Wednesday, June 30, 2021

The Five weighs in on the Cosby release

"Don't let the fearmongers win!"

New York City the latest voting mess

It turns out that the New York City mayoral race is a hot mess of errors. Sundance reports,
The same officials who denounce any questions about voting outcomes in the 2020 presidential race are now saying the tabulation of the 2021 Mayoral race was wrong. The Democrat New York City Mayor even calls for a full and immediate recanvassing today, while the Democrat DOJ says recanvassing the vote in Arizona is akin to voter intimidation.
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99.5% of the vote!

Today's DeSantis news

Even chipmunks get jealous!

Thanks to Ace of Spades

National boundaries

The spies reply to Tucker Carlson

Changing the populations of America secretly!

Giving illegal migrants free transportation to anywhere in the United States that they choose! Why is Texas Governor Greg Abbott refusing to deploy enough National Guardsmen to seal the border?

Is he a sexual predator? Yes! Did the legal system do him wrong? Absolutely!

Did he see Oswald coming down the stairs of the Book Depository?

Robert MacNeil tells what he saw in Dallas the day JFK was killed.

Donald Rumsfeld goes on to the unknown unknowns

From Jamie McIntyre:
The title comes from his famous description during a 2002 Pentagon briefing, in which Rumsfeld opined on the shortcomings of intelligence regarding Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction.
“There are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns — the ones we don't know we don't know,” he said.
Rumsfeld died today at age 88. Read more here:

Bill Cosby leaves prison a free man, but don't accept one of his little blue pills!

Comprehensive legal review here:
More analysis from Ace of Spades here:

Love determines our bonds

"At that moment, I didn’t care who belonged to whom. I was yours, even if you were not mine. And as I stroked your forehead, which was hot to the touch, I knew I always would be." Mitch Albom finds Chika.

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Follow the money...and you get to the crooks!

Rudy Giuliani's podcast looks at Wujan, Fauci, other conspirators, and the Chinese Communist Party and military. The biggest lie of last year: Fauci saying he follows the science! Dr. Maria Ryan was Giuliani's delightful guest, whenever he didn't talk over her! Dr. Ryan: Fauci had the power to stop this: three million people did not have to die! You can see how Giuliani loves exposing crooks. He exposes the fact that the Chinese military was involved in developing Covid. 19 He exposes Fauci and others for having and covering up financial interests. "There is a lot more to this, and unfortunately, I think it is very, very dirty!"

Their true colors have been shown!

"Spying on opposition journalists is incompatible with democracy!"

"Break the burbs"

Jon Dougherty reports,
President Joe Biden’s $2.3 infrastructure bill contains incentives for cities to rezone areas that are currently exclusively established for single-dwelling homes so that they can accommodate multi-dwelling low-income apartments, a move critics say will destroy suburban life.
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DeSantis Derangement Syndrome

No coverup here!

Whistleblower shows Tucker Carlson how the National Security Agency is spying on his team

Monday, June 28, 2021

People of conscience

Dave Rubin interviews shy, bashful, humble man from Florida

What good did it do for us to fight for Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett?

Can we depend on our "conservative" Supreme Court justices to prevent men from parading their genitals in women's bathrooms? Only Alito and Thomas. Read more here:

Exaggerate much?

"You're a murderer. I'm a teacher! You'll always be a Mexican. You'll never be white, which is what you want to be." Racist is what she is!

"That's what happens in tyrannical regimes!"

Trent Baker reports,
During a Sunday appearance on New York City WABC 770 AM radio’s “The Cats Roundtable,” Harvard law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz reacted to the State of New York suspending Rudy Giuliani’s law license over his claims of fraud in the 2020 election.
Dershowitz warned of the “danger” of allowing Giuliani to be disbarred “without a hearing.” He argued that equal justice for all is now “mortally wounded.”
“I taught legal ethics for, I don’t know, 35 years at Harvard Law school. I think of myself as a leading expert on legal ethics. I’ve never ever seen a case where a lawyer was essentially disbarred … without a hearing,” Dershowitz outlined. “I mean, the most basic concept of due process is you don’t deprive somebody of his living, of his freedom, of his ability to work without a hearing. And then the criteria under which they suspended his law license is so vague. It says in the course of representing a client, a lawyer shall not knowingly make a false statement of fact or law to a third person. In other words, if he goes on your show, or he goes on my podcast, or he goes on Fox or anywhere else, and he makes a statement which turns out to be false, and he had reason to believe it was false, he could be disbarred. Do you know how many lawyers we’d have left if we applied that standard across the board? … We have case after case after case where prosecutors, defense attorneys, lawyers of every kind, have made statements … which turn out to be untrue, and they’re never disbarred. And certainly not without a hearing. And so, this is a first. … The atmosphere is such today that if you defended President Trump in any way, they’re out to get you. And they’re certainly out to get Rudy Giuliani.”
“I don’t think we’re seeing equal justice for all. I think we’re seeing selective justice. … When a prosecutor runs for office, like the attorney general of New York ran for office on the promise that she will get Donald Trump, is that equal justice? Or is that show me the man, and I’ll find you the crime?”
Dershowitz added, “You know, that’s what happens in banana republics. That’s what happens in tyrannical regimes.”
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Sunday, June 27, 2021

Because you'd be in jail!

Jon Voight defends Guiliani and Trump

What is blockchain?

For some reason, this video just wants to start at the middle instead of the beginning. Just back it up to zero.

They already had a pandemic ready to go(?)

They already had a pandemic ready to go: Is this Jill Biden video edited or verbal mishap? at Trending Views

Why are you even competing?

Should we help them come to America, or should they stay and fight for their freedom in Afghanistan?

Two senators who are often featured in Youtube videos, Rand Paul and John Kennedy, debated a bill this week. Senator Kennedy wants to help over thirty thousand Afghans flee the country before the U.S. pulls out of that war this September. These are Afghans who have helped the U.S. troops. Senator Paul thinks the Afghans should fight for their freedom in Afghanistan.

