Sunday, February 27, 2022

"We've got this corruption crisis that has metastasized into an international security crisis!"

Also some discussion of Biden's intention to nominate a left-wing judicial activist to the Supreme Court. Legislating from the bench. Race and sex discrimination! Also some discussion of Critical Race Theory. If you are against racism, you are a racist!

Getting wars mixed up

Not done, Canada!

via Motus

Remember when we had a President that did Press conferences?

Why we must resist!

Let's Roll America!

"Ike should be on Mount Rushmore for his “military-industrial complex” speech"

Ann Coulter writes,
Whenever you see any media talking about Ukraine, your Pavlovian response should be, Oh, I see. They don’t want me to think about immigration or crime.
Republicans ought to be talking their heads off about the unprecedented crisis at our border, Afghan “refugees” raping little kids in our country, illegal aliens hauling meth and fentanyl into our country, rampant shoplifting, carjacking and assaults destroying neighborhoods in our country.
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Bill Barr not a Trump fan

Finally we are hearing from former Attorney General Bill Barr. He is recommending Republicans consider voting for someone other than Donald Trump for President in 2024. His new book comes out on March 8. Read more here:

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Putin tries to block internet; Elon Musk enables Starlink satellite broadband internet access

Fred T. reports,
Elon Musk enables Starlink broadband satellites over Ukraine after Putin tries to BLOCK internet
After a request from Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister/Minister of Digital Transformation, billionaire space genius Elon Musk announced that his Starlink satellite broadband internet access is now enabled and active over the country.
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USA trucker convoy now in Arizona, heading to D.C.

Censoring posts critical of Covid-19 vaccines

Natalie Winters reports,
harmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc. is sponsoring journalism training programs utilized by Facebook to train its “fact-checking” partners and censor stories and posts critical of COVID-19 vaccines.
The International Center For Journalists (ICFJ) – itself funded by the Open Society Foundations amongst others – is partnered with Meta, Facebook’s parent company, on its “Journalism Project” initiative. In turn, Facebook relies on the journalists funded and trained by ICFJ to “combat misinformation” on its platform through its controversial fact-checking operation. Read more here:
Read more here:

Which countries have the freest economies in 2022?

Singapore remains in first place, followed by Switzerland, Ireland, and New Zealand. The United States ranks 25th, Japan is called "moderately free" with a number 35 ranking. Ghana is ranked "mostly unfree" with a number 89 ranking. Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea are ranked "repressed," at numbers 175-177. Read the whole thing here:

Did U.S. Intel bait Russia by telling China Ukraine was coming into NATO?

Sundance thinks so here:


Tough guys

via Powerline

The science has changed!

Via Powerline

Friday, February 25, 2022

Don't mess with the "big guy!"

It's Oceania versus Eastasia and Eurasia

Ace of Spades headline: Brandon's Big Plan for Stopping Russia From Invading Was to BEG CHINA TO PRESSURE RUSSIA; Instead of Helping Brandon, China Betrayed Him and Told Russia All About His Undignified Groveling
Actually, this wouldn't fit in the headline: Brandon shared secret intelligence with China to prove Russia was about to invade.
China showed how much it Feared and Respected Brandon by immediately giving that US intelligence to Russia.
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Who will benefit?

Is this the world's first cryptocurrency war? Steven Zeitchik and Tory Newmyer report,
There is the $400,000 in cryptocurrency donations raised by a Kyiv IT professional to support the Ukrainian army.
There are calls from Western cryptocurrency activists to mobilize on behalf of the Ukrainian people.
And there are fears that Russia could use cryptocurrency to avoid the effects of Western sanctions.
As Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces mount an invasion against Ukraine, two economies that have led the way in embracing the new form of digital money are each turning to it to gain an edge in the geopolitical showdown. The first major conflict of the crypto era also means that, for the first time ever, a tool that can move billions of dollars easily across borders is available to be marshaled by both sides.
“Because there is no central controller who can impose their morals on its user, crypto can be used to crowdfund for the Ukrainian army or help Russia evade sanctions,” said Tom Robinson, chief scientist and co-founder at the crypto analytics firm Elliptic. “No one can really prevent it from being used in either way.”
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In CNN's announcement today that Biden will nominate Ketanji Brown Jackson to fill the vacancy of Justice Breyer, a vague reference was made to Jackson's successful efforts to persuade Barack Obama to commute the prison sentence of her uncle. I cannot find any details. Help!

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Guilty! The three police officers who were at the scene when George Floyd died.

Daniella Silva reports,
Three former Minneapolis police officers have been found guilty of violating the civil rights of George Floyd, the Black man whose death at the hands of police in 2020 spurred protests against systemic racism around the world.
The former officers, J. Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane and Tou Thao, all were convicted of depriving Floyd of his civil rights while acting under government authority when they failed to give him medical aid. Kueng and Thao, additionally, were convicted of not intervening to stop their fellow officer Derek Chauvin from using excessive force. They had pleaded not guilty.
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Russian anti-war protesters arrested

Did you know that Enes Freedom was dumped by the NBA?

Read about it here:

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

If you want to survive COVID, you should use the drug they said to avoid, and avoid the drug they said to use!

Steve Kirsch brings us the results of a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association that shows ivermectin is three times better than the vaccines in preventing death. Read it here:

Paradoxes and Gathering Storms

Victor Davis Hanson writes,
COVID accentuated a larger and growing cultural, political, social, and economic split in the West. Partly, the fissures were brought on by the displacements of globalization. Partly they appeared with the final dominance of a huge class of credentialed government apparatchiks. And partly the split derives from the paradox of governments inviting millions of non-Western immigrants into Europe and North America from impoverished, and dystopian societies. Their inequality upon arrival, supposedly predicated on race rather than class, then becomes political nourishment for progressive redistributive agendas that otherwise had little political support among their citizen populations.
The muscular classes enjoyed no such exemptions. Their kids went to public schools that were shut down or required masks. Parents lost incomes as they stayed home to watch children that tenured teachers would not teach. Truckers had no such margin of safety or security, but were out among the public delivering food, fuel, clothing, and the appurtenances of the Western comfortable lifestyle. In our current inflationary spiral, they earned a bit more, while inflation made them poorer, while those they served earned far more.
The truckers remind Western audiences that modern progressivism equates muscular labor and hourly wage compensation with a sort of Neanderthalism. That is, the unfortunate clingers supposedly never quite understood globalization, much less how an 8-billion-person market rewards those who type on keyboards and, in relative terms, punishes the supposedly less aware who physically deliver, fix, make, and repair things.
We can almost reduce the divide to the embarrassing optics of a pouty-face pajama-boy prime minister, with a pompadour coiffure, issuing threats to calm, but beefy and calloused workers. Each time Trudeau speaks to his nation, the visual message is that any of the truckers could do a better job than he in both setting and explaining policy, while he would become a helpless weeping child if placed behind the wheel of a big rig.
Paradoxes arise constantly. Government grandees are caught without masks at tony restaurants. Climate change demagogues fly private jets. Pro-teacher union, anti-charter and anti-home school zealots ensure their children stay in private schools. The gated estate crowd ridicule the fossilized idea of a border wall. Professional bureaucrats routinely lie under oath to Congress and to federal investigators without any consequences whatsoever—as John Brennan, James Clapper, Anthony Fauci, and Andrew McCabe can attest.
Instead, the losers cling to unwoke and incorrect notions that class, not race, remains the real postmodern divide, that printing money does not make us richer, that a nation without a border is an amorphous nothing, that affordable gasoline and diesel fuel (not wind and solar) for now keep the West alive, that a fetus is alive at conception, that biology largely determines gender, that assimilation and integration are the only cures for tribalism, and that the law reflects a natural innate morality, and should not be applied on the basis of perceived victims manipulated by it, or the supposed victimizers manipulating it.
That wound of an imperious but counterfeit elite has suppurated too long beneath a smooth scab. And abruptly, the truckers at least tore some of it off.
What is now following is amplification and clarification of the Western divide. We the public are at the global theater. And we are watching a tragicomedy. On stage, a petulant cast of clueless Justin Trudeaus and bumbling Joe Bidens simply cannot fathom why few anymore are listening to them. More and more North Americans are perplexed why anyone would wish to follow such unimpressive mental and physical figures along with all the toxic hypocrisies they embody and weaponize.
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The people's convoy prepares to leave California for Washington D.C.

A new scapegoat!

He didn't listen!

A censorship cartel

How the tech oligarchs join forces to censor their political opponents. Censorship kills thinking and wisdom and innovation. Censorship inexorably leads to self-censorship. The point is control!

Was it worth it?

Are we acting out of strength or weakness?

We the people!

"My children deserve the same freedom that I grew up in!"

Trudeau backs off!

Sundance writes,
In the bigger picture, the Canadian banking and financial system was hit hard by the deployment of the Emergency Act which highlighted the ability of the government to arbitrarily freeze and seize money, assets and financial investment capital without any due process.
There are also strong rumors in the financial sector, that in addition to Canadians removing money from the banking system, previous investment funds from Hong Kong had been moved – and, making matters even worse, digital currency exchanges were no longer offering secure services in Canada.
Simultaneous to the mounting domestic and international backlash against the financial system, the Canadian Senate was likely to rebuke the government of Justin Trudeau and not support the invocation of the Emergency War Measures Act against Canadian citizens.
As a result of multiple issues of backlash with severe consequence, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet are trying to save face, and yet walk away from the Emergency War Measures Act by revoking it before they faced the humiliation of a public defeat in the Canadian Senate.
More here:

Our digital future

Sundance has a very thought-provoking post here:

Waking up!

Ace of Spades writes,
The tactic employed by the Democrat Party seems to be 1, creating a "Person of Color" category, 2, assuming that all "Persons of Color" have the political priorities that black progressives do, and 3, use the most militant and extreme fringe of black progressivism to define black progressives.
Thus, the Democrat Party is selling a fringe ideology of decriminalizing crime and taking the education out of schools to Asians. And then saying, "You're Persons of Color. You like this."
But they don't like this.
In fact, most blacks don't like this. This isn't the politics of blacks. It's the politics of the Black Panther Party.
Which is then sold to Indian immigrants as somehow representing their interests.
More and more people, and more and more Democrat constituent groups, are waking up to the fact that Wokeness = Death. And that sacrificing your life, or your child's life, for Twitter Virtue Points is a bad deal.
Read more here:


Lowering standards for speech in early childhood

Ace of Spades has an important post showing damage to young children from being required to wear masks. Read the whole thing here:


Google is now "unpublishing" my posts. Just disappearing them! Blogger is owned by Google. Anyone on Blogger, as this blog, is susceptible to being censored by Google. I just discovered that three of my posts written on February 8 were unpublished.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

What will happen to the organizers of the U.S. truckers convoy?

Jail time comparisons

Pistachios before politics!

Monday, February 21, 2022

Suspending our freedoms, compromising our right to peaceful protest, having our finances seized without due process of law in the name of a fake emergency!

David Sacks writes,
“Last summer, I warned readers of [Bari Weiss’s Common Sense Substack] that financial deplatforming would be the next wave of online censorship. Big Tech companies like PayPal were already working with left-wing groups like the ADL and SPLC to define lists of individuals and groups who should be denied service. As more and more similarly minded tech companies followed suit (as happened with social media censorship), these deplorables would be deplatformed, debanked, and eventually denied access to the modern economy altogether, as punishment for their unacceptable views. That prediction has become reality. What I could not have anticipated is that it would occur first in our mild-mannered neighbor to the north, with the Canadian government itself directing the reprisals. It remains to be seen whether Canada will be a bellwether for the U.S. But anyone who cares about the future of America as a place where citizens are free to protest their government needs to understand what has just occurred and work to stop it from taking root here.”
Because the donor data to the crowdfunding site GiveSendGo was hacked—and the leaked data shows that Canadians donated most of the $8 million raised—many thousands of law-abiding Canadians now face the prospect of financial retaliation and ruin merely for supporting an anti-government protest.
The self-conception of these pundits and politicians could not be more at odds with reality. They pose as defenders of democracy while invoking emergency powers without legislative or public debate, or without an emergency for that matter. They claim that diversity and tolerance are their highest values while insisting that only one political point of view is acceptable and censoring the alternatives. Above all, progressive elites see themselves as the champions of the disadvantaged while demonizing working-class men and women whose economic livelihoods have been devastated by their draconian Covid policies.
We must also stop the definition creep around “terrorism,” a term whose use has become so elastic that it now even includes angry moms fighting school boards. Just this month, the Department of Homeland Security made a little-noticed change in its definition of domestic terrorism, citing “widespread online proliferation of false or misleading narratives regarding unsubstantiated widespread election fraud and COVID-19” as a key driver of what it deemed a heightened domestic terror threat environment. As we have seen for over 20 years, “terrorism” is the magic word by which any curtailment of rights and expansion of government power can be justified.
Those of us in the free world have been asked to suspend many of our freedoms for the sake of our collective health during this pandemic. But asking us to compromise our right to peaceful protest, or to have our finances seized without due process of law in the name of a fake emergency, can never be made normal. In the words of Justice Gorsuch, “Even if the Constitution has taken a holiday during this pandemic, it cannot become a sabbatical.”
Read more here:

Saturday, February 19, 2022


Sundance reports,
Apparently, the psychological stress on the Ottawa Police is becoming quite troublesome.
They are asking people to stop calling 1-613-236-1222.

Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean I'm not out to get you!

XI and Putin

Helen Raleigh writes,
Both Xi and Putin face pressure from the West over their aggressions and human rights violations. Both wish to do away with America’s leadership, and the liberal world order America helped establish. Undoubtedly, this shared goal has brought China and Russia closer.
Xi and Putin don’t fully trust each other, partially due to the long history of disputes and betrayal between the two nations. In addition, they have different policy goals based on their nations’ strengths and weaknesses.
Xi doesn’t see Russia as an equal partner but as a pawn to realize his vision for China, to replace the United States as the only superpower in a Sino-centered and autocracy-friendly new world. While China is Russia’s largest trade partner, Russia amounts to less than 2 percent of China’s total trade volume.
Xi has no intention of helping Russia become an economic powerhouse. According to Jon Yuan Jiang, a Chinese-Russian relations analyst in Australia, an economically weak but militarily aggressive Russia suits Xi’s vision. He prefers that the Russian military keeps the west, primarily the United States, occupied and draws attention from Beijing’s geopolitical expansion. At the same time, he hopes that Russia’s economic dependency on China will deter Putin from challenging China’s dominance.
Putin has no delusions that a new world order dominated by China will not bode well for Russia in the long run. His goal is to return Russia to what he sees as the glorious past of the USSR by all measures, including territories, military strength, and economic power. Putin is unsatisfied that Russia is a junior partner in the Sino-Russia economic relationship, and he recognizes that Russia’s economic dependency on China is a barrier to his goal.
There are three things the Biden administration should do to exploit the friction between China and Russia. First, the Biden administration must reverse its energy policies that have benefited Russia.
Since coming into office, President Biden has imposed ruinous energy policies, including establishing a moratorium on leasing federal lands for oil and gas production and rescinding the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline, which would have added 830,000 barrels of oil a day to the world market. These policies resulted in skyrocketing gas prices, hurting U.S. consumers and economic recovery while creating a windfall for Russia, and providing Putin the financial resources to cause nuisance worldwide.
The second thing the Biden administration should do is focus on economic sanction tools that will drive China and Russia apart. Suppose Russia invades Ukraine, and the West responds by cutting Russia from the international banking system. In that case, China may want to put a distance between itself and Russia because China’s export-oriented economy is heavily dependent on such a system. Xi will have little appetite to jeopardize China’s economic growth to save Russia.
Finally, the United States should avoid outcompeting Russia in weapon exports in specific strategic markets. Russia’s economy is about the size of Italy, and it relies on two types of exports: energy and weapons. Putin has tried to diversify Russia’s economy to reduce Russia’s economic dependency on China, even if it means irritating China.
As long as India maintains a good relationship with the United States, the United States should not try to outcompete Russia in weapon exports in India. Russia’s continuing weapon exports to India naturally limit Moscow and Beijing’s cooperation.
Read more here:

An amazing homeschooling family!

E.S. Armstrong reports,
Two Alabama parents homeschooled their 10 children, with all of them graduating high school at the mere age of 12—and now, all 10 of them are rocketing forward in their respective areas of interest.
High school sweethearts Kip and Mona Lisa Harding, both 53, have raised their kids to believe that “if it’s their calling, God will help them achieve it.” Their children, who range from the age of 34 to 11, have taken their “can do” attitude to their various fields of study and occupation, accomplishing a few milestones in their chosen arenas.
The Hardings’ homeschool journey began in 1998 when their oldest child completed third grade. “The biggest reason that we brought Hannah, Rosannah, and Serennah home was that we missed them terribly all day,” said Mona Lisa, who worked as a nurse part time but has mostly been a stay-at-home mom. “The school day was just too long and we also did not like that all of the homework they brought home cut into our family time. We felt that educating our children was our responsibility.”
“The most rewarding moments are when my kids get excited about what they are learning,” she said.
“We are here to laugh with them and to cry with them,” Mona Lisa said. “We rejoice in their successes and pray for them in their failures. Having a large family is a great source of support for each one of us.”
Go here to read what each individual family member has already achieved:

Intentionally misleading the public!

Jack Hellner writes,
It takes a tremendous amount of effort for most of the media to collude to bury truthful stories of corruption while reporting fictional stories to bury Trump.
Think of how low Biden's, Clinton's, and Obama's poll numbers would be if the media reported the truth instead of actively campaigning for them. That is why they bury the stories, to intentionally mislead the public. That is pure dishonesty.
The media and others also use the term "progressive" to intentionally mislead the public about radical leftist policies. There is nothing forward-looking about the intentional destruction of the fossil fuel industry and other policies that are meant to destroy America by moving toward socialism. The proper terms to replace progressive would be destructive, repressive, oppressive, or depressive.
Read more here:

"At last the dam is breaking!"

