Friday, December 29, 2006

Can We Put Our Son In Your Day Care?

My wife is always worrying about what the neighbors think of our large family (six children of our own, plus two foster children). She imagines that we must be the talk of the neighborhood. Then one day this week she got conclusive proof. A woman came to our house and asked, "Can I put my son in your day care?' That did it. Colleen explained that we do not have a day care business; this is our family! The woman could hardly believe it. The usual reply soon was uttered: "I have my hands full with the one (or two) that I have!"

Now Colleen really wants to move somewhere where we won't be the talk of the neighborhood, where our older kids will have more room to roam. I am not sure where that would be. I will admit, though, that every time we get a foster child and become bonded with that child, my thoughts turn to adoption. We have adopted the girl in this picture, and we have two more who deserve permanent homes. At some point that will mean a bigger house. But how do you sell a house that has been lived in by eight children? Any creative realtors out there?

Maybe I can get a deal like this one!

"I'll Never Quit!"

After getting four foot drifts from the Christmas blizzard, we got at least two more feet of fresh powder last night. My five-year-old son insisted on helping me with the shoveling. After we had put in a good hour, he said his hands were getting cold. I said, "Go inside and get warm." He replied with gusto, "I'll never quit!" Then he followed with, "Do you know where I got that attitude?" I said, "No, where?" Immediately I thought to myself, I hope he says from me, but I was afraid he wouldn't. Then he announced with enthusiasm in his voice, "From you!" My heart jumped up into my throat, but I managed to say,"That makes me happy, son."

Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Color of Your Skin Versus The Content of Your Character

When the guy who played Kramer on Seinfeld uttered the "n" word while cursing at some people in his audience, it was a huge item in the MSM. Representative Maxine Waters screamed that everyone should stop uttering that word. She is right, but where is it most often uttered? By young and not-so-young blacks!

That is not to say that racism is not alive in America. Last night my wife and I treated ourselves to a night at the movies. We saw Dream Girls. The movie does a good job showing hurdles black singers had to overcome in America. The performances are fabulous. Nevertheless, the trio of twenty-something white females who sat behind us were mocking the movie all night. I turned around and stared at them several times, but I probably should have shouted out loud. Their racism sickened me! Their ignorance and classlessness were manifested every time they opened their punk mouths.

Playing To Win

David Ignatius of the Washington Post points out that the Baker-Hamilton report gave President Bush "a chance to take some chips off the table, but Bush doesn't seem interested. He is still playing to win." What is wrong with that?

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Criminalizaton of Allergy Sufferers

Outside The Beltway links to this article on a new danger to allergy sufferers. I am one who suffers and who finds relief with one Claritin D tablet each day. When the new law was passed requiring people to give i.d., and address, and have that information written down by the pharmacists, I found it to be an invasion of privacy, not to mention the hassle of waiting in long lines at pharmacies, even though I do hope it has some effect in closing down meth labs.

In the last local election the Republican running for the state legislature attacked the Democrat for not supporting similar legislation on the state level. I think if I were a legislator I would be inclined to vote against such legislation, unless someone could show me conclusive proof that the law is really cutting into the meth trade. Anyway, this article is scary to me. The allergist wanted me to come in daily for expensive shots, but the Claritin D gives me the relief I need. Is anyone else freaked out by this law?

President Ford: Would He Have Handled The Iranians Better Than Jimmy Carter?

Atlas Shrugs thinks a President Ford would have handled the Iranian hostage crisis better than Jimmy Carter. In fact, she believes we would have stormed the embassy within 48 hours. I am not so sure. Remember how President Reagan handled the crisis in Lebanon when Hezbollah slaughtered over 200 U.S. Marines? I am no fan of Jimmy Carter, but George W. Bush is the first president in many years to take the fight to the radical Islamists. Let's hope he stays until the job is finished. photo source:

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Have We Learned From History?

Hollywood producer Robert Zucker has produced a video comparing James Baker and the Iraq study group to the "negotiations" between British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and Nazi Dictator Adolph Hitler. Does it make you think?

Monday, December 25, 2006

A New Verb At Christmastime 2006: To Jimmy Carter/John Kerry

A new post by Victor Davis Hansen is as good as anything he has ever written. If the American government would heed his advice, our nation would indeed have a rosy future. The new verb is used in this context: The United States can either address and articulate its mission effectively or "John Kerry/Jimmy Carter our way out of it through concessions and beseeching." I strongly recommend this piece to every American who loves his country and wants it to avoid the path to appeasement.
Reagen/jellybeans photo courtesy of

Friday, December 22, 2006

We Better Win This War!

Specialist Gardner, Florida Army National Guard the 53rd Infantry, had always wanted to ride a camel. While on patrol of the city of Farah, Afghanistan Gardner and his buddies came across a herd of camels. During their lunch break Gardner decide to seize the moment and fulfill his dreams.