How the F.B.I. ruined one New Yorker's life

Miranda Devine reports,
Joseph Bolanos was a pillar of his community. President of his Upper West Side block association for the past 23 years, he looked out for his neighbors during the pandemic. He dropped off masks and kept extra heaters in his rent-controlled apartment for seniors. He raised morale with a weekly street dance to show his support for essential workers.
A Red Cross volunteer after the 9/11 attacks, the 69-year-old security consultant once received a police commendation for heroism after saving a woman from being mugged.
Unmarried, and caring for his 94-year-old mother, he was a well-loved character in the quiet residential area.
Yes, he attended then-President Donald Trump’s rally in Washington, DC, on Jan. 6, but he never entered the Capitol. He was in a friend’s room at the JW Marriott a 30-minute walk away when the Capitol breach occurred.
Nonetheless, he was raided in February by the FBI anti-terrorism task force, handcuffed, paraded and detained for three hours while his apartment was ransacked and all his devices confiscated. Four months later, he hasn’t been charged and doesn’t have his devices back, but his neighbors are shunning him, and he’s had two strokes from the stress.
...But like thousands of other law-abiding Americans who went to Washington on Jan. 6 to see the president speak, his life has been ruined by a hysterical witch hunt for phantom domestic terrorists.
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Reasons for concern re: Covid vaccines

Sundance reports that
the rate of hospitalization from the COVID vaccine is four times greater than the rate of hospitalization from exposure to the virus itself.
Alex Berenson dove into the CDC analysis after the CDC study was made public
Berenson – […] The CDC’s focus yesterday was on two illnesses, myocarditis and pericarditis, forms of heart inflammation that can occasionally progress to heart failure and even death. The CDC and many reporters insist on calling the cases mild. In fact 95 percent of the 300+ post-vaccination cases the CDC has reviewed have led to hospitalization.
[…] In fact, the CDC’s own data shows that for every 100,000 vaccines given to young people, more than 25,000 will have temporary side effects that prevent them from “normal activities,” 700 will require medical care and 200 will be hospitalized. In contrast, the CDC estimates that only about 50 out of 100,000 adolescents have EVER been hospitalized for Covid-related illness.
Keep in mind cases are continuing to come in, and the agency hasn’t reviewed all the cases it has already received. This issue is part of a bigger problem, which is that the volume of side effects reports that the CDC has received on the Covid vaccines has overwhelmed its monitoring system.
To give you a sense of the problem: In all of 2019, the CDC’s voluntary vaccine side effect reporting system received about 48,000 reports for ALL vaccines. So far in 2021 it has received at least seven times that many for Covid vaccines alone.
Read more here:

What is coming

Sundance shows how the Biden economic policies are exactly the reverse of Trump's.
With the FED pumping money into the U.S. system the dollar value plummets. At the same time JoeBama dropped tariff enforcement to please the Wall Street multinational corporations and banks that funded his campaign. Now the value of the Chinese and EU currency increases. This means it costs more to import products and that is the primary driver of price increases in consumer goods.
Simultaneously a lower dollar means cheaper exports for the multinationals (Big AG and raw materials). China, SE Asia and even the EU purchase U.S. raw materials at a lower price. That means less raw material in the U.S. which drives up prices for U.S. consumers. It is a perfect storm… Higher costs for imported goods and higher costs for domestic goods (food). Combine this dynamic with massive increases in energy costs from ideological policy and that’s fuel on a fire of inflation.
Annualized inflation is now estimated to be around 8 percent, and it will likely keep increasing. This is terrible for wage earners in the U.S. who are now seeing no wage growth and higher prices. Real wages are decreasing by the fastest rate in decades. We are now in a downward spiral where your paycheck buys less. As a result consumer middle-class spending contracts. Eventually this means housing prices drop because people cannot afford higher mortgage payments.
Gasoline costs more (+50%), food costs more (+10% at a minimum) and as a result real wages drop; disposable income is lost. Ultimately this is the cause of Stagflation. A stagnant economy and inflation. None of this is caused by COVID-19. All of this is caused by economic policy and monetary policy sold under the guise of COVID-19.
This inflationary period will not stall out until the U.S. economy can recover from the massive amount of federal spending. If the spending continues, the dollar continues to be weak, as a result the inflationary period continues. It is a spiral that can only be stopped if the policies are reversed…. and the only way to stop these insane policies is to get rid of the Wall Street democrats and republicans who are constructing them.
Read more here:

"Nike is a brand that is of China and for China"

John Donahoe, the new Nike CEO, while speaking to Wall Street analysts, said that "Nike is a brand that is of China and for China" when responding to a question about competition from Chinese companies during a fourth-quarter earnings meeting, BBC reported.
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He can draw a crowd!

Saturday, June 26, 2021


It is not "Critical Race Theory," it is racism!

The race hate has oozed from the universities and infected the entire country, including at the very highest levels!

A disturbing trend!

Black nationalist paramilitary encampments?

Friday, June 25, 2021

Some good news


If you could whisper something to Joe Biden, what would you say?

"Some other information in the future"

Before officer Chauvin was sentenced today he turned to the Floyd family and said, "There's gonna be some other information in the future that would be of interest and I hope some things will give you some peace of mind."

A fighter

Associated Press reports,
John McAfee’s social media postings indicated that he had chosen a northeastern Spanish coastal resort town as his base in Europe at least since late 2019.
“All John wanted to do was spend his remaining years fishing and drinking,” his widow said on Friday. “He had hope that things would work out. We knew that there would be an uphill battle to continue to fight this situation. But he’s a fighter ... And anybody that knows John, that knows him even a little bit, knows that about him.”
“He was just so loving. He had a big heart and he just loved people and he just wanted to have peace in his life,” Janice McAfee added. “My prayers are that his soul has found the peace in death that he could not find in life.”
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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Don't piss off Hillary!

