Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Yes, and I'm proud

Putting the "total" in the "totalitarian state"

The New Neo writes,
When I saw this news story about a Biden administration proposal for the feds to monitor “all business and personal accounts from financial institutions, including bank, loan, and investment accounts,” it struck me – and certainly not for the first time – that the internet has enabled a degree of governmental control heretofore only dreamed about.
Orwell envisioned telescreens constantly monitoring the public. But in his dystopia, the telescreens had to be manned by humans. That would be labor-intensive, to say the least. But now things like that can be automated, and computers can do a comprehensive job through AI. Any tyranny that manages to put such practices into law would be able to keep a much tighter grip on the public in terms of surveillance. It can put the “total” into “totalitarian state.”
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The so-called insurrection

Mark Steyn writes,
We are more dependent on a handful of woke billionaires to tell us what reality is. They are far more open than ever that they get to determine what are the agreed facts. Google made an explicit announcement about this recently. They said that sometimes they would put warnings on things that are factually accurate because, even though they are true, they do not think it is in society's interest for people to be seeing it.
I'll say it straight out loud. I do not think that Joe Biden "won the election." I don't think it is a question of "widespread fraud." I think the way the system works with the Electoral College, you only need actually to spread fraud in six key cities in six key states.
This decision to tank the entire global economy is something that strengthened China, the creator of the virus, and the exporter of the virus, and weakened any opposition to China -- and that is how they began.
This first year of the new weirdness ended with the United States government pretending that its principal threat is a domestic terrorism movement that does not exist.
This is the characterization of the so‑called insurrection on January 6th. We were told two weeks later that there were going to be mass insurrections, not only in Washington but in every state capital. Montpelier, Vermont, for example, the smallest state capital in the Union, went into lockdown. There was no such insurrection at any of these state capitals.
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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Dennis Prager shouts the alarm!

Dennis Prager writes,
Those who seek to control others and those who seek to be controlled by others would seem to be on opposite ends of the political spectrum. But they are not. Both groups are overwhelmingly populated by individuals on the Left.
There is a three-pronged left-wing assault on liberty: in the name of public health (COVID-19); in the name of "anti-racism"; and in the name of saving the planet (climate change). By ratcheting up fear and hysteria, the Left is using each to end individual liberty, including freedom of speech, for the first time in American history.
Will the Left succeed?
Unless Americans fight the Left as hard as the Union fought the slave states, the answer is yes.

Which is it: protecting the most vulnerable, or protecting the most powerful?

Julie Kelly writes,
The incurable incompetence, corruption, and moral rot of the Federal Bureau of Investigation was on full display last week.
Within a 24-hour period, some of America’s toughest female athletes recounted to a Senate committee their painful tales of how the FBI ignored evidence that team doctor Larry Nassar was a sexual predator, and a powerful attorney who colluded with the FBI to concoct one of the most animating chapters of the Trump-Russia collusion fiction was indicted for lying to federal officials.
But what ails the FBI cannot be solved with a few firings. It cannot be solved with more congressional oversight or threats to cut federal funding. The moral rot that infects the agency from top to bottom renders the agency unsalvageable.
“This conduct by these FBI agents . . . who are expected to protect the public is unacceptable, disgusting, and shameful,” Maggie Nichols, the gymnast who first reported Nassar’s crimes to the FBI, told the committee. Her description, however, applies to the entire FBI—an institution with no shame, no remorse, and no accountability. There’s no fix for that.
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"Enough is Enough!"

What should we be doing about crime?

Charles Fain Lehman writes about the subject here:

A great place to vacation for a few days

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that the people who are illegally crossing our southern border don't intend to stay long in America. I am sure that must be true. All my life I have heard people say, "Let's go down to Del Rio, Texas and spend a day or two seeing the sights. Wouldn't that be fun?"

Now they are coming for our protein!

Janet Levy writes,
"You are not going to eat beef in the future — I one hundred percent guarantee it."
Political commentator and rancher Glenn Beck stresses each of those words at the beginning of his recent video. He explains that in the not too distant future, public land will not be used for cattle grazing, resulting in government-imposed meat shortages. Beck worries that our food supply will be crippled by the globalists, and Americans will no longer have control over what they eat, how it is processed, and what it costs.
Globalist advocates of the New World Order are promoting so-called "sustainability" programs that will raise beef prices so high that only the super-rich will be able to afford it. This is designed to be achieved by outlawing grazing on public land, allowing an oligopoly of meat-packers to squeeze ranchers out of business, and popularizing plant-based meat. It's the big meat-packers who will make this fake meat, so their profits will continue to skyrocket, sustained under the cover of "climate virtue."
In terms of land use, too, it is livestock that create a beneficial cycle. Two-thirds of our food-producing land is considered marginal: it's rocky, hilly, or dry or has poor soil. Without ruminants, which upcycle whatever grows on marginal land into nutritious, digestible beef and dairy products, most of our land would go waste. Cattle also produce manure, which accounts for half of all fertilizers used worldwide to grow fruits, vegetables, and grains.
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R.I.P. Angelo Codevilla

Angelo Codevilla, one of America's best writers, has been killed by a drunk driver while out on a walk. He was recovering from Covid-19. Ace has more, including two of Codevilla's best articles here:


Jamie Ross reports,
Two men have been arrested in New Zealand for allegedly attempting to bring a “large amount” of illicit KFC into Auckland, where a lockdown has forced all fast-food outlets to shut their doors. According to The Guardian, the men were attempting to speed away with a trunk full of chicken and coleslaw when they were pulled over by police. Cops said they found at least three buckets of chicken, 10 tubs of coleslaw, and a big stash of fries on the side. Police also found $100,000 in cash and a number of empty ounce bags. Cops posted a photo of the delicious evidence, and a spokesperson said: “The vehicle was searched and police located the cash, alongside empty ounce bags and a large amount of takeaways.” The Guardian reports that the men are expected in court for breaching COVID rules and could face prison for up to six months or a fine of up to $4,000.

