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So, you want to vote for Barack Obama?

You mean the guy who...

Things you need a picture I.d. for


Faster, please

A vaccine or nasal spray to stop fat build-up in arteries could be available within five years. Read more here:
via conservative hideout 2.0 at

A voting opportunity

The Conservative Hideout 2.0 has an end-of-the month voting opportunity for us. Just cast your vote for the Useful Idiot of the month of March. Sandra Fluke, Spike Lee, Barack Obama's open mic, and many more candidates vie for our votes. Go here to cast your vote:

Not so scary

Here is an article about the chemicals involved in fracking. It is nice to read something from an author who does not have a newspaper to sell:

Friday, March 30, 2012

"Sending a lynch mob to a wrong address is a bad mistake. Sending a lynch mob to any address is a bad mistake!"

Jon Stewart takes on Spike Lee. Some very good ridicule. See the video here:

Post-It Notes at the pump

Not a bad idea? Via Glenn Beck and

Things that make me chuckle

Last night I was going over spelling words with 2nd grader Sara. The word was navy. "Sara, what is the difference between the Army and the Navy?" Immediately she answered, "The Army isn't blue."

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thwart them and they become "less nice"

The Cold Fury blogger has this to say about liberal fascists who attack conservative women like Michelle Malkin daily on social media such as Twitter: What they are is vile, ignorant, depraved little homunculi, arrogant as the day is long, with even less justification for that arrogance than their God King has for his. And the telltale is that the more their evil designs on the rest of us are thwarted, in even the smallest of ways, the less “nice” they become.

Al is doing fine


Are sociopaths in charge of our country?

 Here are some quotes from a blogger who believes sociopaths are running things in America.

Are you the kind of person who supports "my country right or wrong," as did most Germans in the 1930s and 1940s (nobody was drafted into the Gestapo), or the kind who dodges the duty to be a helpmate to murderers? The type of passenger who goes down with the ship or the type who puts on his vest and looks for a life boat? The type of individual who supports the merchants who offer the fairest deal or the type who is gulled by splashy TV commercials?
We're confronted by economic depression, looming financial chaos, serious currency inflation, onerous taxation, crippling regulation, developing police states and, worst of all, the prospect of a major war. It seems almost unbelievable that we are talking of the US – which historically has been the land of the free.

All the institutions that made America exceptional – including a belief in capitalism, individualism, self-reliance and the restraints of the Constitution – are now only historical artifacts.

However, once the government changes its emphasis from protecting citizens from force to initiating force with laws and taxes, those social mores break down. Peer pressure, social approbation and moral opprobrium, the forces that keep a healthy society orderly, are replaced by regulations enforced by cops and funded by taxes. Sociopaths sense this, start coming out of the woodwork and are drawn to the State and its bureaucracies and regulatory agencies, where they can get licensed and paid to do what they've always wanted to do.

It's very simple, really. There are two ways people can relate to each other: voluntarily or coercively. The government is pure coercion, and sociopaths are drawn to its power and force.
Read more here:

Which do you prefer, capitalism or socialism?

From an interview of Ion Mihai Pacepa, the former head of the Romanian intelligence service under Ceausescu, by Madeleine Simon:
14. Since coming to America, what most positively surprised you about the country, and what has most negatively surprised you?


What most negatively surprised me? A 2008 Rasmussen poll showing that only 53% of Americans preferred capitalism to socialism. There seems to be a new generation of American young people who have no longer been taught real history in school, who know little if anything about the destructive power of Marxism — a sinister plague that dispossessed a third of the world’s population and killed some 94 million people — and who believe that a socialist utopia would solve everything in the world.

Are you under 40? Watch out, you are about to be rebranded!

Barack Obama: the height of arrogance, and the depth of narcissism:


Here is a woman who likes men, and the next time she confronts someone male-bashing, she plans to do something about it!

Watch out for ink!

Argentina is banning book imports. Well, they deny they are banning books, but... "The government claims that this is not a ban. However, since each buyer has to demonstrate at the airport’s customs office that the ink in the purchased book has lead quantities no higher than 0.006% in its chemical composition, the result is that all book imports into the country are stalled."
But it is not just books they are after:  Sniffing dogs are being deployed at airports and border check points to detect the ink used to print U.S. bills, so Argentines cannot take out of the country more than $10,000 without declaring it to the government.

Humor break

From The Rio Norte Line comes a badly needed humor break. Some Calvin Coolidge humor:
Calvin Coolidge, 30th US President, 1923-29

Humorist and storyteller Will Rogers was in a line of people that were waiting to shake the hand of newly-elected President Coolidge. “Silent Cal” was not known for having a sense of humor. In fact he was so stiff that Al Gore would have seemed like a court jester in comparison. A friend in line commented to Will that even he could not get a laugh out of the new President.

“Why, I will have him laughing before we finish shaking hands”, Will replied. Sure enough, when Will’s turn came he shook Coolidge’s hand, leaned in close and whispered something in the president’s ear, at which point the new President laughed uproariously. Will walked by his dumbfounded friend, who asked how he had done it. Will replied, “I said to him, ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name’.”

Our Presidents get paid every two weeks, and it had become customary for the new President’s first check to be hand-delivered by the Paymaster-General. So, the fellow arrives with Coolidge’s first check two weeks after his inauguration, and is shown in to the Oval Office, where Silent Cal is poring over paperwork. The Paymaster presents the check to the President, who accepts it, barely looking up at the man, sets it down, and goes back to his reading. The man is nonplussed; usually there is a bit of conversation, perhaps an acknowledgement that the President knows his name, at least. An awkward moment later, The Paymaster starts towards the door, thinking that the stories of his boss’ coldness are true.

As he reaches the door, behind him he hears the president speak. “Come again”, he says.
The President and his wife, Grace, were in Vermont, touring a chicken farm. By chance they were shown the hatchery at different times, Grace being the first to tour the building.The guide mentions that each rooster mates 12 times a day. “Oh really, a dozen times a day?” replies Mrs. Coolidge, “Be sure to mention that to Mr. Coolidge.”  The guide, a bashful type, but not wanting to deny a President’s wife, assures her that he will include that fact in his presentation.