McAfee interview in May, 2020

In this video from May 1, 2020 McAfee talks about the C.I.A. running the world. They have 2000 satellites. They can read a license plate from 300 miles away in space. McAfee admits he has not paid taxes in ten years and has no plans to resume! He says he has paid over $50 million in taxes. He urges listeners to use cryptocurrency, privacy coins, and distributive exchanges. The government filed charges and sought to arrest McAfee for "lying on his tax returns" (tax returns that he never filed!) He was locked up 14 times for smoking weed! Covid? For every Covid diagnosis, doctors get $39,000 from federal bailout money! Who else benefits? The media!

A McAfee interview mentioning Hillary Clinton

"Wake up, people! Be very careful who you give power to!"

Here are two videos of John McAfee. The first is about the Deep State bureaucrats who "control America." The second is McAfee's last video. In it he asks, "Why does power corrupt?" "Humans are gracious, kind, compassionate, generous. We are simultaneously jealous, greedy, envious, angry. The qualities that flow from our good nature don't need power. It is those negative qualities that need power. We give people power over others and expect them not to be corrupt? Wake up, people! Be very cautious who you give power to!"

So they can clamp down harder

He knew who he was dealing with!

The whisperer

Ace of Spades writes,
That's the whisper of a ludicrous seducer who, when the seduction doesn't work, turns the whisper more threatening and resorts to sexual assault.
A friend comments that Biden is trying to do Obama's obnoxious Stage Whisper -- a stage whisper because it's not a real whisper, it's a loud form of speaking that is meant to sound as if it's being whispered -- and that as repulsive as Obama's phony dramatism was, Biden is worse.
Biden sounds like a decrepit homeless man who just crawled into bed with you and wants to know if you want to "party."

America is systematically being conned!

Victor Davis Hanson writes,
No Washington politico has compiled a longer record of racialist put downs than Joe Biden. So apparently, the more Biden hunts for a white racist under every bed, the less necessary it becomes to look in the mirror or at least to beg his son Hunter to knock off his racist slurs.
The woke Biden Administration cannot stop 2 million immigrants this year from crossing illegally and with exemption into the United States. Almost all are in need of free American health care, housing, food, and legal subsidies. Violent crime is spiking at an astonishing rate. Yet few dare say why that is—or how to stop it.
America also cannot face the likely truth that Chinese researchers engineered a gain-of-function virus—with oversight from the Communist Chinese military, and subsidies from Drs. Anthony Fauci and Peter Daszak.
America is systematically being conned by those who disguise their hypocrisy, who manipulate the guilt-ridden, who have no interest in solving America’s most dangerous problems, and who get or stay richer by hyping an America in need of massive rebooting—and with it their own careerist remedies.
Read more here:

Prosecuting people based on their beliefs

Julie Kelly reports,
Nearly every charging document filed by Joe Biden’s Justice Department in the Capitol breach probe mentions the defendant’s belief about the 2020 presidential election as evidence of wrongdoing.
The entire January 6 investigation is an attempt to prosecute people based on their beliefs. Those who purge their views and admit their wrongthink will be given mercy. Those who don’t will pay dearly.
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Wednesday, June 23, 2021


Lauren Gardner reports,
FDA plans to "move rapidly" to add a warning to fact sheets for Pfizer and Moderna's Covid-19 vaccines about the rare risk of developing inflammatory heart conditions, an agency official said Wednesday.
"Based on the available data, a warning statement in the fact sheets for both health care providers and vaccine recipients and caregivers would be warranted in this situation," Doran Fink, deputy director of FDA's vaccines division, said during a CDC advisory committee meeting on Covid vaccines.
Read more here:

McAfee didn't kill himself

One of the top stories on the internet today is the death of John McAfee. This one had lots of weird aspects:

More than just a movie review

Paul Joseph Watson reviews a movie called Karen.

The entire satanic cabal

Jason Whitlock writes,
The entire satanic cabal of cultural elites, both white and black, are using George Floyd and other forms of racial division to overthrow a flawed system of governance that has outperformed any other system ever invented.
Read the whole thing here:

Beach time

via Misanthropic Humanitarian

Laptop from Hell

Miranda Devine's book, “Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide,” comes out in September. I presume this story she published in the New York Post yesterday is an excerpt from that book. Read it here:

What has the GOP been doing the last thirty years?

Where was the NBA?

Language police

Are you guilty of using oppressive language? Brandeis University explains why something is oppressive and offers alternative words to correct the problem. Read more here:

The numbers

Found here:

She might as well have just gone to Europe!

Don't get your hopes up, Ted

An economic trainwreck

Kamala visits the border

As people are shot (one dies), Juneteenth is celebrated in Oakland

Patty McMurray reports,
Juneteenth became a national holiday this year. Although he had no clue what Juneteenth represented only one year ago, Joe Biden signed off on the official June 19th holiday, celebrating the freeing of slaves in America.
Black Americans in Oakland, California celebrated the official holiday by shooting each other.
The party ramped up when paramedics arrived on the scene in Oakland to care for the 6 gunshot victims, one of whom died at the scene.
As the Alameda Emergency Medical Services team was loading victims into the back of the ambulance, a mob of party-goers, who appear to be unfazed by the deadly shooting, twerked on the side of the emergency vehicle as onlookers videotaped and encouraged more to join in and participate in the vile, objectifying “dance.”
Read more here:

