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Blocking peaceful protests in Canada

Glenn Reynolds posts,
“GoFundMe has frozen $4,700,000 raised by the Canadian truckers, and Facebook has just banned their 600,000 strong FB group, which was growing more than 100,000 followers a day!” (Source: Stephen Tambolas)
That’s an interesting development. Lessons learned: 1. Use sites other than GoFundMe for fundraising. 2. Facebook supports censorship (like that’s news…) 3. Eventually, blocking the peaceful redresses of grievances will promote deliveries of truckloads of rapidly exothermic hints to the rulers.
It’s very unwise to block peaceful protest. But our ruling class is very unwise. And you can always count on the tech companies to support the establishment, however sleazy the actions required to do so. They have no honor, no principles, and no shame. That will be their downfall in time.
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Convoy Reports

Fighting true darkness

Naomi Wolf writes,
The rest of the world, at least on the progressive side in the United States, became increasingly cult-like and insular in its thinking, since March of 2020. As the months passed, friends and colleagues of mine who were highly educated, and who had been lifelong critical thinkers, journalists, editors, researchers, doctors, philanthropists, teachers, psychologists — all began to repeat only talking points from MSNBC and CNN, and soon overtly refused to look at any sources - even peer-reviewed sources in medical journals — even CDC data — that contradicted those talking points. These people literally said to me, “I don’t want to see that; don’t show it to me.” It became clear soon enough that if they absorbed information contradictory to “the narrative” that was consolidating, they risked losing social status, maybe even jobs; doors would close, opportunities would be lost. One well-educated woman told me she did not want to see any unsanctioned information because she was afraid of being disinvited from her bridge group. Hence the refrain: “I don’t want to see that; don’t show it to me.”
The progressive, right-on part of the ideological world — my people, my tribe, my whole life — became more and more uncritical, less and less able to reason. Friends and colleagues who were wellness-oriented, and who their whole adult lives had known the dangers of Big Pharma — and who would only use Burt’s Bees on their babies’ bottoms and sunscreen with no PABAs on themselves— lined up to take an experimental gene therapy; why not? And worse, it seemed, they crowded around, like the stone throwers in Shirley Jackson’s short story “The Lottery,” to lash out at and to shun anyone who raised the most basic questions about Big Pharma and its highly compensated spokesmodels. Their critical thinking, but worse, their entire knowledge base about that industry, seemed to have evaporated magically into the ether.
But these formerly reliable custodians of well-informed medical skepticism and of women’s health rights, were silent, silent, as such voices as former HHS official Dr Paul Alexander warned that spike protein from MRNA vaccines may accumulate in the ovaries (and testes), and as vaccinated women reported hemorrhagic menses — double digit percentages in a Norwegian study reported heavier bleeding.
Many women also reported blood clotting, and women even reported post-menopausal bleeding — and mothers reported their vaccinated twelve year olds suddenly getting their periods; but it was two periods a month some girls endured.``
Almost no one out of the luminaries of feminist health activism who had spent decades speaking out on behalf of women’s health and women’s bodies, raised a peep above the parapet. Those two or three of us who did were very visibly smeared, in some cases threatened, and in many ways silenced.
Shame on me for doing journalism. I broke the post-vaccination menstrual dysregulation story by doing what I always do: by using the same methodology that I used in writing The Beauty Myth (about eating disorders) and Misconceptions (about obstetrics), and Vagina (about female sexual health): I listened to women, that radical act.
Where were all the responsible feminist health activists, in the face of this global, unconsenting, uninforming, illegal experimentation on women’s bodies, and now on children, and soon, on babies?
People who had been up in arms for decades about eating disorders or about the coercive social standards that led to — horrors — leg shaving, were silent about an untested injection that was minting billions for Big Pharma; an injection that entered, according to Moderna’s own press material, every cell in the body, which would thus include involving uterus, ovaries, endometrium.
The bottom line, though, is that this infection of the soul, this abandonment of classical Liberalism’s — really, it’s not even partisan; modern civilization’s — most cherished postwar ideals, this sudden dropping of post-Enlightenment norms of critical thinking, this dilution even of parents’ sense of protectiveness over the bodies and futures of their helpless minor children, this acceptance of a world in which people can’t gather to worship, these suddenly-manifested structures themselves that erected this demonic world in less than two years and imposed it on everyone else, these heads of state and heads of the AMA and heads of school boards and these teachers; these heads of unions and these national leaders and the state level leaders and the town hall level functionaries all the way down to the men or woman who disinvite a relative from Thanksgiving due to social pressure, because of a medical status which is no one’s business and which affects no one — this edifice of evil is too massive, too quickly erected, too complex and really, too elegant, to assign to just human awfulness and human inventiveness.
I felt around us, in the majestic nature of the awfulness of the evil around us, the presence of “principalities and powers” — almost awe-inspiring levels of darkness and of inhuman, anti-human forces. In the policies unfolding around us I saw again and again anti-human outcomes being generated: policies aimed at killing children’s joy; at literally suffocating children, restricting their breath, speech and laughter; at killing school; at killing ties between families and extended families; at killing churches and synagogues and mosques; and, from the highest levels, from the President’s own bully pulpit, demands for people to collude in excluding, rejecting, dismissing, shunning, hating their neighbors and loved ones and friends.
But I do think we are at an unheard-of moment in human history — globally — in which I personally believe we have no other choice but to ask for assistance from beings — or a Being — better armed to fight true darkness, than ourselves alone. We’ll find out if they exist, if He or She exists, perhaps, if we ask for God’s help.
At least that’s my hope.
Which I guess is a kind of a prayer.
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Don't play a game that you can only lose!

How do you fight crime without fighting the criminal?
Politics is not about values. Politics is about POWER!
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Millennials want a meaningful existence. Are they getting it?

