so completely insulated from accountability that they may have just exposed themselves to one hell of an "enlightening" discovery process. I suppose it's tiring to keep on saying that there isn't a punishment severe enough for Hillary Clinton and everyone and everything associated with her. More importantly, America dodged a coup de grace by electing Donald Trump.

Beyond that, in the Mueller witch hunt category, the esteemed Jeffrey Lord has rather a novel idea vis a vis the chutz-pocrisy of the Media dragging Sean Hannity's name through the mud.

On the immigration front, yet another rogue jurist has decreed from on high that President Trump must restart Obama's illegal DACA program, PDT's own executive order ending it be damned. Break up the friggin' judiciary; it's just one more tiny time pill in the slow release poison capsule that is breaking the nation apart. That is a shout-out to the boss' excellent essay from last night about the growing likelihood of a national divorce, so go read it if you have not already. And in related news, see the latest link about the green-lighting of a California secession petition.

On the international scene, while PDT and Emmanuel Macron seem to be hitting it off, one area of tension is the Iran Nuke Deal Sellout. Macron is lobbying hard for America to keep it despite all indications that PDT is going to scrap it when it comes up for review in the next few weeks. And as reported yesterday, the Farsis have threatened PDT if he pulls out while the President countered with a threat of serious consequences should they ramp up their nuke program. And linked below, administration officials and other political leaders are outraged that there is a loophole allowing Iran to continue developing ballistic missiles. Deep State's gonna Deep, but that has got to be stopped.

Also, Mutti Merkel is headed our way and that meeting is not going to be as pleasant as with Macron. In any case, the President's nominee to be ambassador to Deutschland is finally coming to a vote thanks to Mitch McKochbrother breaking through the filibuster (more on this later), and that was a source of tension, minor all other things considered, between the Yanks and the Krauts. And as reported yesterday here and expanded on by Ace, Luap the Lesser is suddenly PDT's pal on foreign policy. I think his shift on Pompeo was grandstanding/backtracking/face-saving all in one, but whatever it takes I guess to move things along.

On to politics where the Democrats were hoping to continue their winning streak in GOP districts, but they were stopped cold yesterday in AZ-8. The media is strangely silent. Suddenly. Daniel Greenfield brings some insights into the Dem's Joo-hate problem although with their sister Working Families Party, it's a feature, not a bug. And as Bernardo Sandersnista goes all in for universal work as an item on the party's agenda, Finland has finally come to its senses (read: licked its wounds) and scrapped their experiment with it. Now Lefties, remember: Scandinavia is the ideal by which America should aspire to! /sarc.

And as that insanity plays out, Nancy Palsi is sputtering on about how when the Dems take over Congress, they will immediately push for Amnesty and Gun Control. If you make that into a TV ad, along with Howard "the lipless wonder" Dean's "swastika-burning" deplorable schtick, there's no way the GOP can lose in November even if they ran an entire slate of Todd Akins and Christine O'Donnells. That said, it would be kind of nice if the GOP started shouting from the rooftops about the economy, stupid. Even the totally partisan "nonpartisan" CBO just released that GDP is at a 15-year high, and, to counter Nancy Schmancy's tired old lie about the 1%, it turns out that "the rich" are going to pay quite a bit in taxes even with the PDT tax plan. In fact, one student at Georgetown U confronted the shambling, stuttering bag o'botox about her "crumbs" smear and she stammered her "1 percenter" lie. Too bad the kid didn't counter with the truth that the top 1% pay about 12-15% of all Federal taxes and IIRC the top 25% pay well over half. I have to look up that figure and tattoo it on my brain because the bottom 50% pay ZERO federal taxes. But I digress...

On the terrorism front, the Slimes issued a retraction and was forced to admit that families of terrorists do in fact get paid by the Palestinian Authority. And there is some disturbing news coming to light about the Toronto fiend who mowed down 10 people with a truck.