Dr. Vinay Prasad writes,
Of course, a global pandemic will result in many wrong decisions, missed opportunities, and inevitable tragedy. But during this one, our officials have too often misled us, failed to make timely corrections of mistakes, doubled down on a foolish policy that simultaneously overburdened the young and neglected the elderly, and thus severely undermined public trust. I fear all this will be our Covid-19 legacy.
At last, the dam is breaking. Recently dozens of op-eds have lamented what has been the greatest crisis of the pandemic: our treatment of children. They have faced two years of disrupted education; continue to wear masks with no end in sight in many locations (both indoors and outdoors); and are constantly subject to testing, quarantining and pauses in school.
Many experts have called for more randomized trials during the pandemic. But they were ignored. We should have studied whether social distancing works, and how much distance is ideal. We should know a lot more about who to test, why we’re testing, and how often to test. Even school closure and reopening could have been studied. Randomized trials could have turned political fights into scientific questions. Not running them was a huge failure.
Don’t ignore scientific facts just because they don’t fit a policy imperative. For example, for most people, a Covid-19 infection results in a substantial immune response—what’s called “natural immunity.” But our officials, because of their singular focus on vaccines, have essentially ignored this basic fact, pretending natural immunity doesn’t exist.
Facebook infamously censored the lab leak hypothesis, only to recant, when the journalists Nicholas Wade and Donald McNeil showed that this was a story that needed exploring. Empowering massive technology companies with the ability to censor anyone is dangerous for an open society. I investigated Facebook’s third-party censors and found that in one instance, they selected a “fact checker” who had already tweeted criticism of the article they were asked to check. This is akin to selecting a juror for a trial who already stated she believes the defendant is guilty.
There is a real solution to information you do not like or that you disagree with: A detailed, methodical rebuttal. Not theatrical calls to silence the speaker.
We should rightly be celebrating the magnificent breakthrough of the mRNA vaccines, which were quickly developed, saved millions of lives, and hold the promise for further medical advances benefitting all humanity. We also now have (when doctors can get them) effective medications for vulnerable people who contract Covid-19.
Read more here:

Massive debanking and intimidation campaigns

Happening now in Canada!

Targeting ordinary people

David Harsanyi writes,
many of the same outlets that refused to report specifics about the Hunter Biden email scoop in 2020 (though the story was obtained in a completely ethical journalistic manner) or share specifics from the Democratic National Committee email hacks in 2016 (illegally obtained, but with high news value) have no compunction highlighting a site that takes aim at ordinary people who have done nothing but engage in political dissent.
In Canada, the doxing has already begun. Tammy Giuliani, a small-business owner who employs 40 people, was forced to shut down her gelato shop because of threats made against her employees after her $250 donation to the truckers’ cause was disclosed, according to the Ottawa Citizen.
Read more here:

Biden administration dumps 1000 Afghan refugees next to Loudon County high school!

One of the places where parents have stood up against the teachings of critical race theory is Loudon County, Virginia. Luke osiak reports,
The Department of Homeland Security will house up to 1,000 Afghan refugees in an compound next to a Loudoun County high school and middle school, and made plans to do so with no communication with local authorities, Loudoun County, Virginia, Sheriff Mike Chapman said.
The sheriff “raised concerns about DHS’ lack of communication, lack of planning, language barriers, a failure to communicate with a myriad of potential stakeholders, and the NCC’s [National Conference Center’s] unfenced proximity to a residential neighborhood and two public schools.” The federal government claims that “many” of the Afghans served the U.S. as translators, but only 30% speak English, Chapman said in a statement.
Read more here, icluding several incidents of sexual abuse committed by Afghan refugees:

Friday, February 18, 2022

How will it go for the U.S. truck convoy?

Ottawa police arresting anyone trying to arrest peaceful truckers!

Those senators who could not be bothered to show up to vote!

Do you want veins or arteries that look like this?

Debra Heine reports,
Board-certified funeral directors and embalmers are coming forward to tell tales of horror featuring vaccinated bodies with veins and arteries clogged with strange, rubbery, worm-like clots.
Attorney Thomas Renz, a member of America’s Frontline Doctors’ legal team, revealed during a panel discussion in the United States Senate a few weeks ago that the U.S. government is ignoring several alarming vaccine safety signals among vaccinated members of the military. Renz revealed that Department of Defense data showed massive spikes in cancer, miscarriages, pulmonary embolisms, Bell’s palsy, and neurological damage post-inoculation. The information was provided by three military doctors who have access to the vaccination data.
Go here to watch videos and read more:

Canada crackdown

Sundance reports,
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau cancelled parliamentary debate today as federal police began arresting protesting truckers and confiscating vehicles. Trudeau did not want to face government while the operation to break the back of the freedom protestors begins.
Early this morning, federal police assembled a convoy of heavy tow trucks to begin the operation. The identities of the tow truck companies were masked by painting over the logos to avoid retaliation. RCMP and Ottawa police then brought in Armored Personnel Carriers (MRAP’s and APC’s) to support the operation.
Media were told to leave the enforcement zone to help hide the optics of heavily armed RCMP tactical units, and they began breaking the windows of the trucks and forcibly removing the truck drivers. For the same reason, popular social media YouTuber’s, who had been broadcasting livestreams, were arrested as the operation began.
Read more and watch videos here:

"Trudeau will go even harder in the totalitarian direction, all the while proclaiming it is one effort to "save Canadian democracy!"

Sundance writes,
What we are witnessing in Canada is not only an outcome of a severely ideological tribe of leftists; the worst part of what we are forced to witness is an outcome of conservative politicians with ZERO skills at fighting back against it.
The Conservative Party of Canada is a weak, ineffective, useless and scared political apparatus.
They are cowards, because they really do not believe their own message.
They are so afraid of the Alinsky linguistics, they expend all of their energy trying to avoid labels. As a result of their all-consuming politically correct avoidance efforts, they have no other skills to fight.
...Liberty, freedom and self-determination depends on believing in your message.
Donald Trump believes in it, that’s why DC hates him. The Brexiteers in the U.K believe in it, that’s why the British Parliament hate them. Ultimately the Canadian truckers believe in it, and that is exactly why the leftist political class in Ottawa hate them.
They won’t just stop with debanking, that’s too immediate. Now comes the longer-term issue of controlling communication to ensure the uprisings never happen again.
Prime Minister Trudeau will demand more control mechanisms, more censorship, more deplatforming of his opposition, more silencing of voices, more demonetization of content platforms by the government’s corporate allies. He will go even harder in the totalitarian direction, all the while proclaiming it is one effort to “save Canadian democracy”.
Candidate Donald J. Trump knew the Republican Party was incapable of succeeding, because they did not fight for what they claimed to believe.
So, Trump started to fight for GOP issues; visibly fight against the ideological left with common sense promises, policies and brutally obvious solutions. We all saw the response from the professionally Republican class in their rebuke of Trump’s style of fight, which I must emphasize was the only effective approach to destroying the political left in the past three decades.
Conversely, leftists in Canada and Democrats in the U.S. do believe their message; even when that message is fundamentally toxic to the survival of their nations.
Read more here:

The science is changing!

