Friday, May 13, 2022

There are big bucks involved in the rioting industry!

Athena Thorne observes,
Looks like a pretty safe bet that the summer riots of 2022 will be about women’s “rights,” complete with marching vulvas and Handmaid cosplay platoons. But you never know. Polls have been showing that minorities, who are usually reliable Democrat voters, have been souring on the party, so there’s always a chance we’ll pivot to race riots. But then again, anti-SCOTUS march organizers have been performing logic corkscrews in an attempt to loop in the LGBTQ brigade, so maybe that cause will hold sway after all. But one thing’s certain: we’re going to see another summer of riots.
Riots — or at the very least, large-scale organized protests (LOPs, for the sake of this article) — have become an industry, complete with its own infrastructure and professional workforce, and there are big bucks involved. Rioting isn’t going away any time soon.
When President Obama was sworn in, disruptive LOPs immediately came to the forefront. Almost as soon as the “Lightworker” took office, banks and insurance companies were besieged by mobs that intimidated employees entering and leaving their workplaces. These actions were coordinated with Obama and the Left as they pushed radical policy changes, such as nationalized healthcare or lower-threshold mortgages for favored constituencies. Targeted companies were demonized by the White House and simultaneously terrorized by LOPs to apply maximum pressure.
At the same time, the Obama administration abused its authority to compel corporations to fork over billions of dollars to “community organizing” Leftist activist groups. This technique had been mined for years by rabble-rousers such as Jesse Jackson (and his Rainbow PUSH Coalition) and Al Sharpton, but the Obama administration levied the force of the federal government to bring it to an entirely new level. Eric Holder’s DOJ prosecuted targeted corporations, which were allowed to atone for their sins by forking over billions that were redistributed to Marxist protest factories.
When local street thug George Floyd died of a likely fentanyl overdose while a cop knelt on his neck, the system kicked into high gear. Riots erupted, Democrats hyperventilated, and corporations poured billions into the coffers of Big Protest.
Radical Leftist non-profits put the money to good use, adding office space and manpower and building partnerships with various service providers. You didn’t think all those Race and Gender Power Structures degrees were going unused, did you? LOP production is a massive industry.
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Thursday, May 12, 2022

Summing up the overall consequences of the failed and panicky response to the Wuhan flu

Robert Zimmerman reports,
Since March 2020 I have repeatedly written that the response to the Wuhan flu was an utter mindless panic that had little to do with the facts. Right off the bat, the facts, not the models, suggested the virus would resemble the flu most of all, a possible mortal threat to the sick and elderly but generally nothing more than a short sickness to the general population, with it being almost utterly harmless to the young.
Second COVID booster shot extends protection for just a few weeks, study shows Girls Are Developing genital ulcers After Getting the Pfizer Covid-19 “Vaccine” 1000% Increase in Vaccine Deaths and Injuries Following Pfizer COVID-19 EUA Vaccine for 5 to 11 Year Olds Heart Inflammation More Prevalent Among Vaccinated Than Unvaccinated: Study Walgreens – Unvaxxed are testing positive for Covid-19 at the lowest rate, Triple Vaxxed at the highest Five new data points indicate cataclysmic level of vaccine injury Analysis of Offical Government data finds Covid-19 Vaccination increases risk of Death due to all-causes in all Age-Groups Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: FDA Limits Use of Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine to Certain Individuals Pfizer documents: Over 1,200 people died during Pfizer vaccine trials
Masks These face diapers have been the ultimate symbol illustrating the mindless panic by governments and health officials during the epidemic. No study before the arrival of the Wuhan flu had ever found masks much use in preventing the spread of this kind of respiratory virus. All studies — for the past century — had instead showed the limited value of masks, even if used properly (as shown in the pre-2020 but still valid WHO graphic to the right). Since no one has ever used them properly, the masks instead became an unsanitary and dirty piece of cloth placed where people breathed and thus likely increased they chances of getting sick. The data now proves this conclusion, which was obvious in 2020, when the first mask mandates were being imposed irrationally.
Sadly, the COVID shot and mask mandates were not the only bad policies imposed by govenments. The following stories document some of the others, such as the sudden demand that everyone clean surfaces obsessively, even though respiratory viruses have always been known to almost never transmit in that manner. We didn’t know for sure at first with COVID, but by May 2020 the data clearly showed the virus was like the flu, and did not require such rules. Yet, two years later people are still compulsively cleaning things over and over again, for no reason.
The harm done to children with the school closures and mask mandates cannot be measured. The future of society will certainly suffer by their suffering. Worse, that harm will be compounded by the repeated violation by government officials of the Bill of Rights and the law. The next generations will not only be more ignorant, they will be more used to living in a society that abuses power nonchalantly.
Finally, there have been a plethora of studies summing up the overall consequences of the failed and panicky response to the Wuhan flu. The first story is especially important, as it found that states run by Democrats with the most mandates did the worst (New Jersey, New York, California, Illinois and Washington, D.C.) while states with the fewest mandates did the best (Utah, Nebraska, Vermont, Montana, and Florida). Final Report Card on State Responses to COVID-19 7 Covid ‘Conspiracy Theories’ That Came True FDA: Americans Should Treat COVID-19 Like The Flu
acts and Fiction, Science and non-science [As of Mother’s Day 2022]: Covid-19 is still around, and there will be ‘Hot Spots’…Fact, true, forever. Covid-19 will become more dangerous and deadly as new strains appear…Fiction, and is already becoming a minor illness for most people. Covid-19 can be “cured”…Fiction, and the body will fight it off similar to any viral infection; and generate natural immunity. Covid-19 vaccinations and boosters will prevent infection…Fiction, total fiction. The vaccines, no matter how many, will not prevent infection. Vaccines with boosters will only decrease the likelihood of severe infections possibly leading to hospitalizations and death. Covid-19 vaccinations and boosters will prevent spread and prevent transmitting the disease to others…Fiction, total fiction. Covid-19 infection is prevented by masks, face shields, and quarantining…Fiction. Covid-19 forced nasal swabs requirements prior to travel and to reenter the USA prevent Covid-19…Fiction. When will the US Gov’t. stop requiring nasal swabs to re-enter the USA, especially with many businesses calling to abolish this [people afraid to travel thinking that they might get stranded out of country]; as well as allowing 1-2 Million illegal border crossers to just come into the USA without testing and without vaccinations? Covid-19 vaccination #4 [Booster on top of a Booster] will provide significant and prolonged additional immunity…Fiction. Covid-19 vaccines are generally safe…Fact. Covid-19 vaccine adverse reactions are grossly underreported [VAERS]…Fact.

The traditional bedrocks of the American system are dissolving!

Victor Davis Hanson gives many examples of
The traditional bedrocks of the American system—a stable economy, energy independence, vast surpluses of food, hallowed universities, a professional judiciary, law enforcement, and a credible criminal justice system—are dissolving.
When revolutionaries undermine the system, earn the antipathy of the people, and face looming disaster at the polls, it is then they prove most dangerous—as we shall see over the next few months.
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America Last!