From hither and yon, the bloated, evil blivit from Fresno State ain't going nowhere, Joy Reid's (who?) defense that her social media account was hacked is falling apart, Memories Pizza has quietly closed its doors thanks to the SJW smear campaign, police have arrested the gunman who shot and wounded two Dallas cops (no word on if the shooter is a citizen or not) and take a look at this filthy bastard teaching our children in Arizona. Aside from the fact that he bears an uncanny resemblance to Camera Hogg, it underscores where the real fight for the future of this nation is - in the classroom, for the hearts and minds of our children. All the marbles, baby.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.
Go here to click on his links.

Wait for it...

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

What Happened to Equality Under the Law?

In American Greatness Victor Davis writes one of his best pieces ever, and that is saying something!
A James Clapper can lie to Congress under oath about intelligence surveillance of U.S. citizens; a John Brennan can lie about CIA monitoring of U.S. Senate computers, or mislead Congress about the absence of any collateral damage in the use of drones. Yet we are supposed to give both further credence based on their emeriti titles or to believe their current Captain Renault-like outrage over President Trump’s lack of presidential decorum? But what in their past has earned them the moral high ground? Claiming that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt was largely “secular,” or redefining jihad as “a holy struggle, a legitimate tenet of Islam”?

Are we supposed to believe that Robert Mueller did not overreach by spinning off an investigation of Trump consigliere and lawyer Michael Cohen?

Why? Because we are also told that a regional federal prosecutor would have to have had good cause to order raids on Cohen? Because a federal judge would have had to have seen such credible evidence before anyone dared enter Cohen’s office and residence? Because another federal justice believes it is in the national interest that we know Michael Cohen knows Sean Hannity?

Trust in the Obama-era directorships of the Justice Department, FBI, and, indeed, the federal courts themselves are now horses that have long ago left the proverbial judicial barn. Should the public also believe that no sober and judicious FISA court judge would ever have approved surveillance of American citizens without asking where the evidence came from, who compiled it, who, if any, paid for it, or had a vested interest in seeing it used for a warrant? Should the public believe that its FBI director, and various deputy attorney generals, would never have dared keep from a FISA court information about their own submitted evidence?

...If the FBI director, the national steward of investigatory ethics, leaks classified government documents with impunity, then who in the United States could be ever prosecuted again for such a crime?

Comey has misled a federal FISA court. Several of his testimonies to Congress about the timelines of his Clinton report, or his care not to leak FBI investigations are probably false. More falsehoods will appear when his memoir is collated with his voluminous testimonies. Either Comey, McCabe, or Loretta Lynch is lying, or in fact, all three are doing so. Comey previously testified that the Steele dossier had no credibility; on his book tour, he now winks and nods that it does.

...We know the Russians dumped dirt to Christopher Steele, and we know too that Comey himself knew that fact, and he knew it well enough not to tell a federal judge. The public would have good cause to see Comey currently indicted and facing federal felonies rather than exempt from charges and cashing in on his miscreant behavior.

What Happened to Equality Under the Law?
For the next decade, the FBI, the Justice Department, and the federal judiciary will have to explain exactly why some Americans can lie to federal investigators, lie to the Congress, destroy subpoenaed evidence, leak classified documents, and face no consequences—while other Americans would have had—and have had—their lives and careers ruined for much less.

...In addition, what the FBI hierarchy did not do seems almost as worrisome as what it did. All of what James Comey is and did follows a disturbing FBI administrative culture of intelligence and preemptive investigatory failures—the Boston Marathon bombing, Fort Hood shooting, and the Orlando and San Bernardino massacres in which knowledge of suspects and their suspect activity should have led the FBI to preemptive action. While an Andrew McCabe was finessing his own conflicts of interest, while the lovesick Page and Strzok were conniving to warp an election, and while Comey was orchestrating his special counsel appointment gambit, how much other important FBI business was simply ignored?

...Self-righteousness and self-referencing become fatal when combined with incompetence and malfeasance. James Comey is our touchstone to a morally confused age.
Read more here.

Campaign finance criminality by Hillary Clinton and the DNC

Margot Cleveland reports at The Federalist about big troubles ahead for Hillary Clinton and the DNC. To the tune of $84 million dollars of campaign finance criminality. Read the whole thing here.

