Monday, August 31, 2020

Some tweets from the good guys and gals

Laura Ingraham tweeted,
Until violent BLM/Antifa radicals think they’re going to jail for a long time, they will continue their destruction. Freeze their accounts, prosecute their leaders, defeat all politicians who coddle them.

Marisa tweeted,
WHERE IS GEORGE SOROS? Pouting facePouting facePouting face
Soros funds all domestic terrorism in America. He should be marked as the number one Enemy of the State. He's doing everything to destroy and destabilize America!

Jeremy Boreing tweeted,
The media’s complete 180 on the riots when they saw the effect of the chaos on their poll numbers is the most obvious proof yet they are frauds.

Scott Adams tweeted,
Okay, smart people, what margin of victory would Trump need to have on Election Day to avoid mass civil unrest about the election results being "fixed" by Republicans? I think he'd have to win the popular vote by 10%.

DickyD tweeted,
So Soros pays leftist rioters who join leftist groups that are motivated by leftist ideology in leftist cities that are run by leftist mayors in leftist states that are run by leftist govs, and they are burning down their own cities. Yep, definitely sounds like Trump's fault.

Seattle Independent tweeted,
Donald Trump is really not right wing. He's not a reactionary. He's certainly not Pat Buchanan or William F. Buckley. Trump is actually a pragmatic moderate. What the establishment fears is not a right wing fascist. They fear a crusader against corruption.

Dinesh D'Souza tweeted,
I want to commend the citizen journalists who are giving us the real scoop on the riots and murder in the cities. They are not only our best journalists, in some respects they are the only journalists left. The rest are mostly frauds masquerading as journalists

Dr. Zev Zelenko tweeted,
Zinc has mild anti-viral effects
HCQ has mild anti-viral effects
Azithromycin has mild anti-viral effects

When Zinc + HCQ + Azithromycin are used in synergy
The effect is absolutely CATASTROPHIC, DEVASTATING, and LETHAL to Covid-19.

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