Monday, August 24, 2020

"Do health and safety trump liberty and freedom, and must we sacrifice one for the other?"

Anthony J. Ciani writes in the American Thinker,
In mid-March of 2020, the United States of America became a socialist country, despite President Trump's promise in his State of the Union address one year prior. To those who lost their non-essential jobs, those who met empty shelves, those who discovered that their "free" education was too costly, those driven insane by incessant fear-mongering, and those faced with capricious and nonsensical restrictions — welcome to socialism. Deceived by the arrogance of science and appeal to authority, or perhaps with false science to mask nefarious motives, public health and safety were used as a contrivance to replace liberty, freedom, and democracy with the Game of Socialism, in which (elected) tyrants play with our lives. Do health and safety trump liberty and freedom, and must we sacrifice one for the other?

The Constitution of the United States provides for no limitation of our liberty, freedom, or democracy in an emergency. Is this because our Founding Fathers had never heard of the Black Death (1347, multiple) or the Great Plague of Marseille (1720) or the Yellow Fever from the Caribbean (1793) or smallpox (vaccine 1770)? Why, then, did they limit powers in the face of such great calamities?

Absent such powers, the federal government cannot take advantage of panic, real or contrived, to tyrannize the states or the people, and with the 9th and 14th Amendments, neither can the states (or cities) tyrannize their people. The protections of our Constitution have been eroded over the last century by a crisis culture that has people abandoning liberty for (illusory) safety, as notes Robert Higgs,

Socialist medicine transforms doctors into highly paid executioners of the elderly, weak, and infirm.

...Social media trolling and unethical reporting exaggerated a cold into a plague, and socialist health and safety advocates panicked the world into surrendering liberty and implementing socialism. All of the damage attributed to COVID-19 was instead caused by the socialism meant to protect us. COVID-19 is a pandemic of socialism.

America has always favored strong political leaders and rejected the weak. We need ballsy politicians to confront the socialist nonsense masquerading as health and safety. Elect Biden, who embraces health and safety, and the socialists pulling his strings will abuse the "Crisis Constitution" to give us COVID-19 every day.
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