What does freedom look like?

J. Shameless Racecard of #Black Lives Matters asked, "How can we continue to convince Black Americans that they are helpless victims with no control over their own lives if famous black rappers act as if they can just walk around with their own opinions?"

Only a moral people can be free but only free people can be moral! What does freedom look like? Does everything go just the way you want? Andrew looks critically at the writings of two writers on the right, Patrick Buchanan and Erick Erickson. They seem to be giving up on democracy.

Freedom is about winning the argument. That is why Andrew fights so hard against the Leftists who want to shut people down!

Andrew's guest today was Jonah Goldberg, who has a new book coming out this week. Here is what he says about Facebook. "Facebook is fine for keeping up with old friends. It is horrible for making new friends. What it ends up doing, particularly in the political context, is reenforcing and confirming your existing biases and multiplying them, on both the Left and the Right."

Jonah wants decision-making to be at the local level as much as possible. Though he is a #NeverTrumper, he does not believe Trump is Hitler, because Hitler would have been able to repeal Obamacare!

Turkey's Genocide of 1.5 million Armenians, from 1915 to 1917.

On Facebook Mark Hazarabedian writes,
Today, April 24, is the anniversary of the beginning of Turkey's Genocide of 1.5 million Armenians, from 1915 to 1917.

These were people peacefully living on their ancestral land, as their families had for millennia. They were targeted only because they were Christian.

Among them were my paternal great grandparents and dozens of cousins.

First, Turkey confiscated the guns of law-abiding Armenians.

On this day, Turkey arrested Armenian leaders, military personnel, and intellectuals, thus, the Armenian community's ability to defend themselves was crippled. The arrests extended to able-bodied men of military age.

After that, Turkey's plan to 'cleanse' itself of Christians and non-Turks became much more simple.

The means of murder were horrific. Rape was a routine aspect of the process.

The victims who were shot, bayoneted, hacked, bludgeoned, or hanged were the 'lucky' ones. Their deaths were quick, and mostly spared of agony.

Others died slow, lingering, sadistic deaths.

Armenians were taken from their villages, driven on foot to deportation centers, sometimes taken there on over-packed cattle cars such as used to take Jews to death camps in Nazi Germany, then driven on foot to final destinations of execution. many were driven across the Syrian desert.

Resources were not spent on a drop of water nor a crumb of food. People who dared to try survive by trying to eat a blade of grass or a dead mouse were savagely beaten.

Those who didn't oblige the cowardly Turkish savages by dying along the way were forced to march in circles around the destination death camps, again, no food or water, until they dropped dead.

Others were put aboard ships, taken out into the middle of the Mediterranean or Black Seas, and thrown overboard.

Some were crucified.

To this second, Turkey denies all of this, and manufactures and distributes slander against their victims and survivors.

VDH: "We are entering revolutionary times"

Ace of Spades quotes Victor Davis Hanson:
We are entering revolutionary times. The law is no longer equally applied. The media are the ministry of truth. The Democratic party is a revolutionary force. And it is all getting scary.

Ace adds,
I think most people can agree that "Political norms are being tossed by the wayside." Progressives and virulent anti-Trumpers will say that Trump's responsible for most of this. They then use that as an excuse to themselves toss political norms by the wayside -- does anyone still maintain the fiction that the media is not an overt political agitator any more?

Well, if almost all political norms are being discarded, why keep the main one that keeps everyone trapped in this unhealthy, unhappy toxic failed marriage-on-paper-only?

...I do think it's useful to start thinking about the unthinkable, and considering the possibility of the "impossible," that a peaceful national divorce might be in everyone's best interests -- especially the children's.

I'm open, of course, to explanations as to why it wouldn't be.

But I'd like to get past the part where people just start jumping up and down screaming "But that's unthinkable! Why that's impossible!"

People who claim that everything they don't like is unthinkable are really just saying they don't like thinking very much, and would prefer straight-line projections involving nigh-unchanging circumstances so that they aren't forced into that whole bother of thinking at all.