Mark Bauerlein writes,
I decided on a presentation of Donald Trump as a traditional American rogue figure, a model of Emersonian nonconformity, an outlandish character in a lineage of comic renegades. No other individual in my lifetime mobilized the entirety of respectable opinion in America against himself, I would tell them, and that very fact deserved analysis. Everybody in the elite denounced him—a strange uniformity for a social group that professes its admiration for thinking outside the box. Hollywood, Silicon Valley, the swamp, the art world, the media, academia . . . they hated him with a passion that revealed more about themselves than it did about the object of their enmity. He had to have something going for him to evoke such a monolithic pageant of slurs.
A young man stopped in front of my townhouse the other day blasting his pop music with the top down, and I said to him, “Do you know that if you drove through your neighborhood playing Beethoven that loud you would be a renowned figure, instead of a guy just like a million other guys your age?” He gave me a puzzled look that implied, You some kind of a nut? and drove off, but one can hope that the notion stayed with him. There is greatness to be enjoyed, he should be told over and over; there are talents to revere; the past contains wonders.
Without that belief, our 30-year-olds are disappointed, uncertain, pessimistic, and resentful. It’s a natural response. We can’t all be liberal ironists skating through life free of deep commitments and supportive deities. They want a meaningful existence, and they look for it in false gods of social justice and the like, unable to find it where they should, in church, in tradition, in humanitas, in country, and in role models. As we watch them march against systemic racism, science-denial, and the rest, let’s attribute those errors to what didn’t happen in their classrooms 10 years earlier.
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Now it is American truckers turn!

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Ezra Levant encourages Canadians to become the media!

Canada comes alive!

Francisco writes,
Anyone who thinks this is just about the trucking mandates is delusional. It’s about ALL mandates.

Not anti-vaccine: anti-mandate!

"Everyone who took the jab is taking part in a trial."

Ray DiLorenzo writes,
Everyone who took the jab is taking part in a trial. Billions of people who trusted the medical profession are now lab rats with scientists waiting for the results. Where those vaccinated people will be in a year, 5 years, 10 years, no one knows. All for a disease with a better than 99% chance of survival with therapeutics we already have.
It has now been shown by scientists and doctors that the COVID-19 vaccine is dangerous. It degrades and suppresses the immune system and can actually exacerbate any medical condition the recipient may have, cancer, heart disease, vascular disease, etc. In other words, the vaccines are designed to hide while bringing out any weakness in the host so as not to blame the vaccine.
There are many eminent scientists, doctors, scientific writers, and religious leaders, who have studied the results of the vaccine and the vaccine itself. They now believe they can show that the vaccines are a bio-weapon, that life-saving treatments were deliberately withheld, that doctors, nurses, medical experts, scientists, and journalists were censored, that Fauci and others took advantage of a trusting President Trump and a manipulated, senile President Biden. All to further a massive societal change scheme to get us ready for The Great Reset.
Facebook, Twitter and others gave hundreds of millions of dollars to the Democrat Party to defeat Trump, censor opposition, and push an ineffective, immune degrading, gene altering, COVID vaccine.
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Pandemic of the Vaccinated!

Wayne Allen Root believes
The COVID-19 Storyline Is the Greatest Scam in World History. The Truth Is This Is a 'Pandemic of the Vaccinated'.
He gives examples here:

Trump, yesterday in Texas!


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Good afternoon!

"There is no hope that help will come from elsewhere to save ourselves!"

"I stand firmly with those Canadian pilgrims in their trucks!" Hat tip The Last Refuge

Trump pays tribute to truckers

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Ghislaine Maxwell at Chelsea Clinton's wedding

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Elon Musk writes about the path to tyranny!

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Clarence Thomas speaks about the need for clear rules on elections

Nancy explains why she is running for reelection

Has Putin been given a big green light?

Avenatti cross exams Stormy Daniels

Why Putin hasn't been deterred

Victor Davis Hanson writes,
Germany is NATO’s richest European member and the power behind the European Union. Yet Germany will soon be dependent on imported Russian natural gas for much of its energy needs.
Putin knows that the secretary of defense and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff appear more worried about “white privilege” and climate change than enhancing military readiness to deter enemies such as himself.
With Putin’s nemesis, Trump, gone, Russia assumes the appeasement years of the Obama-Biden Administration are back again. As in 2014, once more Putin is moving against his neighbors.
Some Ukrainian expatriates and current government members worked with the American left to ensure the first impeachment of Trump.
Now Ukrainians are exasperated that their prior intrusions into domestic American politics have backfired with the disastrous Biden presidency—and his apparent de facto acceptance of an inevitable Russian annexation.
Putin is undermining a sovereign nation, fissuring NATO, and, if successful, might continue the Ukraine slow-squeeze model in the Baltic States and elsewhere.
Meanwhile, China smiles, hoping the Ukraine blueprint can be used against Taiwan.
Exasperated Americans fear that Putin will be deterred neither by sanctions, nor by arms sales, but follows only his own sense of cost-to-benefit self-interest.
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No more "stifling of freedom!"

The jig is almost up!


But they all lead out of California!

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Actually, maybe those straws weren't so bad!

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Feeling safer now!

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Wait a while!

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Reaping what they sowed!

Opposite directions

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Friday, January 28, 2022

The dreaded pantywaist variant

Today's newspeak

Glenn Reynolds writes,
In today’s Newspeak, when the government combines with corporations to run people’s lives and censor the opposition, that’s “our democracy.” When the people complain about this, that’s “fascism.”
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Leading the way back to freedom!

"Thank you for giving us our childhood back!"

Truckers add music videos

Two shortages having a profound effect

Michael Snyder writes,
This was supposed to be the year that things “got back to normal”, but here we are at the end of January and things have only gotten worse. As we move forward into February and beyond, there are two key global shortages that we are going to want to keep a very close eye on. One of them is the rapidly growing fertilizer shortage. A few days ago, the Wall Street Journal ominously warned that “high fertilizer prices are weighing on farmers across the developing world”…
Snyder also writes, We should have never become so dependent on chip production in Asia. Today, Taiwan accounts for a whopping 63 percent of all computer chip production in the world…
So what is going to happen to our economy if China invades Taiwan and our main supply of computer chips gets completely cut off?
Read more here: Hat tip 90 Miles from Tyranny

China and Russia

Bloomberg News reports,
Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to be the most notable world leader to visit Beijing for the opening of the Winter Olympics next week. China and Russia will sign an agreement to build a research station on the moon, officials at the Chinese space agency said.
Read more at: Copyright © BloombergQuint

Massive turnout for police officer's funeral

A massive turnout today in New York City for the funeral of officer Jason Rivera.
Rivera was killed when deranged career criminal Lashawn McNeil ambushed him and his partner, Officer Wilbert Mora, during a domestic violence call in Harlem on Jan. 21.
Mora, who died Tuesday from his injuries, is due to be mourned at a funeral at St. Patrick’s next week.
The suspect was shot by a third officer, rookie Sumit Sulan, during the attack on Rivera and Mora and died from his wounds earlier this week.
REad more here: Hat tip Ace of Spades

Betraying the American people!

hat tip Ace of Spades

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Can the truckers persuade Trudeau to resign?

