Saturday, October 31, 2020

The old GOP is dead. The Trump party is going to lead America back to prosperity and encourage a global movement toward national sovereignty and freedom.

In the Federalist, Molly McCann writes,
Republicans who don’t like Trump want to go back to 'normal,' but the old GOP is dead. Trump made a new party, and that is the party of the future.
The “Make America Great Again” slogan captures the spirit that unites these people. Trump’s party retains the core family values of the old GOP but with an additional and robust focus on economic nationalism, strong sovereignty and national security, and smart foreign policy. The people in Trump’s party are risk-takers and wealth-builders, and they truly live the American ideals of independence and free thought.
Read it all here.

"Barack and I think it is a right for people to have badakathcare!"

Bumper to bumper for 96 miles in Arizona!

A sea of supporters!

"We're uniting while you are whining!

Some tweets and comments tonight

thebradfordfile tweeted,
"Biden hiding in his basement" will be a political punchline for decades to come after Trump's landslide win.
C2C commented in The Last Refuge,
Thomas Paine Podcast episode 47: FBI director Chris Wray’s law firm, King & Spaulding, represented the Russian Oil company that the Chinese CEFC was trying to acquire a percentage of, the deal that Bobulinsky describes. Wray was a partner with equity in the law firm & scrubbed all reference about it from his law firm bio once he knew he was being considered for head FBI. Plus, Wray’s got Millions $ in Russian investments in his portfolio. Hunter Biden is whom Wray’s firm was negotiating the purchase with, going behind Bobulinsky’s back. Of course Wray sat on the laptop….. he’s in on it. Billy Barr’s law firm represented a 3rd party that was in on the deal too, they were the “broker” …my description. So Barr’s involved in the Hunter deal as well. No indictments, no arrests, part of the coup. No written disclosures about their conflicts in their confirmation documents.
Me to you: Don't forget to set your clocks back one hour tonight. Daylight Savings ends at 2 a.m., so fall back!

"Wall Street, Silicon Valley: Writ Large Sociopaths!"

Peter Navarro is tough as nails, and always worth listening to!

Louder please, Barack!

Chris will always be there to lend a helping hand!

"It's not my right to vote. It's other people's right to tell me how to vote. I just don't want to let people down and accidentally vote based on my own thinking!"

I hope you are not having as much difficulty deciding whom to vote for!

Escorting Biden/Harris out of Texas!

Happy Halloween!

The New York Post did not cave to Twitter censors!

Friday, October 30, 2020

Some tweets or quotes I ran across this evening

Frank Luntz tweeted,
Washington D.C. and Los Angeles (so far) are being boarded up in anticipation of #ElectionDay on Tuesday. What are we becoming, a Third World country? We’ve had 200+ years of peaceful elections – why are we regressing?
Jerry Dunleavy tweeted,
Twitter was wrong. The New York Post was right. And the New York Post got Twitter to admit it.
Kanye West said in a three hour interview with Joe Rogan,
Kanye: "We are in genocide. There are one thousand abortions of black babies per day!"
In that same interview, Kanye said,
"If you remove the fear of God, you create the possibility of the fear of everything else! If you instill the fear of God, you eliminate the fear of anything else! I fear God my Father, and I don't fear nothin' else!"

Have you heard people say that they wish Joe Rogan could have been the moderator for one of the presidential debates? Well, here he is with one of the candidates, Kanye West!

And, by the way, Kanye definitely plans to win in 2024!

Biden has been leading in Arizona; now tied with Trump

In support of Donald J. Trump and L'il Wayne

Free at last! "For now, at least!"

Thought-provoking tweets today

Melissa tweeted,
I’m a regular on line and I have to say MAGA people are different than democrats or republicans. We are our own thing. We love our country and we love and pray for each other. Belief In God frees you from fear and fear is the enemy of joy. I believe in the good in people
Charlie Kirk tweeted,
It's starting to look like 77-year-old Joe Biden is only running for president so he can squash the active criminal investigation into his son & family. Are Democrats okay with that?
Thomas Sowell tweeted,
The left is not necessarily aiming at totalitarianism. But their know-it-all mindset leads repeatedly and pervasively in that direction, even if by small steps, each of which might be called "micro-totalitarianism."
Praying Medic tweeted,
Hundreds of hospitals targeted by ransomware hackers, while covid cases suddenly spike. Amazing coincidence.…
Omri Ceren tweeted,
Hey, is it weird for the capital city of a Western democracy to go on lockdown before an election - board up all the doors and windows, etc. - in expectation of riots, while that democracy's media & pundit class intones riots are rightwing fiction & recent protests were peaceful?

"Regardless of who wins, the Left plans to take over!"

18-24 yr.-olds in college: White females 45.4%, Black females 40.9%, Hispanic females 40.4% white males 39.1% (no mention of Black or Hispanic males)

Treat the word "impossible" as nothing more than motivation!

Protection sadly needed


Happening now!

Patriotism, joy, community!

"That white cop saved my life!"

L'il Wayne: "If it ain't got nothin' to do with me, I ain't connected to it!"

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Some important quotes and tweets tonight

Catturd tweeted,
It’s been 12 hours since Jack Dorsey swore to Congress that conservatives don’t get censored - yet here I am getting throttled, censored and my followers removed, daily, without them knowing it. And nothing will happen. Congress is a joke.
Ace of Spades headline for a story in his blog:
DOJ Probes New York Nursing Homes Deaths, After Finding, Get This, Andrew Cuomo Undercounted The Number of Elderly People He Murdered
Glenn Greenwald, co-founder of the Intercept, wrote,
But modern media outlets do not air dissent; they quash it. So censorship of my article, rather than engagement with it, was the path these Biden-supporting editors chose.
Jack Posobiec tweeted,
Now do you understand? They impeached Trump on Ukraine to protect Biden
Breaking 911 tweeted,
BREAKING: Walmart removes all guns and ammunition from displays in its U.S. stores, aiming to head off any potential theft of firearms if the stores are broken into amid social unrest - WSJ

But the polls!

"There is nothing you can do about it!" How about if we vote on November 3?

Dorsey says he wants to earn our trust!

Andrew talks about a lot of different issues in this video, but what interested me the most were his comments about the insouciant Jack Dorsey, the head of Twitter. Dorsey talks about earning our trust while silencing anyone on the right who expresses views Twitter's leftists do not agree with and, therefore, suppress.
The Left wants to create a world of disinformation, and now they find themselves living in it! For example, they call the rioters and looters "mostly peaceful." Obama played the race card when his policies weren't working. He started the false narrative that police were picking on black people.