Paul Bedard reports,
The nationwide shortage of baby formula that has sent mothers desperately rushing from store to store has evaded one lucky group: illegal immigrants detained by Border Patrol.
According to videos posted by a Florida lawmaker, the Biden administration has been shipping “pallets” of baby formula to migrant holding facilities.
“They are sending pallets, pallets of baby formula to the border,” said Republican Rep. Kat Cammack in one of two online postings yesterday. “Meanwhile, in our own district at home, we cannot find baby formula,” she added, holding a photo of empty shelves where the formula would be.
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Attacking Christianity

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

How Musk is helping the U.S. military dominate space

Steve Greene shows how Elon Musk is privatizing world peace! Steve links to this article by Tanmay Kadam:
Of late, Chinese military observers have been increasingly concerned about the potential of SpaceX’s Starlink satellite network in helping the US military dominate space, especially so, in the wake of the Ukraine war, where Elon Musk activated Starlink satellites to restore communications that had stopped because of shelling by the Russian troops.
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Myths about abortion

Kevin Downey Jr, writes about abortion myths:
Myth 1: It’s easier to get a gun than an abortion
Abortion has been a federal right for almost 50 years. Any adult “birthing person” can procure an abortion in all 50 states. Depending on her/his/their financial status, abortions can be free. As far as I know, there are no clinics giving away guns.
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Pelosi gives a wink-wink, nudge-nudge to the illegal practice of harassing Supreme Court Justices at home

Stephen Kruiser writes,
I’ve paid a lot of attention to Pelosi since she first became Speaker and I’ve always been stunned by the fact that the woman is an absolute train wreck whenever she’s near a microphone or a camera. Long before we were being subjected to the incoherent ramblings of the village idiot in the Oval Office right now, Granny Boxwine was barfing up word salads on the regular.
On the rare occasions that she does make sense, she says something remarkably stupid, like giving a wink-wink, nudge-nudge to the illegal practice of harassing Supreme Court Justices at home
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We're closing nuclear plants down so the "right" people can make more money selling you less energy!

Stephen Greene writes,
Nuclear is much cleaner than solar or wind, producing far less waste and requiring two orders of magnitude less real estate per unit of energy produced.
But we’re closing nuclear plants down so the “right” people can make more money selling you less energy.
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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Pelosi is all but encouraging and justifying violence against the justices!

Rick Moran writes,
the biggest non-surprise of all is that Biden doing nothing about prominent Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) all but encouraging and justifying violence against the justices.
This should concern Attorney General Merrick Garland. But the man who wanted to sic the FBI on parents protesting at school board meetings — a purely local matter — is predictably quiet when federal judges are under threat from a hysterical mob of left-wing crazies.
Garland is just Biden’s errand boy. He does what he’s told to do. But Pelosi’s veiled threats against the justices, claiming that some anger is justified and should be encouraged, puts the Speaker outside the lines of acceptable behavior in a volatile political atmosphere.
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A Congresswoman is voting no!

Number one out of fifty!

Will the Twitter employees self-deport?

Ace reports,
Musk says he'll be reinstating Trump's twitter account. He calls Trump's banning "morally wrong" and "flat-out stupid."
More interesting is his statement that he'll be firing one thousand twitter employees. He also says that Twitter has a clear left-wing bias in its moderation policy, and that that bias might be due to its San Francisco headquarters. Zero Hedge supposes that might mean a move of the HQ to Texas. If he moves the HQ to a place in Texas which is not Austin but somewhere which is more real Texas, maybe those 1000 leftwing Twitter employees would "self-deport" for him.
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Fighting to end child sex trafficking!

Sending 40 billion dollars to a far-off war while our babies go hungry!

Repeal the Seventeenth Amendment?

My regular readers know I have immense respect for Sundance, proprieter of The Last Refuge and Conservative Treehouse blogs. Sundance writes,
Repeal the 17th amendment and you will see the most significant restoration of freedom, liberty and social balance in our lifetime.
I will continue to read Sundance daily, and hopefully will soon get a good enough understanding of the issues so that I can write about it here. Read Sundance here:

Maybe we should try capitalism!

Putting pressure on the justices

Kyle Shideler writes,
Following the leak of a draft Supreme Court opinion in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case, left-wing organizers have swept into action, launching rallies and events designed to put pressure on the justices. Over the Mother’s Day Weekend protestors forced Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito to an undisclosed location and carried out disruptive demonstrations outside — and in some cases inside — a number of churches including New York’s St. Patrick Cathedral, where a picture of pro-life Catholics blocking the entrance to the church from screaming protestors went viral.
While the left’s ability to rapidly throw together color-coordinated protest groups is well known, in this case, there is more to Rise Up 4 Abortion than meets the eye. An examination of the group’s website suggests the group is little more than a front for the radical Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP), a Maoist organization founded by ‘60s radical Bob Avakian, a former leader of the Anti-war Students for a Democratic Society.
Tension between anarchist groups and more hierarchical communist groups is not uncommon among the radical left, but it does raise important questions. If even Antifa knows that the presence of the RCP at protests is bad news, why can’t Hillary Clinton and other Democrats come to the same conclusion?
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Weakening evil and strengthening the cause of freedom!

CBD writes,
It is easy to fall into the trap that we -- the individual -- are powerless to effect change. But that is simply not the case. Every time you pass by a Chinese communist product on the shelf and buy the American version you are weakening the evil and strengthening the cause of freedom, however far from its roots we may be. And there is ample evidence that the Chinese communist economy is a house of cards, teetering on the abyss and propped up by compliant Western governments that cannot resist its graft and corruption.
So a vote here and a vote there, and a few Chinese products rejected, multiplied by tens of millions of patriotic Americans may be just the push needed!
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Pulling out all the stops to prevent Elon Musk from taking over Twitter!

Robert Spencer asks,
How much do the political elites hate the freedom of speech? Enough to pull out all the stops to prevent self-professed “free speech absolutist” Elon Musk from taking over Twitter. Now the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is stepping in to “review” Musk’s purchase of Twitter, looking into whether or not the takeover violates antitrust laws.
Yes, you read that right. Fox News reported Thursday that the FTC is “setting up a deadline for a possible antitrust review.” According to the FTC itself, “for over 100 years, the antitrust laws have had the same basic objective: to protect the process of competition for the benefit of consumers, making sure there are strong incentives for businesses to operate efficiently, keep prices down, and keep quality up.” By that standard, the FTC should be thrilled at the prospect of Musk taking over Twitter, as his commitment to the freedom of speech is a sharp departure from the monochrome Leftism of Google, Facebook, and Twitter as we have known it up to now. Musk doesn’t threaten competition; he represents competition.
If the FTC is genuinely worried about protecting “the process of competition for the benefit of consumers,” it should be investigating the other social media giants for their lockstep enforcement of policies that restrict the speech of those who dissent from the Left’s agenda. That’s the real monopoly here, and it is Elon Musk who has broken it.
If Musk owned a number of other social media companies, the FTC might have some cause for concern. But Tesla makes electric cars. SpaceX is all about space exploration. Neuralink is a neuroscience company. The Boring Company is devoted to developing high-speed travel methods. Musk’s purchase of Twitter will bring the number of social media companies he owns to one.
So why is the FTC even considering an antitrust review of Twitter? The answer is obvious: the FTC is part of today’s political establishment, which is dominated by Leftists who don’t believe in the freedom of speech and are trying to destroy it in the name of stamping out “hate speech” and disinformation. The FTC today is full of people who believe that Old Joe Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board is a grand idea, and that their friends, colleagues, and allies ought to have the power to silence anyone who says things they believe are false, hateful, or damaging in whatever way.
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Monday, May 09, 2022

Disastrous decisions by the Supreme Court

Mike Konrad writes,
The Dred Scott decision said that a slave was not freed when entering a free state, nor could he be. Couple that with the 1850 Fugitive Slave Act, and what that meant was that slaves, as slaves, could be brought to every state of the Union, without an alteration of status. Effectively, the Supreme Court had forced the institution of slavery upon the North.
Realizing that, the full horror of the Dred Scott decision becomes clear. Free States were jurisprudentially declared null and void. One could bring his slaves to Massachusetts, so any pretense of a Free State was lost. The South had won in the courts. Again, so much for Southern appreciation of state’s rights.
And a similar situation is what America will soon face regarding Roe v. Wade.
Roe v. Wade was a disaster in 1973. It forced all states to be Abortion States, just as the Dred Scott decision forced all states to be Slave States. A proposed national Abortion Rights law by the Democrats would be just as devastating. That would be Dred Scott III, as Roe v. Wade was already Dred Scott II.
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The worldwide war on motherhood