Ben Zeisloft reports,
Tesla CEO Elon Musk, podcast host Joe Rogan, and psychology professor Jordan Peterson were among those who recently endorsed the “Freedom Convoy” — a group of Canadian truckers organizing against the nation’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates.
For the Canadian trucking industry, the policy forces unvaccinated drivers to observe a two-week quarantine and COVID-19 test before crossing into Canada from the United States.
During an interview with Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham, former NHL player and two-time Olympic gold medalist Theo Fleury also addressed Trudeau’s response. “Right now in Canada, we have one of the biggest revolutions happening,” he commented. “There’s 50,000 truckers and about 1.4 million people headed to the parliament in Ottawa. And they’re going to stay there until Trudeau resigns.”
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Migrants with criminal records are being released into our communities under cover of night!

The New York Post reports,
Republican lawmakers blasted President Joe Biden following the revelation Thursday that immigration officials are releasing migrants with criminal records into the US.
“Joe Biden is failing to enforce our rule of law and pouring violent criminals into our communities in the cover of night,” Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) told The Post.
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Who is in charge of BLM and its money?

Andrew Kerr reports,
No one appears to have been in charge at Black Lives Matter for months. The address it lists on tax forms is wrong, and the charity's two board members won't say who controls its $60 million bankroll, a Washington Examiner investigation has found. BLM's shocking lack of transparency surrounding its finances and operations raises major legal and ethical red flags, multiple charity experts told the Washington Examiner. "Like a giant ghost ship full of treasure drifting in the night with no captain, no discernible crew, and no clear direction," CharityWatch Executive Director Laurie Styron said of BLM.
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"If we can't get away with insider trading, at least let us have a little fun!"

Ask Clarence Thomas about Joe Biden!

Canadians supporting their truckers!

"Expressive individualism"

Ben Shapiro writes in The Daily Signal,
there will be no normalization for those who have made pandemic paranoia a feature of their identity. That’s because the public health establishment Stephen Greenhas now successfully cultivated a large group of people who measure their moral value by just how compliant and panicked they remain over COVID-19.
Fully 68% of people fully vaccinated with boosters remain very or somewhat worried about getting sick from COVID-19 in the next year, compared with just 39% of those who are unvaccinated. This is the precise opposite of what the public health authorities should have achieved—but expressive individualism has won the day once again, conflating one’s feelings with one’s identity group.
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Race and gender only count if you are a judicial leftist!

Ian Hanchett reports,
On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Ingraham Angle,” host Laura Ingraham contrasted President Joe Biden’s vow to nominate a black woman to the Supreme Court to replace outgoing Justice Stephen Breyer with then-Sen. Biden’s opposition to and multiple filibusters of the nomination of Janice Rogers Brown to the federal bench by then-President George W. Bush in 2003 and 2005 and remarked that “race and gender, they only count if you’re thought to be a committed judicial activist, judicial leftist.”
Here is Brown's Wikipedia page: Read more here: Hat tip Glenn Reynolds

Woman sneaks Ivermectin into hospital and gives it to her husband, who then recovers from Codis!

Kevin Downey Jr. reports,
Florida families of severely ill COVID-19 patients are flocking to Dr. Eduardo Balbona.
Florida hospitals, like the Mayo Clinic, have a COVID protocol for their patients with the Bat-Stew Flu, and ivermectin isn’t part of it. Balbona is a big believer in ivermectin. He alleges he has saved “dozens and dozens” of people suffering from the Chinese Sneeze using the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) recommendations, with a few modifications based on each patient. The FLCCC treatment calls for, in part, ivermectin.
But hospitals receive federal money for treating COVID patients IF they use treatments outlined in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Ivermectin isn’t a part of that treatment.
Families have gone to court hoping a judge will side with them and allow ivermectin to be used with their loved ones, most of whom are seriously ill (death panels, anyone?). Sometimes that works out. When it doesn’t, some have resorted to sneaking ivermectin into hospitals and administering it themselves.
An anonymous woman recently contacted Dr. Balbona regarding her husband who was hospitalized with COVID.
“The husband was very ill,” Dr. Balbona told the Epoch Times. “He’s in his 50s, a big strong guy. She called me desperate because they [the hospital] gave him remdesivir and she made them stop it, and he started getting worse and worse. And his oxygen demand went up.”
Balbona told the woman he could care for her husband once she got him out of the hospital. He wrote her prescriptions for the meds she would need. She filled them out, snuck them into the hospital, and gave them to her husband. That was on Friday. By Tuesday he was well enough to be discharged from the hospital.
Twenty-two countries have approved ivermectin for use against the Wu-Flu. Seventy-six studies worldwide have shown that ivermectin offers “statisticly significant” improvements.
Read more here: Hat tip Stephen Green

Canada and Australia try Communism!

Kevin Downey Jr. reports,
Step aside, Australia, because Canada has decided to embrace some western communism as well.
In Canada’s latest pinko move, Quebec now requires shoppers have vax passports to enter stores larger than 16,000 feet, (think Costco, Walmart, etc.).
As if that isn’t bad enough, there is a humiliating little exemption. The unvaxxed are allowed to shop in these big box stores for food and medicine, but only with a store escort, whose job is to make sure you don’t shop for anything else.
Canadian authorities admitted to secretly tracking the movement of 33 million cell phones during the nation’s COVID-19 lockdown. Canada’s current population is roughly 38 million people.
Here is another clown-slap to the unvaxxed, Quebec’s Premier (think governor) François Legault recently hit the unvaxxed with a fine. An unvaxxed tax.
Canadians are fighting back. Tens of thousands of truckers are convening in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, in the province of Ontario. They are fed up with COVID-related mandates, specifically, the rule that Canadian truckers returning from the U.S. need to quarantine for 14 days. This has all resulted in even more supply chain issues.
If you haven’t been watching the commie chaos in Australia, another former English Dominion, you should. Riots rage frequently. Police are using brutal, violent tactics against their own citizens, including kids. COVID camps are a real thing in Australia. Canadians would be foolish to think it can’t happen to them, and Americans need to realize we don’t need communism in North America.
Read more and view videos here: Hat tip Stephen Green

How much do you care about the slaves who pick the cotton that you wear?

