Thursday, August 27, 2020

Some takes from the livebloggers tonight

In PJ Media, Stephen Kruiser wrote,
Make no mistake: the thoroughly vile mainstream media will find a way to twist the Mueller's and Ann Dorn's speeches into something negative. They lack the basic humanity to be moved by any of this. Politics has destroyed their souls.

In PJ Media, Bryan Preston wrote,
The RNC video montage on China referred to its deviousness and its Thousand Talents Program. It's industrial-scale theft to the tune of about $1 trillion a year strategically spent by the communists to take advantage of our open universities and frankly, our naivete about Beijing's intentions.

Thousand Talents started in 2008. Biden either didn't know or didn't care or both. Trump is unleashing DOJ to stop that technological espionage that's happening on our soil.

In PJ Media, Stephen Green quotes a RNC speaker,
"Democrats put illegal aliens before black Americans."
Yep, for years now, too.

In PJ Media, Stacey Lennox quotes a RNC speaker,
"Joe Biden doesn't know anything about business or creating jobs"

In PJ Media, Bryan Preston wrote,
This woman from Pennsylvania is making the case -- successfully -- that Donald Trump is the safe choice and Joe Biden is the risky choice in November.

She's right. Biden has signed on to numerous ways to kill jobs. Your job may be in the radical left's sights. Your city may already be burning because the radical left set it on fire and Biden took three months to say anything about it.

Vote accordingly.

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