Later, when The President is making his inspection of the breeding facilities, the poor guide remembers his instructions, and awkwardly interjects, “The roosters, sir, breed a dozen times a day”. Calvin stares at the  man for a minute, and asks, “With  the same hen?” “Oh no, sir. A different hen each time”, says the guide. “On our way out, be sure to mention that to Mrs. Coolidge.”
I followed the link from Bob at The Camp of the Saints:

Jeff Goldstein brings us Romney 2006

"In 2006 Romney was Obama's identical twin on rising gas prices: His current 2012 views (like Obama’s, and lately Chu’s) evincing both his pragmatism and his flexibility, I guess. Per TNR:
Befitting his profile as a moderate Republican who cared about the environment, Governor Romney responded [in 2006 - ed]to price spikes by describing them as the natural result of global market pressures and by calling for increases in fuel efficiency — the same approach that he now derides Obama for taking as president.
At moments, Romney went so far as to make high gas prices out to be a welcome reality for the foreseeable future, one that people needed to learn to live with. When lieutenant governor Kerry Healey, a fellow Republican, called for suspending the state’s 23.5 cent gas tax during a price spike in May 2006, Romney rejected the idea, saying it would only further drive up gasoline consumption. “I don’t think that now is the time, and I’m not sure there will be the right time, for us to encourage the use of more gasoline,” Romney said, according to the Quincy Patriot Ledger’s report at the time. “I’m very much in favor of people recognizing that these high gasoline prices are probably here to stay.”
Of course, we probably shouldn’t read too much into this. After all, as Ann Coulter keeps reminding us, Romney only said such things to fool Democrats into embracing his leadership — after first having fooled the electorate of the bluest of blue states into voting Republican in the first place. He then fooled Democrats even more by seeming to actually believe in their agenda, before finally completing his genius charade by actually legislating for those beliefs. Poor liberal saps never even knew what kind of savvy political gamesmanship had hit ‘em!"

cartoon found here:

Fools who care nothing about truth

Racist film director Spike Lee is desperately trying to avoid a lawsuit. Rushing to justice along with others like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, Lee re-tweeted the address of the person thought to be the killer of Trayvon Martin. Only one problem: he got the address wrong. The people who lived at that address had to flee their home to go to a hotel. Although young black men get killed every day in America, over 90 percent of the time, according to figures from the U.S. Department of Justice, the young men are killed by other blacks. Spike Lee is now apologizing. Lee only tweets addresses when the alleged killers are not black. You better settle this one out of court, Mr. Lee.

Meanwhile, as new information becomes available every day about the killing of Trayvon Martin, let's not lose sight of the only relevant facts: what happened on the night the young man was killed.

Update: This blogger challenges Twitter to enforce their own rule: "You may not publish or post other people's private and confidential information, such as credit card numbers, street address or Social Security/National Identity numbers, without their express authorization and permission."
Read more here:

Update 2: Florida high schoolers show their support for Trayvon Martin by looting the local Walgreens:

Update 3: The inimitable Mark "Steyn weighs in with this: C’mon, Reverend Sharpton,  Jackson: Are you gonna let your good selves be so effortlessly upstaged by some Hollywood has-been, a North Carolina strip joint, and even some pasty honky Catholic?
Steyn has more photos and videos here, along with his commentary:

Update 4: Of course, no one can put the whole thing in perspective better than Victor Davis Hanson:
The Trayvon Martin tragedy keeps becoming more Orwellian and the facts of what actually happened that sad evening even more remote.

In this unhinged culture of instantaneous imagery and obsessions with race, we can distort reality quite easily: In one scenario, a young, almost baby-faced Trayvon Martin’s photo (that so struck President Obama) is juxtaposed with George Zimmerman’s mug shot, where he looks sinister, sullen, and quite white, and in jail orange. Supporters of the idea that Martin was murdered prefer this imagery of Martin as pre-teen and Zimmerman as a jailbird.

Or, alternatively, one can choose to print a different pair of photos: a more recent picture of a mature Trayvon Martin in hoodie paralleled with George Zimmerman, with neatly trimmed beard and mustache, smiling in suit and tie, and appearing in some sense more identifiably Latino. Supporters of the idea that Zimmerman acted in self-defense prefer photos of either a Martin hooded or with gold-plated teeth and tattoos, with Zimmerman appearing as an upbeat businessman of some sort.

After demonizing Zimmerman for a week as an unhinged white racist wannabe vigilante, Sharpton, Jackson, et al. are upset that the tables are turning and Martin is emerging not quite as a model pre-teen, Skittle-eating student with a slight truancy problem, but as a 6 foot 2 inch teen with troubled Twitter allusions to criminal activity, an obscene n-word Twitter ID, and suspensions entailing possible drug use and theft. Either such past information is irrelevant for both parties or it is useful in trying to reconstruct their behaviors on the night of the shooting — but either way it should be equitably applied to both.

Finally how absolute insane American has become: The mainstream media both wishes to portray Martin as the innocent-looking pre-teen of his old photo even as the rarer appearing, politically-incorrect hoodie picture resonates far more with Martin’s supporters; had Zimmerman just used his mother’s maiden name, much of the current outrage would have dissipated; the country beats itself up over whether Zimmerman may have used a racial epithet — even as Twitter messages are released of Martin self-identifying himself with the n-word; Martin’s mother is worried about publicity warping the name of her deceased son even as she seeks propriety merchandising rights to it; Al Sharpton by day agitates and demagogues and, by evening, reports on Al Sharpton agitating and demagoguing for MSNBC — and on and on and on.

Update 5: Since I seem to be posting quotes from my heroes in the blogosphere, let me hasten to add this by Thomas Sowell:
The man who shot the black teenager in Florida may be as guilty as sin, for all I know — or he may be innocent. We pay taxes so that there can be judges and jurors who sort out the facts. We do not need Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton or the president of the United States spouting off before the trial has even begun. Have we forgotten the media’s rush to judgment in the Duke University “rape” case that blew up completely when the facts came out?

If the facts show that a teenager who was no threat to anyone was shot and killed, it will be time to call for the death penalty. But if the facts show that the shooter was innocent, then it will be time to call for people in the media and in politics to keep their big mouths shut until they know what they are talking about.

Playing with racial polarization is playing with fire.

Let the specific facts come out in the Florida case. Have we forgotten the Jim Crow era, with courts making decisions based on the race of the defendants, rather than the facts of the case? That is part of the past that we need to leave in the past, not resurrect under new racial management.

Race hustlers who stir up paranoia and belligerence are doing no favor to minority youngsters. There is no way to know how many of these youngsters’ confrontations with the police or others in authority have been needlessly aggravated by the steady drumbeat of racial hype they have been bombarded with.
I urge you to read more of Sowell's wise words here:

Update 6: The elderly couple, no relation to Mr. Zimmerman, forced to flee their home after Spike Lee, thinking they were connected to Zimmerman, gave out their address in a tweet, has retained the Morgan and Morgan law firm in Orlando. Take good care of these folks, Spike!

A red sky, and some red faces

This is what the western sky looked like a couple evenings ago here in the Denver area. The state forest service had decided to do a "controlled burn" a few days previously. They thought the fire was out. but then we had very high winds, which whipped up the embers. Over 900 homes have been evacuated, and 16 homes have been burned to the ground. An elderly couple lost their lives. Governor Hickenlooper has ordered that there be no more "controlled" burns until after an investigation is complete. The fire is still only 15% contained.