Postponing Freedom Day

Mark Steyn writes,
To our readers in the United Kingdom Happy Freedom Day! By proclamation of "Boris" Johnson (phoney name, phoney guy), today was supposed to mark the end of all lockdown restrictions in his benighted land. Unfortunately, freedom has had to be "postponed" until July 19th, supposedly because of the "Delta variant", which is puttering along nicely while the ChiComs fine-tune the Epsilon variant in time for its soft launch in Chad or Bolivia around July 12th.
On the surface, naming the day "Freedom Day" concedes the case of old Boris chums like Toby Young and James Delingpole that the year-plus lockdown is a massive unprecedented assault on free peoples' core freedoms. On the other hand, naming the day "Freedom Day" also reminds the masses that freedom is not an inalienable right but the gift of the state, and the state giveth and taketh away and in this third decade of the third millennium inclines more toward the latter.
The Fauci emails are fascinating because they reveal the corruption of the bureaucracy. We babes in the wood assume that when you want to infiltrate and compromise a government you try to wangle somebody into the laughably misnamed "intelligence community" - as Hillary did with dossier boy Christopher Steele. But the sophisticates in Beijing figured out the opportunities in infiltrating as boring a backwater as public health. The key revelation in the emails concern the bureaucracy's determination to quash any suggestion that Covid might have originated in the lab of their Chinese-controlled/US-funded friends - to the point where by last summer all meaningful investigation by the United States Government of the origin of an ongoing global pandemic had ceased ...because it was stymied not by the ChiComs but by US bureaucrats.
The alleged technocrats of today's permanent expert class seem to have made a cruder calculation - that China has already won, and there is nothing to be gained by offending or embarrassing our "global partners" in Wuhan. "Gain-of-function research" is a euphemism for biowarfare experimentation: If the Pentagon were running it, it would be one of those linguistic evasions that invite derision, like "collateral damage". It is the public health version of "rendition" - something outsourced to the other side of the map where the rules don't apply. The only question remaining is the precise moment at which Covid became bioterrorism: that's to say, even if its escape from the lab were an accident, at some point Chairman Xi concluded that, since it was out and about in the streets of Wuhan, maybe it could be weaponized - strategically, to accelerate the date at which China formally becomes the dominant power, and, as a short-term bonus, to teach Trump and the rest a lesson good and hard in the folly of starting a trade war with Beijing.
So, when China tears up its treaty with the UK on Hong Kong, Boris offers to move everyone in Hong Kong to the UK. Likewise, when China wages bio-economic war on the west, western leaders wage war on their own economies and their citizens' health. Any real Freedom Day is a long way away.
Read more here:

Thursday's full moon

Chloë Nannestad reports,
The June full moon isn't just a supermoon, it's a super strawberry moon! Here's what to look for in the sky on Thursday, June 24.
You already know that Sunday, June 20 was the summer solstice, and marked Father’s Day as well as the official start of summer. Well, get ready for the first full moon of summer, the strawberry moon! Our gorgeous celestial neighbor will be visible in the sky just after sunset this Thursday, June 24. As an added bonus, it’s also the fourth and final supermoon of 2021. That means your social media feeds will be full of moon pictures of varying quality. Instead of trying to photograph it with your crummy phone camera, we recommend just getting outside whenever dusk falls in your location and photographing it with your eyes instead. Look to the East and you’re sure to see some truly magical super strawberry moon goodness. Bring on summer!
What is a strawberry moon? The name “strawberry moon” comes from Indigenous people in North America, specifically the Algonquin tribes. The Farmer’s Almanac started publishing the Native names for the different full moons of the year in the 1930s. As the first full moon of the summer, the June full moon was called the strawberry moon, in reference to the short strawberry season in the Northeastern United States. When the moon is full, it’s time to harvest those delicious berries. Other names for the June full moon in the United States include the berries ripen moon, the hot moon, and the egg laying moon. In Europe, the June moon was sometimes referred to as the mead moon or the honey moon.
The moon won’t be red exactly, but it could definitely be said to have a pinkish hue, at least when it is first rising. Because it will be near the horizon, the light reflected off the moon will have to travel longer to get to our eyes, compared to when it is directly above us, and will therefore have to travel through more of the Earth’s atmosphere. Red light tends to travel through the atmosphere more easily, which is why sunsets and sunrises are so red, orange, and pink, and why the strawberry moon will look orange or pink when it is first rising. Pollution, dust, and other environmental factors can also influence the color we perceive the moon to be.
There is no accepted scientific definition for what the moon has to do to qualify as a supermoon. Generally, however, supermoons occur when the moon is full and at perigee, the closest point in its orbit to the Earth. The original definition of a supermoon stated that to be considered super, the moon had to be within 90 percent of perigee, or 224,791 miles. That’s why there are usually several supermoons per year. The moon’s orbit around the Earth is elliptical, which is why it appears at different sizes in our sky.
To see the super strawberry moon, you’ll want to get somewhere high up with a good view low to the horizon, facing East. Sunset should be between 8 and 8:30 p.m. depending on where in the United States you live, and the moonrise will occur about 20 minutes after that.
Read more here:

It looks like we're going to be having a national conversation about biology.

via Oregon Muse, who has an excellent Morning Rant on the subject here:

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Stop forcing people to get vaccinated!

John M. Contino writes,
Citing experts at the Meedan Digital Health Lab, Reuters Fact Check vigorously asserts that the spike proteins induced by the COVID vaccines do not kill or damage cells.
Perhaps so, but something from the vaccines is causing deformations and apparent inflammation in red blood cells, as evidenced by images from microscopy photos. Images of blood cells taken before and after the vaccines can be seen starting about two minutes into the five-minute video. Postvaccine red blood cells exhibit rough instead of smooth edges, irregular shapes, and grouping together over time which is described as the “beginning form of thrombosis,” or blood clots. More research is needed to determine exactly what is causing these cell deformations.
There are also numerous tiny white particles in the photographs which are presumed to be lipid nanoparticles (LNP). The delicate mRNA fragments from Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are encased in LNP, which serves to protect the mRNA from disintegrating before it can do its job in our bodies. Pfizer conducted a biodistribution study where they injected rats with bioluminescent RNA-encapsulated LNP and found that the LNP had traveled not only beyond the injection site, but throughout the circulatory and immune systems, and had accumulated in virtually every organ in the body.
Meanwhile, Spain and Russia are reportedly advising citizens to avoid air travel if they have been vaccinated for COVID-19. It’s common knowledge that flying frequently, especially on long-distance international flights, can cause blood clots, but talk about mixed signals! What’s next? Non-vaccination passports? The takeaway here ought to be that whether or not someone gets vaccinated should be a personal decision and that the practice of forcing people, especially students and younger adults, to get vaccinated, should be abandoned.
article found here:


Scrap the Covid vaccine mandates!