Avi Ackermann writes,
It is terrible to realize that again, an ethno-religious minority is the target of a totalitarian government that seeks to destroy it. At the moment, the methods of choice are forced assimilation and sterilization; this alone should be enough to demand unceasing Jewish outrage. We know what comes next. The Chinese state has ruled out total physical annihilation — for now — in favor of ‘cleaner’ solutions to the “Uyghur Question.” We must not wait for it to abandon the pretense.
Read more here: h Hat tip Ed Driscollttps:// Hat tip Ed Driscoll

Should we be sending athletes to the Chinese Winter Olympics?

A "burner phone" is a cheap, prepaid mobile phone that you can destroy or discard when you no longer need it. In popular media, criminals often use burner phones to evade detection by authorities. You might use a burner phone for privacy reasons, as a last resort, or during an emergency. Roger Simon reports,
In an email from his CAVPAC political action committee, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo writes: “That Team USA is telling our athletes to use burner phones and to avoid surveillance by the CCP is no surprise to me. That’s exactly what my team and I did when we traveled to China to protect America’s interests. But you have to ask: if our athletes have to use burner phones when visiting a country, then why on earth are we sending them to that country in the first place?”
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Do you think you are the best judge of whether you are safe to drive after smoking marijuana?

Brian P.Dunleavy reports,
Smoking marijuana impacts adults' ability to drive safely, yet most who use the drug believe otherwise, a study published Wednesday by JAMA Psychiatry found.
Adults in the study performed "significantly" less well on tests designed to assess their driving abilities, including reaction times 30 minutes and 90 minutes after smoking marijuana, the data showed.
They also had "borderline" declines in driving performance 3 1/2 hours after using the drug. By 4 1/2 hours after use, driving performance returned to normal levels, the researchers said.
However, nearly 70% of marijuana smokers expressed willingness to drive within 90 minutes of smoking marijuana, and had confidence in their ability to do so safely, according to the study.
Read more here: Hat tip Glenn Reynolds

Climate change? Don't expect Communist China to lead that fight!

Rick Moran reports,
Xi and China have a huge problem: Their economy is growing faster than their electrical grid. Last year, there was a power outage that affected millions of people, and the coal shortage that caused it was also affecting industries. Despite China’s carbon pledges, they are building 43 coal-fired plants this year—more than the rest of the world combined.
China’s commitment to fighting climate change is about as real as its commitment to promoting human rights. It’s part of a propaganda campaign to make gullible left-wing Westerners put pressure on their governments to leave China alone while it pursues its agenda.
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Community after community desiccated

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

"This is our last offer!"

Ann Coulter asks,
Doesn’t the public have a right to know how big Epstein’s sex/blackmail club was, who among America’s ruling elite were compromised, and to what end?
Maxwell’s brother soon announced to the press — and to anyone else who might be interested! — that his sister was no snitch. She wouldn’t rat out any of Epstein’s fellow child molesters in exchange for a lighter sentence.
Unfortunately, these are the same prosecutors who just did everything in their power to blow the case against her. My prediction of their next conversation with Maxwell: This is our last offer: 30 hours of community service — and we’re not kidding! OK, 20 hours. Damn — you’re one tough negotiator.
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Obesity in American women

Steve Sailor writes about obesity and race:
Even among American women these days, African-American women are particularly obese. In the most recent federal NHANES study from 2017 to 2018 (NHANES periodically measures the girth of Americans so the clothing industry can know how much to inflate their sizes), 57 percent of black women were classified as obese (BMI of 30 or greater), compared to 44 percent of Hispanic women, 40 percent of whites, and 17 percent of Asians.
Read more here:

Fauci and Collins' personal liability conflict of interest!

Ace of Spades asks,
Why did Fauci and Collins not recuse themselves from the question of the virus' origins, as they had a clear personal liability conflict of interest?
So these are the Norms we're eager to Restore? The Norms of DC insiders abusing their offices to pay off henchmen to change their testimony and to mount publicity campaigns using an allied corrupt media to attack anyone pointing out their culpability?
Read more here:

Return abortion to the states?

streiff writes,
Abortion has poisoned our political life for way too long. It is far past time to recognize it for the hideous and criminal undertaking that it is. All the actions taken by the Supreme Court in these two cases indicate that a majority of the Justices may have decided that not only is abortion wrong, but having to address abortion as a federal Constitutional issue is corrosive to the credibility of the Court. The way to free itself is to do what should have been done in 1973 and return the matter to the states.
There are two major abortion cases before the Supreme Court. You can read about them and more here:

Peter Schweitzer's new book outlines how China, Russia, and Ukraine all have compromising intelligence on the Biden family!

Eyes opening!

Athena Thorne writes,
I’ve only been a full-time journalist for a few months. Before I came to work at PJ Media, I labored away at a desk job in various companies and industries for a couple of decades. But I was always interested in current events, both reading and writing about them. Matt Drudge’s 1998 revelation — Newsweek had spiked the perfectly salacious scoop that the married President of the United States was schtupping a young, lowly intern in the Oval Office — opened my eyes to two things: the level of deception we’d all been subject to until that moment; and the potential of the internet to expose the stories the left didn’t want us to know.
Two other luminaries of the new media further shaped my outlook. The late, great Andrew Breitbart encouraged everyday citizens to use the phones they already carried and their internet access to become journalists, and he taught them that citizen-journalists were every bit as legitimate as the arrogant idols of the legacy media. And James O’Keefe showed the world that citizen-journalists could expose the hypocrisy Big Media tried to cover up — and make a real difference — when he partnered with activist Hannah Giles to reveal corruption at non-profit ACORN and get them defunded.
Just ten years ago, it seemed like the gatekeepers had finally been bypassed and the gates to unlimited news and perspectives had been flung open. But then, Big Tech slammed them shut again, using algorithms, unevenly enforced rules, and leftist censors to suppress anything contrary to the approved narratives. I’m pretty savvy and I thought I was still finding the real news, but coming to work at PJ Media showed me how much information I was actually being denied.
Did you know that … … Mark Zuckerberg, Google, and other rich leftists flooded local election offices with paid operatives during the 2020 election “to take over election offices and use local government apparatus to turn out Democrat voters?” I never even knew that had happened before I came to PJ and started catching up on what I’d missed.
… The Biden administration flew at least 70 planeloads of illegal aliens from the Mexican border into Florida last summer? What madness is this? I learned about that governmental malfeasance when I was researching my own story about “ghost flights” — planeloads of illegal aliens that the Biden administration flies into small airports in the dead of night to hide what they’re doing.
… Globalist financial companies — likely including your own bank or brokerage — are assigning “ESG scores” to institutions and individuals alike as they lay the groundwork to simply cut off anyone or any company who doesn’t toe the globalist-communist line. I learned that from reading this terrifying PJ Media article, which also thankfully outlines a way to stop it from happening.
Read more here: Hat tip Stephen Green