Eric Ting reports,
Democrats' internal polling shows swing voters believe party went 'too far' on COVID.
Ace of Spades replies,
The Democrats shouldn't worry too much about covid, though.
Because they're in even worse trouble on crime, the border, and woke bullshit.

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Not the same!

He would love to hear Twitter explain its inconsistency.

pbird thinks life is better with pocket phones

pbird is a commenter at the MOTUS blog

Gas now over 6 dollars per gallon in L.A.!

Compared to Watergate?

Seizure of virtual assets

When we had an alpha male in the White House

Russian government asks Biden administration for invasion dates!

Sundance reports,
Yesterday, the Russians reminded the Ukraine government to set their alarm clocks so they did not miss the invasion. Today the Russian government asks the Biden administration for the invasion dates, they plan to use this year, so that Moscow can coordinate the vacation plans of key military and government officials.
Read more here:

"I'm a famous fuc#ing cyberterrorist!"

They openly they admit what they are doing!

Sundance reports,
During her prepared remarks today, a very happy Canadian Finance Minister declared that federal law enforcement (RCMP) has begun working with financial institutions to de-bank Canadian citizens, cancel insurance policies, remove access to credit cards, cancel mortgages and freeze the assets of Canadian citizens.
When asked specifically about Canadian citizens who donated to crowdfunding platforms GiveSendGo and GoFundMe, and whether those people will be targeted under the Emergency Act, Minister Freeland giddily affirmed those people are the actual targets, and the de-banking of those individuals is underway. This includes the seizure of digital currency and crypto-wallets.
In the earlier part of her remarks, Freeland noted that social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc.) are being used as evidence against the targeted names identified within the donor lists. Tech platforms have provided people to work with Canadian federal officials, as they identify and cross-reference the donor files to their social media identities.
Read more here:

Tyrannical Trudeau

Ben Shapiro writes,
...From now on, dissent against left-wing perspectives may be criminalized. Watch what you say—your bank account is on the line.
Over the course of the past century, the political left made a promise: that if they were granted more and more centralized power, they would protect their citizens, particularly during times of emergency. That promise was always a lie, but the pandemic exploded that lie in particularly egregious fashion.
This left the left with two options: to abandon that article of faith, an idea central to their entire worldview; or to persecute heretics. Trudeau, unsurprisingly, has chosen the latter. Emergency powers will be necessary until the people enthusiastically agree that their betters in government ought to rule them.
Read more here:

Hillary Clinton, master of scandals!

Victor Davis Hanson reminds us that
Hillary Clinton by now is an old master of scandals. Her lifelong oeuvre is vast — the cattle futures scam, Rose law firm missing documents, Travelgate, Uranium One shenanigans, missing emails, and the Steele dossier.
But the ongoing effort of her paid associates to tap into the top-secret communications of a presidential candidate and further use such illicit information to ruin the American presidency will go down as her greatest masterpiece of deceit.
Read more here:

"Time to panic? No. Time to prepare? You bet your ass."

JJ Sefton remembers Rush Limbaugh fondly here:

Flipping the switch to dictatorship!

Ace of Spades takes note of Trudeau's flipping of the switch to dictatorship in Canada and the accompanying silence of the media and people who used to identify as conservatives.
What we used to call "conservatism" had two different parts to it.
One, an ideological part, one that favored freedom, religion, business, and such,
and two, a merely factional part, dedicated to preserving the Right To Rule of the Ruling Class, the right of the "Higher Orders" to rule over the "Lower Orders."
"Conservatism" united those who wanted to retain traditions with those who wanted to retain traditional ruling structures.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

No protocol!

Glenn Greenwald calls out the hypocrisy of Twitter's pre-election Hunter Biden reporting

Can we allow this to continue?

Regarding the Palin vs. New York Times case, Ace of Spades writes,
A New York City jury has refused to find a leftwing political organization liable for the deliberate harm it inflicted a conservative icon.
How long can we allow ourselves to be tried in NY and DC courts? Or attempting to prosecute Democrats in NYC and DC courts?
The left is so monolithically clannish they've made themselves un-prosecutable or un-suable in their home courts. And when a conservative appears before their kangaroo courts -- get ready to go to prison for four years for "parading."
Can we allow this to continue?
We need a right of removal to less partisan jurisdictions in cases involving a strong political charge. The ability of the left to put politics out of their minds and judge cases on the facts can not be assumed; in fact, a major claim of the left is that to judge cases on their individual merits, rather than on their social implications, is racist.

The danger of critical race theory

Marc Theissen writes,
The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. did not argue that America was systemically racist; he argued that racism was un-American. He appealed to the Enlightenment ideals contained in what he called our “magnificent” Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and declared his goal was to take “the whole nation back to those great wells of democracy, which were dug deep by the Founding Fathers.” King argued Bull Connor, head of the Birmingham, Ala., police, and the Southern racists were violating the principles of the American founding. But critical race theory argues the opposite — that Connor was the fulfillment of the American founding, because America was founded to perpetuate white supremacy.
Why is this dangerous? As Richard M. Weaver famously said, “Ideas have consequences.” Critical theory has led to the rise of ideologies that have killed millions. “We have paid severe prices at those moments when people have lost faith in reason and decided to defect to something else,” Guelzo says. “Those are the moments when genocide rears its hideous head.”
By rejecting reason, he argues, critical race theory could provoke a backlash that drives others “into equal, but opposite irrationality” such as “genuine white supremacy. … If your critical race theory is impervious to questioning and evidence, then fine: I will retreat into my critical race theory and it too will be impervious to evidence and the questioning. At which point then the only solution becomes violence.”
This is why CRT is so dangerous — and must never be used to indoctrinate America’s children.
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Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Standing with the truckers!

A performance!