Frances Martel believes there is a war on motherhood.
Despondent as the situation may seem in the West, nowhere is the war on motherhood more violent and revolting than in China. For decades, China imposed a “one-child policy” that banned women from having more than one successful pregnancy. Women who “illegally” got pregnant a second time were forced into harrowing government abortions or infanticides if caught. Given that they could only have one child, many women were pressured into ensuring that child was a son, resulting in an untold number of baby girls being left out to die of starvation or exposure, sometimes in marketplaces or other public areas.
The result of this policy is that China currently has 35 million more men than women and one of the world’s worst birth rates due to the severe shortage of women of child-bearing age. The Communist Party increased the “one-child policy” to a “three-child policy” in 2021, which has had no effect on the birth rate collapse.
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An administration that refuses to condemn these divisive, destructive, damaging tactics!

Fuzzy Slippers reports, Clarence Thomas spoke at a judicial conference in Atlanta:
As a society, “we are becoming addicted to wanting particular outcomes, not living with the outcomes we don’t like,” Thomas said.
“We can’t be an institution that can be bullied into giving you just the outcomes you want. The events from earlier this week are a symptom of that.”
“We can’t be an institution that can be bullied into giving you just the outcomes you want. The events from earlier this week are a symptom of that.”
. . . . So why the preference for terror, fear and rage on an issue where the public remains deeply conflicted? I have two thoughts. The first is that many Democratic elites really do not trust the American people. They have a resilient belief that a huge segment of this country is rotten, bigoted, racist and, yes, deplorable. Here’s the president today: “I’m not prepared to leave [abortion policy] to the whims of the public at the moment in local areas.” Whims of the public! We used to call that democracy.
Fuzzy Slippers adds,
There is nothing wrong with working to try to change/repeal/overturn laws, even High Court rulings, with which we disagree. In a functioning Constitutional Republic, that is what we do to affect the changes we seek to public policy, laws, regulations, etc.
There is everything wrong with showing up at the homes of justices (and elected officials) with whom you disagree in order to bully and intimidate them into bending to your will. There is everything wrong with rioting, burning, looting, and murdering when you don’t get your way. There is everything wrong with an administration that refuses to condemn these divisive, destructive, damaging tactics.

Mask mandates

Randomized clinical trials conducted before the pandemic had repeatedly shown that masks did little or no good at preventing viral spread, but the CDC proclaimed them effective against Covid and promoted mask mandates nationwide. As the pandemic wore on, federal health officials looked for excuses to justify the lockdowns and mandates, hyping flawed studies and cherry-picked data, while failing to sponsor rigorous research testing their strategies.
They stubbornly ignored the hundreds of studies around the world showing that, except in a few isolated places, lockdowns did not reduce Covid mortality and that mask mandates were generally ineffective and senselessly cruel in classrooms. The most glaring evidence came from places with the least restrictive policies, like Florida, along with the Nordic countries Sweden, Finland, and Norway, which avoided lockdowns and mask mandates—yet did as well as, or better than, the average in preventing both Covid deaths and overall mortality during the course of the pandemic.
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Sunday, May 08, 2022

Are we getting the best qualified people in government jobs?

Glenn Beaton reports,
Americans deserve the best qualified people serving in their government. I strongly suspect that Biden’s obsession with gender and race means we’re not getting them there, and soon won’t get them anywhere.
What I do object to is the abolition of merit. High level government posts are very important and difficult jobs. Some of these people no doubt perform those jobs ably, but some probably don’t. When you hire people on the basis of skin color and sexual habits, rather than merit, that happens. Moreover, abolishing merit has a snowballing effect. When people realize that they are not rewarded for being meritorious, fewer and fewer will go to the effort of it.
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Abortion groups hit the streets!

Andrea Cavallier reports,
Antifa vandals hurled at least one Molotov cocktail into offices of an anti-abortion group in Wisconsin and scrawled a chilling message on the wall that read: 'If abortions aren't safe you aren't either.'
The Antifa symbol - a capital 'A' inside a circle - was also scrawled on the wall, as well as the numbers 1312 - a code for the letters ACAB, which stand for 'All Cops Are Bastards'
If the ruling is overturned by the conservative-dominated court - with Republicans having a 6 - 3 majority - it would give individual states the power to decide on whether to ban abortion. The Guttmacher Institute, a pro-choice research group, has said that 26 states are 'certain or likely' to ban abortion if Roe v. Wade is overturned.
Next Saturday, America is expecting a 'massive' day of action with nationwide rallies organized by Planned Parenthood, UltraViolet, Women's March and MoveOn.
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No more censors!

Nick Arama reports,
According to a plan that Elon Musk has reportedly laid out for investors, he intends to be the temporary CEO once he takes control and to can 1,000 staffers right away. Ultimately, he’s going to add more people, to the company, mostly engineering people over three years. It doesn’t sound like they’re going to be hiring more content moderation people (otherwise known as censors).
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Reactions to the Supreme Court leaked draft

Elizabeth Nolan Brown writes,
The leaked draft of a Supreme Court opinion overturning Roe v. Wade continues to spawn confusion, anger, anxiety, and ample predictions. Today I'm going to hone in on some of these reactions to the draft opinion, starting with people questioning some key claims within it.
The February draft—published Monday by Politico and verified as authentic by Chief Justice John Roberts—concerns the case of a 15-week abortion ban in Mississippi (Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization). It was penned by Justice Samuel Alito and is labeled as the opinion of the Court. In it, Alito writes that the Court must overturn both Roe v. Wade (1973) and Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992), the main legal precedents upon which abortion rights in America are based.
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What it is like living under communism!

Francis Turner give examples of what it is like living under communism.
Communism was tried for quite a lot of the last century. It didn’t work anywhere and caused the death of at least 100 million people. Don’t believe the propagandists who are pushing it today.
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Just like that!

Suppress, pressure, collude, squash!

Patrick Reilly reports,
Two Republican-led states have reportedly filed a lawsuit against President Joe Biden and other top administration officials, alleging they “pressured and colluded” with Big Tech companies to squash The Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story and censor information related to COVID-19’s lab origins.
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and Nina Jankowicz — the head of the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) new and controversial “Disinformation Governance Board” were among the other top officials and federal agencies named as defendants in the suit, which was filed in the US District Court for the Western District of Louisiana.
The suit specifically accuses the government of suppression in the case of The Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story, the theory that COVID-19 stemmed from a Wuhan lab, the effectiveness of wearing masks to stop the spread of COVID-19 and the security of mail-in voting during the pandemic.
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Saturday, May 07, 2022

Are we forgetting our young men?

Anthony Esolen writes,
it would require the well-directed strength of young men to make our cities healthy once more, and to raise strong families of responsible citizens.
Many a boy languishes in school because he finds no arrow there. Things are staid, routine. Perhaps there are arrows to pick up now and again, if you are the sort of boy who will look for them and not be too discouraged, and if the arrows available are fit for the kind of shooting you want to do. But the failure of boys in school—not this boy or that boy, but boys by the millions, despite the fact, attested by empirical investigation and the evidence of history, that they are at least the equals of their sisters in intelligence—suggests that the schools are quite simply bad for them. They stunt their growth. Intellectually and practically, the boys are like pale and spindly plants that have been kept indoors all the days of their lives.
And yet, obviously, we need these boys; it is criminally negligent to deny it. Consider how many young black men, in particular, are languishing, because their schools are—at their best—no great shakes, and because they lack the fathers in the home who would train them up in skill and strength.
Everywhere you turn your eye in the United States, you will find ugliness, disrepair, vandalism, buildings left to rot—and unemployed or underemployed young men, disheartened, not worth marrying, and ready to cause trouble, since they can cause so little else.
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Implementing a culture and national spirit of love , support, justice, and human flourishing!

