Thursday, August 27, 2020

Worthwhile quotes and tweets this evening

Re: today's storm hitting Louisiana and Texas, Sundance writes in the Last Refuge,
Due to the speed of the storm there are already convoys coming to construct a pre-planned electricity grid recovery process. Convoys from every city, town and state from the east-coast to the mid-west. A glorious melding of dirty fingernails all arriving for the meet-up. Depending on your proximity to the bigger picture objectives at hand, you will cherish their arrival.

Scott Adams tweeted,
No one suggests skipping debates unless they know their candidate is unable.

Matt Walsh tweeted,
The Left wants to cancel Tucker Carlson (again) because he made some completely correct observations about the anarchy in our streets. We need to drown out their impotent whining by supporting the only guy on cable news who tells the unvarnished truth. #IStandWithTuckerCarlson

Jenna Ellis tweeted,
DNC: We hate Trump and want you to be afraid of everything.

RNC: We love AMERICA and want you to have freedom in everything.

Pretty simple decision on how to vote.

Bryan Preston wrote in PJ Media,
This stopped being a political convention at some point tonight.

It's a testimonial of loss, freedom, faith, and redemption.

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