These things aren't "unthinkable." They're being thought about. That right there is all the evidence any non-idiot should need to dismiss the claim that they're "unthinkable."

Whether a national divorce is advisable is of course open to debate -- but the claim that it's "unthinkable" is just something thick-witted people say to impose their own defect of imagination on people smarter than they are.
Read more here.

"The Broward Cowards don't like confronting criminals with guns. They make up for it by getting tough with law-abiding citizens with guns!"

Ace of Spades writes this morning,
The Broward Cowards don't like confronting criminals with guns. They make up for it by ge"tting tough with law-abiding citizens with guns.
Go here to read how a Parkland student who is a believer in our Second Amendment rights went to a gun range with his father, posted about it on social media, and then "got treated like a criminal" when he returned to school.

Someone with a grievance drives another van into people in Toronto; put up more bollards?

Tucker asks, "Why would someone want to kill strangers?" Do you know the answer?

In cities all over the western world, they are trying to put bollards on every strip of raised pavement so that vans and trucks can't get up on the sidewalk to kill people.

The people who are in charge don't want to admit they have lost control. Grievances develop. The jihad guys have gotten a lot of mileage out of driving trucks up on sidewalks and killing people. Now others with grievances follow the lead of the jihadists.

Ugliness is the organizing principle of the multicultural city of the 21st century. Bollards and homeless tents.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Are you reading a lot about the House IT scandal? I didn't think so.

We constantly hear about officials at the DOJ and FBI slow-walking documents subpoenad by Congress. What about the scandal in which Congressional officials are doing the slow-walking? I refer to the House IT scandal. Rachel Bovard writes in American Greatness,
Here are the basic facts. On February 2, 2017, Chiefs of Staff in several House offices were notified of a criminal probe into several House information technology (IT) staffers, for theft of computer equipment, overbilling, and, most disturbingly, the presence of an external email server to which House data was being funneled.

The probe, first raised by investigators in the House Inspector General’s (IG) office, centered around five House IT staffers, all immediate family members—brothers Abid, Imran and Jamal Awan, as well as Imran’s wife, Hina Alvvi, and Abid’s wife, Natalia Sova. All were shared employees of over forty House offices, meaning they were hired by multiple House offices, which split their salaries.

As IT staffers, the group had significant access to the correspondence, emails and confidential files of Members of Congress, with almost no one tracking them. Bizarrely, these IT staff were not subject to background checks— which, given what these staffers are alleged to have engaged in, seems to be a massive oversight.

In addition to working as House IT staff for over forty members of Congress, several on key intelligence and foreign relations committees, Imran Awan and his brothers (two of which had criminal records) ran a car dealership in Virginia. The dealership was reportedly plagued with financial mismanagement, leading to angry investors and unpaid debts.

...Remarkably, neither Awan, his wife, nor any of his family members have been charged for their repeated unauthorized access to congressional networks.

The obvious question is why. After documentation of thousands of unauthorized breaches, a missing server whose contents are now unaccounted for, and thousands of dollars in missing equipment, it beggars belief that anyone could still be incredulous about whether or not a crime was committed.

...Can we pause for a moment and appreciate how terribly ironic this is? Many of these same Democrats who are demanding the president’s impeachment for unproven collusion allegations have their own cybersecurity scandal —one they refuse to address or even acknowledge.

This is astonishing not only for its rank hypocrisy, but also given the 2016 hack of the server at the Democratic National Campaign committee, which resulted in DNC emails being published on Wikileaks. Many Democrats lament the role those leaked emails played in tarnishing the candidacy of Hillary Clinton prior to Election Day. And yet, these Democrats refuse to take the breaches seriously, or even to implement recommended reforms.

But, politics aside, this issue is beyond mere “whataboutism.” The security of the House has been compromised, and the investigation into how and why is being stymied by Democratic lawmakers who conveniently claim to care about electoral integrity—until it may impact them.

...Democrats must address this scandal, or the House leadership should take the matter into their own hands. Politics aside, no breach of this magnitude should be left unaddressed, particularly when it comes to the scope of the information that may be at stake.
Read more here.