Tuesday, August 25, 2020

An opportunity in Sudan?

In the Washington Examiner, Michael Rubin analyzes America's foreign policy failures, but praises Pompeo for taking advantage of an opportunity in Sudan.
The broader lesson here is that diplomacy does not alter the character of rogue regimes. It is the epitome of American arrogance to believe it does. Concessions and sanctions relief often make rogue’s behavior worse. Ultimately, rogue regimes and terror sponsors change when rogue leaders lose power. Sometimes, statesmanship means withholding diplomacy until the time is right and seeking to seize the moment only when the time is right.

Pompeo should be applauded because when it comes to Sudan, he demonstrates his own vision unencumbered by Trump’s dictates. But the importance of Pompeo’s Sudan trip may not lay within Sudan itself. What happens in Khartoum does not stay in Khartoum.

With the coming American embrace of Sudan, Pompeo also shows all those living under Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s rule in Iran that when they free themselves of their leader, they can expect a warm welcome back into the community of nations. Nothing would lay a better foundation for a Pompeo doctrine.
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