It looks like our troops may not adapt well to camel-riding, so we better win this war now! hat tip Strategy Page

May His Landing Be Soft!

Santa Claus prepares for a perfect landing after a successful parachute jump at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo. Old Saint Nick visited the Academy Dec. 9 to learn proper egress and parachute techniques in case of a sleigh malfunction on Christmas Eve. Santa's fans can track his journey around the world on Dec. 24 at North American Aerospace Defense Command's special Web site site also features the history of NORAD Tracks Santa program, has interactive games and more. (U.S. Air Force photo/1st Lt. John Ross)hat tip Strategy Page

Thursday, December 21, 2006

When You Are Under Oath...

Former Ambassador Joseph Wilson did not want to testify under oath today. Remember when he was the toast of the town, being featured on all the MSM programs, showing no shyness whatsoever?

The Blizzard of 2006!

Here are some photos taken today before the sun came out. There ought to be some great photo possibilities in the next few days, including a white Christmas! Although the blizzard was not much fun for many of us adults, for the kids it was pure delight!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

There's More to the Sandy Burglar Story

Former Clinton National Security Advisor Sandy Berger is back in the news. It seems that in addition to stealing classified documents by stuffing materials from the National Archives in his pants, he also hid more documents under a construction trailer. Berger is currently banned for three years from seeing any classified documents. The latest revelation comes here from an AP story summarizing a report of the Inspector General of the National Archives. His three-year suspension will expire just in time for him to return to the service of his country in a Hillary Clinton administration.

We Could All Use A Little Boost Right About Now!

This is the way many of us in Colorado are feeling today. We need someone or something to give us a little help. We are in the midst of a major snow storm, expecting twenty or more inches. hat tip Lucianne

Monday, December 18, 2006

Racism and Further Wussification of the American Male

The NBA recruits from the ghettos of America. That means fatherless boys. That means fierce loyalty to "brothers" who are growing up in similar conditions.

Carmelo Anthony is very close to J.R. Smith, who had just been slammed to the floor of the Madison Square Garden by a player who was acting on orders from his coach, Isaiah Thomas, former Detroit Piston "Bad Boy". Thomas was pissed that the Nuggets were still playing their best players when they had a twenty point lead near the end of the game, and warned Carmelo not to "drive to the hole." Carmelo punched the Knick player in the face. Commissioner David Stern has suspended Carmelo for the next fifteen games.

Coach George Karl of the Nuggets pointed out that the Nuggets have blown leads in the fourth quarter many times this year,and that they are finally learning how to win games on the road. He also called Thomas a jerk, an asshole, and a person who is full of shit, who needs to be held accountable. I agree with Coach Karl, and have increased my admiration for him immensely.

Nuggets Center Marcus Camby asked, "How is it that there is a brawl every night in the NHL, and fans keep coming?" David Stern is worried that he needs to clean up basketball or fans will not come. Baloney! Is it accidental that the NHL is almost all white, and the NBA is almost all black? It is okay for whites to have brawls, but not blacks? When whites are having brawls nightly, they are being manly, and attendance does not suffer. When blacks are having brawls once a year, they are being unacceptably violent! And Commissioner Stern is wrong to worry about attendance. Becasuse a star player stood up for a brother who had been slammed to the floor, more people than usual are watching basketball in December.

It is as integral to Carmelo Anthony to be fiercely loyal to a brother as it is for David Stern to put on a necktie. I'll take loyalty to friends over putting on neckties any day. Maybe Stern needs to limit future recruiting to all girls schools in white suburbs.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Diddling with The Data

Thomas P.M. Barnett has been "diddling with the data" on the shifting global oil markets. It is a fascinating piece. I highly recommend it.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Audacity, Yes, But Where Is The Hope?

Barack Obama is really turning on the Democrats and the media. Unfortunately, he has a record - a voting record. Here are just a few of his recent votes: Opposed any bans on partial birth abortions, voted against extending the Patriot Act's wiretap provisions, voted against drilling in ANWR. Larry Kudlow has more documentation of Obama's record here.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Will We Have To Be Attacked Again In Order For Us To Be Unified?

Rush Limbaugh thinks it will take at least two more attacks. Doug Giles thinks we will have to be attacked again. His article today in Town Hall is worth reading. He notes that it has now become "worse to judge evil than to do evil."

The Red Room

Yesterday our adopted child (now three-years-old) and one of our foster children (will be two in January) had what they thought would be a great idea. They climbed up the bookshelf to the fourth level, got down the bright red tempura paint, and squirted it all over our new beige carpet. I was in the next room homeschooling our five and six-year-old sons. I thought it was too quiet in there, so I investigated. I was appalled that our three-year-old would have such poor judgment. They were both sent to early naps with stern lectures. This morning my three-year-old led me into the "red room", pointed at the carpet, and said "I'm never going to paint this carpet again." Of course, that does not rule out the carpets in other rooms.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Right or Wrong? No, Ultimately It Is Right Versus Left

Mike Rosen has an excellent piece today in the Rocky Mountain News. He explains the differences between left and right, liberal (or "progressive") and conservative.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

What Planet Are They On?