Update: This morning's Denver Post carried interviews with homeowners who lost their homes. They told the Post that when they called to tell authorities they were smelling smoke, they were told that it was a controlled burn, not to worry. In fact, the dispatcher scolded one woman, telling her not to call every time she smelled smoke! The number of homes burned to the ground now totals 27.
Read and see more here:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Black victims of violence

From P.J. Tatler:
The present media wave about the tragic death of Trayvon Martin is for me, an outsider, a fascinating lesson in race, politics, and media perversity in America.
The impression is being generated that young black men are continuously hunted by white men, and killed.
So I wanted to know the exact figures. The most recent, those of 2009, I could find are on the site of the Department of Justice.
About 13% of the population is black. About 80% is white (this number includes Hispanics).
In 2009, 2,963 white individuals were killed by white offenders. White offenders killed 209 black individuals.
In that same year, 2,604 black individuals were killed by black offenders. And 454 white individuals were killed by black offenders.
As we see, there is cross-racial deadly violence, but offenders mainly cause victims within their own race; it is so-called intra-racial.
What about recent decades? Murders surveyed between 1974 and 2004 show that 52% of the offenders were black, 48% were white. Of the victims, 51% were white, 47% were black.
In that period, 86% of white murders had whites offenders, and 94% of black murders had black offenders.
There may be a hunt by white vigilantes for innocent young black men in Florida — if it exists, the figures show this is a limited phenomenon. Trayvon Martin’s death should be thoroughly investigated and the vigilante should be brought to trial in case he broke the law. But such a crime is an exception.
The main problem for young black men is not violent white men chasing them. It is black on black violence.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Holder and Obama push ahead to advance voter fraud.

The Department of Justice has blocked new Voter I.D. laws in Texas. The law would prevent illegal immigrants ("undocumented Democrats") from voting. Read more here:

The next Obama boondoggle

This one involves Harry Reid. The plan is to loan $5 billion to one of Reid's financial backers to build a bullet train from the middle of the Mohave Desert to Las Vegas. Read more here:


Somehow I am not surprised to learn that political correctness has caused New York educrats to ban over 50 subjects from appearing on standardized testing. Some of the banned words include birthdays, dinosaurs, Halloween, dancing, poverty, wealth, divorce, diseases, computers, swimming pools, creatures from outer space, terrorism, slavery, junk food, holidays, and popular music. Read more here:

Romney is "very, very concerned"

Photo of Mars

Found at

Watergate II?

Last Friday two top campaign aides to Governor Romney decided to park their SUV in a San Diego parking garage and grab some food. When they came back, their laptops and IPads were stolen. I remember when something similar happened in the Nixon/McGovern race. It is now known as Watergate, and resulted in a President resigning. Watch a video and read the story here:

Dismantling America

I am reading Thomas Sowell's book Dismantling America. It is a compilation of his syndicated columns. The book is just superb. Will the American people wake up before America is dismantled? Sowell focuses on actions, not rhetoric; facts, not spins. He believes Obama is attempting to dismantle America.
Like Sowell, we all need to speak out. He nails Obama from A to Z.

Pictures from space

These stars in the top photo are near the middle of our galaxy. They were photographed by Hubble Space Shuttle. The bottom photo was taken fifteen years ago in Croatia, where the Hale-Bopp comet made its closest approach to Earth. The photos are from here:

Warning: don't try this at home!


Apparently the Tibetan monks do not want to lose freedom

A Tibetan exile runs after setting himself on fire during a protest against the upcoming visit of Chinese President Hu Jintao to India in New Delhi, on March 26, 2012. At least 16 Tibetans are believed to have died after setting themselves on fire in protest since March, most of them Buddhist monks in Tibetan parts of Sichuan and Gansu provinces.(Reuters/Stringer) Picture and story come from The Atlantic:

China's state-sponsored baby-killings

So, you want to give the state more power over your health and body, do you?
"The effects of China's one-child policy have rippled through society. Zhong Rufang, a gynecologist in Yunnan Province, is both a physician and local implementer of the policy. Doctors like her often must perform abortions on mothers who are seven or even eight months pregnant with another child and caught by the police. It's an especially wrenching task for Zhong, who has been unable to have a child herself." The Faces Of China, From Ai Weiwei to Liu Tianyou | Fast Company

He is doing exactly what he said he would do!

The Washington Post tells us today that the Environmental Protection Agency will announce new rules next week that will in effect be the end of the coal industry, even though we have an abundance of coal. So much for Obama's b.s. about an "all of the above" energy strategy. Read more here:

The San Francisco Chronicle did the nation a wonderful service when they videotaped this interview with Senator Obama when he was running for president last time. Unfortunately, it was never picked up by the media or by the lame McCain campaign. In fact, only 222,000 people have watched this on You Tube. Via Ace of Spades

Sky Rocket cartoons via

Budget "flexibility"

Democrats who are members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC in this graph) are proposing an amendment to the House GOP budget. It would raise taxes on the middle class beginning in 2017. Presumably this is the kind of "flexibility" Obama is expecting if he wins re-election in November. Read more here:


Monday, March 26, 2012

President Obama Asks Medvedev for ‘Space’ on Missile Defense — ‘After My Election I Have More Flexibility’

President Obama Asks Medvedev for ‘Space’ on Missile Defense — ‘After My Election I Have More Flexibility’: SEOUL, South Korea — At the tail end of his 90 minute meeting with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev Monday, President Obama said that he would have “more flexibility” to deal with controversial issues such as missile defense, but incoming Russian President Vladimir Putin needs to...
Update: Betsy Newmark writes:  "President Obama states that all he meant with telling Medvedev that he would have more space after the election to deal with missile defense is that the environment would be more conducive when people weren't focused on the election so he could work together with Congress. Yes, as if he's shown such great ability to work together with Republicans in Congress. Before he just unilaterally canceled agreements with Poland and the Czech Republic to cancel Bush's agreements with them for missile defense without getting anything from the Russians in return. What is preventing him from more such unilateral decisions right now? Could it be that he realizes that they wouldn't be popular as he faces a tough election?"

Tim Tebow 1, New York media 0

I listened on the radio to Tim Tebow's first press conference with the New York media today. He was magnificent! We had that young man in Denver, and let him go? It is understandable why so many Denver Broncos fans are disappointed that he was traded. But, if you are a fan of Tim Tebow, doesn't it behoove you to emulate his class? Tim shows no bitterness, just excitement about new opportunities. Can't his loyal fans do the same?
Update: Here is the full press conference. The man is EXCITED! 

Word choice

For some reason, because I use Firefox, MSNBC comes up as my home page. I have not changed it, because I like being able to see what the leftists are doing. Today they are after Rick Santorum. It wouldn't have anything to do with his victory in Louisiana, would it? They are saying he lost his cool with the press and called them a word that is "not family friendly." The word was "bullshit." That word refers to a card game I play with my kids. We love shouting "bullshit," when we believe a player is trying to con the other players. Bullshit is also fecal matter from cows that I use to make compost for my gardens, so that my flowers and veggies will thrive. Another appropriate use for the term is to describe the obsolete leftist media's never-ending attempts to try to take down whomever is doing well in the GOP race for the presidency!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bless his heart

Time to chuckle!

"An intense feeling of freedom"

This video shows Dutch engineer Jarno Smeets flying like a bird using custom-built wings. In the video, shot at a park in the Hague in the Netherlands on March 18, Jarno Smeets is seen using his arms to flap the wings as he appears to successfully achieve take-off, flight and landing.

Mr Smeets claims to have worked with neuromechanics expert Bert Otten to create a design based on the mechanics used in robotic prosthetics which helps to give his muscles extra strength. The Internet is buzzing whether this is fake or not. In a poll done by The Telegraph 43% think it's fake, 25% say it's real and 31% say they can't say for sure.

Computer Generated Imagery specialist have seen the video and couldn't find any traces of CGI. Scientist can't agree whether this is real or not. Jamie Hyneman of Mythbusters says he didn't see evidence that it was faked.
Via Presurfer at

Friday, March 23, 2012

Grandpa laments the current state of affairs

I often hear people complaining about how things are getting worser and worser. Here is one old guy's perspective.

I am sure Obama will call Rush to express his support

Yes, the title of this song is "Kill Rush Limbaugh." I am sure the left will condemn this outrageous hate speech and call Rush to offer him support, aren't you?

Want to take those words back, Rick?

Dick Morris says Rick Santorum probably wishes he hadn't said that America would be just as well off with Obama, if Romney wins the GOP nomination. Morris then goes on to enumerate a long list of things Romney would do as President that Obama has not done and will not do, or that Obama has done that Romney would not do. The list, it seems to me, could be nearly endless. Go here to read Morris's list:

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Garbled incoherence, historical manipulation, and appeal to amoral abstraction

The American Thinker has a post revisiting Obama's relationship with that "guy in my neighborhood," the unrepentant terrorist, Bill Ayres. Read it here:

Rallies for religious freedom Friday

This Friday rallies to "Stand Up for Religious Freedom - Stop the HHS mandate" will be held in over 130 cities. Click here to see if there will be a rally near where you live:

Photos from Mercury

Did you know there is a spacecraft called Messenger that is in orbit around Mercury twice a day? Here is a photo taken by Messenger. Read more here:

Much ado about nothing

The biased obsolete media is rejoicing today because the Romney campaign communications director said in an interview that the fall campaign would be different, "you just shake up the Etch-A-Sketch and go forward." Santorum and Gingrich got out their Etch-A-Sketches and rejoiced right along with the giddy media A-holes. The media are all using the words "self-imposed wound" and "gaffe," as they desperately try to stop the momentum of the person who is getting the most Republican votes. Much ado about nothing.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Blue Angels

The Blue Angels fly over Zion National Park in Utah, one of my favorite places. Via

How about 20 million mph winds?

I guess I won't complain the next time we have 30 or 40 mph winds. These winds go in all directions at once. Read all about them here:

Mr. Holder, why did you conceal evidence from Congress?

Since I posted once today positively about Eric Holder trying to do something about gun violence in 1995 in Washington D.C., I guess now it is time to balance the postings. Dick Morris writes today about Holder withholding information from Congress regarding letting go a criminal gun-runner. There is one obvious error in the Morris report, where he cited a date as May 19, 2012, when I think he meant to write March 19, 2012. Anyway, here is the Morris report, with a call for Holder's impeachment:

Democrats' war on women

Terror drama in France

I just heard on NPR(!) that the French are in a stand off with the killer who has been terrorizing that country for several days. He was found to be affiliated with AlQaeda, not a "right-wing extremist" as the media had assumed. He is holed up in an apartment building.

A controversial video

Judging by the comments on and other blogs, many people are upset about this video of then U.S. Attorney Eric Holder speaking in Washington D.C. in 1995, which the Breitbart folks discovered and exposed. However, speaking as the father of two boys, I appreciate the fact that he was  trying to do something to counteract the glorification of gun violence in video games, t.v., and movies, which has only gotten worse in the 17 years since he gave this speech. What do you think? I am not a fan of Eric Holder, and I believe he should be held accountable for the Fast and Furious fiasco, but let's make some effort to be fair, shall we not?

Ballot power


Mysterious government purchases?

A blogger wants to know why The Department of Homeland Security has just ordered 450 million rounds of .40 caliber ammuniton. The military does not use .40 caliber. Do you suppose they will donate them to local shooting ranges so citizens could become proficient? No? Who is the perceived enemy?
Read more here:

Where can you go to build the American dream?

China is providing jobs for foreign architects. One company expects to build 50,000 skyscrapers there in the next two decades, the equivalent of ten New Yorks! Fueled by rising prosperity and the largest rural-to-urban shift in history — some 300 million Chinese became city dwellers over the past two decades — the boom has utterly transformed the eastern seaboard around Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The fastest growth now is taking place deep in the country’s interior or on its outer edges in cities little known in the West: Harbin, Changsha, Chengdu and dozens of others."


How do the Islamists keep on expanding their power?

 Paul Marshall and Nina Shea have written a book entitled  Silenced: How Apostasy and Blasphemy Codes Are Choking Freedom Worldwide.

“Our survey shows that in Muslim-majority countries and areas, restrictions on freedom of religion and expression, based on prohibitions of blasphemy, apostasy, and ‘insulting Islam,’ are pervasive, thwart freedom, and cause suffering to millions of people.”

"Who will stand up, under these circumstances, to block the militants in their forward march? Absolute majorities of people in one country after another may well look upon the champions of a totalitarian Islam with disdain and horror. But the majorities have every reason to keep their feelings to themselves; and people who keep their feelings to themselves tend not to know, after a while, what their feelings are. Anyway, majorities sometimes do side with the radicals, as we have been learning, which leaves the whole responsibility for putting up a resistance in the hands of some very lonely minorities…"

Read a comprehensive review here:

Divided he wins




Tebow to New York, New Orleans to the cemetery

Tim Tebow has been traded to the New York Jets. The Broncos also gave the Jets a 7th round draft choice. The Jets gave the Broncos two draft choices, a 4th and a 6th round. I still have not heard any comments from Tim Tebow, so I don't know if the rumor is true that he said, "I like Apples; the first book of the Bible mentions them!" (Tebow's last tweet was on February 26. When he does tweet, Twitter may break!)

With Tebow in New York, he may become an even bigger national celebrity.

Also today in the NFL, the New Orleans Saints got body-slammed with penalties by Commissioner Roger Goodell, who suspended the coach, general manager, defensive coordinator (who is now with the St. Louis Rams), and two second round draft picks.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Harvesting the Moon’s abundant supply of edible cheese.

Scott Ott brings us the news of the week: Mitt downsizes the United States, Obama guzzles gas to tout new green energy, North Korea fights famine, and the Red Bull creator dies:

Because we don't speak out!

Here is a powerful video of a Muslim who speaks out against the Islamofascist threat:
Watch live streaming video from ideacity at

Peyton Manning/Tim Tebow

The Peyton Manning/Tim Tebow stories are huge here in Colorado. I have been disappointed to experience the hateful words coming from a lot of Tebow fans, many of whom are very bitter. I will be very surprised if Tebow himself shows any bitterness. He seems above that. I have not yet heard of any utterances from him.

Manning is also a class guy, from what I am hearing. He does a lot of philanthropic work. I think his phone call to talk with Mr. Tripuca about wearing number 18 is another example of class. Here is the video of his press conference today.

Race and rhetoric

Thomas Sowell has a new post explaining that there is a huge difference between rhetoric and results, when it comes to racial progress or lack thereof. Read more here, but it is not a pretty picture:

Massive earthquake in Mexico

Gateway Pundit is reporting that a massive 7.6 earthquake has struck south of Mexico City. He has a map here:

Get out of Afghanistan. Yesterday!

Andrew McCarthy writes that we should get out of Afghanistan. Yesterday! Read more here:

Newt gets under Obama's skin

Despite trailing Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum in delegates, Newt Gingrich has been successful in getting under the skin of Barack Obama:

Let's be clear about Obama's energy policies

Candidate Obama in 2008: if gas prices are less than $4.00 per gallon, changing to a green energy economy becomes a lower priority with the voters:

Where the real war on women is occurring

Jeff Goldstein links to a story and picture about a school in Afghanistan that reveals where the real war on women is occurring in the world:

"An organized terror attack!"

Mark Stevens, CEO of a business which advertises on The Rush Limbaugh radio program, says he has been the victim of an organized terror attack from the left. Is he going to quit advertising? No, he is going to "double and triple down," meaning that he is going to increase his advertising by double or triple. We need to support this man, and we need to wake up and realize how the left plays.
via Protein Wisdom

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Voter fraud in America

This video by a man named O'Keefe, who collaborated with Andrew Breitbart on the Planned Parenthood expose, shows how easy it is for dead people to vote in Vermont without showing I.D., but one cannot be served at a bar, or check into a room at a hotel in the same state without I.D.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

"Who do they think they are fooling?"

Charles Krauthammer nails it: "High gasoline prices are a major political problem for Obama. They are not just a pain at the pump, however. They are a constant reminder of three years of a rigid, fatuous, fantasy-driven energy policy that has rendered us scandalously dependent and excessively vulnerable."
Read the whole thing here:

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!


Ten spots in the world with the longest human longevity

NeoNeocon links to a piece in Yahoo Finance that informs us where are the ten spots in the world with the longest human longevity. Starting with number ten Italy, the list goes like this: Australia, Hong Kong, Guernsey, Andorra, San Marino, Singapore, Japan, Macau, and, way ahead of everyone else, Monaco, with a life span of 89.6 years! The United States ranks 50th.
Read the theories as to why each is doing well here:

Friday, March 16, 2012

The cat and mouse game

Okay, let's play cat and mouse. Obama is the cat. The rest of us are the mice. This is what we can accomplish in November.
Photo via

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Black is White and three sure things of life

I found a new blog on the right that has some great writing. It is new to me, anyway. I don't know how long it has been around. Go read this excellent post on Sandra Fluke's lying testimony:


Why am I not surprised that the chairwoman of the Democrat Party in Lake County Florida defaced the American flag with a picture of their Messiah? It has been flying for a couple of months and nobody said anything?
Read more here:

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stacy's is the place for election coverage

Where in the blogosphere can you find the best election coverage? For my money it is Stacy McCain at The Other McCain.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Killing golden eagles

Last June, the Los Angeles Times reported that about 70 golden eagles are being killed per year by the wind turbines at Altamont Pass, about 20 miles east of Oakland, Calif. A 2008 study funded by the Alameda County Community Development Agency estimated that about 2,400 raptors, including burrowing owls, American kestrels, and red-tailed hawks—as well as about 7,500 other birds, nearly all of which are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act—are being killed every year by the turbines at Altamont. There have been no prosecutions. Of course not! The Obama administration is funding the windfarms!

Life's a beach

The New York Daily News reports that George Soros is offering $250,000 to his former girlfriend's cousin to get her to drop her $50 million lawsuit against Soros. In the lawsuit, the girlfriend claims that Soros choked and slapped her and threw a lamp, cutting her foot.

The Chinese cyber threat

China has developed highly sophisticated cyber warfare capabilities that would be used to cripple computer networks of the U.S. military in the event of a conflict with China. Read more here:

Green energy

The U.S. Navy is spending $26.75 per gallon for biofuels! Read more here:

It doesn't have to be bombs

Why not use the power of the internet to give Iranians the freedom and power to challenge the Mullahs? Hillary Clinton's State Department is sitting on funds that would enable that to happen. Why? Fear of freaking out China! Read more here:

The federal takeover of education

Has there been a takeover of education by the federal government? George Will shows how Obama is attempting it. Read more here:

No right to wear the cross?

British government "ministers" will argue in a case before the European Court of Human Rights that because it is not a “requirement” of the Christian faith, employers can ban the wearing of the cross and sack workers who insist on doing so. Two British women have filed the case in an attempt to establish their right to display the cross.
Read more here:

Get out of Afghanistan?

Laura Ingraham is blogging about Afghanistan. She says Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul are saying we should get out. I knew that was Paul's position, but I did not know it was Newt's. Anyway, I agree.
Read more here:

Hair loss, and "It makes ya stupid"

Innominatus is having some fun with CFL light bulbs. Read the whole thing here:

"They prefer the devil they know..."

"Wherever Arab tyrants have been overthrown—Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, etc.—it is Islamists filling the power-vacuums. Just ask Syria's Christian minorities, who prefer the dictator Assad remain in power—who prefer the devil they know to the ancient demon their forefathers knew.
Read more here:

Refuse government money?

"But I can understand the outrage among the bishops. Here they’ve been, for the most part, good liberal lefties, supportive of President Obama and other progressives. How can he be so insensitive to their needs? Catholic healthcare is a damn big business, and they thought they were buying indulgences from such rules. They should have recognized that one cannot appease such a beast; their experience with Catholic Charities having to get out of the adoption business because of requirements to allow adoption by gay couples should have informed them."

The author of these words then goes on to make a suggestion to the Catholic bishops as to how their problem can be solved:

Ron Paul don't need no stinkin security


When a man gives his wife a chainsaw...

"My first balky lesson took place on our ancient, deformed pear tree. A plant that I despise beyond reason. It stands Oz warped against the night sky, ugly with its witch finger twigs waving over my boy’s bedrooms, offering up bitter, fallen fruit that tempt the dogs into flagrant states of explosive diarrhea.
I truly hate this foul tree.

The first cut felt almost soft, like running your fingertips over the rough edge of raw cut silk, so much easier than the sticky hack-bow I’ve manhandled into compliance over the past ten years.
Twenty minutes later, confidence found, I was ripping through the backyard like a tiny, euphoric lumberjack.

This chainsaw is pure magic, an absolute wonder of mechanical engineering. Our tree canopy will be lucky to see a stray branch swaying within my new-found reach.
Much love for the man who gives me such strange and perfectly suited gifts."

Read more here:

Are you "treatable?"

A real live shrink answers ten questions about treatment of people with various diagnoses. White elephants in the room, shooting ducks in a barrel, fantasizing; all of these and more are covered. Then, there is this: "Only in an American university can a person become an expert on sex while never having participated." Read more here:

Banned ad

A British furniture retailer was banned Wednesday from using an ad that claimed its prices were “Sofa King low.”
UK advertising watchdog the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) upheld complaints that the advertisement for The Sofa King store in Northampton, central England, was “offensive and unsuitable for general display.”


Rebuilding the America We Love

The Sebelius dictate still stands

"The core of the issue was individual liberty and the desire of the Obama Administration to be free of the constraints of the Constitution."
"The dictate of the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services that is an affront to the First Amendment and an assault on individual liberty still stands.

Conservatives may yet succeed in forcing the Obama SuperPac to give back or give to charity the million dollars they got from Bill Maher. And if they do it will be a win for the cause of civility and at least for a while there might actually be less of a double standard.

But as long as the HHS edict that started it all still stands we are all less free. That is something about which we should be very much less than civil."
Read more here:

"Blame deflection isn't leadership"

"And that’s why both Carter and Obama came to seem so tired, dull, repetitive, scolding, inept and irrelevant."

 “You can’t castigate the American people,” his vice president, Walter Mondale, told Carter, “or they will turn you off once and for all.”

How Obama is purposely preventing North American crude oil from reaching the American economy

If this does not make your blood boil, I don't know what does:

The news wires are reporting that President Obama actively lobbied Senate Democrats to defeat the Keystone pipeline yesterday. The effect of blocking the Keystone XL Pipeline is to defer 700,000 barrels of oil per day. And as I reported at The Weekly Standard recently, the president’s policy of choking off oil production under federal leases will prevent another 1 million barrels of oil per day this year, and even more next year.

Obama will soon be personally responsible for preventing some 2 million barrels per day of possible North American crude oil production from reaching the American economy. The U.S. currently produces only about 6 million barrels of domestic crude oil, so that would be more than a 30 percent increase in domestic production. 

Read more here:

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Write to be read.

Do you like to write? Here are twenty-five things you should know about word choice:

"Write to be read. Choose words that have flavor but do not overwhelm, that reach out instead of pushing back, that sound right to the ear and carry with them a kind of rhythm. Write with confidence, not with arrogance. Don’t be afraid to play with words. But be sure to let the reader play with you."

Saturday, March 10, 2012

"You want it? You pay for it!"

Jeffro at The Poor Farm has written the best rant I have yet read on the subject of Ms. Fluke's testimony and the media's misrepresentation of the issues:

"Business trip, or pleasure?"

A man boarded an airplane and took his seat. As he settled in, he glanced up and saw the most beautiful woman boarding the plane. He soon realized she was heading straight towards his seat .. As fate would have it, she took the seat right beside his.

Eager to strike up a conversation he blurted out, "Business trip or pleasure?"

She turned, smiled and said, "Business. I'm going to the Annual Nymphomaniacs of America Convention in  Boston"

He swallowed hard. Here was the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen sitting next to him, and she was going to a meeting of nymphomaniacs.

Struggling to maintain his composure, he calmly asked, "What's your business role at this convention?"

"Lecturer," she responded. "I use information that I have learned from my personal experiences to debunk some of the popular myths about sexuality."

"Really?" he said. "And what kind of myths are there?"

"Well," she explained, "one popular myth is that African-American men are the most well-endowed of all men, when in fact it is the Native American Indian who is most likely to possess that trait.

Another popular myth is that Frenchmen are the best lovers, when actually it is men of Jewish descent who are the best.

I have also discovered that the lover with absolutely the best stamina is the Southern Redneck."

Suddenly the woman became a little uncomfortable and blushed. "I'm sorry," she said, "I shouldn't really be discussing all of this with you. I don't even know your name.."

"Tonto," the man said, "Tonto Goldstein, but my friends call me Bubba."

via Jeffro at The Poor Farm:

What to do about OmniRomney and Roseanne Barr?

Roseanne Barr running for President on the Green Tea ticket? Don't worry, Obama has covered that base. But wait, what about OmniRomney?

No golf for Obama today

Innominatus has an absolutely brilliant satire piece. Obama wants to go golfing, but encounters difficulties that his sidekick Joe Biden and friend Hugo Chavez cannot even help him solve:

Bad timing, Broncos

Denver Broncos CEO John Elway yesterday took Peyton Manning on a tour of the practice facility. Of course, a photo of them made the front page of the Denver Post. Unfortunately, there was another story on the front page about two Broncos who will miss the first six games of the 2012 season because they have been caught using banned substances ("performance enhancing drugs"). A third Bronco was also caught, and will miss the first four games of the season.

It is a good bet that Peyton Manning is looking to play for a team that is a Super Bowl contender, stocked with solid people on both offense and defense. Bad timing, Broncos.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Sentenced to die in Pakistan for telling the Truth

Gates of Vienna blog brings us this information about the woman in the photo above. Asia Bibi, a Christian wife and mother in Pakistan, was arrested by police on June 19, 2009 and charged with blasphemy after she engaged in a religious discussion with co-workers. Many of the local women, including Asia, worked on the farm of Muslim landowner Muhammad Idrees. Her family was one of only three Christian families in a village of more than 1,500 families. During their work, many of the Muslim women had pressured Asia to renounce Christianity and accept Islam.

On June 19, 2009 there was an intense discussion among the women about their faith. The Muslim women told Asia about Islam, and, according to VOM sources, Asia responded by telling the Muslim women that Jesus is alive. “Our Christ sacrificed His life on the cross for our sins…Our Christ is alive.” She told them. Upon hearing this response, the Muslim women became angry and began to beat Asia. Then some men took her and locked her in a room. They announced from mosque loudspeakers that she would be punished by having her face blackened and being paraded through the village on a donkey.

Local Christians informed the police, who took Asia into protective custody before the Muslims could carry out their plan. Christians urged the police not to file blasphemy charges, but the police claimed they had to go forward because of pressure from local Muslim leaders.

After a lengthy trial, on Nov. 8, 2010, Asia Bibi was sentenced to death by a judge. The judge also fined Asia $1,190 (U.S.) and told her she had seven days to appeal the decision. Her attorneys filed the appeal promptly, and now wait for the Lahore High Court to rule. If the appeal is rejected, Asia would be the first woman to be lawfully executed under Pakistan’s blasphemy laws. She remains in prison, waiting to hear the high court’s ruling.

On Jan. 4, 2011 the governor of Punjab province, where Asia lives, was assassinated by a member of his security team. Though a Muslim, Salmaan Taseer had spoken out repeatedly in favor of a pardon for Asia Bibi and for a reexamination of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws. Governor Taseer also met with Asia in prison. On March 2, 2011, Shahbaz Bhatti, the only Christian member of Pakistan’s cabinet and another person who had spoken out on behalf of Asia Bibi, was also assassinated for his support of her.

The Voice of the Martyrs has supported Asia Bibi and her family since the time of her arrest. In July, 2011, VOM launched in an effort to gather 1,000,000 signatures from around the world asking for Asia’s release. When they’ve reached a million signatures, the petition will be brought to the Pakistan Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Go here to read more and click on the site that is collecting signatures:

Pushing away voters?

The NAACP is next week taking a complaint to the U.N. Human Rights Council over voter identification laws, which have already been passed in several states. "It was in 1947 that W.E.B. Dubois delivered his speech and appealed to the world at the U.N.," NAACP president Benjamin Todd Jealous said Thursday. "Now, like then, the principal concern is voting rights. The past year more states in this country have passed more laws pushing more voters out of the ballot box than any point since Jim Crow."

Does any reader of this blog get this? I sure don't.

Read more here:

Sir, are you a liar?

Have you ever wished just for a moment you were a reporter getting to ask questions of the President of the United States? This blogger had that wish, and this is what he would ask:

Hoping nobody will find out

via Boinky at

Escaping China's one-child policy

According to official statistics, 95,337 babies were born in Hong Kong in 2011 and as much as 40% of babies’ parents are birth tourists from Mainland China. Some people in Hong Kong are not happy about that. According to the Hong Kong Basic Law, the mini-constitution in Hong Kong, children born to parents of Chinese origin can enjoy right of abode and full citizenship even though neither of the parents is a local resident. As a result, a large number of mainland Chinese pregnant women travel to Hong Kong to give birth so as to escape from the one-child policy and pave the future for their offspring.

One family's tornado experience

When a tornado slammed into their home this Indiana mom shielded her children with her body, and lost her legs, her lung was punctured, and the family lost its house. The little boy in the photo ran to get help from neighbors, saving his mother's life, just as she had saved his. Read more here and watch video

Justice? or Forgiveness and Reconciliation?

Nancy Reyes, a physician who worked in Africa, writes about how Africa's system of justice is closer to the New Testament ways of forgiveness and reconciliation than is America's system of justice:

Get fracked!

Nancy Reyes posts about the abundance of natural gas, and the fracking possibilities. China is aggressively pursuing a stake, even here in eastern Colorado! Read more here:

Crony capitalism, or crony socialism?

One more time today from Dr. Sanity: "In short, when you have perfected crony capitalism to the point that the Obama Administration has, you have really instituted perfect crony socialism and are well on your way to national socialism or some other redistributive utopian fantasy."
Read more here:

"Desperation of the elite media"

One more reason why I support Newt Gingrich

Will appeasement work this time?

Dr. Sanity writes about Obama, Israel, and Iran. Here is one quote from her: "Frankly, waiting for Iran to see reason, is like waiting for the paranoid psychotic patient who refuses to take his medications to come to the realization that they are delusional and accept the help that is offered. IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN."
Read more here:

Better ideas, or better people?

Last night I was talking with my son Jonathan. He told me that a boy in his class at school is an "extreme liberal. He thinks he is better than everyone!" Then, today I was reading a post by Dr. Sanity in which she said, "Conservatives believe they have better ideas. Leftists believe they are better people." 
More from Dr. Sanity:  This is the same psychological maneuver that allows people to claim they are champions of free speech, as they diligently work to silence anyone with views that differ from their own. Inevitably, it leads to complete intellectual and moral bankruptcy. Where once they stood for freedom; they now enable dictatorships and apologize for tyrants. Where once they sought to bring justice to the world; they now defend horrific acts of mass murder and enslavement. Where once they rightly demanded equal opportunity, they have embraced all kinds of racial quotas and discriminatory practices and demand equality of outcome. Where once they sought to empower the weak; they are now instrumental in maintaining and expanding their victimhood.

After all, how can you be a “champion of the oppressed” unless you maintain and nurture an oppressed class that will always require your services to help them?
There is much more here:

Netanyahu gives Obama a gift

Jews are now celebrating the holiday of Purim. How did I know that? Because I read this at the hogewash blog: "Prime Minister Netanyahu gave President Obama a gift during his visit yesterday. It was a copy of the Book of Esther, the biblical story of how the Jews defended themselves from a genocidal attack from a group of Persians. That victory is celebrated in the holiday of Purim which begins this year tomorrow evening at sunset."
Read more here:

Birth of new stars

"Many of the diamond-like icy blue stars are among the most massive stars known. Some are 100 times more massive than our sun. These huge stars are destined to explode like a string of firecrackers when they become supernovas in a few million years." Read more about them here:

"The best ideas often come at inconvenient times"

Got some extra cash? How about purchasing the naming rights to restrooms? That is what Boulder, Colorado venture capitalist Brad Feld is doing. For instance, he has a plaque outside the Colorado University Alliance of Technology, Learning, and Society building which reads "The best ideas often come at inconvenient times - don't ever close your mind to them." It only cost him a donation of  $25,000. He has three other restroom plaques at the same price, and the possibilities would seem to be endless. What does he get out of it? A chance to donate money and to have some fun! Read more here:

$11 million grant helps two people!

Ace of Spades links to this article in The Detroit News in which an audit showed that an $11 million grant to Detroit to clothe job seekers resulted in only two job-seekers getting the help:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

President Obama: Do his actions warrant impeachment?

Former Congressman Tom Tancredo explains why the House of Representatives should hold hearings to see if President Obama's actions should result in his impeachment:

"Preemptive Surrender"

The Right Scoop has a video (found by the Breitbart crew) of Thomas Sowell being interviewed on CSPAN about former Harvard Professor Derrick Bell, Sowell talks about how universities surrender to the totalitarian practices of left wind ideologues. Watch it here:

Obama says "oil is a fuel of the past"

This week President Obama said that "oil is a fuel of the past." This blogger says the opposite is true:

"Oil and gas are, in fact, the critical fuels of the future.  It is and will remain the lifeblood of our economy for decades.  An administration that doesn’t realize that and works to curtail it deserves to be shown the door at the earliest possible opportunity.  If you think gas prices are high now, remember that without the increase in oil production on state and private land, it would be higher than it is now.
Unicorns and moon-ponies (or pond scum) won’t fuel the economy.  Oil will.  And an “all of the above” strategy should obviously include massive increases in oil production on federal lands.  Don’t let this guy get away with his false claims and destructive energy policy.  Help show him the door, November."

Read more here:

Individual liberty and personal responsibility

Dan Riehl reminds us not to lose sight of what is important to those of us on the right: individual liberty and personal responsibility. Read more here:

Cancer warning labels

A new California law requires companies to put a cancer warning on their products when they contain carcinogens. Coke and Pepsi are among the companies scrambling to try to avoid having to put the cancer warning on their products. This article, however, reminds us that Coke and Pepsi will still contain enough sugar and empty calories to cause damage to our bodies:

Thursday, March 08, 2012

"One lightning every 10-20 seconds"

A photographer took photos of lightning strikes on the Greek island of Ikaria, near Turkey. Read more here:

Just one more reason Rush Limbaugh is so valuable

Today was another example of Rush Limbaugh's importance. He devoted a lot of time today to a discussion of clear findings that the one thing heart attack victims have in common is inflammation, not high cholesterol. Rush links to a piece by heart surgeon Dr. Dwight Lundell. Here are some quotes from Dr. Lundell.

"The injury and inflammation in our blood vessels is caused by the low fat diet recommended for years by mainstream medicine."

"What are the biggest culprits of chronic inflammation? Quite simply, they are the overload of simple, highly processed carbohydrates (sugar, flour and all the products made from them) and the excess consumption of omega-6 vegetable oils like soybean, corn and sunflower that are found in many processed foods."

"There is but one answer to quieting inflammation, and that is returning to foods closer to their natural state. To build muscle, eat more protein. Choose carbohydrates that are very complex such as colorful fruits and vegetables. Cut down on or eliminate inflammation- causing omega-6 fats like corn and soybean oil and the processed foods that are made from them.

One tablespoon of corn oil contains 7,280 mg of omega-6; soybean contains 6,940 mg. Instead, use olive oil or butter from grass-fed beef.

Animal fats contain less than 20% omega-6 and are much less likely to cause inflammation than the supposedly healthy oils labelled polyunsaturated. Forget the "science" that has been drummed into your head for decades. The science that saturated fat alone causes heart disease is non-existent. The science that saturated fat raises blood cholesterol is also very weak. Since we now know that cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease, the concern about saturated fat is even more absurd today.

The cholesterol theory led to the no-fat, low-fat recommendations that in turn created the very foods now causing an epidemic of inflammation. Mainstream medicine made a terrible mistake when it advised people to avoid saturated fat in favor of foods high in omega-6 fats. We now have an epidemic of arterial inflammation leading to heart disease and other silent killers.

What you can do is choose whole foods your grandmother served and not those your mom turned to as grocery store aisles filled with manufactured foods. By eliminating inflammatory foods and adding essential nutrients from fresh unprocessed food, you will reverse years of damage in your arteries and throughout your body from consuming the typical American diet."

Read more here:
Read what Rush had to say here:

"Santorum has the best chance to win in 2012?"

DaTechGuy is someone I read when I want to read an analysis of events. His analysis of Super Tuesday is that Rick Santorum would do better against Obama in November. Read more here:

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

"Relocation Centers"

Coyote Blog links to a website called Twisted Sifter, which shows us some Ansel Adams photos of the "Manzanar War Relocation Center," one of ten camps where 110,000 Japanese Americans were interned during World War II. Manzanar sits at the foot of the Sierra-Nevada mountain range in California. "Relocation Center" must surely rank as one of the most significant twentieth century euphemism! Readmore here:

You now must have government permission to reincarnate!

That's right. China has banned Buddhist monks in Tibet from reincarnating without government permission! Read more here:,b=facebook

Sarah Palin voted for Gingrich yesterday

Sarah Palin voted in Alaska yesterday for Newt Gingrich. Read more here:

Monday, March 05, 2012

Rush is the man

Many people are upset or disappointed that Rush Limbaugh chose to apologize to Ms. Fluke. I was fortunate to be able to listen to the first hour of Rush's program today. He reiterated his apology in a  most sincere and humble way. He showed us what it means to be a man. He said he realized he had stooped to the level of his opponents, who will never apologize for their vile statements. He asserted that his apology was not about fear of losing more advertisers. He told us, for example, that he had turned down advertising from General Motors, because he knew he would be criticizing the bailed-out former titan of the auto industry. Like Andrew Breitbart and Saul Alinsky, Rush is a fighter who has no peer. If we lost him, well, I don't even want to think about it.


One of the best posts I have come across in remembrance of Andrew Breitbart was posted by Bob Belvedere at Camp of the Saints. I love this photo. Bob links to many other bloggers and to cartoonist Chris Muir. Read the whole thing here:

The vetting begins

Andrew Breitbart's colleagues at Big Government have written the first of many pieces they promise between now and November 6 to vet not only "Baracka" (as he was known in Chicago) Obama, but also his rivals for the Presidency. They begin with "a story that should swing the first hammer against the glass wall the mainstream media has built around Barack Obama."

Thanks to Bob Belvedere at Camp of the Saints for letting us know about this post. 

I will post something later about this. There is a good reason Saul Alinsky was a hero to many in Chicago. Read Upton Sinclair's The Jungle.  

Update: Like Andrew Breitbart, Saul Alinsky was a man who wanted to right wrongs. Both men were larger than life in the way they impacted others. Alinsky didn't like the way the poor were treated by America's institutions, such as law enforcement and education. Breitbart didn't like the way the media slanted things to favor the left. Both men courageously and purposely courted conflict. Both knew that if they could get under the skins of their opponents, their opponents would reveal their true colors. That has certainly been apparent since the untimely death of Mr. Breitbart.

However, if your goal is to defeat President Obama, there is a record to examine. Dissect it! Show how he has proven that he is not the man for this job. Show what he has done and what he has not done that he should have done.

Attending an event in Chicago when he was a state senator is not part of Obama's record as President.