Hundreds of Covid patients left in the lurch

Kaylee McGhee White writes,
The Food and Drug Administration suddenly decided to withdraw its emergency use authorization of two COVID-19 antibody treatments this week, leaving hundreds of patients who depend on them in the lurch. The monoclonal antibody treatments made by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals and Eli Lilly have proven invaluable in fighting off hospitalization and death from the virus, especially against the delta variant. I would know: My grandmother was one of the patients in Florida who benefited from this treatment. Fully vaccinated and boosted, she tested positive for COVID-19 last month and was able to receive an antibody infusion within a few days. It improved her condition dramatically, and she has since recovered. But she might not have if she did not have access to this treatment.
At the very least, the FDA should have kept its emergency use authorization in place and left the decision to doctors and their patients. Not everyone will need an antibody transfusion, but individual practitioners familiar with their patients’ particular needs are much better equipped to make that call than the federal bureaucracy.
Read more here: Hat tip Glenn Reynolds

Only four states have regained all the jobs they lost during Covid pandemic. All are run by Republicans!

What do these four states all have in common? Well, for one thing, they’re all run by Republicans, and had less-harsh COVID-19 restrictions than many blue states.
Read more here:

Russian crude exports to the United States

spglobal points out how under Biden we have become more and more dependent on Russia for our oil and gas needs. Read the whole thing here: Hat tip Glenn Reynolds

Military Whistleblowers May Blow Up the COVID Vaccine Narrative

Stacey Lennox reports,
On January 26, thousands showed up in Washington, D.C., to protest COVID-19 vaccine mandates. The protest received little if any coverage in the corporate media. To try and give the clinicians and researchers fighting the vaccine mandates more coverage, Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) held an all-day panel on Monday. This panel is one of several he has hosted since 2020. After suffering from Covid, Johnson became a tireless advocate for early treatment and the vaccine injured.
Read the whole thing and be sure to watch the short video of an attorney representing military whistleblowers:

A better environment for kids

Glenn Reynolds links to a Fox interview with Karol Markowitz showing that Florida is doing right by kids:

It's the best he can do!

hat tip Glenn Reynolds

"Tariq tried to explain through interpreters that his conduct was acceptable in his culture."

William Cole reports,
An Afghan refugee has been convicted of sexually assaulting a three-year-old girl at Quantico Marine Corps Base following their evacuation from Afghanistan.
Tariq was arrested in September at Camp Upshur in Quantico after Marines observed him fondling the girl, who was not related to him, above her clothes on her private parts.
Both Tariq, the victim and her family had recently been evacuated from Afghanistan and brought to the United States during the country's takeover by the Taliban.
According to court papers, Tariq tried to explain through interpreters that his conduct was acceptable in his culture. Efforts to have his statements suppressed were rejected by the judge.
Read more here:

Mexican cartel uses drones to drop bombs on another cartel!

hat tip Glenn Reynolds

Myocarditis after vaccination

Glenn Reynolds links to this report in JAMA:
Myocarditis Cases Reported After mRNA-Based COVID-19 Vaccination in the US From December 2020 to August 2021. “In this descriptive study of 1626 cases of myocarditis in a national passive reporting system, the crude reporting rates within 7 days after vaccination exceeded the expected rates across multiple age and sex strata. The rates of myocarditis cases were highest after the second vaccination dose in adolescent males aged 12 to 15 years (70.7 per million doses of the BNT162b2 vaccine), in adolescent males aged 16 to 17 years (105.9 per million doses of the BNT162b2 vaccine), and in young men aged 18 to 24 years (52.4 and 56.3 per million doses of the BNT162b2 vaccine and the mRNA-1273 vaccine, respectively). . . . Based on passive surveillance reporting in the US, the risk of myocarditis after receiving mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines was increased across multiple age and sex strata and was highest after the second vaccination dose in adolescent males and young men. This risk should be considered in the context of the benefits of COVID-19 vaccination.”
Glenn adds,
This is particularly significant since adolescent males and young men are at low risk of death or serious illness from Covid.
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Justice Breyer retiring

Tuesday, January 25, 2022


According to Joe Biden...

Why the delay?

Rick Moran wants to know
Why is the Biden Administration Delaying December's Border Arrest Numbers?
Members of Congress are asking the White House why the Customs and Border Patrol has not released the numbers of border apprehensions in December.
Border numbers are routinely released in the first two weeks of the subsequent month, although November’s figures were released on Dec. 17 of last year.
On Jan. 14, a court filing in Texas v. Biden revealed 178,840 migrant apprehensions in December, an increase from 173,620 in November. A spokesman told the Washington Free Beacon that a report would be released “soon” but never said why the report was delayed in the first place.
The court document also reveal there were 55,626 migrants released into the interior of the United States that month.
The numbers alone would embarrass the Biden administration. But when you consider that half of those illegals released into the interior of the U.S. aren’t showing up for their court appearances and that DHS has lost all track of them, “embarrassing” doesn’t begin to describe the stupidity of the policy.
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Has Joe Biden always been a nasty bully?

Can a president fire himself?

Various media people are talking and tweeting about Biden's putdown of Peter Doocy, Ace writes,
The story is the angry snapping at a reporter, which the media claimed was a Hate Crime from 2015 to just 24 hours ago, and which Biden himself said he would never, ever do.
In fact, Biden vowed that he would "fire on the spot" anyone he saw treating anyone else "with disrespect" or "talking down to someone:"
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The FDA has revoked the authorization status of monoclonal antibody treatments!