People leaving Paris before tonight's new 9pm Covid-19 curfew

"But we the people did not go quietly into that good night."

In his Morning Report in the Ace of Spades blog, JJ Sefton writes in part,
What happens after November 3rd (ish) will truly be an absolute crossroads in the life of this nation going forward every bit as crucial as April 19th, 1775, April 12th, 1861, December 7th, 1941 and September 11th, 2001. It took almost 100 years but the government, society and all the institutions and norms associated with it that despite our differences were supposed to keep us unified have been so thoroughly compromised and corrupted, whether for ideological or personal gain (or both), that we are at the point of collapse. 12 years ago, Barack Obama's election was seen as progressivism's final victory over what that movement's followers viewed as a deeply flawed if not completely illegitimate nation. But we the people did not go quietly into that good night. The overt pillaging and persecution of the American people by him and his fellow Democrats and the feckless, useless and ultimately collaborationist GOP-e engendered a reaction: Donald J. Trump.
Go here to read much more and click on his links to other stories.

The media's rank-closing attempt, in a deeply unholy union with Silicone Valley and the "intelligence community..."

In Substack, Glenn Greenwald tells us about his decision to leave the Intercept, a publication he co-founded with three other journalists seven years ago.
But the brute censorship this week of my article — about the Hunter Biden materials and Joe Biden’s conduct regarding Ukraine and China, as well my critique of the media’s rank-closing attempt, in a deeply unholy union with Silicon Valley and the “intelligence community,” to suppress its revelations — eroded the last justification I could cling to for staying. It meant that not only does this media outlet not provide the editorial freedom to other journalists, as I had so hopefully envisioned seven years ago, but now no longer even provides it to me. In the days heading into a presidential election, I am somehow silenced from expressing any views that random editors in New York find disagreeable, and now somehow have to conform my writing and reporting to cater to their partisan desires and eagerness to elect specific candidates.
Read it all here.

But the polls!

Free market capitalism vs. democratic socialism

Did she just say, "We no longer have flu?"

Walls work, and so does censorship!

Throwing fireworks at police officers in Washington D.C.

Safety in the arms of a woman in blue!

Important tweets today

Richard Grenell tweeted,
Make no mistake, the public sees the Hunter Biden and Joe Biden family corruption story. The DC media lost control over the public awhile ago. This story is now about WHO is trying to hide it.
Michelle Malkin tweeted,
By "prepare," Denver's ruling elite means to prepare more stand-down orders allowing the mob to rule the streets, endanger patriots & threaten police officers.
Andy McCarthy tweeted,
What a time to be in journalism: Between Bobulinski and the Biden corruption scandal, rioting in our cities, a new Supreme Court justice’s first full day, and peace breaking out in the Middle East, has there ever been so much to *not* cover!?!
Peter Navarro tweeted,
PART ONE: The Chinese Communist Party infected America with a deadly virus, the mainstream media lied about hydroxychloroquine and suppressed its use, and Americans have needlessly died.
Anna Khait tweeted,
Sometimes I feel like I never left the Soviet Union.. the propaganda, the suppression of information by the MSM, the highest intelligence agencies being weaponized against private citizens, the intimidation, the smear campaigns, the lies.. it's sickening to watch this in AMERICA.

More free speech

Jack Dorsey runs Twitter

Freedom of speech

How the media controls what people see (or don't see)

Economy grow at an all time record rate in third quarter!

Ace of Spades reports,
Unexpectedly, National Gross Domestic Product Grows At All Time Record, Doubling Previous Record Set in 1950 —Ace A usual rate of growth for a good quarter (annualized) of growth is 3%. The US economy grew by 33.1% in the third quarter.

What is it that they don't want us to see today?

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

The best Halloween costume idea I have seen so far!

Glenn Reynolds today: "Looking at the pictures, I can’t help but feel that these aren’t the people who should be controlling our national conversation."

The power of big tech

"Vote Democrat, or the chaos continues!"

Sidney Powell writes in the American Thinker,
Joe Biden's big pitch is his promise to restore calm. It's a con. It's Antifa and Black Lives Matter — both on his side — that are stirring everything up. He's trying to run a protection racket: vote Democrat, or the chaos continues.
Biden professes not to treat the other party as the enemy, but he demonizes his opponents whenever he opens his mouth. Just this week, he called Trump-supporters "chumps." And his supporters call themselves "the resistance" — a term ordinarily used to describe armed insurgency against an occupying military power.
The fraudulent Biden campaign has no policies, no proposals, no plans to do anything but divide America to facilitate the return of Biden and the Democrats to power to enrich their friends and themselves at the expense of "we the people." Unified patriots are their greatest fear.
Read more here.

Which candidate is racist?

This is my first time to watch and listen to KVON, and I am very impressed!

We don't know whether to believe our own eyes or the polls!

Andrew Klavan notes that because of our dishonest media, we cannot tell reality from delusion!
We are also living in a world of prosperity based on debt. It is coming due. The "Great Society" removed systemic racism, enabling some blacks to choose to rise and take advantage of new opportunities. Some other blacks chose to take the handouts and birth out-of-wedlock children.
In Philadelphia there has been rioting and looting the last couple of days and nights caused by an incident in which a black man who would not put down his knife was killed by police. How will voting be affected in that battleground state?
Andrew takes a look at the Hunter Biden corruption story. Andrew notes that the right is reacting hysterically to the Bobulinski story because we realize we are being lied to. The answer? We have to take back the culture and fix the gap between reality and illusion!
If we don't have a culture that proclaims the living right of a child in the womb to not be killed, what do your other freedoms matter?

Is it actually possible that Joe Biden could thread the needle and get to the magic number of 270 Electoral College votes?

The answer is yes, says Steven Green in PJ Media in a fascinating look at the possibilities here.

JP Sears may have found the solution to our problem!

Ted Cruz to Jack Dorsey: "If you don't think you have the power to influence elections, why do you block anything?"

That is the Ted Cruz I voted for in the 2016 primary!

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

"It's choice between 47 years of inertia and 45 months of action!"

I went YouTube hunting tonight to find Melania Trump's speech today in Pennsylvania. Whom did I find? Kellyanne Conway! I find Kellyanne to be the most persuasive spokesperson for Donald Trump. I feel so badly for her being married to George Conway, the most bitter anti-Trumper in America. Kellyanne speaks from the heart. We all miss her greatly.

Who is tricking and who is treating?

"The lying we have been subjected to." "Plausible deniability." "How the Biden family failed to demonstrate an ounce of integrity to the American people."

Tucker Carlson has never before spent an entire show on one interview. Tonight he speaks with Tony Bobulinski. It is a must watch interview.

Waiting in line to vote?

From the satirical Babylon Bee:
THE BRONX, NY—AOC blasted election officials this week after discovering that people were actually waiting in line to vote rather than to receive bread from the government. According to sources, people are sometimes waiting up to 2 hours at polling stations, but are able to get bread within 5 minutes due to America's evil capitalist system.
"I was like, literally shaking when I learned these people were standing in line to vote and not get free bread from the government," said Representative Ocasio-Cortez. "In other countries, voting is easy. Sometimes the military even comes to your house and fills out your ballot with the correct socialist candidate for you! The fact that Americans have to sacrifice any amount of time to exercise their voting rights is just more evidence that we live under an evil fascist regime."
Bread lines, according to AOC, are a different matter. "Bread lines are compassionate and loving," she said. "They are the best way to make sure everyone gets the proper amount of government bread, cheese, and powdered milk. In Venezuela, they wait 32 hours for bread, but don't have to lift a finger to vote! It's, like, totally, totally, not fair."
AOC has proposed legislation to put voting officials in charge of bread distribution and replacing in-person voting with Twitter polls conducted by CNN.

Tweets and Quotes to think about today!

Sarah Hoyt wrote in Instapundit,
The left uses “categories” of people. They’re not interested in actual, real people.
Iowahawk tweeted,
“the main difference between working in journalism and working at Panda Express is you probably can get fired for masturbating at work at Panda Express.”
Sound the Dread Alarm tweeted,
You can put together a crew of 20 and burn down Wendy’s but you’re going to jail if you have 7 family members over for Thanksgiving.The MAGA rallies, parades and grassroots events are breaking out independent of each-other and literally happening all over the place on any given day. Miles and miles of cars with Trump flags… same with boats… and sometimes just marches in the street where thousands of people just gather and walk with American flags, Trump banners, and other gear.
Scott Adams tweeted,
If I were a Biden supporter and noticed the American Flag has become the defacto show of support for Trump, I'd be concerned.
Matt Taibbi wrote,
The flow of information in the United States has become so politicized – bottlenecked by an increasingly brazen union of corporate press and tech platforms – that it’s become impossible for American audiences to see news about certain topics absent thickets of propagandistic contextualizing.
Don't tread on Jake tweeted,
This is the best news day ever. Biden campaign just shut the whole thing down. And POTUS says he will Fire Wray, Haspel and Esper!

Joe said, "Kamala's wife will be back on Friday!"

We all feel very sorry for you, Hunter!

Ivanka has a bigger crowd than Biden, Harris, and Obama combined today!

When you live in a city run by Democrats

How does this end?

This photo is a keeper!

Another beauty from Misanthropic Humanitarian

"I will do so independent of both the political branches and my own preferences." Really?

From Amy Coney Barrett's acceptance speech last night:
The confirmation process has made ever-clearer to me one of the fundamental differences between the federal judiciary and the United States Senate, and perhaps the most acute is the role of policy preferences. It is the job of a senator to pursue her policy preferences; in fact, it would be a dereliction of duty to put policy goals aside.
By contrast, it is the job of a judge to resist her policy preferences. It would be a dereliction of duty for her to give in to them. Federal judges don't stand for election, thus they have no basis for claiming that their preferences reflect those of the people. This separation of duty from political preference is what makes the judiciary distinct among the three branches of government. A judge declares independence not only from Congress and the president, but also from the private beliefs that might otherwise move her. The judicial oath captures the essence of the judicial duty; the rule of law must always control...
...The oath that I have solemnly taken tonight means at its core that I will do my job without any fear or favor and that I will do so independent of both the political branches and my own preferences. I love the Constitution and the democratic republic that it establishes, and I will devote myself to preserving it.
via JJ Sefton's Morning Report in the Ace of Spades blog

Monday, October 26, 2020

"I will do my job without any fear or favor!"

At about the 10:50 moment of this video Amy Coney Barrett delivers her acceptance speech on being confirmed as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

She thinks children need fathers!

More wonderful satire from JP Sears

We are going to be treated like his family?

"the presidential candidacy of Joseph Robinette Biden represents the gravest of national security threats to the United States of America."

In American Greatness, Sebastian Gorka writes,
...But it’s not the prostitutes, the drugs, the money, or the bribery that are the real issues here. The crisis comes from the greatest source of the monies involved. Hunter Biden and the Bidens received millions from the Ukraine, millions from Russia, and millions even from Iraq. But they received more than $1 billion from our greatest enemy, Communist China.
China isn’t just another country. It isn’t our ally, our friend, or even our “competitor.” It is a nation that has vowed to replace America as the most powerful nation in the world. It has declared its plan to do so under its “Belt and Road Initiative,” and it has even revealed the unconventional forms of attack and subversion it is using to do so under the banner of “Unrestricted Warfare.”
Now, the government of our most strategically significant adversary is on the cusp of potentially seeing a man who they have essentially “bought” take the White House, a man whose family has been enriched with blood money generated by a regime that still maintains labor camps and where the one-party system crushes or “disappears” anyone who dissents.
As such, the presidential candidacy of Joseph Robinette Biden represents the gravest of national security threats to the United States of America. November 3 is not just an election, it is our last chance as Americans to prevent our gravest enemy from achieving its greatest victory.
Read more here.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Chris Wallace is not my favorite person!

"the most remarkable political dynamic since the organic Tea Party erupted in 2009."

Sundance writes in the Last Refuge,
A diverse and patriotic MAGA movement is overwhelming the mechanisms of narrative control; and they are doing it by flooding the zones with a combination of “old school” and “modern tech” workarounds. It’s quite honestly the most remarkable political dynamic since the organic Tea Party erupted in 2009.
...The MAGA rallies, parades and grassroots events are breaking out independent of each-other and literally happening all over the place on any given day. Miles and miles of cars with Trump flags… same with boats… and sometimes just marches in the street where thousands of people just gather and walk with American flags, Trump banners, and other gear.
Remember Poland circa early ’80’s when it was said: “we took to the streets and realized for the first time there were more of us than them”?… and thus the government control over the Polish people almost immediately started to collapse. Well, the control of the manipulative narrative engineers is suffering a similar fate in this election as the MAGA coalition assembles in astonishing scale.
Read more here.

The Big Guy!

Is he talking about George Bush or George Washington?

It almost seems like the media may be biased!

"With love everyone thrives. Without love everyone wilts. "

Pat Fagan writes in Marri,
America is at a cross-roads. Along with the whole world, it experiences aspects of the Chinese form of totalitarianism and exploitation of its citizens. American mega-tech companies are tempted by the digital controls the Chinese exercise over their people, and, watching China closely, are manipulating their own markets in the US and in the West.
Europe has pockets of life, but, determined not to have babies, it is dying out. The same for Japan, only worse. The Middle East is a cauldron of hatreds. Africa, the populous continent of the future, is the playground of competing interests: China hopes to colonize it and dump its excess peoples there and as much of its toxic wastes it can get away with, while the American Left and Big Pharma work steadily to depopulate Africa.
South America’s population rates plunge towards below-replacement rates, with increasing numbers of totalitarian governments and ensuant economic decay. Sexually, many of South American families are in chaos more than anywhere else in the world. In Brazil out of wedlock births are the norm. What a chaotic future that portends! Australia seems intent on the European way, though there are flickers of life. This global overview is not pretty despite our massive gains in solving material and biological needs. On the relational level we see widespread family suffering: endemic abortion, STDs, sex-trafficking, sexual and physical abuse, depression, suicide and loneliness across the developed West.
Love is the heart of this relational crisis. With love everyone thrives. Without love everyone wilts. It is as simple as that. Relational solutions cannot be manufactured. They are delivered in relationships: one relationship at a time, each one containing some aspect of love of the person or of God.
Read more here.

Malignant solidarity

Roger Kimball writes in American Greatness,
...Day after day, the New York Post, which first broke the story a week or so back, has been broadcasting more and more tidbits from this extraordinary trove of perversity and apparent corruption. No matter that the Post is the country’s fifth-largest paper: Twitter, Facebook, the New York Times, the Washington Post, NPR, and television news have joined forces to close the public’s eyes, seal its ears, and scream there is nothing to see here, move along, and pay no attention to those muffled cries from the oubliette. It has been an extraordinary act of malignant solidarity, worthy of the Politburo in the heady days of Joe Stalin’s airbrush.
...Donald Trump may be an odd ambassador of freedom. His motley may not pass muster in the salons and drawing rooms of our lords and masters. But Joe Biden is but a gibbering front for a vanguard that would destroy America as traditionally conceived—America, I mean, as a crucible of ordered liberty, limited government, and individual freedom.
Read more here.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

How to steal an election

In the Gatestone Institute, Chris Farrell reports,
...In the past few days, we have been treated to an information suppression operation by the Left and their public relations arm (the "journalists" of the news media and social media tech giants) -- that perfectly demonstrates the countermeasures that can be deployed to actively deny the truth. This important defensive technique -- swarming and shutting down reporting on a subject by furiously ignoring it, or reporting it as "debunked," "discredited," or "foreign intervention."
Read the whole thing here.

More details emerge of Biden family financial ties to Communist China

In Red State, Jennifer Van Larr reports,
A nearly 60-page intelligence report dated October 2 and provided to RedState late Wednesday, October 21 details the relationship between multiple Chinese State-Owned Entities (SOE’s) and companies owned by Hunter Biden, Chris Heinz (stepson of former Secretary of State John Kerry), Devon Archer, James Bulger, and suspected Chinese intelligence asset Michael Lin. Despite what Hunter Biden’s attorney claimed in 2019, Hunter started traveling to China shortly before the Big Guy became Vice President and signed contracts with SOE’s while the Big Guy was Vice President.
Read more here.

Trump sealed his reelection

In the Spectator, Roger Kimball writes,
Time and again the President reminded viewers that Joe Biden has been in politics for 47 years. A scant four years ago, he completed eight years as vice president. What did he have to show for it? Donald Trump has been president for three-and-three-quarters years. He has remade the judiciary, having seen some 300 federal judges ‘in the mold of Antonin Scalia’ confirmed. Next week, when Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, he will have supplied a third of the Court’s bench. He presided over an astonishing run in the stock market, an accumulation of wealth that, as he pointed out last night, benefits everyone, not just the zillionaires who own lots of stocks. Unemployment on his watch was, pre-COVID, at a generational low. Among Blacks and Hispanics, it was the lowest on record. Wages, especially wages at the bottom, were rising fast. He cut taxes for something like 85 percent of taxpayers while also rolling back prosperity-blighting regulation. His exploitation of the country’s gas and oil made America energy independent for the first time in decades. Fracking was a large part of that story, and, true to his word, the President has provided video evidence that Joe Biden has gone on record to announce his opposition to fracking and fossil fuels. It looks like that is a topic that interests people, since, as of this morning, it has been viewed more than 10 million times.
There were two pivotal moments in the evening. The first was this exchange: Donald Trump: Would you close down the oil industry? Joe Biden: [pointless temporizing] Yes.
That, as the President said, is ‘a big statement’, a declaration, in effect, of failure. In the movie Apollo 13, there is a moment when mission control tells Jim Lovell, the commander, to shut down the capsule’s fuel cells: ‘We just lost the moon.’ The second pivotal moment had two parts: Joe Biden’s prediction that America was about to head into ‘a dark winter’ with a resurgence of COVID and the President’s observation, towards the end of the evening, that ‘success is going to bring us together’. Quite a contrast. And it was precisely the contrast that most viewers took away. Joe Biden has been in politics for most of his adult life. What has he accomplished — apart, I mean, from (allegedly) enriching himself and his family? As the President several times observed, and as Joe Biden’s performance underscored, he is ‘all talk and no action’.
Read more here.

Sudan and Israel announced today that they will “end the state of belligerence” between them and start the process of normalizing ties.

In Axios, Barak Ravid reports on the latest Middle East achievement of the Trump Administration: Israel and Sudan begin normalization process after call with Trump. Read his report here.

What enables upward mobility?

Charles Blain, Wendell Cox, Joel Kotkin, and Alicia Kurimska have written a fantastic article on how we can all achieve upward mobility.
The pandemic has lessened the fading appeal of urban cores, creating what Zillow describes as “a great reshuffling” to suburbs, smaller metros, and less expensive states. As a recent American Enterprise Institute survey shows, people now are heading to previously less favored metros, like Charlotte, Phoenix and Las Vegas. For the first time in over a decade, populations are beginning to rise in even the smallest metro areas. The pandemic has greatly undermined the constituency for urban living; according to AEI the percentage of Americans saying they want to live in cities has dropped to 13% in in just two years, down more than half from the 29% reported by Gallup in 2018
Read more here.

Trump wins big in post-debate

In National Review, Victor Davis Hanson discusses the last debate and its aftermath.
Voters will more likely agree with Trump that they are going to get through and “live” with the virus rather than Biden’s pessimistic forecast of “dying” with it. Trump was right to say that the lockdowns are cumulatively likely to have killed or injured more than the virus itself.
Biden’s immigration meandering will turn off voters by his siding with those who illegally cross the border, are caught, and then released and do not show up for trial (he lied about this too in saying that they almost all show up for their hearings).
Trump, then, after four years in the White House, nonetheless successfully returned to his role as the outsider cleanser of Biden’s Augean insider stables. His theme was can-do Americanism, Biden’s was timidity and caution and worries that there is little hope anywhere to be found, an attitude consistent with his own hibernation.
Final thoughts on the debate: The moderator Kristen Welker was far better than the prior debate and town-hall moderators, in avoiding the scripted stuff like the Charlottesville distortions and ‘when did you stop beating your wife’ questions. That said, she interrupted Trump far more than she did Biden, and focused more on Biden-friendly questions.
But most importantly, Trump kept his cool, was deferential to Welker, and was tough but not cruel to Biden.
The final question is not whether Trump won and will be seen to have won bigly by next week, but to what degree Biden’s suicidal talk of ending fossil fuels and denial of the Hunter Biden evidence that cannot be denied implode his campaign early next week or not until Election Day.
Read more here.

Censorship is not a new phenomena facing journalists

In Tablet, Izabella Tabarovsky writes about the censorship of journalists by Stalin.
A short while into Mr. Jones, a film by the Polish director Agnieszka Holland, the protagonist, Gareth Jones, who has come to Moscow to learn about Soviet collectivization efforts, says he has no agenda other than finding the truth. It is 1933, and two totalitarian powers are unleashing their competing visions of the world on the Eurasian continent. Jones’ interlocutor, Ada Brooks, a Moscow-based foreign reporter, asks Jones, with not a small touch of cynicism, whose truth he is seeking to uncover. He says that he is looking for “the truth. There is only one kind.”
The question of truth is at the heart of the story Holland tackles—the deadly famine, engineered by Stalin’s regime, that swept through Ukraine, the Volga Basin, the Kuban and Don regions of the North Caucasus, and Kazakhstan in the winter of 1932-1933. In Ukraine alone, where it is known by its Ukrainian name of Holodomor and often referred to as the terror-famine, it took an estimated 4 million lives. In this exceptionally fertile land, Stalin imposed impossible production demands, expropriating all available grain and livestock and using the ensuing starvation to break the back of the peasantry, whose resistance to collectivization threatened to undermine his industrialization efforts.
But Stalin’s crime was only one face of the story. The other face was the extraordinary failure on the part of the world to report and acknowledge the facts. Many were complicit in this failure, but the starring role undoubtedly belonged to the Moscow-based Western journalists, who misreported, underreported, and failed to report about what was plainly happening under their noses. Walter Duranty, the New York Times’ man in Moscow, outright lied about the events, deliberately misleading his readers. In 1932, he was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for reporting. Holland’s exploration of the complicity of the press in one of Joseph Stalin’s greatest crimes lends the film an unexpected relevance to our current moment, when the role and purpose of the media and of journalism itself seem to be under attack—from both would-be dictators and people for whom virtue is the arbiter of truth.
Read it all here.

Delivering ballots

Phones are better nowadays


Facebook refuses to allow me to publish this cartoon.

"Chumps," Deplorables, "you know the thing"

Mom puts her foot down!

Biden promises to make you wear a mask when traveling on the interstate highways

Jared and Ivanka threaten to sue the Lincoln Project

Friday, October 23, 2020

Tucker calls the FBI "totally corrupt, a tool of the left!"

Once again tonight, Tucker Carlson shows why his show has become the most popular news program on cable news. He fearlessly attacks corruption night after night. People realize he could not do that if he were not a person of incorruptible integrity. Tonight's program can be watched in full here.

Important reminders

Michael D. Brown tweeted,
Hey @BretBaier don't you think it's a little inappropriate to play Johnny Cash's "Burning Ring of Fire", esp lyric about falling into that fire, just after reporting that people are missing in #ColoradoWildfires? @FoxNews is better than that.
Kayleigh McEnany tweeted,
President @realDonaldTrump makes it look easy, but you cannot overstate the historic WINS he has achieved on the world stage! Flag of United States Flag of Israel Flag of United Arab Emirates Israel-UAE peace Flag of United States Flag of Israel Flag of Bahrain Israel-Bahrain peace Flag of United States Flag of Israel Flag of Sudan Israel-Sudan peace
Mike Coudrey tweeted,
MASSIVE BOMBSHELL: According to Rudy Giuliani, Hunter Biden’s laptop had topless images of a 14 year old girl, & pics with her in suggestive positions w/ Hunter himself. The FBI agent who confiscated the laptop is Special Agent Joshua Wilson, who investigates child pornography.
James Woods tweeted,
While the supposed “polls” show Joe Biden 10 points ahead, this campaign is not being run by people who feel assured of victory. The main candidate is literally a ghost. He sits in a basement all day with the “lid” on. It feels more like a campaign that has completely given up.

I want to learn more about this. I don't like what I see.

What a liar!

Calling a lid until Election Day

From the satirical Babylon Bee: Biden Calls A Lid Until Election Day October 23rd, 2020
WILMINGTON, DE—Having completed the final presidential debate, Biden’s campaign has now announced they’re calling a lid until Election Day. “Biden needs the next eleven days to prepare for his acceptance speech,” Biden’s campaign manager Jen O'Malley Dillon told reporters as she kept an eye on poll numbers. “So do not try to ask him questions or get statements from him, because that’s just going to confuse him.” Dillon then offered that reporters could instead talk to Kamala Harris, but no one wanted to talk to Kamala Harris. They really had a number of questions for Biden, but Dillion explained that there is now a time lock on Biden’s basement and that it would be impossible to open the door and get to him before Election Day evening. “Just basic campaign stuff,” Dillion explained. Campaign aides are working feverishly to help Biden recoup from his exhausting debate with Trump and are hoping to keep him going at least until the inauguration when they will likely impeach him for corruption if he's still alive at that point. President Donald Trump later came by to make fun of Biden for hiding but was unable to find him due to the blacked-out curtains in every window of the mansion.

Prayers for Rush Limbaugh

Ace of Spades copies and pastes remarks from Rush Limbaugh's show from this past Monday. Rush is continuing to fight cancer. Read his remarks here. In the same post, Michael Savage decided this would be a good time to criticize Rush, which shows Savage's complete lack of class.

Important tweets today

President Trump tweeted,
HUGE win today for the United States and for peace in the world. Sudan has agreed to a peace and normalization agreement with Israel! With the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, that’s THREE Arab countries to have done so in only a matter of weeks. More will follow!
John Cardillo tweeted,
How disgraceful that the media is covering up @realDonaldTrump's historic Mideast peace agreements even more diligently than they did Obama giving Iran billions to destabilize the ME through IRGC terror surrogates
Thomas Massie tweeted,
Why won’t the press report this? US Military casualties in the war in Afghanistan: Bush: 630 Obama: 1758 Trump: 63 One more US casualty in this war is one too many. Thank you @realDonaldTrump for winding this war down. End #endlesswars source:
Scott Adams tweeted,
Trump: Here's my coronavirus plan Media: Trump has no coronavirus plan. Biden: Here's my coronavirus plan Trump: Um, you just described my plan that we are already implementing Media: Trump has no coronavirus plan

Some advice for our politicians

Victor Davis Hanson writes in PJ Media,
How ironic that in our quest to become safe and in control of our own destinies, we empower the anonymity of huge conglomerates and erode the viability of reliable, service-friendly, mom-and-pop stores.
During the pandemic, government has become more intrusive and yet seemingly more impotent and incompetent. Pick a month and some government official issues yet more contradictory orders on mask wearing, social distancing and lockdowns — all to be soon reversed.
We still do not know the full consequences of these radical changes in American life, especially whether they will continue after the COVID-19 virus abates and quarantines end.
When institutions and politicians cannot accommodate radically changed circumstances, people will no longer value institutions and politicians. In their place, citizens will seek to ensure their own livelihoods, leisure and safety in ways that are more reliable and affordable — with their circumstances in their own hands rather than in those of distant others.
Read it all here.


"Credible," and "super precedent"

Oregon Muse wrote in the Ace of Spades blog,
Because they don't like to be challenged on, or criticized for, any of their bullshit. It's why they parade Greta Thunberg around as a climate change expert. If someone points out that she doesn't know what she's talking about, the response is "how dare you denigrate a child, you monster?". Progressives use children like terrorists do, as human shields. They need them to hide their mediocrity.
Just as, during the Kavanaugh hearings, they always insisted that Ford made "credible accusations". The extra adjective is important Because if it's just a standard, garden-variety accusation, it's just an alleged accusation. The addition of "credible" was meant to short-circuit any possible objection, to proceed directly to the guilty verdict without having to go through the messy complications of an actual trial.
Hereafter, all progressive accusations of sexual misconduct will be deemed "credible."
And I think they're going grab onto "super precedent" and do the same sort of thing with it. They will recognize it as a weapon they can use to put their policies beyond any challenge, criticism, change, or appeal. Every time they win an important case, bang, they'll call it a "super precedent." Because what's theirs is theirs and what's ours is up for grabs. It's actually kind of like radical Islam dividing the world between the House of Faith, anc the House of War. And with both radical Islam and the religion of progressivism, we all of us here are living in the house of war.
Read more here.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Tweets after the debate

Scott Adams tweeted,
CNN is saying it’s audience wouldn’t recognize a lot of Trump’s attacks because they don’t see all the news.
James Wood tweeted,
Old Joe checked his watch a lot. For those who don’t have the Apple Watch, please know that you can set it so texts automatically appear on the watch.
Steve Cortes tweeted,
Tonight the American people saw a businessman creator, a leader exhorting Americans toward tackling challenges to create an o tweeted, ptimistic future of prosperity vs. a Swamp insider stoking irrational fear and exploiting anxieties. The Outsider vs. the corrupt surrender candidate.
Ben Williamson tweeted,
An underrated moment of tonight was Biden claiming “nobody lost their coverage under Obamacare”—a falsehood so brazen it’s almost stunning. Millions lost their coverage. Even Politifact awarded the same claim “Lie of the Year” in 2013.
Scott Adams tweeted,
CNN is trying to debunk the Hunter Biden stories without telling viewers what the stories are. It is mind-boggling.
Phil Kerpen tweeted,
No mention in either debate that Biden has promised to ban right to work laws and make every state a forced-unionism state.
Senator Rand Paul tweeted,
Hello 911 I’d like to report a murder: @realDonaldTrump is absolutely killing @JoeBiden on lockdowns, schools and the petty tyrants trying to ruin our economy and harm our children.

Too late now!

Lots of people tweeting tonight!

Chuck Woolery tweeted,
Bobulinski said he is turning his three phones over to the FBI? That's the last time we will ever hear from those phones again.
Donald Trump Jr. tweeted,
Why did the FBI sit on Hunter’s laptop for over a year and allow the Democrats to impeach @realDonaldTrump for being 100% right about Joe Biden and his families corruption? Why is no one in the media asking this question?
Brigitte Gabriel tweeted,
Who is more corrupt? Joe Biden or Barack Obama?
Jenna Ellis tweeted,
WOW. Instead of simply congratulating Kristen Welker, Chris Wallace says he’s “jealous” and “I wish I could have moderated that debate.” You had your chance, Chris, and you blew it. Own it.
Steven Crowder tweeted,
Biden denied saying he'd end fracking... ...and then said he'd end the ENTIRE U.S. OIL INDUSTRY?
Tom Fitton tweeted,
Stahl's ignorance of the spying on @realDonaldTrump is shocking.

Here it is, Joe: "No new fracking...We would make sure it is eliminated!"

The winner tonight? the moderator!

A close second? "Success is what will bring us together!"

Preparing us!

Look at the bias, hatred and rudeness on behalf of 60 Minutes and CBS. Tonight’s anchor, Kristen Welker, is far worse! #MAGA

Remember this tonight when they push Covid-19 death toll


Democrat strategists formulating plans

Kamala, that is two-thirds of America! Do you really have people who believe what you are saying?

National Press Secretary suspended by Twitter

Twitter on fire!

Benny tweeted,
Veteran & business partner of Joe & Hunter Biden CONFIRMS ON THE RECORD WITH PHYSICAL EVIDENCE that Biden lied about Chinese business partnerships, took millions from the communists for himself & defrauded his company The FBI is now in possession of the evidence
Mark Hemingway tweeted,
So Bobulinski has played up his patriotic and Democratic bona fides, but mostly he seems ticked he got screwed out of money and that makes him at least seem more credible than anything else.
Joe Concha tweeted,
Trump 2020 national press secretary Hogan Gidley has been locked out of his Twitter account. Lockout comes one week after White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany was locked out of her account.
Brittainy Martinez tweeted,
If a girl says other girls are fake, she’s probably fake. If a girl repeatedly says that she hates drama, she probably starts it. If a girl talks bad about all her family and friends behind their backs, she’s talking bad about you behind yours. Choose your friends wisely!
Bernard B. Kerik tweeted,
So much for, cannot be verified… @LesleyRStahl @60Minutes . Instead of harassing President @realDonaldTrump , this is the story you should be investigating!

Quotes and tweets of current breaking news

Andrew Klavan said in his YouTube podcast today,
Fear is the enemy of freedom. Safety always comes with chains attached. Everything the Left sells is based on fear. The party of fear and slavery is leading in the polls. We will see how courage and freedom fare on Election Day.
President Trump said in a recent speech,
The Democrat Party is ashamed of America. The Republican Party is proud of America!
Senator Kennedy said,
We are going to confirm Amy Coney Barrett. Senator Chuck Schumer needs to fill out a hurt feelings report and let's move on!
FoxNews John Roberts tweeted,
BREAKING: Tony Bobulinski to be @realDonaldTrump special guest at tonight's debate
Ace of Spades wrote,
Can't wait to see Sundown Joe call his and his son's business partner a Russian Agent.
Ace of Spades headline:
Email Sent by Joe Biden's Brother Names Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer, Other Top Democrats as "Key Domestic Contacts" for Lobbying for Chinese Energy Firm
Kimberley Strassel tweeted,
WSJ edit page also obtained the Bobulinski emails/texts; we've been through them all. My coming column--online v. soon--will relay a disturbing story of Hunter, Joe and the Chinese. It's quite something. Hold tight...

"All we have to do is get him elected and then we can do whatever we want!"

Hunter Biden ex-associate Tony Bobulinski holds presser

Who pays the fact checkers?

Is water wet? Turns out that is false information, and the fact checkers will censor it until after the election! Human connection is good for you? False! Human connection is deadly! Freedom of speech? People don't want that any more. They want the freedom to censor! A video of a riot in Portland? Looks like a peaceful protest to me!

"May the best Joe win!"

"I want to find a woman to adore me again."

Writing in the American Thinker, Andrea Widberg explains why the more she gets to know about Joe Biden, the "ickier he becomes." However, she links to a 1974 article written by Kitty Kelley in the Washingtonian that is much more favorable to Biden. We all change as we grow older, but some of us change for the better and some change for the worse!

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Quotes and tweets on the day's big topics

In his Instapundit blog, Glenn Reynolds reminds us,
The science is never settled!
Lee Smith tweeted,
FBI says Iran used Proud Boys as front to scare Dems to vote for Trump. Because Tehran prefers Trump sanctions & targeting to Biden promise to legalize nukes? Nonsense. Point of operation was to dirty Trump supporters. Wray's FBI is chief threat to integrity of US election
Jack Posobiec tweeted,
The FBI just confirmed Iran ran a false flag campaign to help Joe Biden by posing as the Proud Boys Many, many members of the media fell for this
Sean Davis tweeted,
Hillary Clinton paid for Russian disinformation, Russia and China bought off the Biden family, Iran used the Lincoln Project to peddle disinformation to hurt Trump, while Twitter is censoring GOP fundraising links, the New York Post, and the President of the United States.
Joe Pags tweeted,
I've worn lavalier mics for most of my career. When you put it on - you run it up your shirt to hide the wire. When you take it off, you untuck your shirt and you take it off. Afterwards you tuck your shirt back in. How is that "compromising?
Dana Loesch tweeted,
In just one day media promoted fake texts AND Iranian propaganda and yet they, Twitter, and Facebook (who caved to media demands for it) say YOU need to be controlled from spreading disinformation.

Some tweets that caught my eye today

Headline in Ace of Spades blog:
FBI Subpeona for Hunter Biden Laptop Is Signed By... FBI Agent Specializing in Child Pornography Investigations
Sean Davis tweeted,
A senior intelligence official tells @FDRLST tonight re: major DOJ/FBI/DNI announcement about Iran interfereing in the election to help Biden: "Media did exactly what Iran knew they would do. They assumed fake 'Proud Boys' e-mails were real, then used them to attack Trump."
Jack Posobiec tweeted,
The FBI just confirmed Iran ran a false flag campaign to help Joe Biden by posing as the Proud Boys Many, many members of the media fell for this
Tom Fitton tweeted,
Seemed rather obvious the Iran-linked emails were fake. The more substantial threat to our system is domestic -- the reckless mail-in ballot schemes and weak security rules put in place to to try better allow the Left to steal the election if necessary.
Red Viper 2.0 2020 tweeted,
Twitter allows BS stories about Rudy & The Proud Boys. No censorship, no fact checks, just continues to push real BS. No bias here, give me a fing break!
Lee Smith tweeted,
FBI says Iran used Proud Boys as front to scare Dems to vote for Trump. Because Tehran prefers Trump sanctions & targeting to Biden promise to legalize nukes? Nonsense. Point of operation was to dirty Trump supporters. Wray's FBI is chief threat to integrity of US election

"At the end of the day, people connect with people!" (or they buy multimillion dollar ocean-front homes)

Trump in North Carolina, Biden at home under the lid


Leftists think they have caught Rudy Giuliani doing something inappropriate

In the Blaze, Carlos Garcia reports,
Critics of Giuliani, who is a longtime friend and defender of President Donald Trump, pounced on the video that reportedly showed him reaching into his pants while speaking to a woman pretending to be a reporter in a hotel room. The video was recorded as a part of comedian Sacha Baron Cohen's sequel to his "Borat" movie.
"The Borat video is a complete fabrication. I was tucking in my shirt after taking off the recording equipment. At no time before, during, or after the interview was I ever inappropriate. If Sacha Baron Cohen implies otherwise he is a stone-cold liar," tweeted Giuliani.
He went on to quote the New York Post that called the accusation an "exaggeration through editing," and said that the episode was an attempt to smear him after he revealed what he allegedly found on Hunter Biden's laptop on Tuesday.
Read more here.

Kamala's husband says he is married to the next president of the United States!

Quotes, tweets and travel posters in the news

Richard Bledsoe wrote in the blog The Remodern Review,
Best I can figure it, what is happening here is people who are already miserable are drawn to Leftist activism. It gives them license to try to make others as unhappy as they are.
Chanel Rion tweeted,
@OANN reporters have now viewed the emails, photos, and videos on the #HunterBiden hard drive. We can confirm: There appear to be not one but several images of a minor that justify immediate attention. We have reason to believe the minor is a US citizen.
Oregon Muse wrote in the Ace of Spades blog,
Our founders all possessed deep knowledge and understanding of classical antiquity. They knew Latin. Greek, and perhaps even Hebrew. And because they were either serious Christians or influenced by Christian thinking, they held no illusions about human nature, the perfectibility of man, and simply did not trust one man or one small group of men being entrusted with great power. They trusted no one. They didn't even trust themselves. So they tried to break up governmental power into small bits held by different groups (our three branches of government) and set them against each other.
Check out these beautiful travel posters of Portland, Seattle, Chicago and other cities in the news. From the Babylon Bee!

"An elaborate stage show is being choreographed right now to play out on America’s streets"

In American Greatness write about the antifa industry.
...the Antifa industry are staffed with professionals preparing to engage in profoundly illegitimate revolutionary street politics. Their radicalization long precedes the politics of 2020; at the leadership level, maybe all have considered the American system “fascist” for decades before the candidacy of Donald Trump. They are veterans of countless far-left radical causes, protest events, and political warfare communications efforts. And they’re good at what they do.
Come November 3, we are likely to see the full force of this industry at work. The media will show the streets appear to creak with both Antifa agitators and protestors, possibly with claimed numbers in the millions. It will be said they are normal, patriotic Americans outraged about the election, furious at Donald Trump. Conservatives must be prepared to recognize what they are seeing as a form of theater—the product of decades of infrastructure, tens of millions of dollars in funding, and the work of tens of thousands of direct-action tacticians, public relations flaks, and professional organizers.
An elaborate stage show is being choreographed right now to play out on America’s streets designed to convince both regular citizens and opinion-makers that a scary authoritarian regime has just seized power and extraordinary measures are justified in removing it. We cannot fall for it.
Read more here.

The foot soldiers of the radical left

Christopher Skeet writes in part in the American Thinker,
On October 6, some Antifa sock puppet addressed the Portland city council. Somewhere near the beginning of his insipid rant, he claims, “I represent a mass of humanity, we’re tired, hungry, poor, and huddling.” My initial response to this claim was a weird combination of indifference and shock. Indifference at its vapidity, and shock at the possibility that this guy actually believes this about himself. Be that as it may, I'll try to unpack it.
Are you “tired” because you spent the night awake playing Call of Duty? Are you “hungry” because mom hasn’t yet made her weekly run to Whole Foods? Are you “poor” because you have no concept of what that word means, and that the poorest 20% of U.S. households (of which I doubt you're a part) still consume more than the overall average in Canada and Sweden? Are you “huddling” because the police crammed too many of you in the back of the transport van?
...So it seems that whatever excuses the Antifa thugs tell themselves to justify their animalistic behavior, poverty cannot be one of them. Books will be written as to their underlying motivations – arrogance, narcissism, envy, nihilism, projection, boredom, sociopathy, etc. But honest self-reflection won’t be one of them, because such a virtue would lead them to acknowledge that there are more black people in the Ku Klux Klan than there are “tired, hungry, poor, and huddling” in Antifa.
Read much more here.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Important quotes and tweets today

Hannah Arendt wrote,
What prepares men for totalitarian domination in the non-totalitarian world is the fact that loneliness, once a borderline experience usually suffered in certain marginal social conditions like old age, has become an everyday experience
Rush Limbaugh said,
“It’s tough to realize that the days where I do not think I’m under a death sentence are over. Now, we all are, is the point. We all know that we’re going to die at some point, but when you have a terminal disease diagnosis that has a time frame to it, then that puts a different psychological and even physical awareness to it.”
Donald J. Trump tweeted,
I am pleased to inform you that, for the sake of accuracy in reporting, I am considering posting my interview with Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes, PRIOR TO AIRTIME! This will be done so that everybody can get a glimpse of what a FAKE and BIASED interview is all about...
Stephen Green wrote in Insanity Wrap,
For the record, CNN did not suspend, fire, or otherwise deal with Toobin in any proactive way. Instead, they waited for Toobin to request time off to deal with a “personal issue” and then granted his request. Insanity Wrap presumes this is because CNN consists of 24/7 on-air masturbation to conspiracy theories about Donald Trump, and therefore saw nothing wrong with Toobin’s actions.
Glenn Reynolds wrote in Instapundit,
LIKE THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, THE CHINESE COMMUNISTS ARE NOT ACTING LIKE THEY BELIEVE IN INEVITABLE HISTORICAL VICTORY: Taiwan official in hospital after alleged ‘violent attack’ by Chinese diplomats in Fiji. They seem more, well, unnerved.

JP Sears mocks Twitter

Voting day today

The lines were long in Santa Fe, but I kept my head down looking for cactus and listening to Democrats. Not one single Hispanic or African American in the long lines. It felt to me that my sons and I were the only Trump voters, but maybe I am just paranoid.

Good Morning!

via Misanthropic Humanitarian

Will they manufacture enough votes to steal the election?

Today in his Morning Report, JJ Seftonwrites,
I think at this point, given everything that is happening as well as just the anecdotal stories and just a gut feeling, Trump is going to win and win by a significant margin. The Democrats of course are not going to accept it, even after however many days extra there are for votes to be manufactured in each state or district to steal it. Although I think (pray) the margin will be too wide for them to overcome, they will nevertheless bring it to the court while fomenting violent insurrection in the streets. That said, the late ex-associate justice going to her final reward last month looms large, as was her insistence on not retiring until seeing President Hillary Clinton swear in her replacement. How'd that work out for you, toots?
Go here to read more and click on his links.