Greg Piper reports,
As the government reviews several hundred reports of heart inflammation in young people following COVID vaccination, high-profile medical and legal scholars are calling on colleges to scrap their COVID vaccine mandates, calling them unnecessary and potentially harmful to students.
Though many universities already offer exemptions based on medical history and religious objections, the professors suggest two more: the emergency use authorization (EUA) status of the COVID vaccines and widespread natural immunity.
Even the American Medical Association (AMA) pushed back on COVID vaccine mandates for the time being at a "special meeting" of its house of delegates Wednesday.
Read more here:

Monday, June 21, 2021

"Mostly safe"

Fawning toadies, cognitive deterioration, and mounting lies

Victor Davis Hanson writes,
At a time when the current incarnation of Biden is siccing the federal government—and the Pentagon in particular—on a mythical, nationwide white supremacist conspiracy, the president’s own son is revealed to have habitually used the N-word and emulated what he thought was a backward black patois. Was Joe warning America about Hunter, when he charged that white supremacy reigned and must be dethroned?
While Joe Biden is also pointing fingers at white America with despicable false accusations of anti-Asian hate crimes (in truth, these attacks disproportionately are committed by black males), the press is quiet about Hunter Biden’s exchanges with his cousin Caroline Biden over set-up “dates.” In one, Caroline warns Hunter “I can’t give you f—ing Asian sorry. I’m not doing it.” Hunter trumps her racist slurs with his own agreement: “No yellow.”
That story was buried by mainstream journalists who have long ago fused with the progressive cause.
As senator, vice president, and presidential candidate Joe Biden was often caught—and occasionally even apologized for—habitually touching, smooching, squeezing, hugging, and breathing on women, some of them preteens, in a manner that can only be called creepy, with all of the females recoiling at his advances. When the intrusions became too great to ignore, the would-be president said only he would be “mindful” of invading the private space of women.
Tara Reade, a former assistant in Senator Biden’s office, replayed the role of Christine Blasey Ford with charges of sexual assault—but with far greater credibility and detail (“There was no exchange, really, he just had me up against the wall . . . I remember it happened all at once . . . his hands were on me and underneath my clothes.”). Reade provided corroborating evidence, and explicit details of assault, yet the same journalists and politicians—again so often joined at the hip—who had sought to destroy Brett Kavanaugh gave Biden a pass, absurdly citing the statute of limitations, and even questioning the sanity and stability of Reade herself.
Finally, Biden says things that are just flat out lies. He declared that no Americans had been vaccinated until he took office, despite a presidential photo-op of him greeting the vaccination on December 21, 2020, and the fact 1 million people had been vaccinated by the day he took office, including him. At the G-7 meeting Biden offered his most egregious untruth—that Trump supporters had killed officer Brian Sicknick—although the autopsy report, now several weeks old, found Sicknick had died of natural causes a day after the riot. While the border is wide open, Biden ignores the chaos and asserts the border is secure and closed. Hunter Biden’s laptop, Joe insists, was a result of “Russian disinformation.” Almost everything Biden has said on illegal immigration, the effects of his proposed tax hikes, and the January 6 Capitol assault is untrue.
Reporters ignore the mounting lies, ironically winking and in acknowledgement that most are the result of Biden’s own cognitive deterioration—as if it is more reassuring that a president does not know what he is saying rather than is saying something untrue.
Once politicians lose all fear of the press, they will say and do anything in their hubris, as we now see with the completely unmoored Joe Biden. And having lost not just the respect of the public but also the regard of the very progressives they idolize, America’s journalists are routinely slapped down as the fawning toadies they have become.
Read more here:

But, but...It's cheap!

Tom Ozimek reports,
The use of the antiparasitic drug ivermectin could lead to “large reductions” in COVID-19 deaths and may have a “significant impact” on the pandemic globally, according to a recent pre-print review based on peer-reviewed studies.
They cited another recent review that concluded that ivermectin reduced deaths by as much as 75 percent, while noting that neither the National Institutes of Health in the United States nor the World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended the use of ivermectin outside clinical trials for use against COVID-19.
The authors of the efficacy study argued, however, that the drug has an “established safety profile through decades of use” and “could play a critical role in suppressing or even ending the SARS-CoV2 pandemic.”
The authors noted in their publication that all the studies on which they based their conclusions have been peer-reviewed.
Read more here:

Why does no one know this?

via Bookworm

Get it?

via Bookworm

Sydney is right!

via Bookworm

Oppressed, or oppressor?

via Bookworm

But we got the pronouns right, didn't we?

via Oregon Muse

But, but, Trump!

via Oregon Muse

No naivety here!

thanks to Oregon Muse

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Adverse vaccine reactions in the U.S.

Megan Redshaw reports,
VAERS data released today by the CDC showed a total of 358,379 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 5,993 deaths and 29,871 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and June 11, 2021.
Read the lengthy and thorough report here:

Happy Fathers Day!

photo via Sundance

Tomato War

I did not know about the annual tomato war between Texas and Colorado. Bruce Throckmorton informs us that this year's war will be held in Chaffee County, Colorado. I am aware, however, of some other things Throckmorton tells us about.
A weird (and fun) little tradition is the annual tomato war between Coloradans and Texans. For some reason, Coloradans got a little weary about the flood of Texans coming to Colorado each summer to escape the Texas heat, as well as the flood of Texans hitting Colorado’s ski slopes each winter. Colorado likes the Texas money, of course, just not the Texas swagger. I think Coloradans are also jealous of how well Texans dress the part when skiing.
Of course, Colorado really should have been fighting the California invasion. Texans visit, spend money, and then leave. Californians visit, then don’t leave, and then inflict their cultural rot.