So the Iraq Study Group wants us to involve Iran and Syria in talks to solve the violence in Iraq? Iran, which has been financing the terrorists, and Syria, which has been training the terrorists? This plan is beyond stupid! It is an insult to anyone who has ever been a parent. As a parent, you take action to stop the bad behavior, you set the ground rules regarding what minimum good behavior is expected, you enforce consequences, then you can have dialogue. You do not ask the one who is causing the instability to provide the solution. Iran and Syria have a vested interest in promoting instability, not stability!

The problem is not Israel. Remember the riots in France? Remember the Danish cartoons? Remember Somalia? The problem is the hateful Islamists who want to kill anyone who does not submit to their religion of hate! They must be stopped. We must eliminate their threat.

The people who wrote this report are fools! They have no respect for the United States military. Furthermore, I understand that James Baker's law firm represents Saudia Arabia, the country that finances the hate-spewing schools that brainwash children to grow up hating anyone who does not submit to the sword of the prophet Muhammed. Isn't that a conflict of interest?

The United States military is fighting a war. The rest of us are not "at war". "A way forward"? How about a way to win? Now comes this: only one member of the Iraq Study Group has ever ventured outside the "Green Zone" and actually talked to the troops who are fighting this war (a one day trip)!

Victor Davis Hansen compares Pearl Harbor and its aftermath to 9-11 and its aftermath. "In those days, peace and reconstruction followed rather than preceded victory. In tough-minded fashion, we offered ample aid to, and imposed democracy on, war-torn nations only after the enemy was utterly defeated and humiliated. Today, to avoid such carnage, we try to help and reform countries before our enemies have been vanquished - putting the cart of aid before the horse of victory." Read the whole thing.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Work The Bugs Out!

I am sure the Iraq Surrender Group, er, uh, I mean the Iraq Study Group, has many good recommendations for the President and the Democrat Congress. They just need to work the bugs out, as in this video with Richard Simmons on the David Letterman show. h/t Fausta

Victory? No Mention of It!

The Iraq Study Group released its report today. No mention of victory. Kind of like when we left Lebanon after Hezbollah slaughtered over 200 Marines, when James Baker was President Reagan's Chief of Staff.

Over at The Corner the inimitable Mark Steyn says shame on you, Baker Group, you have "adopted the pathologies of the enemy". Read the whole thing.

There Is Only So Much (Nurturing) A Guy Can Take!

Six-year-old Jon to his three-year-old sister Sara, upon seeing her once again playing with her baby dolls: "Sara, babies don't rule this world; they only rule 42 percent of it!"

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Gates Emboldens The Enemies Of The U.S.

There is rejoicing tonight amongst our terrorist enemies around the world. The new Secretary of Defense has emboldened them with his testimony today before the U.S. Senate. Hugh Hewitt has a summary, followed by an essay on why we will miss Donald Rumsfeld.

Another Child Murdered; Another Case Where Drugs Are Part of the Lifestyle

I have unsuccessfully tried to convince Instapundit and others that drugs or alcohol are involved in about ninety per cent of child abuse cases, and that those who argue that drug abuse is a victimless crime are trying to fit the facts into their ideology, rather than actually knowing the facts. The facts are that drug abusers leave a long trail of victims, especially if they have families. I am for harsh penalties and treatment. Give the families a chance to live without the person who is dragging them down, and make sure he or she follows a rigorous treatment plan before reuniting him with the family.

CNN has a story today about the death of the five-year-old boy in the CNN photo above.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Higher Power?

The brilliant satirist Scott Ott, otherwise known as Scrappleface, today takes aim at the Iran Study Group report which is due out this week (even though leakers have aleady been giving us bits and pieces for several days. Here is the full Scrappleface piece from today:

December 4, 2006
LEAK: Iraq Study Group Offers Bush 12-Step Plan
by Scott Ott

(2006-12-04) — The Iraq Study Group report, available at major bookstores and the White House on Wednesday, will recommend a 12-step plan to get Iraqis to rise up and take control of their country, according to the panel’s regularly-scheduled daily leak.

The new plan would accomplish the main objective of the U.S. military presence in Iraq — a graceful exit.

An unauthorized draft copy of the classified report, released to al Qaeda through the The New York Times today, draws on the popular 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous as a strategic template.

“It really redefines military intervention in terms our society will find more tolerant and sensitive,” said an unnamed source. “We start by admitting that America is powerless over Islamic terrorists and that the Iraq war has become unmanageable.”

The Iraq Study Group has come to believe that “a power greater than the U.S. could restore sanity to the situation,” according the draft of the report. “We call upon President Bush to make a conscious decision to turn our foreign policy over to the care of a higher power, in this case Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.”

Photo image courtesy of Okie on the Lam.