Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Ben Rhodes: "They will find nothing!"

Treehouse Commenter Lactantius on Obama adviser Ben Rhodes boasting that any investigation into the Obama administration "will find nothing."
Alas, poor Ben Rhodes is hoist on his own petard.

In 1697, William Congreve wrote the play The Mourning Bride in which these lines are spoken : “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned”.

Rosemary M. Collyer, the Chief Judge of the FISA Court (quoting Joe deGenova) “has already ruled that the FBI broke the law and that the people at the head of the [Obama] Justice Department — [former Deputy Attorney General] Sally Yates, John Carlin, the Assistant Attorney General for National Security, all knew about it and lied to (…) the FISA Court, about it.”

Rosemary M. Collyer, the Chief Judge of the FISA Court ( again quoting Joe deGenova) ” has already communicated with the Justice Department about its [the FISA Court] findings. And their findings are that from more than four years before the election of Donald Trump, there was an illegal spying operation going on by FBI [private] contractors — four of them — to steal personal information, electronic information about Americans and to use it against the Republican Party.”

Joseph diGenova is the former U. S. Attorney for the District of Columbia and a former legal counsel to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA).

It would appear that Rosemary M. Collyer, the Chief Judge of the FISA Court is pissed off. She was set up, lied to and played for a fool. This is not about the press, the chattering class, Ben Rhodes’ narrative or anything coming from Pelosi, Nadler, Shiff, Biden, Shrillery, or Schmucky Schumer.

Hell hath no fury like a judicial branch judge scorned by men and women who have turned the integrity of the rule of law into venal fraud and corruption. Brennan, Clapper, Comey, and Baker are up to their ears in the deception and multiple grand juries are not going to be “unimpressed” with their duplicity. It will be made abundantly clear that the government spied on people for ideological reasons. Lois Lerner and Hillary Clinton have strong reason to not to sleep well.

Rosemary M. Collyer, the Chief Judge of the FISA Court is not open to being trifled with any more than she has already suffered. Attorney General William Barr is feeling her wrath. (I think that most likely, AG Barr and Chief Judge Collyer are intertwined in placing DOJ prosecutors and Grand Juries in place.) It is instructive to remember that Judge Collyer’s immediate superior is John G. Roberts, Jr., the 17th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

It sucks to be Ben Rhodes, Obama, Hillary, Nadler, Schiff or any other crooked demagoguing shill for corruption who directly or tangentially messed with the FISA Court.

Another terrific resource

Sundance, the superb economic analyst and Spygate researcher at the Conservative Treehouse today gives us a new source to read: The War Economy.
TWE has a fifteen-part series of information, assembling more than a year of research, relating to the 2016 election and the intelligence community involvement therein. If you enjoy reading fully cited background material on multiple break-out aspects, his research is a terrific resource.
Read more here.

..."the worst governmental scandal and threat to our civil liberties in the history of the nation."

George Parry writes in the American Spectator,
Think about it. The Watergate burglary was a bungled attempt by the Committee to Re-Elect President Nixon to break into Democrat headquarters to plant listening devices in the telephones. The burglary failed, but the national outrage at the mere attempt drove Nixon from office and sent members of his administration to prison. As bad as that was, at least the Nixon campaign didn’t corrupt the FBI and CIA to do its dirty work. So it is that, if our official law enforcement and intelligence agencies were co-opted by the Obama administration to illegally spy on American citizens and the opposition party, this will be the worst governmental scandal and threat to our civil liberties in the history of the nation.

If Joe diGenova is right, the very survival of the rule of law and our constitutional republic mandates that these treasonous thugs — no matter how highly placed in the Obama administration — be exposed, charged, and imprisoned.
Read more here.

Trump threatens Cuba

Blocked on Facebook!

Welcome brave readers. You have arrived at a blog site which has been blocked by Facebook! I wish I knew which blog post earned me that honor, but that would require honesty from the Facebook censors.

Temporary Useful Idiots

Victor Davis Hanson holds nothing back as he writes about James Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan, Michael Avenatti, and Robert Mueller.
...In teenage fashion, one moment a player in the Trump removal intrigue is deemed by the media-progressive nexus a demigod. The next moment, he’s a devil. It depends solely on his perceived sense of utility.
Read more here.

Where the Dem candidates stand in the latest polls.

In PJ Media, Roger L. Simon tells us that Joe Biden is up 20 points over Bernie Sanders in the latest polls. Simon also tells us where other Democrat candidates are standing in the polls at present. Beto doesn't even get a mention. Read more here.

Joe gives his first speech and slurred many words

A dual system of justice

In American Greatness, Angelo Codevilla wonders why Clapper and Brennan have not yet been prosecuted.
...The reasons no prosecutions have followed should be plain enough. The offenders are big people, in the permanent government and in the Democratic Party. They have a great many friends in the U.S Justice Department. From the top down, the Trump Administration has been filled by much smaller people. Loud words aside, the president has kowtowed to the intelligence agencies in every way imaginable. No prominent Republican has chosen to challenge the de facto privileged relationship between Democrats in the intelligence agencies and the media.

And so, Brennan and Clapper continue as living proof that the United States has a dual system of justice. The example of their impunity speaks louder than any speech, and reassures their leftist successors in the intelligence agencies that their channel to the Times and Post is as safe as ever.

Rather, the absence of real politics—of real competition between opposing sides in American life—is the culprit. What we see is that those in the upper echelons of American life, whether they call themselves Republicans or Democrats, have greater loyalty to the ruling class to which they belong than to any law or institution. The refusal to apply Section 798 to Brennan and Clapper —the fact that they are free men —is simply the most obvious manifestation of the fact that we have a ruling class, that it is coherent, and that it has yet to be challenged in any serious way.
Go here to read more, including the law Clapper and Brennan have continuously violated.

"Burying its head in the sand"

In Israel Hayom, Prof. Eyal Zisser writes,
Europe is burying its head in the sand. Due to their desire to maintain political correctness, European governments have failed to stand in defense of Christian communities in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, just to avoid drawing fire and being perceived as enemies of Islam.
Read more here.

"Saving the planet, one diaper at a time!"

Monday, April 29, 2019

"If you can't stand up to Trump, how are you going to stand up to Putin, Kim Jong-Un, and the rest of the world's bullies?"

Ann Althouse tackles the subject of a woman running against Trump.
To say women have to wait until Trump isn't the opponent is to say a woman should never be President.

ADDED: I don't know why these woman-doubters think Joe Biden is better equipped to take on Trump. He was very weak debating Paul Ryan in the VP debate in 2012. Here's my live-blog of that debate, preserving my perception of how pathetic Biden's performance was. He's 8 years older now. I don't understand why he's even asking to be considered adequate. His announcement of his candidacy, wafting dishonest racial bullshit, disqualified him from consideration, in my opinion. And that was tightly scripted and pre-recorded, so a lot of poor judgment and poor delivery could be hidden. Imagine him exposed on the debating stage. These people who think Biden is a safe choice must have a really abysmal opinion of the other candidates. Maybe they're already coming to terms with an inevitable Trump victory in 2020 and they're just aching to avoid the pain of a second-in-a-row failed female candidate.
Read more here.

"The amount of twisted pressure from this corrupt team of prosecutors is sickening. A month later, General Flynn was signing a plea agreement:"

Yes, it is another amazing blog post from the always brilliant Sundance at the Conservative Treehouse. Read it here.

"Mexicans are killing one another for the privilege of selling Americans the means with which they kill themselves."

In City Journal, Shepard Barbash writes about Mexico. After saying many complimentary things, he writes about
metastasizing violence and institutional corruption that threaten its future.