Julia Dandoy reports,
Politico broke the story earlier this week that it had obtained a draft of the Supreme Court’s majority ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization via an anonymous source. Written by Justice Samuel Alito, the decision is a repudiation of Roe that would send the abortion debate back to the states, if adopted.
The physician must violate his oath to “do no harm.” The mother is violently separated from her child and risks psychological and physical harm. Finally, the father abdicates his responsibility to protect his child—or he is forced to sit helplessly on the sidelines. Collectively, this one procedure not only ends the life of a blameless child but also tears the traditional family structure to shreds. This is by definition misanthropic.
Pro-lifers must also grow in charity even more than they already have. Many women will be left frightened and alone. The pro-life movement should give them no doubt where they can turn for help. Joining or supporting organizations such as crisis pregnancy centers—which help expectant mothers financially, medically, and emotionally—help to further a culture of life in America.
Misanthropy must be called out and replaced with a philosophy that holds a thriving mankind as its ultimate end goal. In the face of this vile ideology, the pro-life movement must be the inverse: implementing a culture and national spirit of love, support, justice, and human flourishing.
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Inciting violence!

The Washington Examiner reminds us,
federal law prohibits picketing or parading in front of the home of a judge, juror, witness, or officer of the court under pain of up to one year in prison. Efforts to intimidate people within the legal system are an offense against judicial independence, a key prerequisite to democracy. If protesters want to demonstrate outside the Supreme Court, that is fine. But going into a judge’s neighborhood and marching in front of his or her home is too far. It is a dangerous act of intimidation that should be roundly criticized.
The Biden administration has instead chosen to encourage such illegal protests, and this is worthy of condemnation.
Far-left extremist groups have not only published the home addresses of the conservative Supreme Court justices who are reportedly considering overturning Roe v. Wade, but they are also paying protesters to march to their homes next Wednesday.
White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki was given no less than four chances to condemn plans by far-left groups to pay activists to protest at the homes of justices. She declined every opportunity. “Look, I think the president’s view is that there’s a lot of passion, a lot of fear, a lot of sadness from many, many people across this country about what they saw in that leaked document,” Psaki said. “I don’t have an official U.S. government position on where people protest.” She appeared unaware that the U.S. government already has a position on this.
Meanwhile, other Democrats, such as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), have made intimidating comments that smack of threats. Schumer once stated that justices will pay personally if they vote against Roe. “I want to tell you, Justice Kavanaugh and Justice Gorsuch, you have unleashed a whirlwind, and you will pay the price,” Schumer said before the court heard a case on a Louisiana abortion law in 2020. “You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.”
Telling justices they will personally “pay the price” if they vote against Roe and then sending activists to their doorsteps is an incitement to violence.
Some of the justices have young children — as do other families in these neighborhoods. President Joe Biden and Schumer are putting these children in harm's way by not loudly condemning these far-left groups that are paying activists to protest in front of these homes.
If someone gets hurt, Biden and Schumer will absolutely be responsible.
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"We are not the truth police!"

"If you wanted to provoke a hot war, this is exactly how you'd do it!"

Selwyn Duke writes,
It has been odd and alarming watching the powers-that-be relentlessly escalate the proxy war our government is waging against Russia. It's not just that we're sending billions of dollars of weapons into Ukraine, are calling Vladimir Putin a war criminal and issuing other fightin' words, are training Ukrainian troops, and are trying to effect Moscow's economic destruction. It's also that, senior American officials have now revealed, via intelligence aid, the U.S. has helped to: kill Moscow's generals, down a plane carrying Russian soldiers, and sink one of Putin's warships.
The kicker: By revealing this publicly — perhaps as strikingly inappropriate as leaking a Supreme Court draft opinion — Biden administration officials appear to be bragging about these "exploits" and rubbing the Russians' noses in them. If you wanted to provoke a hot war, this is exactly how you'd do it.
For certain is that cementing total power requires something Marxist revolutionaries would call "crisis," the third stage of communist subversion. The first, "demoralization," is the undermining of the nation's moral foundation; Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov said this was "more than complete" in the mid-'80s already. The second, "destabilization," is what we've seen with the violence, the toppling of statues, and the intensified attacks on our institutions over the last many years. Now, all we need is a crisis and what it facilitates: revolution — a final seizure of power.
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Friday, May 06, 2022

"They thought they had SCOTUS in their back pocket. And now this."

JJ Sefton includes some remarks about Obama in today's Morning Report.
Remember, Obama was the one (heh) who kept going on and on about the Constitution needing to be trashed because it was a compendium of what he called "negative rights." I doubt he came up with that but the crux of the biscuit is that he hates the Constitution because it protects the individual while constraining an all-powerful State. To him, that is a negative - mostly because he views himself as the State. And so, here we are. Everything crashing in on the Left and worse, crashing down on our heads as a result of what they have done. They've stolen elections, they have a virtually uncheckable bureaucracy and they thought they had SCOTUS in their back pocket. And now this.
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Courage? Decency? You must have the wrong number!

She knows that voice!

"He promised us a return to normal. He has delivered war and economic collapse!"

Biden's plan: tork up the fear, criminalize the opposition, ban complaining.

How America works!

Congratulations to Fox News for hiring Mike Rowe to talk about How America works! This episode is about inflation.

Thursday, May 05, 2022

Wake up to cronyism and central planning - a sure route to Orwellian tyranny!

Janet Levy brings to our attention a book by Carol Roth entitled, The War on Small Business.
Roth points out several biased inconsistencies in lockdown rules. Large corporations never shuttered; in fact, they prospered during the year. The government allowed large-box retailers to remain open, while smaller stores – possibly environs of lesser infectivity – were penalized for opening. The book reports on fighters like Shelley Luther, of Dallas, TX, who went to jail for keeping her salon open, though she maintained strict safety protocols. Driven to desperation, she and her staff had decided to work. “Feeding my kids is not selfish,” she told the judge. “If you think the law is more important than getting kids fed, please go ahead with your decision but I’m not going to shut the salon.”
Through examples like Luther’s, the book raises many questions. Why should a large pet store that grooms dogs be open while nail salons were ordered shut? How could businesses that sold alcohol and marijuana be declared “essential”? Why close houses of worship (or limit the number of worshippers) when more people could gather in large grocery stores? How could left-wing, Antifa and BLM protests, where demonstrators violated masking and social-distancing rules and turned violent, be granted permission? Why did police hold back when these protestors looted, vandalized or set fire to small businesses? What began as government “helping society” became a power grab that enforced arbitrary standards.
During the pandemic shutdown, says Roth, there was an attempt to destabilize independent economic entities. Polices favored large companies and many businesses were made dependent on government handouts. Relief programs were heavily slanted towards big business, while small businesses were ordered closed, sending their customers to bigger companies. The CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security) Act, a $2.2 trillion economic stimulus bill, was based on past income, not on need. Small businesses received less than 20% of the overall relief package even though they account for half of the economy and were disproportionately forced to shut down. Of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) allocation of $521 billion, 75% was garnered by the largest 13.5% applicants.
Roth’s analysis justifies her claim that the pandemic was opportunistically used. She warns Americans to wake up to cronyism and central planning – a sure route to Orwellian tyranny.
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Bruce Thornton writes,
All this hypocrisy of the “woke” Democrats, all the lunatic policies, all the encroachment on our Constitutional rights, all the politically driven destructive covid protocols, all the economic damage caused by the insane war on cheap energy and the drunken-sailor spending, all the smug and arrogant virtue-signaling and moral preening have produced nothing but failure at the cost of our freedom and the integrity of our language and history.
But over the last several months the signs of resistance to this degradation of our country have been multiplying, most recently by Elon Musk’s buyout of Twitter and his stout defense of genuine free speech that respects the only diversity that really counts: that of ideas and opinions whose expression is sanctioned by the First Amendment.
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Lose the people, then change the rules!