Sundance writes,
We already know the baseline fraud from the Joe Biden White House. They have built out an elaborate and fabricated scenario that Russia is going to attack Ukraine. The have used the political control operatives within the IC, Pentagon and State Dept to manufacture their claim. There is no attack planned and there never was. The absence of the attack will be declared a brilliant and strategic victory by the Biden administration. That’s the plan.
In this ‘wag the dog’ scenario, Ukraine President Vladimir Zelensky is being used as a pawn, as the United States keeps up the pretense. However, in a pretty smart move today, Zelensky tells the world –very publicly– the Americans have informed him of the exact date of the Russia attack (which he knows is never coming).
“February 16 will be the day of attack” on Ukraine by Russia, said a post on Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s Facebook page accompanying a video address to his country on Monday night. (link) Wednesday aligns with the previous statements from the White House and State Dept.
Remember, this is all a pantomime, an elaborate ruse, a complete farce. The Biden crew picked this week because several months ago Russia announced they were conducting military exercises in Western Russia near the Ukraine border. The United States is fabricating their claim of a pending Russian invasion of Ukraine around these Russian exercises. When the invasion/attack doesn’t happen, Biden officials will declare a strategic geopolitical victory.
Next week the Biden team will be on television telling stories about how their strategic geopolitical excellence averted a thermonuclear war that was never coming in the first place. Believe me, tens of millions of Americans will fall for it, because the reality of what took place is just too grand in scale, too bizarre, to fathom.
Last point, do not ignore an important point that Republicans in DC know this is all a performance. They fall into two groups. Group #1 are involved in the pretense, and Group #2 won’t call it out because they are fearful of the media portraying them as nuts.
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The question is whether Washington has the appetite to control them before it’s too late.

Joel Kotkin writes,
Today we see the rise of a few companies, who have moved into virtually every aspect of our economy. The nerds of Silicon Valley are no longer just interested in gadgets to make life better but are seizing control of both the production and dissemination of information. Arguably the greatest beneficiaries of a pandemic that hooked people ever more on their products, the tech giants now have the capital to lead the drive into space and the forced march to electrical vehicles, while also looking into dominating more prosaic fields like healthcare and finance.
in the past few decades, the largest emerging corporate interests—Meta, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon—and a handful of large financial institutions gained unprecedented control over the economy. By last summer six tech firms, including Tesla, accounted for half the value of the NASQAQ 100. By 2020, the five largest tech companies had total revenue amounting to half of those of all state governments combined.
In virtually every key field— operating systems, social media, search, the cloud—a handful of firms now dominate. For example, Google and Apple account for nearly 90 percent of all mobile browsers worldwide, while Microsoft by itself controls 90 percent of all operating system software. Three tech firms now account for two-thirds of all on-line advertising revenues, which comprises the vast majority of all ad sales.
Our new chieftains have no national allegiance. Today’s corporate hegemons see themselves not as national identities, but global ones. They don’t even depend much on our own education system: some 75 percent of Silicon Valley’s workforce are not even citizens. Many are H-IB indentured servants, “technocoolies,” brought in short-term contracts to do work they don’t have to pay Americans to do.
Virtually all our elite, particularly on Wall Street as well as Silicon Valley, is betting on China, and seem far less than interested in helping America, or liberal capitalism, stand up to autocracy than making ever more profits in the short-term. Their advocacy for “zero-carbon,” which will make energy far more expensive, reflects a priority expressive of both virtue signaling and an opportunity to make profits, even at national expense.
Donald Trump’s 2020 loss may have been caused by his far from adept handling of the pandemic, but also efforts heavily financed by tech oligarchs like Mark Zuckerberg, who spent hundreds of millions of dollars on getting the desired electoral result. The oligarchs had many business reasons to detest both Trump and his loudly nationalist policies, and have openly boasted, as pointed out in Time (owned by Salesforce’s Mark Benioff) of their success in removing the former President.

The Great Replacement is not a conspiracy theory

The editors of The American Mind write,
Last August, Census data showed a decline in America’s white population for the first time since 1790, when the Census itself began. Filmmaker Michael Moore called this the “best day ever in U.S. history.” Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post called it “fabulous news.” Those who gleefully celebrate rising deaths of despair and plummeting fertility among any group of Americans are no friends to this country or its way of life.
Americans should be bold in exposing this elite minority’s deceitful efforts to uproot and demoralize those who defy them. That means speaking clearly about the aims which the ruling class itself declares, and refusing to be intimidated by smear campaigns. The Great Replacement is not a conspiracy theory, and it is not racist to talk about it. We are not afraid to do so. Nor should Americans be.
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When real labor awakens to the true parasitic nature of the Left, the whole system comes crashing down!

From American Greatness:
The Soviet Union, like modern leftism today, appropriates and exploits the struggle of ordinary people while simultaneously making things worse for them. Their soft hands and arrogance set them apart from their supposed clients in the “real world.” Their only skill is to feast upon the fruits of other people’s labor. When real labor awakens to the true parasitic nature of the Left, the whole system comes crashing down.
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Censorship-happy police states

JJ Sefton writes,
And speaking of the Islamic caliphate, it should be noted that it has a major beachhead in Canada. Just ask Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn about barely surviving the attempt to "Mus-zzle" them by a Canadian human rights council about 15 years ago. Yeah, the will to power and the totalitarian impulse is sadly nothing new in Canada and elsewhere. The past "two weeks" (100 in real time) put it into overdrive, transforming what we thought were bastions of western civilization and freedom - Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the USA - into concentration camp-building, political prisoner-jailing, and censorship-happy police states.
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Defending in court the most egregious use of the media's power to defame.

CBD writes,
The 1st Amendment does not say that the press should be elevated above all others. Yet the current conceit is to grant them unlimited freedom to defame, unlimited access to all information (even when it does real damage to America and its interests)...license that real Americans do not have.
It is long past time to judge the press according to the norms of behavior that a traditional culture finds acceptable. Choosing one political side and defaming the other is not what the framers intended for the press.
If a simple replacement of a newspaper name with a private citizen would yield a different verdict, then the law and its interpretation by a misguided judiciary is wrong!
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What was once a dangerous conspiracy theory is now just a sensible observation!

Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign was coordinated with the F.B.I.!

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Amazing research!

Sundance reports,
Washington DC created the modern national security apparatus immediately and hurriedly after 9/11/01. DHS came along in 2002 and within the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 the ODNI was formed. When Barack Obama and Eric Holder arrived a few years later, those newly formed institutions were viewed as opportunities to create a very specific national security apparatus that would focus almost exclusively against their political opposition.
The preexisting Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Dept of Justice (DOJ) were then repurposed to become two of the four pillars of the domestic national security apparatus. However, this new construct would have a targeting mechanism based on political ideology. The DHS, ODNI, DOJ and FBI became the four pillars of this new institution. Atop these pillars is where you will find the Fourth Branch of Government.
Prior to the ODNI, We The People were what the intelligence system was designed to protect. After the ODNI was created, We The People were now defined as the potential threat. The continuity of government was now what needed to be protected…. FROM US!
Read his superb research and article here:

"Trudeau is a bully checkmated by his own immoral choices."

John Nolte writes,
When you boil down why Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. won the battle for civil rights, it’s because he was right, and by right, I mean morally right.
What Democrat Gov. George Wallace was to the civil rights movement, Justin Trudeau is to the Freedom Convoy.
Like George Wallace and his fellow Democrat Bull Connor and all the Democrats who created and enforced Jim Crow, Trudeau is a bully checkmated by his own immoral choices.
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Saturday, February 12, 2022

Australia following Canada's lead!

Making the effort!

Mainstream media's narrative

hat tip PowerLine

A new bird flu outbreak?

Federal authorities are planning to increase its monitoring of wild, migratory birds to better track bird flu, which can be spread from wild birds to livestock. dpa/picture alliance via Getty Images Reuters reports,
The disease is already widespread in Europe and affecting Africa, Asia and Canada, but the outbreak in Indiana, which is on a migratory bird pathway, particularly rattled U.S. producers. A devastating US bird-flu outbreak in 2015 killed nearly 50 million birds, mostly turkeys and egg-laying chickens in the Midwest.
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Do you have “cluttered memoryscapes?"

Sarah Sloat reports,
There’s a paradox in memory science: Empirical evidence and life experience both suggest older adults have more knowledge of the world. However, in laboratory settings, they generally perform worse on memory tests than younger adults. What can explain the disparity?
The answer might be “clutter,” according to a review of memory studies published Friday in the journal Trends in Cognitive Science.
“Many of us have the experience of being unable to recall a person’s name or locate where we left our keys, only to have that information pop into our head later,” he added.
Amer and colleagues argue this happens more frequently as people get older, not because they are losing brain plasticity or progressing toward amnesia, but because of these “cluttered memoryscapes.” Memories include the target information — what one is being asked to recall — and irrelevant information.
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Which music would you play?

Rob Gillies and Mike Householder report,
WINDSOR, Ontario (AP) — A tense standoff at a U.S.-Canadian border crossing crucial to both countries’ economies appeared to be dissolving peacefully Saturday as Canadian police moved in to disperse the nearly weeklong blockade and demonstrators began leaving without resistance.
The protests have reverberated outside the country, with similarly inspired convoys in France, New Zealand and the Netherlands, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security warned that truck protests may be in the works in the United States.
Protests inspired by the Canadian demonstrations were seen in parts of Europe on Saturday.
At least 500 vehicles in several convoys attempted to enter Paris at key arteries but were intercepted by police.
In the Netherlands, meanwhile, dozens of trucks and other vehicles ranging from tractors to a car towing a camping van arrived in The Hague, blocking an entrance to the historic parliamentary complex. Protesters on foot joined them, carrying a banner emblazoned with “Love & freedom, no dictatorship” in Dutch.
Earlier this week in New Zealand, protesters rolled up to Parliament grounds in a convoy of cars and trucks and set up camp. Police have taken a hands-off approach after initial attempts to remove them resulted in physical confrontations.
Parliament Speaker Trevor Mallard on Friday ordered his staff to turn on the lawn’s sprinklers to douse them and to play Barry Manilow tunes and the 1990s hit “Macarena” over loudspeakers to annoy them. Protesters responded by playing their own songs, including Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It.”
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24 million taxpayers are still waiting for the IRS to process returns from last year!

Lisa Rein and Tony Romm report,
Nearly 24 million taxpayers are still waiting for the Internal Revenue Service to process their tax returns from last year — a number far larger than previously reported by the agency — with many refunds being held up for ten months or more.
The inventory of unprocessed returns and related correspondence was provided by the IRS’s taxpayer advocate service to the tax-writing committees in Congress. The backlog will probably further slow service in the 2022 filing season; the Treasury Department, the IRS’s parent agency, warned in January that it expected its response to be subpar this year.
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Friday, February 11, 2022

Are Canadian truckers saving the free world?

Doctor Who Helped Discover Omicron Says She Was Pressured Not to Reveal It’s Mild.

Jack Phillips reports,
The doctor who helped discover the Omicron COVID-19 variant claimed that she was pressured by several government officials not to reveal that it was a milder strain.
Speaking to Germany’s Welt newspaper, Dr. Angelique Coetzee, who is currently the head of the South African Medical Association, said that during discussions with European officials, she was told not to say that Omicron patients presented milder symptoms than prior COVID-19 variants.
During her discussions, she recalled what she had told the other officials. “What I said at one point—because I was just tired of it—was: In South Africa, this is a mild illness, but in Europe, it is a very serious one. That’s what your politicians wanted to hear.”
Read more here: Hat tip Glenn Reynolds

Ottawa's plans

Actually, the truckers do have something to say!

Biden's newest appointment

Biden's newest appointment is Sam Brinton. Sam has sex with animals and prefers "they/them" pronouns. Robert Spencer reports,
Sam Brinton (“they/them”), had some “pretty BIG news” for his friends and followers on LinkedIn recently: “I have accepted the offer to serve as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy for the Department of Energy. In this role I’ll be doing what I always dreamed of doing, leading the effort to solve the nation’s nuclear waste challenges.” Brinton also noted proudly that he would “even be (to my knowledge) the first gender fluid person in federal government leadership.” He is much more than that. He is, to the best of my knowledge, the first drag queen and the first person to discuss his affinity for sex with animals to hold an office of the public trust.
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Ideological dystopias

Victor Davis Hanson writes,
What ultimately destroyed the evil empires of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia were bankrupt dogmas. Crackpot ideology destroyed free expression. It ruined meritocracy and ensured unequal application of the laws—and so paved the way for far worse.
Why were most Antifa and Black Lives Matter criminals who looted, destroyed, and assaulted during the 120 days of summer 2020 not charged, much less tried? Why, in contrast, were the January 6 rioters or the current Canadian truckers treated disproportionately harshly by the media?
When ideology in places like Castroite Cuba, the old Soviet Union, and Venezuela warped the application of the law, destroyed the role of merit in assessing qualifications, silenced speech, and unequally applied the law, then society unwound.
In such ideological dystopias, eventually even the shelves empty, the currency becomes worthless, and the nation regresses into poverty and chaos. Is that the future we await?
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Thursday, February 10, 2022

"We face the extinction of a civilization built on liberty, freedom, and equality."

Janet Levy refers us to a book written by Kenneth Abramowitz entitled, The Multifront War: Defending America from Political Islam, China, Russia, Pandemics and Racial Strife.
According to Abramowitz, the chief enemies within are the Reds, the Greens, and the Blues. Together, they fight against the Yellows, representing the sunlight of Western civilization, founded on the 3,800-year-old Judeo-Christian traditions and the 250-year-old tradition of secular, constitutional law. The Reds are the communists -- China, Russia, North Korea, and the American Left. The Greens are the Islamists -- Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, and hundreds of Islamist groups around the world. The Blues, named for the color of the United Nations, are the globalists -- the WHO, the International Criminal Court, NGOs, and multinational corporations like Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Sacrificing American values, they have adopted Chinese morality to pursue profit in the huge market that is communist China.
Abramowitz identifies a fourth, passive enemy -- the Whites (named for the flag of surrender). He also calls them the isolationists, average citizens who live their lives and do their jobs but do not engage with the issues du jour, believing they are immune to political winds and potential threats. They unwittingly aid and abet the Reds, Greens, and Blues.
The Reds, the Greens, and the Blues have infiltrated Western societies and gained substantial influence and control over politicians, institutions, the media, and Big Tech. Abramowitz says they operate in six arenas -- physical, cultural, economic, demographic, legal, and cyber.
Physical warfare, although kinetic, does not always involve combat. It includes the stealthy use of biological and chemical weapons – for example, pathogens such as anthrax and the coronavirus, and addictive substances like the opioid fentanyl, whose trafficking into the U.S. from Mexico resulted in 100,000 American deaths last year.
Cultural warfare constitutes the framing of narratives that engender fear and doubt and destroy societal norms. Some of these narratives aim to suppress certain kinds of speech while redefining, neutralizing, and weaponizing other kinds -- like in ‘newspeak’ from Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984. Such narratives are propagated by a growing army of operatives in academia, the media, the educational system, and organizations such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa.
Academia -- chiefly leftist humanities departments in universities -- has been most effective in recruiting and training that army by indoctrinating impressionable young students with Critical Race Theory (CRT), the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) paradigm, and fallacious theories of gender fluidity. Hypnotized by vague but thrilling theories, their youthful idealism hijacked by specious arguments, they begin to nurse messianic notions. On graduating, they eagerly join in the revision of national history and the calumniation of religious and ethical principles.
On the economic front, policies such as ESG (Environment, Social Justice, and Good Governance) and the Green New Deal are clear assaults on the nation’s prosperity. Many American corporations have hypocritically been promoting these policies, constricting economic activity at home while advancing business in China, the world’s biggest polluter. Championing social justice at home, they ignore China’s atrocities on the Tibetans, Hongkongers, Uighurs, and Falun Gong. Paying lip service to good governance in the U.S., they support and kowtow to authoritarian China.
Demographic warfare is most evident on our porous southern border. But it’s being waged from many directions and is a massive threat to national security. Last year alone, two million people -- from Haiti, Chile, Somalia, Eritrea, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other countries of terrorist concern – breached the U.S. illegally. The campaign for “abortion rights” is also a part of the plan for demographic disruption. If abortion seems reasonable, you might disabuse yourself of the idea with this statistic: in 2021, abortion was the leading cause of death globally (43 million), more than from cancer, malaria, HIV/AIDS, smoking, alcohol, traffic accidents combined.
Lawfare -- or the legal fight against Western civilization -- is evidenced by the plethora of lawsuits against First Amendment rights. Corporations are coerced into having ‘diverse’ boards and workforces at the cost of competence and excellence. University professors are fired, censured, or canceled for ‘wrongthink.’ Businesses face lawsuits for refusing to provide services that run against their owners’ religious beliefs. During the COVID pandemic, the executive branch usurped individuals’ and states’ rights through many federal mandates. Municipalities and local governments imposed arbitrary standards of operation for businesses and schools.
On the cyber front, the U.S. has faced security breaches by China, North Korea, Russia, and others. During the 2020 presidential elections, malfeasance of internal and external origin was suspected. Concerns about data exfiltration and network disruption loom large. Chinese hackers have targeted news organizations and may have recently breached News Corp and stolen data on journalists and other employees. North Korean agents have targeted U.S. critical infrastructure, including defense contractors. In 2014, its agents infiltrated Sony Pictures and leaked confidential employee data to prevent the release of a film on the assassination of Kim Jong-un. A recent study by Microsoft found that the vast majority of cyberattacks are by Russian intelligence gatherers.
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Inflation hits the biggest year-over-year high since 1983!

As inflation hits a new high, Ace of Spades posts a comprehensive look at the issues involved here:

Wednesday, February 09, 2022

Superficial diversity

Ace of Spades open-blogger Joe Mannix writes,
The "diversity is our strength" crowd is remarkably non-diverse where it counts: ideas.
In a very real sense, diversity is our strength - but "diversity" doesn't mean what the high priests of the diversity cult say it means. That priesthood has but one definition of diversity: the superficial one. Diversity of thought and ideas is not a strength to them, it is oppression and supremacism. To the priesthood, actual diversity is their enemy and only perfect conformity is acceptable.
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Elite Cupcake smears the truckers

Whistleblower tells Project Veritas about blatant racism at ESPN

Was Fidel Castro the biological father of Justin Trudeau?

Was Fidel Castro the biological father of Justin Trudeau? Karen Liebowitcz wrote this article in 2020 alledging that he was. Read the whole thing here:

Freedom is on the move! We are going to make Canada the freest country on Earth!"

"There is way more of us than them!"

Tuesday, February 08, 2022

Making drug abuse safer!

Patrick Hauf reports,
The Biden administration is set to fund the distribution of crack pipes to drug addicts as part of its plan to advance "racial equity."
The $30 million grant program, which closed applications Monday and will begin in May, will provide funds to nonprofits and local governments to help make drug use safer for addicts. Included in the grant, which is overseen by the Department of Health and Human Services, are funds for "smoking kits/supplies." A spokesman for the agency told the Washington Free Beacon that these kits will provide pipes for users to smoke crack cocaine, crystal methamphetamine, and "any illicit substance."
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