...Since the country’s birth, the barbarism in Mexican life has been its shape-shifting, dog-eat-dog lawlessness—an enduring contempt for shared norms and an allegiance to personal power that in recent decades has expressed itself in waves of violent crime. And whereas ten years ago, most crime came from drug cartels on the U.S. border, the problem has since metastasized nationwide. In cities and villages, from north to south and sea to sea, an ever-evolving, ever-replenishing population of thieves, extortionists, kidnappers, drug traffickers, cheats, and assassins has besieged society, defying or co-opting governments at every level. Mexicans’ ingenuity and ambitions, long stifled by their self-dealing political class, are finding an outlet in outlawry.

Consider the agility of the drug trade. Mexicans have supplied the U.S. with illegal substances for more than a century—beginning with marijuana and heroin between the world wars, then Colombian cocaine in the 1980s, methamphetamines a decade later, and now fentanyl, by way of China. What began as a small, locally controlled business has evolved into a multibillion-dollar industry dominated by large networks that clash and collude with one another and with the state. Violence intensified after the PRI’s defeat in 2000 scattered power among competing factions. It grew still worse after 9/11 prompted the U.S. to harden the border.

Most killings remain tied to the drug wars, but a growing share comes from robbery, assault, extortion, and kidnapping. “Mexico is no longer a world of cartels and capos,” says Alejandro Hope, a security specialist based near Mexico City. Organized crime networks control territory to varying degrees in 19 states and the capital, but much less of their profits comes from the U.S. drug market, which has become more competitive. The biggest new business is stealing oil from the state-owned energy company, Pemex. Mexico has the largest, most efficient black-market fuel-distribution network in the world, Hope says. In Puebla, reported thefts from pipelines spiked from 15 in 2000 to 1,533 in 2016. Guanajuato—emblematic of the good and bad Mexico—ranks third among states in job creation, thanks to its auto industry, and first in homicides, due to murders tied to fuel thefts from refineries.

...All told, the government reports 33.6 million crimes with a victim in 2017, an all-time high. Most victims were women. Only one in 6,000 crimes ends in a conviction. Columnists bemoan “the hydra of impunity . . . grand queen of our country”—the monster Mexico has never slain.

Mexicans spend an estimated 1.65 percent of the country’s GDP on home security—changing locks, installing alarms and window bars, buying guard dogs, hiring bodyguards. In 2017, nearly 80 percent reported feeling unsafe in their neighborhood, the highest rate ever recorded. “Whether you’re getting robbed at the bank with the collusion of the teller, or raped on your way to work, or stripped of your cell phone on the bus, crime is an almost daily occurrence,” says Valdés. Thirty years ago, I quit my job as a foreign correspondent in Mexico City because I got tired of writing about death and disaster. The stories coming out of Mexico today make those days seem quaint.

“We have lost confidence in the day-to-day because at each moment we are exposed to some new horror,” says Imelda Rodríguez, promoter for the Network of Groups of Parents in Pain. “The horror, the hopelessness, the anger, the abandonment, the disgust, disdain, hatred, humiliation, incredulity, fear—it’s a context that invades your house, the street, family, friends. It is . . . breaking the basic and symbolic bonds of elemental co-existence.”

López Obrador (he goes by AMLO) has refused to increase spending to fight crime. His campaign slogan was Abrazos sí, balazos no! (“Hugs, not bullets”). He has called for a truce with the cartels and amnesty for broad classes of criminals (including drug carriers and small marijuana growers). His plan to end violence would rely 30 percent on using force to fight crime and 70 percent on creating jobs for youth and the poor. Evidence shows that his premise is wrong: a recent study of 18 Latin American countries (Marcelo Bergman’s More Money, More Crime) found a positive correlation between rising per-capita income and lawlessness. The way to fight crime is to fight criminals.

...The best way that the U.S. can help Mexico is to help itself: first, by keeping its own economy healthy; and second, by saying no to drugs. Exports have been Mexico’s only engine of growth for 20 years, and they are entirely dependent on U.S. industrial growth. Nothing has created more good jobs for Mexicans than good manufacturing jobs for Americans. Whatever replaces NAFTA would do well not to change that. The illegal drug trade, meanwhile, has been a catastrophe for both countries. Violence from the cartels is one of the leading causes of death in Mexico; drug abuse is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Mexicans are killing one another for the privilege of selling Americans the means with which they kill themselves. “There is no diving board without the swimming pool,” Mexicans say—no supply without demand. If the U.S. can’t cope with this scourge, how can our weaker neighbor?
Read more here.

"We are the piggy bank that is being robbed!"

In the Conservative Treehouse, Sundance tells us that Senate Finance Chairman Chuck Grassley
won’t allow Trump to expose the deep state corruption unless Trump concedes to Wall Street’s demands on trade deals.

It only took a few days for the evidence of this leverage move to surface as Grassley, acting on behalf of his K-Street donor – U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue, writes an Op-ed stating if Trump doesn’t drop the Steel and Aluminum tariffs, then he can consider the USMCA “dead”. An absolutely typical Decepticon move.

... the USMCA terms were negotiated with Mexico agreeing to them as constructed. Grassley is being intentionally obtuse; it’s not Mexico taking exception to the Steel and Aluminum tariffs, it is the U.S, specifically the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, ie. Wall Street.

Iowa Senator Grassley is 100% owned by BigAG and President Trump has already given Grassley a big win with the continuance of a ridiculous ethanol subsidy. Now Grassley wants more on behalf of his benefactors.

This is what we are up against. Purchased politicians doing the bidding of multinational corporate interests and simultaneously trying to hide their motives. These are the worst of the Decepticons. This is why they can never be trusted.

...It is critical to think of BIG AG in the same way we already are familiar with multinational manufacturing of durable goods.

We are already familiar how China, Mexico and ASEAN nations export our raw materials (ore, coking coal, rare earth minerals etc.). The raw materials are used to manufacture goods overseas, the cheap durable goods are then shipped back into the U.S. for purchase.

It is within this decades-long process where we lost the manufacturing base, and the multinational economic planners (World Trade Organization) put us on a path to being a “service driven” economy.

The road to a “service-driven economy” is paved with a great disparity between financial classes. The wealth gap is directly related to the inability of the middle-class to thrive.

Elite financial interests, including those within Washington DC, gain wealth and power, the U.S. workforce is reduced to servitude, “service”, of their affluent needs.

The destruction of the U.S. industrial and manufacturing base is EXACTLY WHY the wealth gap has exploded in the past 30 years.

With that familiarity, did you think the multinationals would stop with only “DURABLE GOODS”?

They don’t.

They didn’t.
Sundance goes on to explain in wonderful detail how
massive multi-billion multinational corporations and institutions are aligned against President Trump.
Read more here.

The “coup” and an “attempted overthrow” of the government

Sebastian Gorka writes in part in American Greatness,
The CIA, the FBI, the Justice Department, and the Obama White House were all involved in a series of codename operations (including “Crossfire Hurricane”) that involved foreign governments, (Australia, Great Britain, and Italy), and their intelligence agencies, including the British equivalent of the National Security Agency, GCHQ, in targeted espionage against members of the Trump campaign.

At the same time, the FBI deployed multiple human assets with the brief to penetrate the Trump campaign and incite actual conspiracy with external Russian actors, a mission they failed to accomplish.

After the election in which Hillary Clinton lost to the rank outsider, Admiral Mike Rogers, the then-director of the NSA, warned President-elect Trump of these illegal and seditious operations without informing the outgoing president, or his immediate superior, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

But it didn’t stop there. The illegal espionage operations continued beyond the inauguration and were combined with a massive disinformation and cover-up operation run out of the Department of Justice.

After successfully convincing the new attorney general, Jeff Sessions, with a spurious argument that he had to recuse himself from all matters Russia, Obama Administration holdover Rod Rosenstein made Robert Mueller special counsel, ostensibly to investigate the new commander-in-chief, but simultaneously in charge of making sure that the true crimes of the previous two years were never uncovered.