Victor Davis Hanson writes,
Recently, a rough draft of an opinion purportedly overturning the Roe v. Wade decision that had legalized abortion in all 50 states was leaked to the media by someone inside the court.
The leaker either intended to create a preemptive public backlash against the purported court majority in the hope that one or two justices might cave and switch under pressure—or to gin up the progressive base to fend off a likely disaster in the November midterm elections.
The hard Left has detoured from the mainstream of American voters onto a radical trajectory. So it will never find 51 percent public approval for any of its current extremist and crackpot initiatives.
Instead, it sees success only through altering the rules of governance or changing the demography of the electorate—or both.
Still, leftists should be careful about what they wish for.
Latinos are historically transforming en masse into conservative voters.
Leftists are also greenlighting powerful precedents for the next Republican president. He may follow their lead by simply changing any rules, laws, customs, and traditions anytime he deems them inconvenient.
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The Supreme Court leak

Michael Goodwin writes,
The shocking leak of the Supreme Court draft decision that overturns the constitutional right to abortion is already achieving its main objective. It is giving Democrats something to run on this fall besides President Biden’s lousy record.
The widely respected SCOTUSblog writes that “This leak is the gravest, most unforgivable sin” and will destroy trust among the justices and the staff.
All true — but you’re not likely to see a single Dem denounce the leak or the leaker. Quite the opposite. Desperate times lead to desperate actions and, without batting an eye, they embraced the draft’s contents as an opportunity to rally their dejected supporters around a new flag.
Majority Leader Chuck Schumer had a bounce in his step as he vowed to force the Senate to vote on turning the gist of Roe into federal law. “We will vote to protect a woman’s right to choose, and every American is going to see which side every senator stands on,” Schumer said, then added that the “rights of 100 million women are now on the ballot.”
Republicans are almost universally opposed, while “safe, legal and rare” would get Clinton drummed out of his party today because absolutist Dems now demand nothing short of the unfettered right to infanticide.
Medical science also has worked against the absolutists as the time when a newborn is able to survive outside the womb marches forward. One result is that 26 states have asked the court to overrule Roe, with the Mississippi law at the center of the battle forbidding most abortions after 15 weeks except for medical emergencies or severe fetal abnormality.
There he goes, exaggerating again. Many women oppose abortion, and Schumer probably can’t get a majority of senators, let alone 60 votes needed to break the filibuster, to support his plan.
Moreover, the procedure would remain legal in many states because of existing state laws, which is exactly the point of the draft opinion — that abortion rights always should have been decided by voters in each state and their representatives.
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Wednesday, May 04, 2022

The catastrophic consequences of a stolen election!

Patricia McCarthy reports,
Beyond the mules; the illegally harvested ballots; fake ballots that were never folded, mailed, or signed; the finagling of people like Republican Gov. Kemp and sec. of state Raffensperger of Georgia and the NeverTrump powers that be in Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan and probably numerous other states, the 2020 election was the most dishonest, the most unscrupulous in American history. Unable to accept her defeat in 2016, Hillary Clinton fabricated the notion that Russia facilitated Trump's win, which gave birth to the entirely phony Mueller investigation, the trumped-up impeachments based on nothing, and the equally fabricated "insurrection" charges about January 6.
The Biden regime has embraced the tactics of Marx and Mao and the prescient fantasies of George Orwell to gain and maintain control over the American population, all the while importing millions of migrants from around the world into the country. Biden seems intent on ruining the country by any means possible. He's rendered us energy-dependent again so that Americans are paying $6+ for gas. Inflation is soaring, dragging us into a recession, likely depression. This sad state of affairs was fodder for comedy at the WHCD; Biden heartily laughed at the misery he has stoked.
Biden and the military-industrial complex wanted this war in Ukraine and are escalating it. The Ukrainian people are cannon fodder in a dangerously misguided attempt to take down Putin. The warmongers are at it again, briefly interrupted by President Trump, and the arms dealers want a war. Now the administration is depleting the American defensive arms inventory by shipping them to Ukraine and sending billions of taxpayer dollars that simply do not exist — money that, if it did exist, could be spent on protecting our southern border, not Ukraine's eastern border. Ukraine is a European problem, not an American responsibility.
All this chaos and destruction is due to the catastrophic consequences of a stolen election. Purposeful? Indeed. The Biden administration's agenda is the destruction of America, its middle and working classes, and the power of its currency. Biden is bowing to China and Russia, and, for inexplicable reasons, intent on letting Iran have nukes. Each of those countries is a mortal enemy of the U.S., and each has leverage over this terrible president. He has sold out his country for unearned wealth. There are volumes of evidence, proof, actually, that the 2020 election was grossly fraudulent. Who among our numerous law enforcement agencies will go to bat for the American people? Someone has got to go to prison. Every American needs to see 2000 Mules.
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Not so fast! You don't get America back as if nothing happened!

Naomi Wolf writes,
To be healing, there has to be justice.
I am angry that beautiful America is mostly back, mostly free again, overnight, just because a shameless creature who should never have had the power to suspend our liberties in the first place - said so; just because the whiny-voiced evildoers of the last two years, now that evidence of their fraud and coercion emerges irrevocably to light, want to tiptoe away from the scenes of their massive crimes.
I say: Not so fast.
Don’t rest too easy, leaders who did wrong, in this bright American sunlight. You don’t get America back as if nothing happened.
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Ukrainian bio-lab conspiracy theories

Dylan Houseman writes about
the Biden administration’s handling of Ukrainian biolab conspiracy theories, which began to spread last month after Russia accused the U.S. of developing biological weapons in Ukrainian facilities.
The man who heads up the Pentagon’s Cooperative Threat Reduction Program (CTR), Dr. Robert Pope, told the Daily Caller none of that is the case.
“We did not find biological weapons when we first started our work with Ukraine, and have not found any since then,” he said.
CTR falls under the umbrella of the Pentagon’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA). This is the government agency responsible for coordinating with researchers and laboratories in foreign countries, including some ex-Soviet republics, to eliminate the threat posed by weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), including those left behind by the Soviet Union.
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Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Cutting the roots

A former police chief named Maurice Richards writes,
The leftist elites’ pro-criminal, anti-victim, and anti-police policies have undermined the rule of law and unleashed an unprecedented wave of violence and murder. In addition to shootings and homicides, organized robberies and lootings of large stores have spread from San Francisco and Los Angeles to Minneapolis and Chicago and even into the suburbs. All are jurisdictions dominated by Democrats, controlled by radical leftist prosecutors, and patrolled by police departments that have virtually abandoned proactive law enforcement.
In cities where Democrats hold sway, the Left has already inflicted devastating, long-term damage.
They have done this in three ways.
First, Democrats, working with Black Lives Matter and the corporate left-wing media, have undermined community trust in the police by perpetuating the big lie of “systemic police racism.” Delegitimizing the police has made it almost impossible to build community partnerships.
Demonizing the police as racist oppressors and murderers also stirs up hate, putting a target on the back of every cop in America. In 2021, 73 police officers were “feloniously killed,” 346 were shot, and ambush shootings of police increased by 115 percent—the deadliest year on record. This was a deeply disturbing increase from 2020, with 311 officers shot and 47 killed by gunfire.
The first three months of 2022 have been even more horrific. Seventeen police officers have been killed by gunfire and 101 have been shot, a 46 percent increase from 2021. Shockingly, ambush-style attacks are up 36 percent from last year’s historic 115 percent increase from 2020.
Second, police morale has been crushed. Thousands of veteran officers have retired early or quit, and recruiting enough new officers has proven impossible. Lacking support from political leaders and community members, officers have pulled back from proactive policing.
How dysfunctional is the Portland Police Bureau? In October, a mob of 100 Antifa thugs laid waste to downtown Portland, causing $500,000 in damage to banks, stores, and shops. Eerily similar to the mayor of Baltimore’s orders to her police department to give the mob “space to destroy” during the riots of 2015, Portland’s woke police leadership directed officers to be spectators. Not one rioter was arrested. The Portland Police Bureau is broken. Leftist Democrats are working to do the same across the country.
Third, the infestation of George Soros-funded state’s attorneys in big-city jurisdictions has sabotaged crime-fighting and justice. Well financed by the anti-American, globalist billionaire, these rogue prosecutors in jurisdictions such as Los Angeles County, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Cook County, Illinois, “reimagine” the criminal justice system by dropping thousands of felony cases, failing to charge violent criminals, refusing to prosecute many categories of crime, and letting dangerous offenders out of jail.
The Soros plan is extremely effective in dismantling the rule of law. Hard-left prosecutors simply nullify the hard work of police officers who arrest dangerous criminals by refusing to indict them and putting them back on the street. As I have observed elsewhere, the objective of the Left is not to reform policing—but to destroy it.
The key Marxist theoreticians were Antonio Gramsci, an Italian communist, and a group of German Marxist intellectuals who became known as the Frankfurt School. They concluded that a socialist overthrow of the capitalist democracies could not happen while the working class still believed in the legitimacy of their society and supported its traditional values. Because the primary social institutions—education, media, law, family, and religion—taught and reinforced these values, such institutions would have to be captured or destroyed before political overthrow was possible. This new take on the theory of communist revolution became known as “Cultural Marxism.”
Communists seek to exploit a society’s most vulnerable weaknesses. They identified the fault line in the United States as race and, almost a century ago, made fomenting conflict between blacks and whites their primary strategy. Traditional Marxist theory was revised, replacing its original class-based framework of capitalist/exploiter versus worker/exploited with a race-based framework of white-oppressor versus black victim. The New York Times’ “1619 Project” is just the latest manifestation of this schema. Critical race ideology identifies blacks as perpetual victims of white supremacy who lack the agency to change their status and cannot be held personally accountable for their behavior. Celebration of imaginary victimhood and evasion of responsibility perpetuate social pathology by preventing the correction of the actual root causes of crime and disparities, including fatherless families and dysfunctional cultural values.
The traditional nuclear family has been decimated. Forty percent of all children are now born into families without a father in the home, including 70 percent of blacks, 52 percent of Hispanics, and 28 percent of whites. Children’s innocence is being corrupted through perverse sexualization in school curricula, the Internet, and popular culture. Hollywood and mass entertainment are almost exclusively leftist. Even professional sports are under leftist control.
Not only did Barack Obama do more to divide Americans by race than any president in our lifetimes, he was also the most anti-police president in history.
Obama’s self-righteous anti-police rhetoric and bogus claims of systemic racism fueled hatred of the police and prepared the groundwork for the war on cops. He legitimized Black Lives Matter in the public consciousness—excusing their mob violence and inviting BLM leaders to the White House, even though they had regularly chanted for the murders of police officers. Race-based demonization and anti-police propaganda has only accelerated with Joe Biden in office, even as Biden has made a show of walking back the “defund the police” rhetoric.
They prevent an honest evaluation and response to black crime. Critical race theory falsely maintains that racial disparity is proof of racism. But arrests are the result of criminal behavior—not race. Blacks commit 52 percent of all homicides in the United States while constituting only 13 percent of the population. When crime is committed disproportionately, arrests will also be disproportionate.
We already have a pretty good idea of what the elites will do if they can convert 700,000 sworn police officers and sheriff’s deputies into a de facto or bona fide federal police force. The partisan manner in which the Justice Department has responded to the January 6 protest compared to six months of infinitely more destructive 2020 riots says it all.
A leftist takeover of local law enforcement would nationalize the kind of depraved political partisanship we have witnessed with the Justice Department’s decision to ignore the sadistic beatings of peaceful political protesters on January 6 by D.C. Metro Police and the whitewash of the unjustified ambush shooting and killing of Ashli Babbitt. Federal police would be used as political, speech, and thought police—just as a corrupt FBI is being misused to crack down on American parents for protesting the teaching of racism, pornography, and pedophilia to their children.
Admittedly, some of this will be difficult to accomplish in cities dominated by Democrats. But we have no choice but to fight. Nothing is impossible. How many people would have thought a year ago that critical race theory and its offshoot curricula would be banned in school districts throughout the country—including in deep blue states?
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Monday, May 02, 2022

Would-be Nazis of the 21st century.

Rabbi Michael Barclay writes,
A criminal is wrongfully killed, and “peaceful demonstrations,” which are actually violent riots, break out nationwide. The flag of a radical and violent group is placed next to the national flag on government buildings. Out of fear of being canceled and losing business, individuals and corporations succumb to publicly supporting this violent organization. Mandated behavior is compelled upon threat of arrest by the political elite and leadership. Despite objections from parents, schools begin teaching an alternative “history” and embrace prejudice, anti-Semitism, and sexual permissiveness as part of the school curriculum.
A President overreaches and takes on “emergency powers,” which create an authoritarian regime that demands supportive behavior and calls any criticism “disinformation.” A new agency of the government is created to “fight this disinformation”… an agency that even has access to armed personnel. This new agency is led by a fanatic who is arguably delusional in their own self-perception and fully committed to stopping the dissemination of any information that is not part of the authoritarian narrative. And through it all the media is a willing accomplice, even striking against other media outlets that try to present opposing views.
Like the death of George Floyd, Horst Wessel was the spark that Goebbels and Hitler used to motivate “peaceful demonstrations” that were in actuality violent riots funded and planned with the intention of gaining national power through violence and fear. In the same way that the Nazis pressured the German government to fly the Nazi flag next to the German tri-color flag, our State Department has done the same with the acceptance of the BLM flag being flown over federal buildings.
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If they went outside, someone might catch a flu!

Rabbi Chananya Weissman writes,
There's a horrific video of the residents of Shanghai screaming from their buildings where they are imprisoned. 23 million people are under indefinite house arrest, slowly going mad and literally starving to death – for their own good, of course. You know, if they went outside someone might catch a flu.
First, I wonder how many of these people have thought to scream to God in this darkest of times. It's difficult to expect this of them, being that the state religion of China is the Communist government, and believing in an even higher authority is extremely dangerous. I'm not here to judge the victims. But if 23 million people cried out to God, instead of just to the dark emptiness ... I don't know what He would do, but it would be powerful.
This is what happens when people are totally controlled, degraded, defeated, and conditioned to be obedient no matter what. If they are told to dig their own graves and stay there until they starve to death, or else, they will obey. They will complain about it, or scream, but in the moment of truth they will submit to the voice of authority.
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Who is being sanctioned, who is not, and why!