Americanistan's blinkered arrogance

Victor Davis Hanson writes,
The United States should be at its pinnacle of strength. It still produces more goods and services than any other nation—China included, which has a population over four times as large. Its fuel and food industries are globally preeminent, as are its graduate science, computer, engineering, medical, and technology university programs. Its constitution is the oldest of current free nations. And the U.S. military is by far the best funded in the world. And yet something has gone terribly wrong within America, from the southern border to Afghanistan.
The inexplicable in Afghanistan—surrendering Bagram Air Base in the middle of the night, abandoning tens of billions of dollars of military equipment to the Taliban, and forsaking both trapped Americans and loyalist Afghans—has now become the new Biden model of inattention and incompetence.
Consider other paradoxes. American citizens must be vaccinated, but not the forecasted 2 million noncitizens expected to cross the southern border illegally into the United States over the current fiscal year. Soldiers who bravely helped more than 100,000 Afghan refugees escape must be vaccinated, but not the unvetted foreign nationals from a premodern country?
More germanely, when Milley called in senior officers and laid down his own operational directives concerning nuclear weapons, he was clearly violating the law as established and strengthened in 1947, 1953, and 1986 that clearly states the Joint Chiefs are advisors to the president and are not in the chain of command and are to be bypassed, at least operationally, by the president.
We know that these were all partisan and not principled concerns about an alleged non compos mentis president, because none of these same outspoken “Seven Days in May” generals have similarly violated the military code by negatively commenting publicly on the current dangerous cognitive decline of Joe Biden and the real national security dangers of his impairment, as evidenced by the disastrous skedaddle from Afghanistan and often inability to speak coherently or remember key names and places.
Suddenly in 2021 America, if ancient consensual rules, customs, and constitutional mandates do not facilitate and advance the progressive project, then by all means they must end—by a mere one vote in the Senate. It is as if the centuries of our history, the Constitution, and the logic of the founders were analogous to a shouting match among a squabbling Taliban tribal council of elders.
We may think virtue-signaling pride flags, gender studies, and George Floyd murals in Kabul remind the world of our postmodern sophistication. Yet, in truth, we are becoming far more like Afghanistan in the current tribalization of America—where tribal, racial, and ethnic loyalties are now essential to an American’s primary identity and loyalty—than we were ever able to make Afghanistan like us.
How sad in our blinkered arrogance that we go across the globe to the tribal Third World to teach the impoverished a supposedly preferrable culture and politics, while at home we are doing our best to become a Third-World country of incompetency, constitutional erosion, a fractious and politicized military elite, and racially and ethnically obsessed warring tribes.
More Hanson brilliance here:

Monday, September 20, 2021

Covid-19 is here to stay, while obesity and being overweight grows

A physician named R.M. Huffman writes,
A huge 42% of Americans are obese and that figure’s likely ballooned during lockdown. Yet medical chiefs are silent about this, our media laud the morbidly overweight, and you can get free donuts with your vaccines. Why?
This failure to address a major preventable factor in Covid mortality is a failure of public health policy and its leaders, and it's a failure that has cost lives.
At the beginning of Covid's spread, the obesity rate in the United States stood at 42.4%, up from 30.5% just twenty years ago. If the overweight category is included too, the number jumps to a shocking 73.6% of the US population. Just this August, JAMA reported that obesity in American children ages 5 to 11 had increased during the pandemic from 36.2% to 45.7%; disturbingly, data was only gathered through January 2021, so the number may be even higher now. When viewed in the light of obesity's proven association with Covid, the consequences of these figures become dire indeed.
From a physiological standpoint, it makes sense that the overweight and obese struggle with Covid and the havoc it wreaks on the lungs. Obesity impairs normal respiratory mechanics and is an underlying cause of serious chronic disease, including type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease – all of which also correlate with poor outcomes in coronavirus patients.
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Oregon Muse has written a well-thought-out article on Covid-19 here:

The border of our country!

Jen Psaki says the illegal immigrants "don't intend to stay long." No Covid testing, no proof of vaccination required. Read more here:

Sunday, September 19, 2021


Similar hair color

The flies get caught and the wasps go free!

Well, we do have another month and one-half

Secret Talks with the Enemy!

Civilian control of the military was over. Mark Milley was in charge! If this is true, it is one of the scariest things that has ever happened in this country! Is our democracy fake? Organizing a coup!

What is the success rate of Soros-funded candidates seeking to be elected to local office? In excess of ninety percent!

Deception for our own protection!

He's violating our freedoms for our own good! Biden's mandate drew 1.4 thousand likes and 13 thousand dislikes. Joe's patience is wearing thin and he is trying to use fear to intimidate us.

Human connection is what creates herd immunity from the tyrant variant!

The tyrant variant causes people to hurt themselves through fear, conflict, and surrendering their freedoms! Bravery and freedom have proven themselves very effective treatments at quickly eradicating this variant from a person's life!

Do you get these calls?

"I'm with the Queen: Bugger off, Bush!"

Mark Steyn tells us who George W. Bush really is:

Safe at Last

I took down my Rebel flag (which you can't buy on EBAY anymore) and peeled the NRA sticker off my rear window. I disconnected my home alarm system and quit the candy-ass Neighborhood Watch. I bought two Pakistani flags and put one at each corner of the front yard. Then I purchased the black flag of ISIS (which you CAN buy on EBAY) and ran it up the flagpole.
Now the local police, sheriff, FBI, CIA, NSA, Homeland Security, Secret Service and other agencies are all watching my house 24/7. I've NEVER felt safer and I'm saving $69.95 a month that ADT used to charge me. Plus, I bought burkas for me to wear when I shop or travel. Everyone moves out of the way and security can't pat me down. If they say I'm a male wearing a burka, I just say I'm feeling like a woman today. Hot Damn... Safe at last.
From Misanthropic Humanitarian's Saturday Night Joke

Choosing patience

:Who did you get your intelligence from?"

She was called number 27


photo via A Holy Experience

Should we care that the Taliban is murdering people in Afghanistan?

The New Neo writes,
You might ask why we should care at this point; after all, awful things happen all over the world with great regularity. And while that is the case, it is also the case that these things were not happening in Afghanistan when we were there, and they are happening now as a direct result of our leaving in the obscenely stupid and/or purposely destructive manner in which we departed, and it’s happening to people who had helped us and whom we had promised to rescue if it ever came to that.
Biden and the rest knew it would happen and they did what they did anyway, and shrugged at it. And the Democrats and the MSM not only shrug right along, but praise the administration and Biden himself for what they did.
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The anti-vaxxers: a diverse group!

Joe needs you to blame your neighbor, so you won't blame him. Some unifier!
Americans are going to stick together, whether Joe likes it or not!

Sounding authoritative and rigorous

John Kirby demonstrates how to squeeze your fingers while lying. Bottles of water don't explode.