And none of the above addresses the potentially even broader conspiracy under which the identities of hundreds Americans were compromised through the politically motivated unmasking of their names as they were caught up “accidentally” and “incidentally” in signals intelligence intercepts. By combining a truly unprecedented number of unmasking requests with the two-jump surveillance rule initiated by the Obama Administration, it is hard to imagine any politically active individual in America whose life couldn’t be laid bare at any point with no actual national security justification.

Then there is the most disturbing news of all.

It has been brought to my attention by a former CIA station chief of some prominence and who has a legendary reputation inside the community of pre-Brennan operators, that Hillary Clinton’s loss did not curtail the worst activities of the outgoing Obama team. In fact, through the use of a walled-off team of contractors working inside the Intelligence Community, and for political realms alone, with no FISA-authorization or other national security justification, the Trump White House was spied upon after the January 20 inauguration. (Those responsible for this on-going crime are known to more than one investigative journalist and I have been told that the first of the new revelations will be published in the coming week).

Simply put: the Obama Administration used the most powerful intelligence capabilities in the world to attempt a penetration and subversion of the presidential campaign of the opposing party. When that failed, they used a special prosecutor to divert attention away from that activity, log-jam the work of the new president, and clean up the evidence of what had been done to him and his team. And most un-American of all: the former intelligence leadership of the Obama Administration continued to spy illegally on Donald Trump and his closest advisers after they had moved into the White House.

Many take offense at the way President Trump uses language, at his tweets and at what they see as his hyperbole. But this week when he called the operations against him and the will of the people who chose him, a “coup” and an “attempted overthrow” of the government, he was making a simple statement of fact. One that will soon make Watergate an irrelevance
Read more here.

Springtime laundry

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Sunday, April 28, 2019

What will the future hold for Palestinians?

In the American Thinker, Ted Belman explains what might be the future of Palestinians

Will Biden be the next hill for Democrats to die on?

In American Thinker, Clarice Feldman takes aim at Joe Biden for his unfair and inaccurate attack on Donald Trump's comments about Charlottesville.
...referring to the false claim that Trump endorsed the neo-Nazis In Charlottesville. He did not. His reference to “good people on both sides” as the transcript shows was to those who demonstrating for and against the removal of historic Confederate statues. He specifically condemned the violent protestors.

In the Daily Caller, Rachel Stoltsfoos notes that in his video announcing his candidacy for 2020
Former Vice President Joe Biden endorsed Antifa in a video announcing his presidential bid Thursday, characterizing the group as “courageous” and saying it’s wrong to draw a moral equivalence between white nationalist groups and those opposing them.
She goes on to detail some of Antifa's actions here.

Feldman concludes,
The Democrats’ great white (straight male) hope could well prove this year’s hill for them to die on.
Read more here.

Do you practice empathy?

What is empathy? Elizabeth Segal tells us in aeon,
Empathy is not imagining how you might feel in the place of another. It is imagining and trying to understand what the other person feels. The difference between thinking about yourself in another’s situation and thinking about the other person in that situation is simple but profound, requiring well-developed, differentiated mental abilities. Empathy is other-focused, not self-focused. Someone with sociopathic tendencies can ‘read’ other people well and understand their emotions. But a sociopathic person reads others in order to manipulate or take advantage of that person. It is not empathy.
Read more here.

The anti-Semitic New York Times

This is the anti-Semitic cartoon published by the New York Times International edition.On Twitter, Mike Cernovich asks,
Someone drew it. - Who?

Someone colored it. - Who?

Someone laid it out. - Who?

I’m sure the media will be all over this, right?

Ann Althouse writes,
It showed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a dachshund wearing a Star of David collar and leading a blind and skullcap-wearing U.S. President Donald Trump.

65 calls about poop every day!

In ati, Natasha Ishak writes,
According to Forbes, a non-profit watchdog organization in San Francisco called Open The Books has been closely monitoring the state of the city’s “brownout” epidemic.

Based on data from the San Francisco Department of Public Works, the organization recently came out with an interactive map that shows every public defecation report that has come into the city’s 311 hotline since 2011 and how the incidents are distributed across the city’s neighborhoods.
Read more here.

This will have you in stitches!

Can anyone tell me what kind of tree this is?

Portland male: "Sometimes I feel like my genitals make me feel like I am being uninclusive."

"Being able to taste the gender of the hops and grains completely rationalizes my need for alcohol. It's not an addiction if its art...especiallly if you drink it out of a mason jar."

Exiting the fight against the Deep State

Sundance shows us how people like Lindsey Graham are exiting the fight against the Deep State.
Those who participated in the 2015/2016 surveillance and spy operations, which evolved into the 2017 (through today) soft-coup effort, are relying on a defense that Russia ‘hacked’ the 2016 election. This false narrative is how the corrupt administrative state will defend themselves.

Pay close attention to this interview and note how Senator Graham supports that narrative saying: “the Russians hacked into John Podesta’s e-mails, the campaign manager for the Democratic candidate for President. The Russians hacked into Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, the candidate for the Democratic Party.”

This ‘Russia-hacking narrative’ is the DC ‘chaff and countermeasures‘; when combined with their ‘by-the-book‘ justifications, it becomes their unified defense. Once you accept their baseline, it becomes much more difficult to expose their unlawful conduct.
Read more and watch the video here.

"Bernie just has to be Bernie, and Biden has to be someone he's not!"

Math-a-magical con games

MOTUS AD writes about it.
...Utilities in several states are attempting to run a con game on their respective states’ utility commissions and ratepayers. How? By claiming that their plans for prematurely shuttering existing, reliable, relatively inexpensive coal power plants and replacing them with expensive, intermittent renewable power sources will save ratepayers money “in the long run.” Meanwhile, they ask for an immediate increase in electric rates to pay for the transition.
Read more here.


In Foreign Policy, Edward Lucas writes about changes in the world of spycraft.
Most of us don’t want to live in a country where the leadership spends all its time reading intelligence briefs, where the intelligence and security agencies are at the heart of public life and political decision-making. I once lived in a country like that: Putin’s Russia. Western democracies need the intelligence services to defend open societies against Putinism—but not at the price of self-Putinization.
Read more here.

Two options for fixing our universities

In American Greatness, Roger Kimball tackles the subject of fixing our universities.
...Some observers believe that the university cannot really be reformed until the current generation—the Sixties generation—retires. That’s another couple of decades, minimum. And don’t forget about the self-replicating engine that is tenure in which like begets like. Deep and lasting change in the university depends on deep and lasting change in the culture at large. Effecting that change is a tall order. Criticism, satire, and ridicule all have an important role to play, but the point is that such criticism, to be successful, depends upon possessing an alternative vision of the good.

Do we possess that alternative vision? I believe we do. We all know, well enough, what a good liberal education looks like, just as we all know, well enough, what makes for a healthy society. It really isn’t that complicated. It doesn’t take a lot of money or sophistication. What it does require is patience, candidness, and courage, moral virtues that are in short supply wherever political correctness reigns triumphant. In large part, those who want to retake the university must devote themselves to a waiting game, capitalizing in the meanwhile on whatever opportunities present themselves.
Read more here.

"Essentially, the left’s rule is that nothing bad—no matter how true—may be said about Muslims or Islam and nothing good—no matter how true—may be said of Christians or Christianity."

In the Daily Signal, Dennis Prager writes,
...Only leftists understand that one must vote left no matter who the Democrat is, no matter who the Republican opponent is. Leftists are completely interchangeable: There is no ideological difference among the 20 or so Democrats running for president. Mayor Pete Buttigieg is not one degree to the right of Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren.

...That is why it is important to understand Clinton and Obama’s tweets: to understand the left, not to understand her or him.

Here are the tweets:

Obama: “The attacks on tourists and Easter worshippers in Sri Lanka are an attack on humanity. On a day devoted to love, redemption, and renewal, we pray for the victims and stand with the people of Sri Lanka.”

...Three hours later, Clinton tweeted: “On this holy weekend for many faiths, we must stand united against hatred and violence. I’m praying for everyone affected by today’s horrific attacks on Easter worshippers and travelers in Sri Lanka.”

...As they both spelled “worshipers” the same idiosyncratic way and used the term “Easter worshippers,” it is likely they either had the same writers or Clinton copied Obama.

Here’s what’s critical: Neither used the word “Christians.” And in order to avoid doing so, they went so far as to make up a new term—”Easter worshippers”—heretofore unknown to any Christian.

When Jews were murdered at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Clinton mentioned the synagogue in a tweet. But in her post-Sri Lanka tweet, despite the bombing of three churches filled with Christians, Clinton made no mention of church or churches.

In a tweet after the massacre of Muslims in New Zealand, she wrote that her heart broke for “the global Muslim community.” But in her latest tweet, not a word about Christians or the global Christian community.

Obama similarly wrote in his tweet about New Zealand that he was grieving with “the Muslim community” over the “horrible massacre in the Mosques.” But in his tweet about Sri Lanka, there is no mention of Christians or churches.

The reason neither of them mentioned Christians or churches is that the left has essentially forbidden mention of all the anti-Christian murders perpetrated by Muslims in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and of all the Muslim desecration of churches in Europe, Africa, and anywhere else.

This is part of the same phenomenon—that I and others have documented—of British police and politicians covering up six years of rape of 1,400 English girls by Muslim “grooming gangs” in Rotherham and elsewhere in England.

Essentially, the left’s rule is that nothing bad—no matter how true—may be said about Muslims or Islam and nothing good—no matter how true—may be said of Christians or Christianity.

She made sure to condemn “Islamophobia,” but she wrote not a word about the far more destructive and widespread hatred of Christians in the Muslim world, seen in Muslims’ virtual elimination of the Christian communities in the Middle East, the regular murder and kidnappings of Coptic Christians in Egypt, and the murder of Christians in Nigeria.

She calls on “leaders everywhere” to condemn “white supremacist terrorists,” one of the smallest hate groups on Earth, but never calls on leaders everywhere to condemn Islamist terrorists, the largest hate group on Earth.

These two tweets tell you a lot about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. But far more importantly, they tell you a lot about the left.
Read more here.

Biden to Specter: Anita Hill was lying!

Mollie Hemingway writes in the Federalist about the Clarence Thomas hearings chaired by Joe Biden.
...Much revisionist history has been drafted by partisans who oppose Thomas’s judicial philosophy. It’s true that Biden did his best to help Hill, including concealing witnesses who would have been a disaster under examination. But even he admitted to his colleague Specter that Hill was lying.

Hill’s allegations against Thomas were far from convincing when she made them, and the passage of time has done nothing to bolster the veracity of her accusations. But based on the uncritical acceptance of the revisionist history of the Clarence Thomas hearings, it’s crystal clear that journalists would do well to familiarize themselves with the actual facts of what happened and call Biden to account for his treatment of Thomas.
Read more here.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Bad news for Christians and conservatives

In the NOQ Report, JD Rucker writes,
Conservatives, Christians under attack because our views are in the way of ‘progress’

But even when we were winning at the ballot box, we were still losing the overall war. While we were focused on Obamacare, progressives turned to social issues to engage in the long-term battles over race, sex/gender, marriage rights, abortion “rights,” gun control, and over the last two years, socialism itself. While we were gloating over being able to nominate right-leaning judges, progressives were busy shifting the mindsets of the people to the point that all cultural discussions today are framed within a new normal of intersectionality and false equality.

They made “all lives matter” into a racist phrase while making “Black Lives Matter” an acceptable mantra.
They pushed for “equal rights” for those in the LGBTQ community by giving them more rights than others.
They made it acceptable for women to be granted privileges while making it evil for men to be granted the same. Three presidential candidates have promised to have a woman as their running mate if nominated. Imagine the outcry if a candidate promised a man would be named as their running mate.
They said the victims of the Christchurch terrorist attacks were “Muslims” while saying the victims of the Sri Lanka terrorist attacks were “Easter worshipers.”

They call Christians who believe in the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman “bigots” but they say nothing when Muslim nations seek out gays for legal punishment.

Hypocrisy is no longer shocking when it comes from progressives because it has become so rampant, it no longer even registers on a conscious level. They’ve normalized their hypocrisy, and those who have fallen for the normalization need only the faintest sense of justification in order for them to suspend disbelief in the hypocrisy itself. So many have become sheep, unable or unwilling to break away from what should clearly be considered ridiculous on both an intellectual and emotional level.

I’m delivering very bad news for conservatives and Christians. The news is this: we’re in the way of what the progressives call progress and they’re the ones with the power to make our views anathema to the growing number of sheep. The progressives aren’t just in our schools and news outlets.

They control search. Google let’s us see what they want us to see, which means they won’t let us see what they don’t want us to see.

They control social media. The bias has been known for ages, yet sites like Facebook and Twitter still pretend it doesn’t exist. We should ask James Woods what he thinks.

They control the news aggregators. It’s bad enough the progressives dominate most news outlets. It’s even worse when Google News, Yahoo News, and Apple News push people to the left-leaning takes on stories. They’re not even shy about it.
Read more here.

"the keyboard caretakers who reign over us"

In the NOQ Report, JD Rucker informs us that YouTube has demonetized Stephen Crowder!

Conservatives fell for a trap. It’s been over a decade in the making and few of us saw it coming until it was too late. To be fair, this trap was actually so well executed and seemingly coordinated that it’s actually impressive how well it worked. Now, the walls that have been around us the whole time are finally starting to close in.

The trap was to believe that even hyper-leftists in the tech industry would be fair when it came to the use of their platforms. By “fair,” I mean they would accept that there are views that differ from their preferred progressive standpoints and those views are worthy of being expressed on their platforms. For a time, this was true. But as the giants such as Google in search, Facebook and Twitter in social media, and YouTube for video grew to the point that they’re essentially unchallenged and virtually invincible, they’ve now changed their tune. The worst crime anyone who uses their services can commit is to be conservative.

Steven Crowder is learning it again and again with the most recent incident happening today.

...The easy answer to all of this is to abandon the platforms that are unfriendly to conservatives and work only with those who truly appreciate free speech, cordial discourse, and the enterprising nature of Americans. That’s the easy answer, but it’s not an easy solution. You see, the sites that pay the best happen to be Google and their video spawn YouTube. To get the necessary eyeballs on this content, we often rely again on Google as well as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and other progressive giants.

Where do we go from here?
Read more here.

The Day Collusion Died

I love this!
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No dogs allowed

Not at all

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"The choice doesn’t seem too hard, does it?"

MOTUS links to an article written in Alpha News on April 6 by 26-year-old Alyssa Ahlgren.
My generation is becoming the largest voting bloc in the country. We have an opportunity to continue to propel us forward with the gifts capitalism and democracy has given us. The other option is that we can fall into the trap of entitlement and relapse into restrictive socialist destitution. The choice doesn’t seem too hard, does it?

I’m sitting in a small coffee shop near Nokomis trying to think of what to write about. I scroll through my newsfeed on my phone looking at the latest headlines of Democratic candidates calling for policies to “fix” the so-called injustices of capitalism. I put my phone down and continue to look around. I see people talking freely, working on their MacBook’s, ordering food they get in an instant, seeing cars go by outside, and it dawned on me. We live in the most privileged time in the most prosperous nation and we’ve become completely blind to it. Vehicles, food, technology, freedom to associate with whom we choose. These things are so ingrained in our American way of life we don’t give them a second thought. We are so well off here in the United States that our poverty line begins 31 times above the global average. Thirty. One. Times. Virtually no one in the United States is considered poor by global standards. Yet, in a time where we can order a product off Amazon with one click and have it at our doorstep the next day, we are unappreciative, unsatisfied, and ungrateful.

