Sunday, May 15, 2005

A Columnist's Cheap Trick

Today in the Denver Post left-wing columnist Diane Carmen writes about the funeral of a police officer named Donnie Young who was killed recently. The suspect in the murder is an illegal immigrant, who may have already fled back to safety across our porous border with Mexico.

Does Carmen address the issue of illegal immigration? No. She chooses to feature the fact that Detective Young had a seven-year-old son he had met only once. We do not know Young's side of this story, because he is dead, and cannot tell us. But feminist columnists like Carmen never miss the chance to besmirch the reputation of a cop, or, for that matter, any man.

Power to the People!

The people of America have elected a Republican president and a Republican Congress. Yet, a small group from the party not in power, just as they did in the 1950s against freedom for African Americans, are using the filibuster to thwart the will of the majority. Today John Aloysius Farrell, Denver Post Washington Bureau Chief, argues that this is not the time to "cast away, for political expediency, a precious and hard-won check on power," the filibuster. He admits that the people who used it against civil rights for African Americans, were led by Democrats like Mendel Rivers of South Carolina, a "thoroughly despicable man." The only positive use of the filibuster that Farrel cites is the fictitous movie "Mr. Smith goes to Washington."

I have an idea for the Democrats. Elect people whose views are in line with those of the majority of Americans. Then you may be able to capture the House of Representatives, Senate, or the White House, or all three, as have the Republicans. Until then, avoid fiction, endorse reality: accept the consequences of your actions!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

The Denver Nuggets Have a Problem

Why can't the Denver Nuggets advance past the first round of the playoffs? Not getting the answers I need from the local sports columnists, I turned to my wife, an astute judge of people. She knew the answer immediately: the Nuggets have too many players who are "cute." What about the San Antonio Spurs, the team who beat the Nuggets in the first round? They have no "cute" players, and some (Ginobili) are downright scary! Who are the Nuggets' cuties? She names names: Carmelo Anthony, Andre MIller, Marcus Camby, and, of course, Earl Boykins. These guys have got to go!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Bill Owens Knows What He Has To Do

Today's Rocky Mountain News has a story about Governor Bill Owens reuniting with his wife. Will he now run for President in 2008?