Catching up

It happens to the best of us. The New Neo was away from her computer for 12 daytime hours the other day, as was I, so she gives us a summary of news items we might have missed:
France recalling its ambassador over a nuclear submarine deal Biden made with Australia without informing France.
On the right we already knew – and have known for weeks – that the much-touted post-Kabul airport attack drone strike by the administration on a supposed terrorist was actually almost certainly on someone who had helped the US and included the deaths of a host of children. Now the Pentagon has admitted it.
Illegal immigrants under a Texas bridge
Another aspect of the recent Woodward book on how Milley’s China call circumvented President Trump in a coup-like action is that the WaPo reporters sat on the explosive story all this time – apparently, in order to sell the book. Here’s Mark Levin talking about it:
Mollie Hemingway has written a book about the 2020 election entitled Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections , which will come out on October 12.
Rapper Nicki Minaj strikes a blow for liberty of thought and against cancel culture.
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Saturday, September 18, 2021

How many of them have Covid?

Perverting science with ideological theories

Victor Davis Hanson asks,
How can the government hector citizens that they have a moral duty and soon a legal obligation to be vaccinated, when it does not ask vaccinations of unvetted refugees flying in from Afghanistan?
How can the government medical community remain largely silent when an anticipated 2 million foreign nationals will cross illegally into the United States in the current fiscal year—almost none of whom are vaccinated or tested for active cases of COVID-19?
Are woke political agendas discrediting science and losing public health?
Why did both candidate Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris warn the American people on the eve of the vaccination rollouts that a Trump Administration inoculation could be unsafe—thereby at the very outset undermining confidence in mass vaccinations?
Why was the medical community largely silent about such dangerous sabotaging of a new vaccination, but months later became vociferous in warning the public that any prior doubts about the safety of these Operation Warp Speed vaccinations were scientifically misplaced? Was there a medical breakthrough on January 20, 2020 to alter their consensus?
If such pop diagnoses are the new Ivy-League medical norm, will they insist that Joe Biden take and pass the Montreal Cognitive Assessment in the fashion of Donald Trump? Or do the medical findings of competency depend on ideology?
“Critical race theory” would preposterously tell us that we need racism to fight racism. “Critical legal theory” ludicrously claims laws have no rational basis but simply reflect power inequities. “Modern monetary theory” defies millennia of evidence and basic logic in stating governments can simply print money without worrying about balancing expenditures with revenues or inflating the currency to ruination. Corporations are asked now to substitute a new woke agenda theory—”Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG)”—in lieu of market realities, rules of investment, and economic data. Science is dying; superstition disguised as morality is returning. And we all will soon become poorer, angrier and more divided.

Blaming white Americans

Angelo Codevilla writes,
Bush’s first post 9/11 act (other than to sequester information about Saudi Arabia and Iraq’s role in terrorism) was to declare Islam the “religion of peace” and to declare illegitimate any American who thought otherwise. Fast forward to September 11, 2021 and Bush said that these Americans, many of whom had gone to war for him, losing life or limb, are “children of the same foul spirit, and it is our continuing duty to confront them.”
Similarly, in Joe Biden’s view the American people had shown “Fear and resentment of . . . true and faithful followers of a peaceful religion.” He called them “the dark forces of human nature.”
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Friday, September 17, 2021

How conservatives could become relevant

Carlos Roa writes that
local power, used wisely, can achieve remarkable ends. See no further than the strong push over the past few months in state-level legislatures to ban critical race theory in public schools. In a recent piece, Zaid Jilani notes that, “conservatives have the upper hand in this fight because they have chosen a favorable playing field. While cultural progressives dominate most institutions in America—media, the arts, the universities, and, increasingly, corporate America—Republicans retain a majority in state legislatures.”
Conservatives should not only ban critical race theory at state level, but go much further. They could: pass laws redirecting educational funds to parents rather than to the public system (which is but one option out of many); channel popular anger and opposition to public school coronavirus measures, critical race theory, and sitting school boards to new electoral measures to retaking the school boards; mandate a new round of teacher recertifications (to expel any radical instructor); demand that any attempt at university student loan forgiveness must be matched dollar-for-dollar with trade school loan forgiveness; commission studies into existing school textbooks for activist ideological bias, and then fund the development and writing of new, pro-conservative textbooks; set up specialized schools/credentialing organizations to instruct public school teachers on America’s founding principles (rather than the 1619 Project or Critical Race Theory).
Most people, according to progressive liberals, are fundamentally good. But a minority is out to impede progress. A minority of people are racist, or homo/transphobic, or support a murderous police, or oppose critical race theory, or oppose “equity,” or so on. By spinning these narratives, they have managed to frame public debate and change opinions. If one has any doubt about this, why is that Americans constantly overestimate the nation’s gay population by a multiple of four or five? Or why is that a majority of liberals (and an overwhelming number of African Americans) believe that between 1,000 and 10,000 unarmed Black men are killed each year by the police, when the actual number in 2020 was just 17?
Conservatives must come to grips with the necessity of setting the terms of debate. To quote Clive Hamilton and Mareike Ohlberg, “narratives are a source of power because they set constraints on what is imaginable and considered feasible.” Conservatives will have to develop and pitch a competing narrative for the future. One that sells economic empowerment for those left behind by globalization and job displacement, that encourages energy usage that is clean (but at the same time realistic), that offers real political participation in the American system, and most vital of all, that allows children to live and thrive.
Call it a “Compact for America,” or a “Better New Deal,” or “Make America Prosperous Again,” or “The Better Leap Forward,” or even—dare one say it—“A New Founding for America.” Just make sure that it’s catchy, it’s understandable, it summarizes the vision, and it’s something that people are willing to sacrifice for. That’s the only path left open that leads to victory.
Read more here:

Biden administration blocks Fox from filming border chaos

Ace of Spades reports,
The images of thousands upon thousands -- literally growing by the thousands every few hours -- trying to cross the border was becoming an embarrassment for the tyrannical-but-incompetent Biden Administration.
On Thursday�s broadcast of the Fox News Channel' "Tucker Carlson Tonight," Fox News National Correspondent Bill Melugin reported that the FAA has imposed a temporary flight restriction for the area around the bridge where thousands of migrants are congregating near Del Rio, TX, and as a result, Fox can't use its drone to capture aerial footage of the situation around the bridge. Melugin also said they've used the drone around the border for seven months and it hasn't been a problem until now.


JJ Sefton gives us
a little public service announcement about tomorrow's rally in DC. DO NOT GO. From what I understand, it has neither been organized nor sanctioned by any known MAGA organization so it's not only reasonable to assume FBI plants, Antifa/BLM confederates and Capitol Police will be there to set off another little convenient Reichstag Fire but in fact the entire rally itself is one gigantic set-up. And the timing couldn't be more perfect considering the junta in power is facing the wrath of an increasingly enraged citizenry over the destruction of the nation, whether driven by ideology, incompetence or some combination thereof.
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Thursday, September 16, 2021

"If they are not going to protect me, I want to know who they are going to try to protect!"

"The Department of Justice refused to prosecute these individuals. Why?" Now the FBI is facing ire from both the left and right!