...My generation is being indoctrinated by a mainstream narrative to actually believe we have never seen prosperity. I know this first hand, I went to college, let’s just say I didn’t have the popular opinion, but I digress.

Let me lay down some universal truths really quick. The United States of America has lifted more people out of abject poverty, spread more freedom and democracy, and has created more innovation in technology and medicine than any other nation in human history. Not only that but our citizenry continually breaks world records with charitable donations, the rags to riches story is not only possible in America but not uncommon, we have the strongest purchasing power on earth, and we encompass 25% of the world’s GDP. The list goes on. However, these universal truths don’t matter. We are told that income inequality is an existential crisis (even though this is not an indicator of prosperity, some of the poorest countries in the world have low-income inequality), we are told that we are oppressed by capitalism (even though it’s brought about more freedom and wealth to the most people than any other system in world history), we are told that the only way we will acquire the benefits of true prosperity is through socialism and centralization of federal power (even though history has proven time and again this only brings tyranny and suffering).

...my generation has ONLY seen prosperity. We have no contrast. We didn’t live in the great depression, or live through two world wars, or see the rise and fall of socialism and communism. We don’t know what it’s like not to live without the internet, without cars, without smartphones. We don’t have a lack of prosperity problem. We have an entitlement problem, an ungratefulness problem, and it’s spreading like a plague.

My generation is becoming the largest voting bloc in the country. We have an opportunity to continue to propel us forward with the gifts capitalism and democracy has given us. The other option is that we can fall into the trap of entitlement and relapse into restrictive socialist destitution. The choice doesn’t seem too hard, does it?
Read more here.

Look diverse, think alike

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Friday, April 26, 2019

She wins

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Don't be like Bob!

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It starts early

Rare and elusive

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$2 million dollar bill from North Korea for Otto Warmbier's "care."

In PJ Media, Claudia Rosett informs us about a $2 million dollar bill from North Korea for Otto Warmbier's "care." Read the whole thing here.


Notice that the one View member who is most enthusiastic about Biden is John McCain's daughter in the red and white outfit.

Is Tucker Carlson the only one raising these issues?

"Eat breakfast if you're hungry. If not, eat a little later!"


The first reading of the economy by the Bureau of Economic Analysis shows a GDP of 3.5 for the first quarter. Read more here.

Evil vs. fair

"The Russia collusion hoax originated with Hillary Clinton, and the burden should be on her campaign and the DNC."

Jordan Schachtel writes in Conservative Review,
...Christopher Steele and his Steele dossier were just one element of a campaign that was not only being financed, but appeared to be entirely manufactured and controlled by Hillary Clinton and the DNC. The Russia collusion hoax originated with Hillary Clinton, and the burden should be on her campaign and the DNC. It butchers the chain of responsibility to hold Christopher Steele, the contracted “researcher,” ultimately accountable for defending everything that spawned from the Clinton-DNC operation, which was later leveraged by the Obama administration.

...Because Steele was a “former spy,” that seemed to be enough for the likes of the late Sen. John McCain, fired FBI Director James Comey, former CIA chief John Brennan, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and many other top lawmakers and government officials to stand by Steele’s Clinton-backed work for years. But now that the Mueller investigation has ended, those aforementioned former government officials are nowhere to be found when it comes to taking responsibility for advancing the Steele dossier.

...To cast Christopher Steele as the man ultimately responsible for Spygate is to protect the individuals responsible for spawning the Russia hoax.
Read more here.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

"It's about the rule of law and privacy!"

It doesn't get any better than having Joe DiGenova and Rudy Giuliani on the same panel!

Obama's political surveillance coverup

In the Conservative Treehouse, Sundance shows us how
Everything after March 9th, 2016, is a function of two intelligence units, the CIA and FBI, operating together to coverup prior political surveillance and spy operations.

Prior to March 9th, 2016, the surveillance and spy operation was using the NSA database to track and monitor their political opposition. However, once the NSA compliance officer began initiating an internal review of who was accessing the system, the CIA and FBI moved to create ex post facto justification for their endeavors. [Full Backstory]

The evidence for this is found in the documents attached to both operations; and bolsters the original statements by Congressman Devin Nunes as highlighted below.
Read more here.

Rushing into an Obama/Rice trap

In the Conservative Treehouse, Sundance writes,
...Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is owned by Tom Donohue and the U.S. CoC and is 100% opposed to President Trump on any trade reset that confronts the multinational interests of the CoC position. Similarly, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley is owned by Big AG.

What do they both have in common?…. Opposition to any America-First trade reset.

There are trillions at stake.
Sundance believes these two Senators are running headlong into an Obama/Rice justification trap, and perhaps bringing Attorney General Barr right along. Read more here.

"There is absolutely no reason to abandon the faith that created our civilization."

In City Journal, Andrew Klavan writes,
...This, as I see it, is the very essence of Christianity. It is the religion of the Word. For Christians, the model, of course, is Jesus, the perfect Word that is the thing itself. But each of us is made in that image, continually expressing in flesh some aspect of the maker’s mind. This is why Jesus speaks in parables—not just to communicate their meaning but also to assert the validity of their mechanism. In the act of understanding a parable, we are forced to acknowledge that physical interactions—the welcoming home of a prodigal son, say—speak to us about immaterial things like love and forgiveness.

To acknowledge that our lives are parables for spiritual truths may entail a belief in the extraordinary, but it is how we all live, whether we confess that belief or not. We all know that the words “two plus two” express the human version of a truth both immaterial and universal. We likewise know that we are not just flesh-bags of chemicals but that our bodies imperfectly express the idea of ourselves. We know that whether we strangle a child or give a beggar bread, we take physical actions that convey moral meaning. We know that this morality does not change when we don’t perceive it. In ancient civilizations, where everyone, including slaves, considered slavery moral, it was immoral still. They simply hadn’t discovered that truth yet, just as they hadn’t figured out how to make an automobile, though all the materials and principles were there.

We live in this world of morality and meaning—right up until the moment it causes us pain or guilt or shame or gets in the way of our ambitions or happiness. Then, suddenly, we look at the only logical source of the meaning we perceive and say, “I do not know Him.”

A West whose ethicists coolly contemplate infantile euthanasia, whose nations roll back their magnificent jurisprudence to make room for the atrocity of sharia, whose historians argue themselves out of the objective reality of human rights because they have lost faith in the numinous basis of those rights—such a West may not be heading for disaster as much as it is living in the midst of one, a comfortable and prosperous disaster to which our default atheism makes us blind, a dystopia in which we are increasingly happy and increasingly savage at the same time.

It need not be so. Outside the Enlightenment Narrative, there is absolutely no reason to abandon the faith that created our civilization. The flowering of the Western mind took place under the Christian sun. The light that led us here can lead us on.
Read more here.


I am blogging tonight from a pizza restaurant where my son works. On the t.v. is the NFL draft. It is taking place in Nashville, Tennessee. Thousands of fans are in the street outside the arena where they are announcing the picks. Everyone seems very excited. I don't get it.

European countries try to pull a fast one.

Ace notices,
the European countries were trying to smuggle a worldwide UN declaration on the right to abortion in via a resolution supposedly aimed at reducing wartime rape.

...There are two kinds of people in America: those who still believe what their college-indoctrinated, urban-culture Overclass tells them to believe, and who wish to join that class and cultivate its approval, and conservatives.
Read more here.

A good idea

At the Ace of Spades blog, commenter Joe Mannix has a great idea.
I am tempted to make Leftist/Intersectional/Victimology/SJW "Buzzword Bingo" cards for the Dem debates.
Read other comments about the Biden announcement here.

Biden says he asked Barack not to endorse him!

Have you heard? Joe Biden has announced as a candidate for the 2020 Democrat primary. He also announced that he asked Barack Obama not to endorse him! Read more here.