Sundance writes,
This is some next level sketchy, borderline evil, stuff from the U.S. medical establishment. The FDA has revoked the authorization status of monoclonal antibody treatments [Announcement Here], effectively shutting down the treatment option for patients exposed to COVID-19.
The FDA gave no advanced notice of their arbitrary decision; they just issued a press release Monday evening and immediately revoked the Emergency Use Authorization.
The result was that no states were given any time to prepare for the shutdown or cancel the scheduled appointments of their patients.
On the surface the FDA justification is essentially that monoclonal antibody treatments are “unlikely to be active against the omicron variant,” so the monoclonal treatment option is revoked. However, below the surface it looks like the FDA reason for the revocation is to push the Pfizer and Merck pills as the primarily authorized therapeutics. The problem with the pills is they are hard to find and in short supply.
If public health was really the driving factor, why wouldn’t federal public health officials make every effort to have all treatments available, and then let your doctor decide which is right for you?
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Monday, January 24, 2022

Talent and excellence

Jordan Peterson writes,
Finally, do you know that Vladimir Putin himself is capitalizing on this woke madness? Anna Mahjar-Barducci at covered his recent speech. I quote from the article’s translation: “The advocates of so-called ‘social progress’ believe they are introducing humanity to some kind of a new and better consciousness. Godspeed, hoist the flags, as we say, go right ahead. The only thing that I want to say now is that their prescriptions are not new at all. It may come as a surprise to some people, but Russia has been there already. After the 1917 revolution, the Bolsheviks, relying on the dogmas of Marx and Engels, also said that they would change existing ways and customs, and not just political and economic ones, but the very notion of human morality and the foundations of a healthy society. The destruction of age-old values, religion, and relations between people, up to and including the total rejection of family (we had that, too), encouragement to inform on loved ones — all this was proclaimed progress and, by the way, was widely supported around the world back then and was quite fashionable, same as today. By the way, the Bolsheviks were absolutely intolerant of opinions other than theirs.
“This, I believe, should call to mind some of what we are witnessing now. Looking at what is happening in a number of Western countries, we are amazed to see the domestic practices — which we, fortunately, have left, I hope — in the distant past. The fight for equality and against discrimination has turned into aggressive dogmatism bordering on absurdity, when the works of the great authors of the past — such as Shakespeare — are no longer taught at schools or universities, because their ideas are believed to be backward. The classics are declared backward and ignorant of the importance of gender or race. In Hollywood, memos are distributed about proper storytelling and how many characters of what color or gender should be in a movie. This is even worse than the agitprop department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.”
This, from the head of the former totalitarian enterprise, against whom we fought a five decades’ long Cold War, risking the entire planet (in a very real manner). This, from the head of a country riven in a literally genocidal manner by ideas that Putin himself attributes to the progressives in the West, to the generally accepting audience of his once-burned (once (!)) twice-shy listeners.
And all of you going along with the DIE activists, whatever your reasons: this is on you. Professors. Cowering cravenly in pretence and silence. Teaching your students to dissimulate and lie. To get along. As the walls crumble. For shame. CEOs: signalling a virtue you don’t possess and shouldn’t want to please a minority who literally live their lives by displeasure. You’re evil capitalists, after all, and should be proud of it. At the moment, I can’t tell if you’re more reprehensibly timid even than the professors. Why the hell don’t you banish the human resource DIE upstarts back to the more-appropriately-named Personnel departments, stop them from interfering with the psyches of you and your employees, and be done with it? Musicians, artists, writers: stop bending your sacred and meritorious art to the demands of the propagandists before you fatally betray the spirit of your own intuition. Stop censoring your thought. Stop saying you will hire for your orchestral and theatrical productions for any reason other than talent and excellence. That’s all you have. That’s all any of us have.
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The Iron Curtain

Karen Kataline writes,
We are living in an America where un-elected bureaucrats call out “anti-Authoritarian Idealogues” as “a danger to democracy.”
America was BUILT by anti-Authoritarian Ideologues and now citizens in that tradition are being called dangerous for doubting or disagreeing with the state.
Will we be looking to the former communist countries of Hungary, Czechoslovakia or Poland to get the truth of what’s going on in America? In some cases, we already are.
Radio Free Europe was created by the United States government in 1950 to provide information and political commentary to the people of communist eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. In the absence of unbiased media in the communist countries, Radio Free Europe provided its estimated 35 million listeners with news from around the world and, more important, from their own countries. Because of its largely successful efforts to outwit communist censors and reach its listeners on a daily basis, Radio Free Europe is credited with having contributed significantly to the demise of communist regimes throughout Eastern Europe.
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Emma-Jo Morris reports,
The Biden family scored $31 million from five deals in China, all with individuals with direct ties to the Chinese spy apparatus, according to a bombshell new book.
“In sum, each deal the Bidens secured in China was via a businessman with deep ties at the highest levels of Chinese intelligence. And in each case there appears to be little discernible business or professional service that was rendered in return for the money,” Schweizer writes.
In the infamous “Laptop From Hell,” a 2019 text was recovered from Hunter Biden to his daughter Naomi, where he writes, “I hope you all can do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years … It’s really hard. But don’t worry, unlike Pop, I won’t make you give me half your salary.”
“Beijing should certainly be happy with the overall posture of the Biden administration. The talk is tougher, but the main tenets of the foreign policy that Beijing wants Washington to pursue are secure: no radical reduction in the transfer of technology or capital from America to Beijing, no fundamental challenges to the Chinese regime, and mild criticisms over human rights accompanied by excuses for their conduct,” Schweizer writes.
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Oh, yeah, that judge will surely be fair to Sarah!