Anti-crime, pro-cop

Saturday, June 19, 2021

The woke: They have evolved to have no character!

Intelligence evolved into outrage. Freedom evolved into obedience. Love evolved into hate. Self-responsibility evolved into socialism. The woke have replaced the backbone with conformity.

Unlimited emergency powers

The satirical Babylon Bee reports,
SACRAMENTO, CA—According to sources, California Governor Gavin Newsom was beginning to panic as California’s state of emergency was set to expire on June 15th and, along with it, Newsom’s emergency powers.
“Bossing people around with my awesome emergency powers is my only reason for living!” said an anxious Newsom, according to witnesses.
But Newsom found a loophole. While in his governor’s office, using his very last emergency power, he rubbed the written proclamation declaring a state of emergency and said, “Oh, emergency powers, grant me unlimited emergency powers!” And, like that, the state of emergency was extended indefinitely.
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Lies and inflation increasing

Glenn Beaton writes,
After being kept in check for a generation, inflation is roaring back.
Once we know inflation is back, the psychology of inflation takes hold and it spirals. People become willing to pay inflated prices today because they fear more-inflated prices tomorrow. Inflation begets more inflation.
So, to their benefit and our detriment, they lie to us about COVID inflation just as they lied about COVID masks and lied about COVID dangers to young people.
That works for only so long. The stock market this week finally recognized that printing trillions of dollars to give to people for not working causes them not to work. Investors and economists know that the wealth of the country has not increased by trillions of dollars. What has increased is an endless supply of printed money chasing a shortage of goods and services produced by a dwindled workforce. Read more here:

They thought we wouldn't notice

Today is Juneteenth

Friday, June 18, 2021

A belated Happy 75th Birthday to President Trump

President Trump celebrated his 75th birthday Monday.

TNT cowards

, Lawrence Richard reports,
Charles Barkley slams ‘bosses’ for bowing to cancel culture: They’re ‘cowards’
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Dangerous pathogens found on children’s face masks

Josephine Cabrera reports,
A group of parents in Gainesville, FL, sent 6 face masks to a lab at the University of Florida, requesting an analysis of contaminants found on the masks after they had been worn. The resulting report found that five masks were contaminated with bacteria, parasites, and fungi, including three with dangerous pathogenic and pneumonia-causing bacteria. Although the test is capable of detecting viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, only one virus was found on one mask (alcelaphine herpesvirus 1).


The "siege" and "rebellion"

J.B. Shurk writes,
What Revolver's analysis of the DOJ's charging documents shows, though, is that not just BLM and Antifa, but also FBI undercover agents were almost certainly up to no good that day. That's a lot of outside interlopers pretending to be Trump rally-goers for the FBI to insist that the same MAGA crowd that has never once engaged in violence or property damage over the course of hundreds of similar events during the last five years — dressed in patriotic garb and draped in American flags — spontaneously turned a festive, carnival-like party into a "siege" and "rebellion" against the United States. And it's especially suspicious when video footage shows cops waving protesters into the Capitol Building and when the only person killed that day was an unarmed Air Force veteran at the hands of a yet-unidentified Capitol police officer.
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The oath keepers, the jellyfish, and the subversives

John Green writes,
The Supreme Court avoided involvement in the election because they wanted to stay out of the controversy -- they didn’t want to be bullied by the Democrats or the media. There are other possible motives, but they’re even more disturbing. Cowing to bullies will not avoid conflict. Bullies prey on weakness. One has to either stand up to them eventually or accept servitude. Every kid on the playground has learned that lesson by the 8th grade. Apparently, John Roberts hasn’t. Each time Chief Justice Roberts has acceded to the bullies, he’s made the court’s future challenge greater.
An April poll by Rasmussen Reports found that 51% of the population believes that fraud affected the election outcome. Does Roberts grasp the significance of that number? It’s the percentage of the population who believe the Supreme Court was derelict in defending the Constitution. If John Roberts wanted to defend the court, perhaps he should have considered the pursuit of the truth rather than avoidance of controversy.
A recent Ipsos poll found that 63% of the public thinks it’s time to impose term limits on Supreme Court Justices. The public isn’t stupid. It recognizes that the Supreme Court needs to be taken to the woodshed. The next few months will say a lot about the Supreme Court. Will it correct course, or will it embrace servitude to the mob?
The court seems to have three distinct voting blocs:
1. The oath keepers -- These are the justices that are willing to stand up and defend the Constitution even if it means they’ll have to endure attacks. Justices Thomas, Alito, and Gorsuch make up this bloc. 2. The jellyfish -- These are the justices that lack the spine to face controversy. They’re more concerned about defending the court than the Constitution. Justices Roberts, Barrett, and Kavanaugh make up this bloc. 3. The subversives -- These are the justices that have been using penumbras and emanations to rewrite the constitution in pursuit of social engineering. Justices Kagan, Sotomayor, and Breyer make up this bloc.
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The look of love

Take it to the Lord in prayer

"That takes this Judas to a whole 'nother level"

Dr. Simone Gold met with Vice President Pence for an hour in June, 2020, gave him a proposed Executive Order for Trump to sign, and it was never given to Trump. The order would have been to allow hydrochloroquine to be sold over-the-counter in the USA.

Now what?

Kevin Downey Jr. reports,
Portland Police's Entire Rapid Response Riot Team Resigns After Officer Charged, Antifa Released
You want the cops gone? Deal. Portland’s entire Rapid Response Team, cops who volunteer for riot control duty, voted unanimously to resign on Wednesday, effectively leaving the city in the hands of antifa. The riot cops’ decision follows the criminal indictment of one of their own for assault, stemming from a riot in August 2020, a police source told The Post Millennial.
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Margot Cleveland reports,
While Thursday’s headlines proclaimed the decision, Fulton v. City of Philadelphia, a victory for religious liberty, in reality it represented yet another failure by the high court to definitely end the ongoing governmental targeting of faith-based organizations.
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California bans critical thinking

The satirical Babylon Bee reports,
SACRAMENTO, CA—As more and more states announce bans on critical race theory, California is pushing the other direction, and has just passed a ban on teaching any kind of critical thinking in public schools.
"This dangerous 'critical thinking theory' must be stopped," said Governor Newsom sternly as he signed the ban into law. "It's infecting our kids' minds, making them start to question things like a unilateral lockdown on businesses, forcing people to wear masks forever, and shutting down other businesses while I myself allow my winery to stay open."
"Today represents a great day for the students of California public schools -- no more critical thinking!" Should the ban prove successful, Newsom says, the next step will be to ban thinking altogether.
Luckily for Newsom and California school teachers, studies have shown that critical thinking hasn't really been taught in public schools in the past 50 years in the first place.

Courage is contagious, so be courageous!

It's a trap!

Sundance warns against asking Congress to investigate the role of the F.B.I. in the events of January 6. Instead, he prefers to give that power to the lawyers who are representing persons accused of insurrection.
It is beyond absolute that anyone who advocates for the legislative branch to investigate the FBI involvement in January 6th, is only supporting the interests of the DC system and UniParty who would love nothing more than to have public pressure on them to investigate their own role.
All of the lawyers with clients under federal charges should use the full weight of the legal system to demand “Brady Evidence” that supports the innocence of their clients against the ridiculous accusations by the DOJ. The defense teams should be allowed access to CCTV footage and any evidence of FBI informants who had contact with the accused.
In essence use the legal system to discover the evidence of FBI corruption while simultaneously defending their clients. A recent example for this approach might be how Sidney Powell defended Michael Flynn and used discovery demands to highlight gross government abuses by the DOJ/FBI against her transparently innocent client.
The defense lawyers could organize a group defense fund for just this purpose and then ask the public for money. Every client would benefit from the findings.
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China answers the G7

Shawn Fleetwood reports,
The Chinese military sent 28 aircraft into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) on Tuesday, making it the largest show of force by the communist nation to date. The air mission included several high-grade military aircraft, including fighters and nuclear-capable bombers.
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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Sex trafficking on the rise

The importance of two parent families

This person remains the mayor of America's third largest city! How long can that continue?

We can defeat this poison with this kind of honesty and passion!

Are you ready to...

Time for a fitness test

Victor Morton reports,
Rep. Ronny Jackson, a former White House doctor, sent a letter to President Biden on Thursday that called on him to prove his mental fitness to be president.
The letter, which was co-signed by 13 other Republican lawmakers, told the president that he seems to be suffering “mental decline and forgetfulness” based on numerous “gaffes.”
Mr. Jackson pointed out to The Hill that former President Donald Trump set a precedent by taking a cognitive test in response to criticism from some Democrats that he was mentally unfit to be president and even should be removed by the vice president and Cabinet under the 25th Amendment.
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Unanimous Supreme Court ruling supporting freedom of religion

Tyler O'Neil reports on the unanimous Supreme Court ruling upholding religious freedom in foster care.
The Supreme Court delivered a historic unanimous victory for religious freedom on Thursday, ruling that the City of Philadelphia violated the First Amendment by refusing to contract with Catholic Social Services (CSS) because it would not place children with same-sex couples. The Court ruled that Philadelphia cannot discriminate against religious foster care agencies based on their fundamental beliefs about marriage and sexuality.
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Connecting the dots

How marijuana affects the developing adolescent brain

une 16 (UPI) -- Marijuana use during adolescence may affect development of the areas of the brain that control emotions, an analysis published Wednesday by JAMA Psychiatry found.
Teens who reported using marijuana during a five-year period showed signs of reduced thickness of the left and right prefrontal cortices in their brains on magnetic resonance imaging, the researchers said.
Reduced thickness of these regions, which control positive and negative emotions, respectively, has in earlier studies been linked with increased risk for depression and suicide, as well as attention problems.
Analysis of the MRI findings of the roughly 800 teens included in this study indicated that the brain changes did not "precede initiation of [marijuana] use," according to the researchers.
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Paper ballots, voter ID, and open counting on-site

Glenn Reynolds takes on the subject of America's voting laws.
Of course, to be trusted, votes must also be counted fairly. I recommend an open count at each polling place. Counting votes on the spot would eliminate problems with ballots being “lost” on the way to a central counting facility or being “discovered” in the trunk of a car during the count. Everything should be done out in the open.
True, reforming our political culture, which I regard as deeply dysfunctional, may be asking too much. All the more reason to support paper ballots, voter ID, and open counting on-site. Adopting these methods would do much to promote political trust, and political legitimacy, in a nation sorely in need of both.
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Let's roll America!

A mean, nasty, weakling

Leadership really does matter!

Now what?

In American Greatness, Victor Davis Hanson explores various theories about the origin of the Coronavirus and concludes,
But some are most terrified that it was a proto-bioweapon that, regardless of whether it was accidentally released at some point, became a “never let a crisis go to waste” moment—an attitude that not only explained Chinese lying, but also the entire terrible year of 2020, and the near destruction of American society itself.
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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Stand for something or fall for anything!

"I am so horrified at what the news business has stooped to! I want out of this narrative news-telling. I want out of this corruption! I want to tell true stories without worrying if it fits the corporate narrative."

What happened when Antifa and BLM rioted in D.C.?