The Warsaw Ghetto

Marco Margaritoff reports in ati about the Warsaw Ghetto and subsequent attempts to exterminate all the Jews in Poland. Read more here and view the sad photos.

Messing with our minds

"The vast federal bureaucracy that Trump is struggling to operate is the real government of America."

The Zman writes,
...democracy inevitably leads to some form of authoritarian rule, based in the urban areas. That’s where we are now in modern America. The illusion of democracy has disguised the deep contempt the ruling elite has for the people, but that contempt is becoming more obvious. At some point, they will simply stop pretending.

...This collapse of legitimacy results in a Congress that does very little. Instead, it relies on the Executive to do what it asks. The vast federal bureaucracy that Trump is struggling to operate is the real government of America. The FBI sedition scandal is a good example of the contempt with which the New Class holds the political class. They have no fear of either party in Congress, as they know they are powerless. Proof of that is the parade of people lying to Congress and never facing the consequences.

...What we have today is rule by a surprisingly small number of people. At the top is the global pirate class that owns the media, technology and finance. Under them are the lesser elites that rule over the academy, mass media, politics and foreign policy. This is the New Class, an elite within the bureaucracy that has a free hand in running the state, as long as they don’t anger their paymasters. At most there are a few thousand people controlling a few million person bureaucracy that runs the global empire.
Read more here.

"It will not be long before we hear the still familiar words, in reference to President Obama: “What did the president know and when did he know it?”

Conrad Black writes in National Review,
The country recognizes that the attempt to unseat the president has failed and that it deserved to fail. If he is to be removed from his office, it will be by the electors, and not by a Democratic lynch mob cheered on by the now largely disgraced national political media.

...Their day of reckoning is about to begin. They will gag and balk at the evidence as it emerges that the Clinton campaign and the Obama Justice Department, the FBI, and the intelligence services were up to their eyeballs in an unprecedented unconstitutional attempt to manipulate and then undo the result of a presidential election. They have shown almost superhuman self-discipline in ignoring and implicitly denying the existence of the evidence of this wrongdoing. The failure of elected officials, and of the journalists and commentators upon whom the nation has a right to rely for serious and fair reporting and analysis of important political events, will weigh very heavily upon them. The Democrats will pay for their dishonesty at the polls in 2020. And the national political media will require a very long time to recover the confidence of the American people that they have so energetically squandered.
Read more here.

"the historic genocide of Armenians and Assyrians is representative of the modern-day plight of Christians under Islam"

In PJ Media, Raymond Ibrahim writes about
Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day: Revisiting Islam’s Greatest Slaughter of Christians

Today, April 24, marks the “Great Crime,” that is, the genocide of Christians—mostly Armenians but also Assyrians—that took place under the Islamic Ottoman Empire throughout World War I. Then, the Turks liquidated approximately 1.5 million Armenians and 300,000 Assyrians.

...Because these atrocities mostly occurred during World War I, so the argument goes, they are ultimately a reflection of just that—war, in all its chaos and destruction, and nothing more. But as Winston Churchill, who described the massacres as an “administrative holocaust,” correctly observed, “The opportunity [WWI] presented itself for clearing Turkish soil of a Christian race.” Even Adolf Hitler had pointed out that “Turkey is taking advantage of the war in order to thoroughly liquidate its internal foes, i.e., the indigenous Christians, without being thereby disturbed by foreign intervention.”

It’s worth noting that little has changed; in the context of war in Iraq, Syria, and Libya, the first to be targeted for genocide have been Christians and other minorities.

But even the most cited factor of the Armenian Genocide, “ethnic identity conflict,” while legitimate, must be understood in light of the fact that, historically, religion accounted more for a person’s identity than language or heritage. This is daily demonstrated throughout the Islamic world today, where Muslim governments and Muslim mobs persecute Christian minorities who share the same race, ethnicity, language, and culture; minorities who are indistinguishable from the majority—except, of course, for being non-Muslims, or “infidels.”

To understand how the historic genocide of Armenians and Assyrians is representative of the modern-day plight of Christians under Islam, one need only read the following words written in 1918 by President Theodore Roosevelt; however, read “Armenian” as “Christian” and “Turkish” as “Islamic,” as supplied in brackets:

the Armenian [Christian] massacre was the greatest crime of the war, and the failure to act against Turkey [the Islamic world] is to condone it… the failure to deal radically with the Turkish [Islamic] horror means that all talk of guaranteeing the future peace of the world is mischievous nonsense.
Indeed, if we “fail to deal radically” with the “horror” currently being visited upon millions of Christians around the Islamic world—which in some areas reached genocidal proportions—we “condone it” and had better cease talking “mischievous nonsense” of a utopian world of peace and tolerance.

Put differently, silence is always the ally of those who would liquidate the “other.” In 1915, Adolf Hitler rationalized his genocidal plans, which he implemented some three decades later, when he rhetorically asked: “Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?”

And who among today’s major politicians speaks—let alone does anything—about the ongoing annihilation of Christians by Muslims, most recently (but not singularly) seen in the Easter Sunday church bombings of Sri Lanka that left over 300 dead?
Read more here.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

NSA recommends dropping U.S. surveillance of Americans' text messages and phone calls!

Sundance reports in the Conservative Treehouse,
The National Security Agency has recommended that the White House abandon a U.S. surveillance program that collects information about Americans’ phone calls and text messages, saying the logistical and legal burdens of keeping it outweigh its intelligence benefits, according to people familiar with the matter.
Read more here.

Rudy: "Keep your eye on Ukraine!"

Rudy Giuliani just gets better and better.

How Russia and China court chaos while the U.S. wades into civil conflicts with little understanding of the dynamics involved

In American Greatness, Brandon Weichert writes about how Russia has been courting chaos and using it to its geopolitical advantage, while America has
waded into countless civil conflicts with little understanding of the dynamics involved.

...Libya, Syria, Iraq, and Iran are case studies in how the United States completely destroyed its own dominance in a vital part of the world and allowed for its weaker rivals—particularly Russia—to benefit from the ensuing chaos.
Read more here.

Using and not using certain words

In American Greatness, Dennis Prager takes a look at the tweets of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton of the mass murders of Christians in Sri Lanka.
The reason neither of them mentioned Christians or churches is that the left has essentially forbidden mention of all the anti-Christian murders perpetrated by Muslims in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa and of all the Muslim desecration of churches in Europe, Africa and anywhere else. This is part of the same phenomenon—that I and others have documented—of British police and politicians covering up six years of rape of 1,400 of English girls by Muslim “grooming gangs” in Rotherham and elsewhere in England.

Essentially, the left’s rule is that nothing bad—no matter how true—may be said about Muslims or Islam and nothing good—no matter how true—may be said of Christians or Christianity.
made sure to condemn “Islamophobia,” but she wrote not a word about the far more destructive and widespread hatred of Christians in the Muslim world, seen in Muslims’ virtual elimination of the Christian communities in the Middle East, the regular murder and kidnappings of Coptic Christians in Egypt and the murder of Christians in Nigeria. She calls on “leaders everywhere” to condemn “white supremacist terrorists,” one of the smallest hate groups on Earth, but never calls on leaders everywhere to condemn Islamist terrorists, the largest hate group on Earth.
Read more here.

Implicating Obama

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch informs us that
This astonishing confirmation, made under oath by the FBI, shows that the Obama FBI had to go to President Obama’s White House office to find emails that Hillary Clinton tried to destroy or hide from the American people.
Read more here.

"I don't think anything short of imprisonment for the lot of them is going to restore any semblance of public trust in the institutions she, Obama and their underlings destroyed."

In his Morning Report today, JJ Sefton writes,
And so we circle back to Hillary Clinton's illegal, unofficial and dangerously unsecured e-mail servers. There is no doubt in my mind that they contain terabyte after terabyte of evidence that would send her along with Barack Obama, Valerie Jarret and every other player in the attempted coup against Trump to Federal prison for decades, if prosecuted. The other thing they would show is that she and her husband (who for the record was impeached for committing perjury and suborning perjury to cover up his illicit sex with a woman young enough to be his daughter, unlike the non-crimes they want to hang Trump with) have used and abused every public office and trust they ever held to enrich themselves, often at the expense of American national security interests. See: Uranium One and Loral Space Industries among others. Rush Limbaugh is 100% correct when he states Hillary Clinton needs to be investigated, indicted and jailed. As I have always maintained, the odds of that happening are slim to none. But that said, she and all the rest of them have to at a minimum have all of their crimes exposed to the American people just for the record. Unfortunately, I don't think anything short of imprisonment for the lot of them is going to restore any semblance of public trust in the institutions she, Obama and their underlings destroyed. And even then, it may not be enough.
Read more here.

"What a surprise -- McCains stabbing Republicans in the back to support Democrats."

That's what Ace says about a story in the Washington Examiner that Meghan and Cindy plan to support Joe Biden. Read more here.

#But the economy

Headline on a story at Ace of Spades:
Jobless Claims Fall to Lowest Level in 49 1/2 Years
—Ace of Spades
I thought Trump was going to destroy the US economy if he didn't follow Bush's policies (which got us an anemic growth rate and flatline wage growth), strong-form archlibertarianism that no one has ever voted in favor of, and warmed-over Nostalgia Economics.
Read more here.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

A few heroes and many villains

Sundance in the Conservative Treehouse continues to do amazing work in uncovering the illegal activities of the intelligence communities under the Obama administration. Here are just a few paragraphs from his latest top-notch reporting.
Early in 2016 NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers was alerted of a significant uptick in FISA-702(17) “About” queries using the FBI/NSA database that holds all metadata records on every form of electronic communication.

The NSA compliance officer alerted Admiral Mike Rogers who then initiated a full compliance audit on/around March 9th, 2016, for the period of November 1st, 2015, through May 1st, 2016.

While the audit was ongoing, due to the severity of the results that were identified, Admiral Mike Rogers stopped anyone from using the 702(17) “about query” option, and went to the extraordinary step of blocking all FBI contractor access to the database on April 18, 2016 (keep these dates in mind).

...The key takeaway from these first paragraphs is how the search query results were exported from the NSA database to users who were not authorized to see the material. The FBI contractors were conducting searches and then removing, or ‘exporting’, the results. Later on, the FBI said all of the exported material was deleted.
Read the whole thing here.

"...why should non-citizens be counted as citizens for purposes of allocating House seats?"

Discussion of the issue here.

"It will catch up with them. And it will be a good thing."

Dov Fischer writes in the American Spectator,
...It has been Mueller for two years, and it will be Mueller for another two years. It has been Democrats trying for two years to destroy the President, and it will be Democrats trying for another two years to destroy the President. Nothing new under the sun. “That which hath been is that which shall be, and that which hath been done is that which shall be done, and there is nothing new under the sun.”Eccl. 1:9. If one were to give a name to this story, my suggestion would be The Mueller, the Sun, and the Donkey.

While nothing changed these past ten days or so, lots seem worth observing:

1. The Democrats Never Will Be Able to Wrap Their Heads Around the Reality That Other People Live Outside Their Echo Chamber.

When I attended Columbia University as an undergrad in the 1970s, the students’ daily newspaper polled the university campus shortly before the impending 1972 Presidential elections. George McGovern, the Democrat, got something like 90 percent of the vote. Gus Hall, the Communist for whom Obama’s CIA chief, John Brennan, voted (talk about treason and colluding with the Russians!), came in second. Richard Nixon did not do too well. Nevertheless, when the rest of the country voted in the real election, Nixon won the biggest landslide in American history. So how did the Columbia Daily Spectator poll get it so wrong?

The poll was not wrong within the leftist echo chamber… echo chamber… echo chamber of Columbia University. But others live outside the leftist bubble.

2. The Democrats Will Not Stop Hounding, Harassing, and Persecuting Trump Until Election Day 2020.

No one has a right to see his taxes. No American law requires it. At the time the Constitution was ratified, there were no income taxes. No Constitutional amendment ever has added a requirement for anyone to release taxes. Rather, it devolves onto candidates to weigh costs and benefits, risks and rewards of releasing their private tax filings for public scrutiny. Trump took the risk in 2016, and the Democrats made that financial opacity a campaign issue. It was litigated thoroughly. Yet Trump was elected President — end of story.

All that matters is whether Trump is a great President. Hillary’s decision to release her taxes in 2016 did not make her less a crook or any less pathological a liar who lied even about how her mother named her. Obama’s release of tax returns did not negate his corrupt real-estate dealings with Tony Rezko, a convicted felon. Bernie Sanders, millionaire, is a hypocrite. Irish-Scottish Robert O’Rourke is a liar who gives almost no charity. We knew that without their taxes.

Trump lawfully refuses to disclose his personal and corporate taxes.

3. There Was No Collusion.

4. There Was No Obstruction of Justice.
...Trump is not a legal expert; that is why he hires attorneys. He consistently deferred to them. Nothing he did obstructed justice.

...5. This All Is a Good Thing.
They lost the House in 2010 (242-193). Lost it in 2012 (234-201). Lost it in 2014 (247-188). Lost it in 2016 (241-194). Since being given a chance in 2018 to show their stuff, the Democrats have continued reminding voters daily why they got thrown out for a decade. Even a moronic electorate will not reelect representatives who consume themselves with their own little inside games while neglecting the public weal.

It will catch up with them. And it will be a good thing.
Read more here.

"a power grab in the guise of anti-discrimination"

In the Federalist, Stella Morabito tells us
Why The So-Called Equality Act Is A Bait-and-Switch Power Grab
The ‘Equality’ Act doesn’t really protect anybody. It undermines human freedom and dignity by legally stripping Americans across the board of inalienable rights.

Stella Morabito By Stella Morabito
APRIL 22, 2019
Let’s place ourselves, for a moment, into the mindset of a statist. If you and your cronies wanted to control everybody’s lives, how exactly would you go about getting such raw power? Obviously, you wouldn’t come right out and say you have a special project designed specifically to cement a permanent one-party state.

You wouldn’t explain, full disclosure, that the ever-growing bureaucracy you have in mind would promote a surveillance state and coercion that produces toxic levels of social distrust. You wouldn’t clarify that the point is to keep tabs on everyone in every aspect of their lives, including their education, their businesses, their medicine, their housing, their families, and their churches.

No, of course not. You would mask your self-supremacist intentions with a benign and trendy word like “equality.” You’d pretend that your project was about helping a vulnerable minority. To prevent scrutiny, you’d quickly shame anybody who had a question about it and defame them as haters. At the same time, you’d give special favors to those who can be persuaded to support your con job.

That’s usually how such things are done, as the history of authoritarian systems proves.

Sowing a Colossal Inequality of Power
So we have the “Equality” Act, recently introduced by Democrats in Congress. It’s currently being considered in various committee hearings and is on track for a floor vote in the House of Representatives later this spring or early this summer.

On the surface, the “Equality” Act is supposed to protect LGBT folks from discrimination by adding the categories of sexual orientation and gender identity to all federal civil rights laws, including the 1964 Civil Rights Act. It would make claims of discrimination related to these characteristics legally actionable in the way racism is, and applying to virtually every area of life: the workplace, education, banking, jury service, federal funding, housing, medicine and psychiatry, and all public facilities.

It is a power grab in the guise of anti-discrimination. A bait-and-switch. It’s another attempt by a ruling micro-clique to exert mega-control over everyone else’s lives, including those it purports to protect. It allows the Mass State to maximize bureaucracy and social engineering, especially by its huge regulation of speech and expression. It erodes individual rights while claiming to uphold them.
Read more here.

"Battle is joined!"