Cassandra Fairbanks reports,
Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has tested positive for COVID-19 on the day that her lawsuit against the New York Times was heading to trial.
Manhattan federal court Judge Jed Rakoff, who is presiding over the trial, told the courtroom about her positive test.
The judge stated specifically that “she is of course unvaccinated.”
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Disturbing Covid vaccine data

Andrea Widburg reports,
Israel, which was so terrified of having COVID shut it down, thereby leaving it vulnerable to the genocidal organizations and nations around it, embarked upon the most aggressive vaccination program in the world. Now it's the nation with the world's highest per capita COVID rate, per a weekend report:
...That kind of news report tells me that the vaccines don't work as vaccines. That is, they do nothing to stop people from getting the disease. This runs counter to our 200-year-old understanding of what a vaccine is — namely, the single dose of a substance that triggers the body's natural immune system ensuring that the person will never get the infectious agent that is the vaccine's target (e.g., smallpox, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, etc.).
Indeed, the CDC's Rochelle Walensky has conceded that the vaccines stop people from neither catching nor spreading COVID. The new rap from the CDC is that the shots formerly known as vaccines are now therapeutics. Oh, and there's no end to the number you'll have to take to get that vax pass for working, shopping, traveling, education, etc.
from Daniel Horowitz: Scottish data shows that the COVID-19 age-standardized case rate is highest among the two-dose vaccinated and lowest among unvaccinated! It further shows this trend of negative efficacy for the double-vaccinated persisting for hospitalizations and deaths. Something is very wrong here, and together with other data points, it raises concerning questions about the negative effect of waning antibodies, constant boosting, and the consequences of a leaky vaccine with narrow-spectrum suboptimal antibodies against an ever-evolving virus.
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Monkey business?

Sundance has a story about
a vehicle crash in rural Pennsylvania last week involving a truck transporting 100 monkeys to a CDC quarantine facility. {Story Here} Three of the monkeys escaped in the crash and a search was conducted to locate them. According to the update all of the missing monkeys have now been accounted for. The three escapees were euthanized.
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Biden calls Fox's Peter Doocy a "stupid son of a bitch" after Doocy asks a question about inflation!

At least with the Cold War, though, Americans realized we were in it!

Ira Stoll reports,
Peter Schweizer’s new book “Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win,” lays out how, as the book puts it, “elites, from Washington to Wall Street, for Silicon Valley to academe, have been coopted and are helping the regime while in some cases even bolstering China’s military and intelligence complex.”
Mr. Schweizer recommends banning lobbying on behalf of Communist Chinese military- and intelligence-linked companies, keeping such companies off American stock exchanges and passing a new law to prevent American universities and businesses from aiding Chinese military and intelligence projects.
Elbridge Colby, a Trump administration defense department official, has also written a recent book, “The Strategy of Denial,” that focuses on the China threat. He recommends a strategy for containing it that involves reducing American forces in Europe and focusing instead on bolstering the Asian nations that hem in China — Japan, Australia, the Philippines.
David P. Goldman, reviewing Mr. Colby’s book in Law & Liberty, proposes instead a trillion-dollar U.S. investment in military technology.
Better than a costly conflict would be a Cold War-style victory in which domestic and international pressure forces the collapse of a communist dictatorship. At least with the Cold War, though, Americans realized we were in it.
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Carnage in crypto, in stocks, in bonds, and commodities!

The market was frothy and everyone knew it. We just didn’t know where. However, when you look at the carnage in crypto, in stocks, in bonds, and commodities there is nowhere to hide from it. By the way, neither gold nor bitcoin is an inflation hedge. Otherwise, they’d be rallying.
Don’t look to corporations for leadership. They have gone soft and a large percentage of them embraced being “woke”. Woke people can’t lead. All they do is complain and shout and stamp their feet. Companies that are focused on equity and ESG aren’t going to make shareholders money since shareholders are taking a backseat. In some companies they don’t get the backseat, they get put in the trailer.
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It is better to be tried by twelve than carried by six!

Jack Dunphy writes,
Even if the public reached a consensus this very day that they have had enough with the soft-on-crime policies now in place in so many cities, so entrenched are the people who have brought those policies about that it will take years to fully reverse course to the point that violent crime will start trending downward once again. In the meantime, how can the law-abiding citizen protect himself?
But be warned. Yes, it’s better to be tried by twelve than carried by six, but the risk of facing criminal charges after using deadly force in self-defense has never been greater. Los Angeles district attorney George Gascón would gleefully charge someone who acted even in obvious self-defense if the politics of the situation demanded it, which is to say if the racial calculus met certain criteria. The same is true of Kim Foxx in Chicago, Chesa Boudin in San Francisco, and any of the other “progressive” prosecutors holding office across the country
Fellow citizens, consider the risks, and act accordingly.
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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Here we go again!

A basic question!

Moderna stocks plunge!

Jonathan Ponciano reports,
Moderna stocks plunged on Friday during the market selloff this week. The company has lost $130 billion in value this year over the lackluster COVID vaccine results with the new Omicron variant. The stock is down 67% from its all-rime high last year.
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DC protest against vaccine mandates!


Now that China’s growing power exposes their incompetence, the establishment strategists will risk nuclear war with China to save their reputations.

Spengler writes,
None of the tit-for-tat in the South China Sea means anything: If the US Navy tries to stop China from seizing Taiwan, and China destroys US capital ships, we go straight to a nuclear exchange. In plain-text translation, this means the following: The United States cannot defend Taiwan by conventional means—not against 1,300 missiles on 350 launchers with ranges up to 3,200 kilometers, 60 very quiet submarines, hundreds of surface ships, the Russia-built and highly effective S-400 air defense system, and roughly 1,000 air superiority fighters.
But China would be fighting on its coast with short logistical lines, and America would be attempting to project power 7,000 miles from San Diego. Any conflict therefore would instantly escalate to the level of nuclear exchange.
Now that China’s growing power exposes their incompetence, the establishment strategists will risk nuclear war with China to save their reputations.
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The solution? Stop putting up with it!

Yesterday's March for Life in D.C.

The 5G rollout

Adam Wilson reports,
The Biden regime’s first year has been an abject failure. With the economy in a shambolic state, chaos at the border, and the President’s foreign policy consisting of a disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and bringing us to the brink of war with Russia, the President has very little to brag about. His Transportation Secretary, failed Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, has failed to do his part to fix the supply chain crisis. One potential accomplishment him and Biden could have touted was the rollout of 5G across the country, but major industry leaders have already said that is failing as well. The Daily Mail Reports–
“The president of Emirates has slammed the 5G fiasco as the ‘most delinquent, irresponsible’ mess he has seen in his 50-year aviation career and has blamed the Biden administration and Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who failed to see it coming or prevent it.
AT&T and Verizon launched their 5G network across America on Wednesday morning, switching on 4,500 towers to bring faster wireless to their customers. They had to hold back on ten percent of the towers – 500 – that are near airports because the frequencies the towers emit could interfere with the signal on some planes.
The 5G frequencies that AT&T and Verizon are emitting from the towers is stronger than what is used in other countries, where 5G rollout has been a success. It has triggered travel chaos, with airlines canceling some flights due to safety fears then rushing to resume them once AT&T and Verizon agreed at the last minute to hold off on the airport towers.
In total, 239 flights to, from and within the US have been canceled so far. It’s unclear if all have been scrapped because of 5G, but the network launch is causing major issues.”
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A pandemic of bureaucracy!

