Sunday, August 30, 2020

"In 2020 it is the Democrats who should lose big."

In Behind the Black, Robert Zimmerman writes in part,
Biden is only the figurehead. It is the body of the now very corrupt, anti-American, and radical Democratic Party that must be killed, thoroughly and at all levels, including the House, the Senate, and in every state, city, and local council election.

...Above all, don’t be afraid to vote for an unfamiliar name. Voting for incumbents at the local levels in urban Democratic strongholds is one of the reasons we are now where we are, with local Democratic Party political leaders endorsing rioting and violence while calling for the shuttering of police departments, even as they simultaneously call for strict gun control laws that will disarm all ordinary law-abiding citizens.

These Democrat local leaders have even made it a point — in their fear of COVID-19 — to release thousands of criminals from prison (many of which were convicted for violent crimes), even as they imposed strict house arrests on the general law-abiding public while shutting down religious gatherings and bankrupting legal businesses.

...Should Trump and the Republicans win nationwide in November, and then fail to bring major sweeping changes in Washington and elsewhere in the next four years, then maybe after a crushing defeat in 2020, a renewed Democratic Party in 2024 will give Americans a new option, and should then, and only under those conditions, be given a second chance.

...Either way, in 2020 it is the Democrats who should lose big. They have become a party of power-hungry criminals, of corrupt bureaucrats working to overthrow the government, of looters and rioters, of illegal immigrants, of lock downs and masks, and finally of economic bankruptcy because they are touting socialism and communism as our future, ideologies that have always failed whenever tried.
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