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Meanwhile, in North Korea...

Williwm Walker reports,
North Korea has fired two ballistic missiles, South Korea's military said on Wednesday, amid fears over the state's nuclear capabilities.
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Tuesday, September 14, 2021


CNN headline:
Woodward/Costa book: Worried Trump could 'go rogue,' Milley took secret action to protect nuclear weapons
CNN story here: Ace of Spades writes,
This is a coup. This is treason. And there must be a court martial and martial justice. Which should include some wood and a rope. Instead, the media mega-corporations will give him a seven-figure "advance" they do not expect to recover.
Ace adds,
He was encouraged in this military coup by someone else not elected president: The demented socialist paranoiac Nancy Pelosi.
Trump planned to order troops out of Afghanistan, and Milley, the supposed military advisor, decided that the president should not have the power to direct the armed forces.
Read more here:

Should we investigate before we kill people, or after we kill people? Are you going to send the Taliban money?

Blatant rebranding!

When ya gotta go, ya gotta go!

Courage is the "bold and principled defiance of the lies of the age."

Mollie Hemingway writes,
We live in a time when people act like stating one’s sexual preferences or whatever pronouns they’re using this week is courageous. I prefer David Azerrad’s definition that courage is the “Bold and principled defiance of the lies of the age.”
The conservative movement in D.C. has too often been engaged in insincere opposition to progressivism’s march through America’s institutions, both public and private. It has seemed mostly interested in negotiating terms of surrender or managing defeat than preserving the republic. It has stood athwart history impotently suggesting that progressives slow down. Michael Malice has therefore derided conservatism as just “Progressivism with a speed limit.” Institutional conservatism and its alleged leaders have too frequently accepted the propaganda press’s treatment of conservatives as second-class citizens.
It’s not comfortable for conservatives who value order and civility to even think or speak this way. But the fact is that many Americans are alienated from and no longer feel at home in their own country. The moral climate has been degraded as the left has taken over every single one of the powerful institutions in the country and is actively pushing people to lead a life of godlessness, barrenness, selfishness, gluttony, and addiction to outrage and dopamine.
Unfortunately, anyone who dares take on the broken and corrupt political and media complex is teed up for absolute destruction. As lesser men cower in the face of the risk, the cost of standing up to the system becomes steeper and steeper. While you will not be locked up for saying the truth, yet, you will be demonized, stigmatized, deplatformed. You may lose your job.
The end result is America’s ability to get the course correction it desperately needs gets delayed. And at some point, if more people don’t stand up and fight hard, the nation is going to die.
On the other hand, figuring out where to aim our fire is not that difficult right now. It brings to mind a quote from legendary Marine Chesty Puller: “They are in front of us, behind us, and we are flanked on both sides by an enemy that outnumbers us 29:1. They can’t get away from us now!”
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Monday, September 13, 2021

We won't be enforcing Joe Biden's unconstitutional and tyrannical vaccine mandate!

The CEO of the Daily Wire says "No!"

Pushing and pushing and pushing and pushing!

"Your body, your choice?" No; now it is your body their choice! Politicians now do get to decide what you get to do with your body!

This is post Orwell. Unchartered territory.

Should doctors and hospitals withhold treatment from the unvaccinated?

The New Neo writes about the movement to withhold treatment from the unvaccinated.
A growing number of doctors have threatened to withhold treatment from the unvaccinated, sparking backlash from doctors and bioethicists who say such sentiments violate the Hippocratic Oath. Those critics are even more troubled by the silence from professional organizations tasked with upholding medical ethics.
Doctors in Tennessee, Florida, and Alabama have announced they will refuse to treat unvaccinated patients, while Dallas hospital workers reportedly discussed considering vaccinated status when delegating ICU beds. Such comments have infuriated top medical professionals. Dr. Brian Callister, governor of the Nevada chapter of the American College for Physicians, said doctors should never blatantly refuse to treat unvaccinated patients who are otherwise willing to comply with the rules set out by the practice.
“It is absolutely unethical, period, end of story, to not treat a patient in need,” Callister told the Washington Free Beacon. “It is absurd and amoral for any physician to say they will not treat unvaccinated patients.”
Read more here:

Are you ready for climate-change emergency lockdowns?

David Harsanyi writes,
President Biden claims recent hurricanes prove we’re in a “climate crisis” — “code red” for the world, he warns. White House climate adviser Gina McCarthy adds that climate is now a “health emergency.”
It’s convenient for politicians to treat every hurricane, tornado and flood as an apocalyptic sign from Gaia — and then blame political apostates for offending the goddess. But it’s an irrational way to think about the world. Because our situation is, in most ways, quantifiably better than before on nearly every front.
Read the whole thing here:

Some good news from Great Britain!

Lily Zhou reports,
Emergency CCP virus powers allowing the UK government to shut down swathes of England’s economy are set to be repealed, the government said on Sept. 12. The announcement comes as the controversial plan to introduce domestic vaccine passports in England was dropped (snip) In a statement published on Sept. 12, the government said Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to repeal in the near future some of the emergency powers enacted in England by the Coronavirus Act 2020. The powers that are “no longer necessary” include powers to close down sectors of the economy, apply restrictions on events and gatherings, disrupt education and child care, extend time limits for urgent warrants, or detain
Read more here:

The aggregate raging river of regulation!

Sundance goes long, looking at the deeper implications of the Covid regulations.
Remember, those who are working on this don’t care about the middle-class and they have not for decades. The visibility of the ‘rust belt’ is the reference. This is about government bureaucrats using their DC power-base to control trillions in economic value and sell their ability to influence the winners and losers to the highest foreign bidder.
Those behind the executive branch; those controlling Joe Biden; will harness and weaponize the power; a power dynamic created by fear. Meanwhile, the legislative leftists will attempt to ensure the new systems they create under the guise of COVID-19 are never in a position to be withdrawn.
The Fabian’s were always advocates for eugenics. The modern Fabian Society branches are located in The U.K., U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The Five-Eyes global intelligence network is also conspicuously an assembly of The U.K., U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
Read many other thoughts here:
Commenter Auwtsnae writes, The globalists have been seeking an existential threat to justify the formation of an authority with global control, a one-world government. For years, they have been positioning the climate change hoax to be that “existential threat,” but it has been too slow in taking hold. Fear of the virus has given them the opportunity they were waiting for and they can’t afford to squander it.

Ben Stein the latest to be banned from YouTube!