They will use an extra big font!

Katabella Roberts reports,
The British Medical Journal (BMJ) has demanded the full and immediate release of all data related to COVID-19 vaccines and treatments, saying it is in the public’s interest to do so.
“Today, despite the global rollout of COVID-19 vaccines and treatments, the anonymized participant-level data underlying the trials for these new products remain inaccessible to doctors, researchers, and the public—and are likely to remain that way for years to come,” BMJ said. “This is morally indefensible for all trials, but especially for those involving major public health interventions.”
BMJ also accused pharmaceutical companies of “reaping vast profits without adequate independent scrutiny of their scientific claims,” pointing to Pfizer, whose COVID vaccine trial was “funded by the company and designed, run, analyzed, and authored by Pfizer employees.”
Meanwhile, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had asked a judge to give it 75 years to produce all the data concerning the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine.
However, a judge earlier this month ordered that the FDA make public 12,000 pages of the data it used to make decisions regarding approvals for the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine by the end of the month. The FDA must also release Pfizer’s vaccine data at a rate of 55,000 pages a month until all of the requested pages are public.
Read more here: Headline contributed by my son.

How does your state compare?

Truckers on the way to Ottawa

Sundance covers the story of hundreds of truckers on their way to Ottawa to protest Trudeau's vaccination mandate.
A massive convoy of truckers is headed toward Ottawa, Canada, to protest the vaccination regulations of the Trudeau administration against Truckers and all Canadian citizens. The scale of the Freedom Convoy has now garnered the attention of the ruling class, and it looks like a predictable conflict is looming.
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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Socialism, or leftism in its modern form, always creates scarcity!

Sundance informs us that the Mayor of Washington D.C., Muriel Bowser,
asks residents in/around her region to enter a phase of voluntary rationing. What comes after the voluntary phase is the part many have been studiously preparing to avoid.
In the bigger picture… I find it rather revealing that only when leftist policies are followed to their natural conclusion do you see officials in the leftist economic system they created, a system not coincidentally always based on the outcome of scarcity, asking people not to engage in economic activity.
Chasing socialism always creates an outcome where the expressed intent from government is NOT to buy stuff, rationing. Socialism, or leftism in its modern form, always creates scarcity; it is the diametrically opposite outcome of a free capitalistic society.
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Battered Conservative Syndrome

Sundance writes,
The high-minded, reach-across-the-aisle crew can continue bleating philosophically about how we must grow our ranks by accepting the newly found recalcitrance of those who have carried out this nonsense. However, the constant granting of benefit to those who abuse us is the epitome of battered conservative syndrome.
Perhaps the political left will discover that we perceive their deception the way a long-term battered spouse absorbs the blow in the hours prior to the pre-planned exit; with purpose.
Americans are still tolerant and patient people, the most compassionate and generous people in the history of all mankind, but we are also very purposeful. They could have stopped with us, but they did not. Instead, they came for our children.
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Hat tip Sundance!

Seeing eye to eye!

She missed that one!

Giving the okay to a "minor incursion!"

Here we go again!

Both Drudge and Ed Driscoll link to a Fox News story saying that the Biden administration is telling Americans to be ready to evacuate from Ukraine as early as Monday.

What is a woman?

Megan Fox tells us that Daily Wire podcast host Matt Walsh asked that question on the Dr. Phil show recently.
Destroying the narrative that men can identify as women and actually become women, Walsh put one very simple question to the opposing debaters who outnumbered him three to one. “What is a woman?”
Walsh had no problem defining what a woman is when asked. “An adult human female,” he said. “When you’re a female it goes right down to your bones, your DNA. So that’s why if someone dies, we can dig up their bones 100 years from now and we have no idea what they believed in their head but we can tell what sex they were because it’s ingrained in every fiber of their being.”
Then Walsh dropped the bomb from which these panelists will never recover. “What you want to do is appropriate womanhood and turn it into basically a costume that can be worn.” That was straight fire. As a woman, I’m offended when a man puts on a dress and pretends to know what my struggles have been as a biological woman. The hell you do. A woman is biology. It is experience. It is not a costume. And any man attempting to put on that experience without having lived it is appropriating my sex. We are told that cultural appropriation is wrong and racist. Appropriating the appearance of a woman and then gaslighting other women to accept you as one of them is sexist. Get out of here with that. Stop trying to take over women-only spaces. We need protection and safety from men. We need places to go where no men are allowed. Our girls need their sporting events to be segregated for their safety and fairness. Enough of this madness already!
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Friday, January 21, 2022

In the name of equity!

One of the words we hear a lot from our woke betters is equity. Most agree that equity means being just, fair, and impartial. Michael Barone, though, brings us some thoughts on the subject from California.
“California should abolish parenthood, in the name of equity.” That’s the headline the Ventura County Star put on a column by Zocalo Public Square’s Joe Mathews . “Want true equity?” the San Francisco Chronicle headlined the same column three days later. “California should force parents to give away their children.”
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Creating a national security apparatus that would focus almost exclusively against their political opposition!

Sundance writes about how
a new Fourth Branch of Government was quietly created.
Washington DC created the modern national security apparatus immediately and hurriedly after 9/11/01. DHS came along in 2002, and within the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 the ODNI was formed. When Barack Obama and Eric Holder arrived a few years later, those newly formed institutions were viewed as opportunities to create a very specific national security apparatus that would focus almost exclusively against their political opposition.
The preexisting Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Dept of Justice (DOJ) were then repurposed to become two of the four pillars of the domestic national security apparatus. However, this new construct would have a targeting mechanism based on political ideology. The DHS, ODNI, DOJ and FBI became the four pillars of this new institution. Atop these pillars is where you will find the Fourth Branch of Government.
I am going to explain how the Intelligence Branch works: (1) to control every other branch of government; (2) how it functions as an entirely independent branch of government with no oversight; (3) how and why it was created to be independent from oversight; (4) what is the current mission of the IC Branch, and most importantly (5) who operates it.
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