Sundance writes,
In the bigger picture the intellectually honest will admit it is impossible for Antifa to exist if the institutions of the DOJ and FBI were functioning normally as part of the national law enforcement system.
A few dozen arrests for transparently obvious violence, combined with a few RICO cases against the financial systems that support Antifa, and the entire violent group and support network essentially disappears. Therefore, it is worth accepting the obvious…. The DOJ and FBI are part of the support structure that allows political violence to exist.
Actual, real-life, Domestic Violent Extremists called Black Lives Matter and Antifa, tried to burn Washington DC in the summer of 2020. Not a single arrest. Not one. Not a single public FBI tweet about “help us find those arsonists who attempted to burn St. John’s church”. Nothing.
The largest recent example was their operation(s) against presidential candidate Donald Trump. That campaign included 50 FBI agents later assigned to the Weissmann/Mueller operation to create an obstruction case against President Trump in order to remove him from office.
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Florida has your back!

Governor DeSantis responds to the governors of Texas and Arizona. Read it here:

Is our federal government gearing up to force people into getting vaccinations?

Debra Heine reports,
In an extraordinary interview last week, Dr. Peter McCullough, an American professor of Medicine and Vice Chief of Internal Medicine at Baylor University, declared that the world has been subjected to a form of bioterrorism, and that the suppression of early treatments for COVID-19—such as hydroxychloroquine— “was tightly linked to the development of a vaccine.”
McCullough said he believes the bioterrorism has come in two stages—the first wave being the rollout of the coronavirus, and the second, the rollout of the dangerous vaccines, which he said may already be responsible for the deaths of up to 50,000 Americans.
“What we have discovered is that the suppression of early treatment was tightly linked to the development of a vaccine, and the entire program—and in a sense, bioterrorism phase one— was rolled out, [and] was really about keeping the population in fear, and in isolation preparing them to accept the vaccine, which appears to be phase two of a bioterrorism operation.”
McCullough told Fuellmich that last summer, he started an early treatment initiative to keep COVID patients out of the hospital, which involved organizing multiple groups of medical doctors in the United States and abroad. The doctor noted that some governments tried to block these doctors from providing the treatments, but with the help of the Association of Physicians and Surgeons, they were able to put out a home patient guide, and in the U.S., organized four different tele-medical services, and fifteen regional tele-medical services.
This way, people who were stricken with COVID-19, were able to call in to these services and get the medications they needed prescribed to local pharmacies, or mail order distribution pharmacies, he explained.
“We know that this is phase two of bioterrorism, we don’t know who’s behind it, but we know that they want a needle in every arm to inject messenger RNA, or adenoviral DNA into every human being,” he said. “They want every human being.” The doctor later warned that the experimental vaccines could ultimately lead to cancers, and sterilize young women.
The cardiologist went on to say that because there is no clinical benefit in young people whatsoever to get the vaccine, even one case of myocarditis or pericarditis following the shots “is too many,” yet even though the CDC is aware of hundreds of alarming reports of cases of heart swelling in teenagers and young adults, they’re only going to reevaluate the matter later on in June. He accused the medical establishment of neglecting to to do anything to reduce the risks of the vaccines.
McCullough predicted that the United States is gearing up to force people into getting the injections.
“We have to stop it, and we have to see what’s behind it,” he concluded.
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She can't handle the pressures of the job!

Working for the F.B.I.?

"Diplomat" first practiced on Corn Pop

Which is it, pride or narcissism?

Niccolo Soldo interviews Glenn Greenwald

Our shelter, now in several locations, simultaneously employs homeless people and helps them exit the street while paying them to do what they most love: caring for abandoned animals. I realize, for judging a person’s worth, it’s not as noble or important as putting a rainbow flag or a #BLM hashtag in one’s Twitter bio, but we’re doing the best we can.
That is one of the many ironies of the Trump years: under the self-glorifying and unhinged banner of #Resisting fascism, American liberals marched behind and empowered war criminals, CIA and FBI goons, neocon sociopaths, the scummiest of the Bush/Cheney operatives who easily scammed them under the name “Lincoln Project,” and the long-discarded and disgraced McCarthyite script that everyone who opposes you is a Kremlin agent and a traitor. Even worse, they relied upon a union of state authority in the form of the Democratic Party and Silicon Valley monopolies, fearful of what Democrats would do when they ascended to power to systematically silence their critics and disappear them from the internet. As I’ve said before, this is the first #Resistance movement in human history that venerates secret security agencies and oligarchical power.
With trust in institutions at an all-time low, and with the political temperature set permanently to MAX, many claim that the USA is tottering and is headed towards collapse. I take the opposite view. My take is that the USA is shedding one skin and morphing into something else. The elites have never been more united despite the sniping between R and D. Time published a piece recently that detailed how the elites came together to torpedo Trump's re-election. That in my mind shows resiliency. Add to this the 4 year long constant drumbeat of TRUMP-RUSSIA, and attach to the increasingly loud anti-China noise from the right, and we have a situation in which half the country wants revenge against Russia, while the other half want to punish China. This is an almost ideal situation for the military-industrial complex. Failures at home can be channelled into foreign policy objectives that serve the interests of the elites. And with the Biden regime re-assembling the Obama Era foreign policy team, we are well on our way to seeing what I call Turbo-America: a hyper-interventionist state that uses everything from sanctions to bombs to punish or coerce countries that fall afoul of its increasingly arbitrary rules.
In the past, the natural allies of civil libertarians were leftists (in opposing McCarthyism and the War on Terror, for instance) and libertarians. But now it is the right that is often singled out as targets of censorship and other forms of recrimination free of due process, so many on the right are re-discovering, or discovering for the first time, the necessity of these values. Ultimately, the only way these values will be preserved is if everyone across the spectrum defends them not just when they and their allies are persecuted, but in all instances — in fact, even more fervently when one’s political adversaries are targeted, because that is what elevates and enshrines these values as a sacrosanct principle rather than a weaponized tactic of convenience.
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