Ace of Spades reports,
Joe Biden's Sanctioning Russian Oligarchs Close to Putin. Except the Ones Who Are Business Partners With Crackhead Whoremonger "International Energy Expert" Hunter Biden, Of Course.
How come Hunter's business partners and donors aren't being sanctioned? They're among the most mobbed-up gangsters in Putin's Russia.

The master disinformationists

Victor Davis Hanson writes,
When things turn south for the administration, Barack Obama—a sagging Netflix’s $50-million “idea man”—usually emerges from one of his three mansions in Hawaii, Martha’s Vineyard, or Kalorama to lecture clingers and deplorables on various threats they pose to the anointed.
Projection is a left-wing trademark. What it accuses in others reveals what it seeks to hide within itself. So when we hear Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announcing this war on disinformation, we suspect he is our master disinformationist. Is it not his agency that is airlifting illegal aliens in the dead of night to regional airports rather than transparently, in the light of day? Is that “disinformation dies in darkness”?
This erosion of our culture reflects the growing political discontent in insidious ways: the fall-off of Netflix subscribers, the utter corruption of Black Lives Matter, the humiliation of Disney, the rapid collapse of CNN+, the grassroots revolt against critical race theory and transgender tyranny.
As good Orwellians, they will try to convince us that high gas prices are welcome; negative growth is good; borders are ossified ideas; unaffordable housing aids the economy; inflation can prove useful; a declining stock market is encouraging; crime is a mere construct in the eye of the beholder.
Third, the Democratic Party no longer exists. It is now hard-left, as sanctimonious as it is shrill. Such zealots will not discard their ideology. Rather they would prefer to embrace dogma and stay unpopular than adopt and gain public approval.
Do not expect a suddenly closed border, an abrupt resumption of the Keystone XL Pipeline, or a tough new federal crime bill. Do anticipate more wild conspiracy theories, more Russian disinformation, and more Pravda-like ministries.
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Sunday, May 01, 2022

More government assault on freedom!

Roger Kimball is one of many people writing about Biden's new
“Disinformation Governance Board.”
Suppressing ideas the regime doesn’t like is only one part of the job. The other part is disseminating narratives pleasing to those in power. One hand is busy pulling out and poisoning what they regard as weeds. The other hand is nurturing the delicate shoots of the approved narrative.
Hillary Clinton and her myrmidons in the media, the FBI, and the intelligence services did a fine job with the Russia collusion hoax. But think how much more effective an official, government-sanctioned service will be. No more amateur-hour stuff, no more wiping servers “with a cloth,” no more lying lawyers, no more leaked fabrications. Now the people in charge will have the full coercive power of the state behind them.
Tucker Carlson said that the creation of this new chamber of the government’s department of anti-freedom drew “a line in the sand.” I hope he is right. The Biden Administration’s Orwellian assault on individual freedom is patent as daylight. It is critical that we stand up to and forthrightly reject this unconscionable assault on freedom.
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From Norm Chomsky!

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Whom do we choose?

Elon Musk clarifies where he stands politically

Jeff Bezos' very bad day

Cecile Vannucci and Jill Shah report that Jeff Bezos
saw $20.5 billion of his fortune melt away after Inc.’s results left investors disappointed, helping fuel the worst month for technology stocks in years. Read more at: Copyright © BloombergQuint

Friday, April 29, 2022

The F.B.I. has been busy!

Ardun Singh reports,
The FBI conducted as many as 3.4 million searches of data in the U.S. without a warrant over the year 2021, according to a new government report.
The figure represented a 260 percent increase from the previous coverage year, 2020, where the FBI had conducted around 1.3 million searches.
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He's really shy, don't you know?


The media, which loves to portray Donald Trump as unstable, may be surprised at this endorsement!

Crown Jewel?

Politico's Max Tani writes about the rise and fall of star White House reporters.
Washington reporters have long considered the role of White House correspondent to be the crown jewel of American political journalism. It has launched high-profile television careers, scored countless reporters book deals and been bestowed on media veterans for years of ink-drenched work.
But during the age of Biden, a perch inside the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room has become something altogether different. It’s become a bore.
Some of those covering the most powerful office on the planet say that the storylines, while important, and substantive, can lack flair or be hard to get viewer attention. There is industry-wide acknowledgment that viewership is down. Television outlets have been quick to turn their attention to other stories and bolster other units. There is a sense that the main saga of American politicediarelys is taking place outside the confines of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and that the journalists covering it — Donald Trump and the future of democracy — may reap the career rewards.
When I saw the article, I immediately thought of Fox' Peter Doocy, who has been the most notable challenger to Biden's policies. But you have to read 32 paragraphs before any mention of Doocy! Typical bias from a fellow White House journaist! Read more here:

You can't do this to a free people!

No law enforcement agency can ever tell you what to feel or believe!

Who has to accommodate whom?

Daniel Greenfield writes,
This tyranny of minorities has long since come to define the Democrat coalition which knits together single-issue victimhood voters whose pet issue, whether it’s police shootings, green energy, racial justice, men pretending they’re women, or the right of teachers to sexually indoctrinate kindergartners against the wishes of their parents, must take precedence.
Beyond the racial minorities of the civil rights movement, the moral minority consists of wealthy white elites, their sexual fetishes, cultural obsessions, and neurotic tics. Masking is just the latest neurotic tic that the decadent element that makes up its ruling base demands of all of us.
From police defunding to mandatory masking to men roleplaying as women, the outré demands are a minority even within the Democrat coalition. But the minority of minorities, by banding together, take something that only 2% of the country might want and turn it into something that the 31% of Americans who identify as Democrats are obligated to support on the party line.
And if the Democrats win, the will of the 2% is ruthlessly imposed on the 98%.
Each minority horse trades intersectional political acceptance for its cause in exchange for supporting everyone else’s causes. The black nationalists get slavery reparations and police defunding while the men who wear dresses get to be on the women’s swim team. Feminists get abortion until the last nanosecond of birth and environmentalists can have the EPA regulate backyard puddles. And wealthy hipster remote workers can make everyone wear masks.
How can you do class warfare when you’ve become a movement of billionaires whose supreme causes are electric cars that cost more than the average annual income, the sexual fetishes of wealthy men, and the fussiness of remote workers who don’t like being around other people?
It’s getting increasingly hard to disguise the fact that leftist revolutions aren’t about liberating the majority, but about enslaving it to the cultural obsessions of a tiny minority.
Now their masks, literal and metaphorical, are coming off and they fear that more than anything else because power can simply be defined as a question of who has to accommodate whom?

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Escalating the economic war of sanctions and counter-sanctions

AP reports,
Russia cut off natural gas to NATO members Poland and Bulgaria on Wednesday and threatened to do the same to other countries, using its most essential export in what was seen as a bid to punish and divide the West over its support for Ukraine.
The move, condemned by European leaders as “blackmail,” marked a dramatic escalation in the economic war of sanctions and countersanctions that has unfolded in parallel to the fighting on the battlefield.
The tactic, coming a day after the U.S. and other Western allies vowed to rush more and heavier weapons to Ukraine, could eventually force targeted nations to ration gas and could deal another blow to economies suffering from rising prices. At the same time, it could deprive Russia of badly needed income to fund its war effort.
Poland has been a major gateway for the delivery of weapons to Ukraine and confirmed this week that it is sending the country tanks. Just hours before Russia’s state energy giant Gazprom acted, Poland announced a new set of sanctions against the company and other Russian businesses and oligarchs.
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Whose side are you on, the man or the tank?

98.7% of Twitter employees' political donations go to Democrats!

A pivot point in our history?

People who want a monopoly on speech and thought hate Elon Musk!

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Impeachable Malfeasance

Bruce Throckmorton writes,
Having done so much to destroy our domestic oil industry, Biden is now draining our strategic oil reserve and shipping it to foreign countries.
This is impeachable malfeasance. He is intentionally destroying our ability to fuel our national defense in a major crisis.
Until Western Europe ditches its idiotic climate religion and shows that it is willing to defend itself and power itself, the US does not owe Europe one American life or one American barrel of oil. If Western European industry shuts down and its people have to shiver in darkened houses, that is the bed they have made for themselves.
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Flooding the public square with sewage and preventing its cleanup

A podcaster writes,
Obama’s concern is not that American citizens “no longer know what to believe,” as he claimed, but rather that American citizens no longer believe pathological liars like himself, other Democrats, and the propagandist media, which Obama and the Democratic Party rely upon to spread their dirt and conspiracy theories.
T writes in American Greatnesshe fact that companies like Twitter are “making money” isn’t what really upsets Obama, but rather the prospect of a free speech advocate like Musk—who has both the money and the willingness to use it in this way—purchasing a leftist, activist communications platform and neutralizing its use as a censorship tool of the ruling class.
But Obama and other Democrats know their rapidly diminishing political power depends upon their control of media narratives. Now that billionaires like Musk and others are looking to interrupt their monopoly, Obama wants the government to regulate them.
The Left’s outrage at Musk’s attempt to free one Big Tech company (not even the biggest) from the Democrats’ chains of censorship is really a manifestation of their growing frustration that any platform or individual be allowed to question, challenge, or expose their agenda.
Would-be totalitarians like Obama don’t want to prevent the flooding of the public square with raw sewage. They want the exclusive ability to flood the public square with sewage and prevent its cleanup.
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"Twitter will not be suppressing this story!"

Here is the link to the Ace of Spades story about the Daily Mail's big story today about Joe Biden's unexplained $5.2 million in income:
10% For "The Big Guy:" Joe Biden Has $5.2 Million in Unexplained Income, Financial Records Reveal (And Twitter Will Not Be Suppressing This Story, Womp-Womp) —Ace
Read more here:

Vice President tests positive for Covid 19

Callie Patteson reports,
Vice President Kamala Harris has tested positive for COVID-19, the White House announced Tuesday.
Harris, who is fully vaccinated and twice boosted, has not been a close contact of the president or first lady, White House press secretary Kirsten Allen insisted.
Read more here:

Monday, April 25, 2022

Taxation without representation!

Sundance writes,
Certainly, there is an argument to be made that Ukraine needs the support of the world as they struggle with a conflict in their nation. However, charity begins at home, and for too long our national leadership has been willing to use our income taxes as tools for their own political agenda. The brazen expectation by leaders of Ukraine for the United States citizens to finance their government is, in my opinion, the last straw of a series of straws.
The issue would not be so significant if that request was not also accompanied by the visibility of western European nations, supposedly NATO allies, barely spending any money of their own wealth to assist their direct neighbor. The U.S. financial support is ridiculous when compared to how Europe is responding to the Ukraine crisis.
Compounding this issue is our own American economy and the serious pain being felt by American workers and taxpayers as the spending creates even more massive inflation that we have to cope with. We gained national independence around the premise of taxation without representation from England, and yet here we are again sending scarce income, without consultation or representation, to DC elites who send that money overseas.
Read more here:

Daring to question the dominant narrative

Roger Kimball tries to figure out who is pulling Biden's puppet strings.
It could certainly be more expert. If it were, Joe Biden’s verbal emissions would be less incontinent and more truthful. He would not, for example, say that he had “flown over every major wildfire” in the country. The puppeteer would have pulled up on the mouth string when Biden claimed to have traveled 17,000 miles in the “foothills of the Himalayas” with Xi Jinping.
We still vote. We still have a bicameral legislature. But behind these forms of a free government, the essentially undemocratic activities of an increasingly arbitrary and unaccountable regime pursues an expansionist agenda that threatens liberty in the most comprehensive way, by circumventing the law.
Those claims are nearly irresistible, as anyone who has dared to question the dominant narrative on issues from “climate change” to COVID policy to race and identity politics will know. The question, as I have put it elsewhere, revolves around the location of sovereignty. Who rules? The people, articulating their interests through the metabolism of ordinary politics? Or the bureaucratic elite, who claim to discern the inevitable direction and goal of history and are prepared to marshal the coercive power of the state to prevent anything from cluttering up that highway to enlightenment?
Read more here:

Unlocking Twitter!

Today the board of Twitter approved the sale of Twitter to Elon Musk for $44 billion! Lauren Feiner reports,
Twitter’s board has accepted an offer from billionaire Elon Musk to buy the social media company and take it private, the company announced Monday.
“Free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is the digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated,” Musk said in a statement included in the press release announcing the $44 billion deal. “I also want to make Twitter better than ever by enhancing the product with new features, making the algorithms open source to increase trust, defeating the spam bots, and authenticating all humans. Twitter has tremendous potential — I look forward to working with the company and the community of users to unlock it.”
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Let the juries see the footage!

And the selfies begin!

Teachers' union solidly Democrat

Sunday, April 24, 2022

It's all going to be exposed, Joe!

Can you maintain a relationship with a narcissist?

Kim Mia writes,
It can be difficult to maintain your relationships with a narcissist as they will often disappoint you by prioritizing their own needs over yours. You may feel like you are struggling to gain their attention or are walking on eggshells in order to avoid offending them.
She writes about four different types of narcissists here:

America can be defined in one word!

Not so "Lucky!"

It might be a good idea to avoid purchasing Lucky Charms cereal. Ryan Saevdra reports,
“The FDA said Saturday it has received more than 100 complaints related to Lucky Charms so far this year,” the Associated Press reported. “Several hundred people have also posted on a food safety website,, complaining of nausea, diarrhea and vomiting after eating Lucky Charms.”
According to The Wall Street Journal, “thousands of people” have reported developing nausea after eating the cereal.
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Saturday, April 23, 2022

The chosen shills of America's"official" state media

Emerald Robinson writes about the failure of CNN+
The catastrophic failure of CNN+ in three weeks can only mean one thing: the American public has largely abandoned the corporate media as a reliable source of information. Now consider the liberal media’s meltdown over Elon Musk buying Twitter as well. Why such hostility? The corporate media is publicly admitting that they’re the chosen shills of America’s “official” state media — a toxic brigade of Big Tech oligarchs, Biden regime communists, and national security state spies — and their new role is to censor the truth, to spread disinformation, and to serve their masters by undermining free speech around the world.
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They do not want this woke garbage!

How the Clinton team fabricated a Russian Collusion Conspiracy Theory against Donald Trump

Sundance continues his excellent coverage of the Durham investigation.
In a very late-night filing by Special Counsel John Durham {pdf HERE}, in the case against former Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann, the special counsel gives the most detailed construct of the “joint venture” between the Clinton team and allies to fabricate a Russian Collusion Conspiracy Theory against Donald Trump in 2016.
Read the whole thing here:

Putin grips table while his defense minister also struggles

Rachel Bunyan reports,
A bloated Vladimir Putin has been seen gripping a table whilst slouching in his chair during a televised meeting with his defence minister amid rumours the Russian strongman is battling cancer.
In a rare live appearance, Putin claimed Russia had 'liberated' the besieged Ukrainian city of Mariupol, as he savagely ordered Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu to seal off all routes out of the Azovstal steelworks where defiant Ukrainians are holed up 'so that even a fly cannot pass through'.
Video showed Putin speaking to Shoigu whilst gripping the edge of the table with his right hand - so hard that it appears white - and tapping his foot consistently
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