JJ Sefton writes in part about Spygate in his Morning Report at Ace of Spades,
Cynics in the audience, and that includes me, think the perpetrators are going to get away with it, especially Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama+Valerie Jarret. I am convinced they were behind it or at a minimum knew from the outset and approved of what their underlings were doing. That said, Brennan, Comey, Clapper and all the rest have got to somehow be held accountable. The fight now is not so much to get Trump as it is to protect the Deep State conspirators and keep their positions safe. Even if one or more of them go down, to whatever extent or manner that manifests itself, the 4-8 years of Trump must not be allowed to be the beachhead that could potentially (please G-d) dismantle the globalist entity that has hijacked America for the past 50 years or longer. Battle is joined.
Read more here.

"...we were sent halfway across the world to help protect people just like Omar and her family. Nineteen incredible men gave their lives defending her country while serving ours."

Ilhan Omar
The Federalist tells us, Sergeant Major Kyle E. Lamb (retired) spent more than 21 years with the United States Army, most of those years with U.S. Army Special Operations. SGM Lamb has conducted combat operations in numerous theaters of operation, including Mogadishu, Somalia (Black Hawk Down), and has served numerous combat tours in Iraq. Smith writes,
...Task Force Ranger was the 1993 military effort ordered by President Bill Clinton to capture Aidid and his lieutenants so the U.N. could deliver food and medical aid without fear of being attacked or killed by Aidid’s forces. The American soldiers Omar attacked in her tweet — the men of Task Force Ranger –weren’t sent to Somalia for fame or fortune. They weren’t there because of a deep desire to visit the God-forsaken nation of Somalia. They were deployed to support peacekeepers who were desperate to rescue the country from starvation and the ravages of civil war. To do that, they had to capture the men responsible for it.

By the time Task Force Ranger had been launched, Aidid’s network of drug-addled, Khat-dealing gun runners had taken over Mogadishu and were doing everything they could to oppress any and all rival clans, including that of Omar, the Majeerteen. In other words, we were sent halfway across the world to help protect people just like Omar and her family. Nineteen incredible men gave their lives defending her country while serving ours. They deserve to be lauded for their service, not attacked for it.

I am thankful Omar and her family and countless others were able to escape to neighboring Kenya while we fought to protect those left behind, but I simply cannot comprehend her attitude towards those of us who fought to protect her country and countrymen from warlords who plunged Somalia only further into violence and starvation. I am glad that Omar can now enjoy the very freedoms we fought to protect, like the freedom of speech and the free exercise of religion affirmed in the U.S. Constitution, but I don’t understand why she uses those freedoms to slur the men and women of the U.S. military who made her security and liberty a reality.

The simple truth is that Omar enjoys the fruits of American combat deaths, yet she can’t even bring herself to acknowledge the ultimate sacrifice that was made on her behalf, either as a Somali or an American. Her clan didn’t stand a chance against Aidid and Habar Gidirs, so I don’t blame her for leaving. But I do blame her for attacking those of us who had zero personal interest or investment in her nation for doing our jobs on behalf of our country. And I blame her for smearing American servicemen because we answered the call of our nation to address the violent barbarism of hers.
Read more here.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Earth Day "founder"

Today is Earth Day. Did you know that the man who was master of ceremonies at the first Earth Day ceremony and claims to be the founder of Earth Day, is currently serving a life sentence in prison for murdering and then composting his girlfriend? Read more here.

"And we the people will learn yet again that our best and brightest just may be among our worst and dumbest."

In American Greatness, Victor Davis Hanson writes,
A Higher Ego
Fired FBI Director James Comey wrote a book called A Higher Loyalty, with the theme that Comey had always put allegiance to “the Truth” over all careerist and partisan concerns.

Yet Comey signed off on a FISA warrant request without apprising the court that the chief evidence for such a writ was paid for by losing presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Comey’s own sworn testimony about the dossier to a Senate Judiciary Committee was not consistent with the actual evidence in the dossier presented to the court. Comey also claimed he needed to brief Trump on the dossier because the media was going to publish its contents, when, in fact, it was only Comey’s staged meeting with Trump about the dossier that offered enough official sanction for the dossier to convince Buzzfeed finally to release it.

Yet Comey on FBI time and machines wrote memos memorializing his confidential meetings with President Trump, and then leaked seven of them to the media in order to create enough fury to lead to the appointment of a special counsel.

Despite Comey’s denials, four of the seven memos may well have contained some classified information and thus were probably illegally leaked by Comey, who succeeded in prompting the appointment of a special counsel—his longtime friend Robert Mueller. Yet Comey in his December 2018 congressional testimony, admitted under oath over 200 times that he did not know the answer to the questions asked or did not remember.

Yet Comey’s testimony cannot be reconciled with sworn statements of his own deputy Andrew McCabe. Comey’s real message is not about a higher loyalty, but rather that when one does not tell the truth, one must apparently continue not to tell the truth—at least until the edifice of the aggregate untruth collapses by its own weight.

Collusion Delusion
Robert Mueller investigated a supposed crime of Trump-Russian collusion that early on in his investigation was discovered to hinge on the Christopher Steele dossier, which to this day has had none of its contents verified but lots of its assertions proved impossible or inaccurate.

...The No Stars
Robert Mueller had to assemble an independent and unbiased special counsel’s legal team, ostensibly to avoid the partisanship of an all-Republican Department of Justice hierarchy investigating the Republican Trump. But Mueller, a Republican, appointed almost all non-Republican lawyers; among them many donors to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign; among them lawyers of the former Obama Justice Department who had been briefed by Bruce Ohr on the contents of the Steele dossier at a time when Fusion GPS and members of Obama Administration were doing their best to seed the gossip mill among the media; and among them a few lawyers who variously had either represented the Clinton Foundation or former Clinton aides or former Obama Administration officials; and among them Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, who earlier had sent each other hundreds of text messages, many of them expressing not just loathing of the object of their investigation, but also vows to ensure that Trump would not become president.

In the end, the “dream team” and “all stars” spent $34 million and 22 months, and wrote over 400 pages to confirm what was self-evident from the outset of this ill-starred inquest: Donald Trump did not “collude” with the Russians to defeat Hillary Clinton; Trump did not impede the nonsensical investigation of absurd charges; and the horde of lawyers who found no crimes were frustrated to the point of including anything in their report they could to embarrass Trump—except the proof of collusion for which they were tasked to find.

The Mueller fiasco likely will end any talk of any special counsel investigation for a generation. Eventually, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, and McCabe, along with others, will feel what it is like to have a federal prosecutor leveraging them, but this time about real, not made-up, crimes.

The liberal television media and their administrative state partisan “experts” likely will not gain back their former audiences, who were duped with two years of fabrications dressed up as “the walls are closing in” psychodramatic news. The hard Left, “Impeach Trump!” Democratic presidential field will no longer have an excuse to avoid explaining to the American people their weird agenda: a fundamental transformation of the country antithetical to the visions of the American Founders and likely on every issue opposed by a majority of Americans. And we the people will learn yet again that our best and brightest just may be among our worst and dumbest.
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"...an epidemic of loneliness, a distortion of labor markets, and an increase in female trafficking and prostitution."

Carly Cassella reports in science alert,
...Today, in China and India, men outnumber women by 70 million, and it's causing an epidemic of loneliness, a distortion of labor markets, and an increase in female trafficking and prostitution.

...To fix the issue, China has retracted its single-child policy and banned the use of ultrasound machines, which usually tells parents the sex of their child. In India, when parents have daughters but no sons, the government will pay for their child's education and give a lump sump for her dowry or further study - that is, if the parents promise to have no more children.

Tactics like these appear to be working, but while the sex imbalance has somewhat slowed down in recent years, a previous study found the number of missing females is only set to peak in 2050.
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"One big blanket cover-up operation"

In the Conservative Treehouse, