Monday, April 17, 2006

Does God Have a Wife? Why Does He Live up in Heaven?

Four-year-old Greg wanted to know more about God again this morning. Greg thinks about God a lot. "Does God have a wife?" "If God was here on earth, could He see Heaven?" "Why does God live up in Heaven?" "Does God know everything?" "Is Satan God's worst enemy?" Even though I rarely have an answer for Greg, it is a joy to be with him and see how his mind is constantly working to figure out life's mysteries.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Faith and the Easter Bunny

Six-year-old Jon asked his mother this morning, "What time did the Easter Bunny come last night?" "I don't know, I must have been asleep," was the reply. "Then, how do you know he came?" "Because he has come every year since I was a little girl, and I just have faith that he will come every year on Easter." With that explanation apparently satisfying his curiousity, the questioner was ready to begin his egg-hunting quest.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Political Discussion in Public School Classrooms

I cannot believe reports that people like David Horowitz and John Andrews would want to write legislation banning political discussions in classrooms. I think that students should be encouraged to learn all points of view on current events and political hot topics. I would personally love to be such a teacher. The answer to the Ward Churchills and Jay Bennishes is not to ban their points of view, but to encourage students to form their own opinions by being challenged to do independent research, share ideas with each other, and then develop and defend their positions with facts. The teacher would also have the important responsibility of creating a safe environment in which students would realize that they could raise their questions and state their views without fear of being ostracized or mocked.