He writes,
The reasoning of YouTube — “THOU SHALT NOT QUESTION EXPERTS” — could easily be applied to issues of foreign policy or taxation or the national deficit. The reasoning of YouTube means the end of free speech. It means The End of America.
We’ll find some way to get back “on the air,” at least for a while. In the meantime, welcome to Biden/Big Tech Amerika. Sieg Heil!
Read more here:

Quick, change the subject!

The American spirit still lives!

Andrea Widburg notices that at college football games the chant "F#*K Joe Biden is becoming increasingly popular. She writes,
"The chant, vulgar though it may be, is a sign that, despite fifty years of leftist propaganda in schools, the news, entertainment, and corporate America, the American spirit still lives. And that’s a spirit that says we don’t walk away from a war abandoning our citizens and our allies, along with $83B in hi-tech weaponry; we don’t destroy our energy independence; we don’t ruin the economy by printing American dollars like Weimar Deutschmark; and America is not stronger when we obsessively divide people by race and engage in old-fashioned, KKK-style race-baiting, only with Whites as the target."
Read more here:

"Destroyer of bad people!"

Governor Cuomo, California state legislature, the teachers unions, Governor Newsom have all been Rose McGowen targets! "Conservatives and liberals can coexist!" "The largest voting block are the nonvoters. Who is representing them? Maybe me!" "Single parents in California get less money for food than Governor Newsom spends on his daily moisturizing treatments!" Angry? No, passionate? Yes! A patriot! "You say what is true, and you take it on the chin for sayin it!"

They are actually calling Larry Elder a white supremacist!

"I'd like to know how I voted!"

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Byron York socks it to George W. Bush

He writes,
The bottom line: There is simply no comparison in scale, act, motivation, or anything else between Sept. 11 and Jan. 6. And yet now, a former president suggests that those two enormously dissimilar events were actually similar, both coming from “the same foul spirit.”
Read the whole thing here:

Kudos to Glenn Beck!

Faith is what you stake your life on!

The secular world doesn't have the underpinnings to stop craziness!

I don't get it. How are you a liberal? You are being nice to me!

When the towers fell

Glenn Reynolds writes,
TWENTY YEARS AGO, THE TOWERS FELL. We said “never forget.” Well, we haven’t forgotten the heroism of people like Rick Rescorla, the Flight 93 passengers, the firefighters who charged up the WTC stairs, or the volunteers who set up the American Dunkirk evacuation of lower Manhattan by boat.
His commenters
But we have forgotten the criminal negligence of our political leaders and intelligence services that got us to that point. We should have purged the incompetents then. Now they’re running the show. The country is still sound, but the people in charge of it have only gotten worse.
Those are my not very encouraging thoughts, twenty years later.Read more here:
A commenter responds:
FKLaneTeacher • 5 hours ago Remember, the same media that is lionizing police as "heroic first responders" this week have been slandering them as genocidal murders of young black men as part of BLM's fantastical propaganda the past few years.

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Go for it, Larry!

Large protests against the health pass in France

Iran's torture epidemic

Dr. Majid Rafizadeh writes about Iran:
The regime, presumably to impose fear among those who criticize and oppose the mullahs, has for decades resorted to punishments of torture and death. Torture is administered both physically and psychologically. According to Amnesty International:
"The organization's research found that victims were frequently hooded or blindfolded; punched, kicked and flogged; beaten with sticks, rubber hosepipes, knives, batons and cables; suspended or forced into holding painful stress positions for prolonged periods; deprived of sufficient food and potable water; placed in prolonged solitary confinement, sometimes for weeks or even months; and denied medical care for injuries sustained during the protests or as a result of torture."
Read more here:

"One long remorseless surrender on core western liberties"

Mark Steyn writes on the 20th anniversary of 9-11,
In the broader society, our rulers quickly determined that it was easier to punish us than our enemies. The post-9/11 security state surely helped soften up western populations for the Chi-Com-19 lockdowns, in which entire nations have been reduced to TSA-administered airports.
As for the war overseas, it ended with a military that can do everything except win handing the keys to Afghanistan back to the guys who pulled off 9/11 - and apologizing for the two-decade inconvenience by gifting the mullahs with some of the most expensive infrastructure on the planet plus an air force, approximately five assault rifles for every Taliban fighter, and express check-in for the forty-seven per cent of the Afghan population that apparently served as US translators.
The position of the United States is far weaker than it was twenty years ago. Around the planet, the assumption of friends and enemies alike is that the American moment is over and the future belongs elsewhere. They are making their dispositions accordingly. It is not a question of wishing "the post-American world", but of accepting the known facts.
There are honorable ways to lose a war. This was not one of them. We have dishonored the dead of 9/11 and insulted their sacrifice.
Read more here:

Get your satire at the Babylon Bee today

The Babylon Bee is hitting it out of the park today. They have satire on Pelosi going to Afghanistan to lecture stranded people about how bad Jamuary 6 was, Joe Rogan feeling better but still a little hoarse, Pfizer releasing a new medicine calleFeminists in Texasd Pfizermectrin, Vials Of Mysterious Substance At Wuhan Lab Labeled 'Save For 2024 Election', Jussie Smollett Disguises Self As Larry Elder So People Will Commit Real Hate Crimes Against Him, Biden Unveils 'Your Body, My Choice' Vaccination Program, and Feminists In Texas Frantically Research What People Do With Babies Other Than Killing Th and many other brilliantly satirical posts here:

Sean Hannity speaks out on liberty and responsibility

Friday, September 10, 2021

47 studies confirming the ineffectiveness of masks for Covid 19, and 32 more confirming their negative health effects!

Life Site News has produced a post explaining the ineffectiveness of masks in preventing transmission of Covid 19, plus 32 more articles confirming masks as having negative health effects. Read the whole thing here:

Victor Davis Hanson supports Larry Elder

Victor Davis Hanson writes,
California once was run by conservatives and mostly centrist Democrats.
True paleo-liberal governors like Pat Brown greatly expanded the welfare state. But they also believed in pushing integration and building freeways, dams, aqueducts and power plants, while preventing forest fires, directing the mentally ill into state hospitals, and ensuring that the state enhanced the housing, timber, oil and gas, nuclear and agricultural industries.
The wealthier the long thin line from San Diego to Berkeley grew, the more the overseers felt they were nearing Utopia, at least in their own lives.
The new Democratic Party liked to redistribute money for the poor and so obeyed the orders from the rich. But they ignored old-fashioned infrastructure that once had allowed the middle class to drive quickly and safely, ensured them water during droughts, curbed their forest fires, and allowed their children to leave school competitively educated.
Reaction, not prevention, was the new mantra. Govs. Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom failed to thin out forests, build water storage and allow affordable housing.
When those problems exploded, they reacted by citing climate change or some other bogeyman as the culprit rather than government dereliction. They preferred utopian high-speed rail solutions to pragmatic problem solving. And they ensured that none of their crackpot ideas ever affected themselves.
The current California recall election is a choice between Gavin Newsom, who embodies the woke, old-boy privilege of the Bay Area, and an alternative direction. Newsom is the epitome of the virtue-signaling elite who patronize the poor and drive out the despised middle class.
Gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder did not give us the current California. Indeed, he spent most of his life warning us where Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom and the rarified society of the coastal corridor was taking the state.
A careening California is heading for a colossal train wreck. Voters will have to pick between the incompetent engineer snoring at the wheel or the private passenger who rushes into cab to get the engine back on track.
Read more here:

Fauci lied to Congress. What is the penalty? Five years in prison!


Keith Griffith reports,
The drone strike that the Pentagon claimed killed an ISIS-K suicide bomber in Kabul actually targeted an aid worker who had filled his car with water jugs, rather than explosives, according to a shocking new report.
Zemari Ahmadi, 43, was driving the 1996 Toyota Corolla that was destroyed in the August 29 drone strike, killing him and nine family members, including seven children, according to a New York Times investigation.
Days after the attack, President Joe Biden gave a speech in which he marked the withdrawal of American troops in Afghanistan by the August 31 deadline. He touted America's ability to strike terrorists and targets without boots on the ground. But he failed to mention the high civilian casualty rate from the August 29 drone strike, and he failed to mention that children had been killed.
Read more here:

One of the 9/11 heroes

Susan Edelman writes about 9/11 hero flight attendant Betty Ong.
Calm and businesslike, she told ground employees: “The cockpit’s not answering. Somebody’s stabbed in business class — and I think there’s Mace … I think we’re getting hijacked.”
Authorities were able to quickly identify the five hijackers because Betty and fellow attendant Madeline Sweeney relayed the seat numbers of the men.
Read more here:

Some Afghans are selling their children

Kevin Downey, Jr. reports that some Afghans are selling their children in order to avoid going hungry. Read the sad facts here:

Lying to us the whole time!

Oregon Muse believes there should be an Afghan Commission of Inquiry.
Of course this is not going to happen. It is never going to happen. Right now, the Biden administration is refusing to admit it made any mistakes, let along did anything wrong. And I doubt any of other previous actors will, either. But I would think that the federal government owes the American people a satisfactory explanation as to how and why it squandered trillions of taxpayer dollars on such a dumpster fire as the Afghan conflict, and, in particular, they owe an explanation to the families of the men and women of our armed forces who paid with their blood and their lives for nothing but the prolonging of this fruitless enterprise and its ultimate failure.
Read more here:

Bipartisan fascism!

Ace of Spades writes,
The hand-in-glove government/corporate fusion fascism is here, and all of the Uniparty supports it. The Democrats like the Government Authoritarian side, and the Republicans love the Corporate Authoritarian side. Now that's some Bipartisanship we can all be proud of!
Read more here:

"Natural immunity is now the most politically incorrect thing since logic!"

Thursday, September 09, 2021

Abandoning Americans to a terrorist group

The New York Post Editorial Board asks,
when has Team Biden ever come clean about the crises it’s caused, from the border surge to abandoned Americans? Reports indicate the Taliban are using the hostages Biden left them as leverage for cash and/or official recognition of their just-announced government, which includes six terrorists under international sanctions.
Blinken confessed it’s a “challenge” to evacuate people without “personnel on the ground.” No kidding. That’s why Biden initially vowed to keep a presence in Afghanistan until every American and ally was out — and why his team is now trying to pretend it hasn’t abandoned thousands of them to a terrorist group with every incentive to use them as leverage.
Read the whole thing here:

Vaccine mandates and the rights of women to make decisions about their own bodies

A slam-dunk lawsuit for Ben Shapiro!

Tinkering with a virus in a lab to make it more infectious to humans

Miranda Devine writes,
Tinkering with a virus in the lab to make it more infectious to ­humans is the very definition of “gain-of-function” research, as stated by the US Department of Health and Human Services: “Research that improves the ability of a pathogen to cause disease.”
Fauci insisted before Congress in May and again in July that the National Institutes of Health never funded this sort of research. But, regardless of how Fauci personally defines the term “gain of function,” the upshot is that the Frankenstein research conducted in Wuhan with American money has been fingered as the most likely source of the virus that has killed millions of people.
Fauci could have explained to Congress, as he did in a 2011 Washington Post op-ed, that “creating a dangerous virus in the laboratory is a risk worth taking.” That was an establishment scientific position until 2015 when the Obama administration, under pressure from scientists worried about a lab leak of a deadly virus, placed a pause on the research in the United States.
He could have been open and honest with the American people. But instead, he denied the undeniable, obfuscated and used sly debating tricks to avoid owning up to his agency’s knowledge and funding of the Chinese research.
If the intelligence community knew about the dangerous research going on at Wuhan and was directing funding to it through Daszak, then it is complicit in a coverup over COVID-19.
If the American government played any part in the research that led to the lab leak that likely caused the pandemic, the world needs to know.
Read more here:

"The unintended consequences of magnifying a virtue to a place it doesn't deserve to occupy will always come back to kick us in the throat!"

You won't get to hear this at tonight's game!

Mark Tapscott writes,
THIS MAY BE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL NATIONAL ANTHEM RENDITION EVER: But fans attending and tuning into tonight’s NFL season opening game between the Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Dallas Cowboys won’t get to hear it.
Victory Boyd, the songwriter/singer, declines to get the Covid vaccine, for religious and medical reasons. So, after agreeing to pay her $20,000 plus expenses for the appearance, the NFL refused her request for an accommodation. Why? Because the NFL insists the national anthem be sung on the field.

"Leaving Americans behind?" "We will leave you behind!"

Feeling it!

"It's one big Talibanny world!"

Mark Steyn writes,
Surprise, surprise! After three weeks of trolling about "Taliban 2.0", the new regime in Afghanistan turns out to be, as I said last week, "an 'inclusive' government encompassing both mullahs with full beards and mullahs with three-quarter-length beards". Or as The New York Times puts it: Taliban Appoint Stalwarts to Top Government Posts
One man's stalwart is another man's mass murderer. For example, the new Interior Minister is Sirajuddin Haqqani, whose main experience of the Afghan interior is the last twenty years he's spent blowing various bits of it sky-high. Mr Haqqani is on the FBI's Most Wanted list with a $10 million bounty on his head. Just in case you feel the bloated, hollow, flailing non-superpower isn't enough of a global laughingstock, the G-men add this caution: SHOULD BE CONSIDERED ARMED AND DANGEROUS
I'll say. He's armed with $85 billions' worth of American weaponry. On the other hand, that ten mil in reward money still seems to be up for grabs, so feel free to call 1-800-FED-WANKERS and tell the Bureau Mr Haqqani can be reached at the Ministry of the Interior, Service Road, Kabul. You'll probably have to leave a message, because all the crack agents are out in California faking up next week's white-supremacist kidnapping plot against Governor Newsom.
America topples statues, Canada bans dancing, Australia pepper-sprays girls who show their faces outside their homes: It's one big Talibanny world!

Anthony Fauci: the original super-spreader?

Mark Steyn writes,
Anthony Fauci appears to have perjured himself in his touchy exchange with Senator Rand Paul regarding whether or not his agency funded "gain-of-function" Coronavirus research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Alas, the court eunuchs of the US media couldn't be less interested in the story, so Fauci is still taken seriously when he warns about the irresponsibility of going unmasked to crowded sports events - as opposed to the irresponsibility of outsourcing gain-of-function to a politicized science lab under Communist control and with the security protocols of the average dentist's office.
Nevertheless, we are edging month by month towards what would once have been a remarkable reality: The official version proclaimed by Fauci and Peter Daszak and The Lancet (this is a natural virus that leapt from bats to humans) and was ruthlessly imposed to the exclusion of all other theories by the Big Tech commissars has less merit to it than that of Chairman Xi and his apparatchiks, who have insisted since last spring that the Yanks are to blame for it all.
The ChiComs are cunning; they are not complete arses, as almost all our leaders are. Four-and-a-half million people are dead of this thing, and at a certain point it will suit the Politburo to announce that something went badly wrong in Wuhan and their running-dog scientists got corrupted by American money, and that the original super-spreader was Anthony Fauci.
Which it looks increasingly like he was.

"When he was bought, he stayed bought!"

Ace of Spades Coblogger CBD writes about Joe Biden,
He's dumb. He's nasty. He's inarticulate. He's a liar. And now he is in the middle stages of dementia.
But none of this is new, except maybe the senility. Joe Biden has always been a dim bulb, whose accomplishments as a senator were conspicuously thin, but whose self-aggrandizement has always been impressive.
Clearly the good people of Delaware are hilariously ignorant and detached from the political process, and just vote reflexively, because they have been represented in the Senate by a man who has never had an original thought, steals every pithy comment he has ever uttered, and is a serial liar even when those lies get him nothing of benefit.
So the question is: Why has Joe Biden been so successful in politics? Occam says that when he was bought, he stayed bought. What other rational explanation is there for this pathetically mediocre intellect to have remained in national politics for 50 years? Of course we have legions of inferior minds in our national government, but Biden is more than just stupid! He stands out for being among the dumbest, the least honest, the nastiest and the least effective of both our elected officials and their counterparts in the deep state.
Read more here, including a link to a medical discussion of dementia:

When we had members of the press who would criticize a Democrat!

Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Support Larry Elder!

I agree with Jessie Watters!

Wokeism and Radical Islam are very different, but they do share significant things in common

Stop believing lies!

China's Bot Army Incited Racial Justice Protests in America, CNN Admits

Natalie Winters reports,
China’s Bot Army Incited ‘Racial Injustice’ Protests In America, CNN Admits.
The network’s summary of the recently released Mandiant Threat Intelligence and Google report notes how bot accounts linked to a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) disinformation network attempted to incite Asian Americans to protest against racism and those claiming COVID-19 originated in China.
Platforms such as TikTok, however, have been used to sabotage Trump rallies during the 2020 election cycle.
Read more here:

Are the vaccines creating more danger?

Sundance shows how
The vaccines are likely creating more danger, through mutations, than the original SARS-CoV-2 virus itself.
Read more here:

CNN gives Fauci a pass!

Stacey Lennox writes,
Fauci has appeared before Congress several times and emphatically denied his agency funded this type of research—even in the face of a 2015 study that referred to the work as gain-of-function research. You would think he might be huddled up with communications experts and members of the Biden administration to decide how to resign quietly. That way, Fauci could avoid an inspector general’s investigation and more appearances before Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.).
Instead, Fauci appeared on CNN. Far from asking any hard-hitting questions about the report, host Jim Sciutto never discussed the shocking revelations about the research grants, nor did he ask Fauci how the news squared with his repeated congressional testimony.
Instead, Sciutto asked Fauci to evaluate Florida Governor Ron Desantis’s response to COVID-19 and pontificate about college football games. The interview kicked off with Fauci expressing his concern over children too young to be vaccinated returning to school without masks. Children who are too young to be vaccinated rarely become seriously ill from COVID-19—even the American Academy of Pediatrics has admitted that the Delta variant is not more dangerous to children than previous ones, posing almost no risk to healthy children.
Here’s a dirty little secret: There will be outbreaks of COVID-19 for the rest of our lives. According to The Intercept report, it is quite possible that we have Dr. Anthony Fauci to thank for that. And CNN did not ask him a single question about it.
Read more here:

Immunity from Consequences

Oregon Muse writes,
And what's even more infuriating is that this immunity from consequences is not evenly distributed. Some groups get all kinds of immunity, others, not so much. Just ask the people who have been in jail for months because they were invited into the Capitol building by the police on Jan. 6th.
Read more here:

Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Biden has wrought a series of disasters. By whose standards should his performance be judged?

Victor Davis Hanson writes,
The truth is that in just a few months Joe Biden has wrought a series of disasters that will invoke outrage that dwarfs the concocted anger directed at Donald Trump. And it may be vented through the very protocols that the Left invented for its own short-term advantage.
Read more here:

"There's nothing we can do about the hostages!"

The New Neo reports,
From “we’re getting everyone out” to “everyone who wants to get out” to “there’s nothing we can do about the hostages”
Now the Taliban call the shots, not us.
Read more here:

Makes me remember the huge Trump crowds in 2020

A second lab in Wujan, China funded by Fauci!

Ace brings us news about a second lab in Wujan, China. His headline: Newly Released Documents Show EcoHealth (And Fauci) Funding Gain-of-Function Research into Bat Viruses in Wuhan -- And In A Second Lab, Too!
Why didn't Fauci or his buddy Daszak tell us there was another lab in the mix? Why did they keep that quiet?>>
Read much more here:

Monday, September 06, 2021


from Misanthropic Humanitarian

Psaki forgot to update the talking points!

It's not a woman's issue. It's a birthing person's choice!

Giving up on college

Douglas Belkin reports,
Men are abandoning higher education in such numbers that they now trail female college students by record levels.
In the next few years, two women will earn a college degree for every man, if the trend continues, said Douglas Shapiro, executive director of the research center at the National Student Clearinghouse.
Read more here:

Six planes loaded with evacuees being prevented from leaving Afghanistan

Six planes loaded with evacuees are being prevented to leave Afghanistan. Read the story here:

His dilemma


Walks away

Who are "they," Mr. President?

via Oregon Muse

A physician speaks out against vaccine mandates

A physician writes,
I am a 27 year military veteran of both the Air Force and Army, a board certified emergency physician and employee of a Big Hospital system. I am a graduate of a Big 10 University School of Medicine and completed my residency at a prestigious institution
The FDA made a hasty approval of the Pfizer vaccine, and the floodgates have opened. Now, under the thin veneer of FDA approval, more companies, my hospital included, are mandating the vaccine in order to remain employed.
The hospital’s rationale is that the Delta surge is driven by the unvaccinated. Is this true? The data out of Israel, who is months ahead of our curve with Delta says the opposite. Those who have never had COVID, but did receive the full 2 dose Pfizer regimen are 13 times more likely to get Delta than those with natural immunity, those who contracted the original COVID and recovered. 13 times more likely to contract Delta if you are vaccinated.
So we have a twice novel vaccine with known immediate side effects, no long term study , and which only seems to be effective against the current variant for 4-6 months. Will “take the jab or be fired” be a recurring threat from Big Hospital going forward? Every 6 months, get your booster or you are fired?
Long term effects are just that. They happen months or years later. This is why a new drug takes years to come to market. The FDA graveyard is littered with medications which made it through the approval process, only to be recalled due to an unforeseen long term consequence. Try to buy Zantac, a once popular OTC antacid, at CVS. It was just recalled because an impurity causes cancer. Didn’t see that coming. Vioxx, thalidomide, fen-phen… oops.
In medicine we talk about informed decision making. The old, paternalistic, directive medicine is in the past. We involve patients in their care, inform them, allow them to make the decisions, right or wrong. Politics mixed with science, science has lost and we have now returned to the paternalistic directive medicine of “vaccinate or else”.
Read more here:

Sunday, September 05, 2021

"Biden promised competence, but instead brought chaos. He promised compassion, but gave us cruelty! He must be held accountable!"

If somebody deserves a good scolding, Judge Jeanine is the one that can do it!

Moral Injury

Have you heard of the term moral injury? Adrienne's Corner blog offers these two paragraphs:
Moral injury is the damage done to one’s conscience or moral compass, when that person perpetrates, witnesses, or fails to prevent acts that transgress one’s own moral beliefs, values, or ethical codes of conduct. source
Moral injury refers to an injury to an individual's moral conscience and values resulting from an act of perceived moral transgression, which produces profound emotional guilt and shame, and in some cases also a sense of betrayal, anger and profound "moral disorientation".
Adrienne adds many worthwhile thoughts on the subject here:

Pregnant U.S. citizen gets kicked in the stomach by the Taliban while trying unsuccessfully to leave Afghanistan

"No respect!"


What is the best selling car where you live?

Saturday, September 04, 2021

The consequences of one-party-rule!

Federal lawsuit filed by two active duty military service members to prevent forced vaccinations

Leo Hohmann reports on a
federal lawsuit filed August 30 by two active-duty service members against Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Homeland Security Director Xavier Bacerra and U.S. Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Janet Woodcock.
The two defendants represent 220,000 other U.S. military active-duty members who have natural immunity and do not want any of the three synthetic gene-based “vaccines” shot into their bodies.
All three injections, manufactured by Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, are based on an all-new technology, never before used in any previous vaccine, and have never been tested for the long-term health effects on the human body.
The three shots combined have resulted in an unprecedented number of adverse reactions being reported to the government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, including over 13,000 reported deaths, more than double the number of all the other vaccines combined since VAERS was established in 1990.
Read more here:

Let's all go to the gym!

Today's best satire

"First we invade, and then we're invaded!"

Friday, September 03, 2021

Is cannabis good for teen brains? No!

Results of the longitudinal sample of adolescents here:

Six big lies about Afghanistan

The New York Post explains six lies Biden has promulgated about Afghanistan here: The New Neo writes,
Those are not his only lies about Afghanistan, either. But they’re certainly important ones. Biden really is one of those people who is used to lying, has lied his entire life, has almost never been called on it or suffered bad consequences for it (except for the plagiarism charges that knocked him out of the 1988 presidential race), and knows he will almost certainly be protected by his party and the MSM for every single lie he tells.
Read more here:

Where are the videos of the survivors of the Afghan crisis arriving at airports?

Sundance writes,
However, it seems a little odd now that there’s no videos of the survivors of the Afghan crisis arriving at airports. No crowds or families greeting the extracted American residents; no human interest stories and local broadcasted news coverage of relieved Americans, husbands, wives, daughters or sons arriving back in their hometown…. nothing.
Six to seven thousand Americans saved from the clutches of the Taliban, and not a single story of those Americans arriving home to the waiting arms of their loving family.
Read more here:

How the U.S. Taliban narrative will shift

Sundance writes,
The two U.S. internal groups attempting to avoid accountability for the mess in Afghanistan break out to: (1) State Dept, CIA, Intelligence community; -vs- (2) WH, Pentagon and NatSec Council. Currently the State Department and Intelligence Community are winning the blame game. The White House and Pentagon are being identified by most Americans as responsible for the mess.
How does the U.S. State Department pull this off? They do it by positioning the Taliban as poor misunderstood rebels who need “support” to run the country or else… wait for it… yep, a humanitarian crisis will unfold:
Barack Obama is smiling. The newly mechanized army of the Muslim Brotherhood (Taliban Regiment, Afghanistan Division ) will need to be supported; and the people of Afghanistan will need the magnanimous assistance of Western nations to avoid a humanitarian crisis. Afghanistan 2022 stops being a terrorist haven and shifts into the Haiti assistance model of 2010. There are hundreds of billions to be made by groups who will organize that support… and the United States Senate will distribute it.
Read more here:

"Keep right on 'till the end of the road!"

Manipulation of the 2020 election

Sundance writes,
The bottom line is this…. AG Merrick Garland knows a powder keg is very likely to explode as soon as the majority of American people discover just how manipulated the election of 2020 was. His announcement to double the staff of the DOJ Civil Rights Division voter unit is not to protect election integrity, but rather to position his resources for a war against a looming storm of election review outcomes…. and the White House is so far exposed, they are positioning to use the military to protect their position.
The deep and irrefutable research has been taking place, mostly very quietly, in the background. I would expect the government response to this will be a combination of the DOJ/FBI “domestic extremist” narratives, combined with racism accusations and claims of election disinformation.
Read more here: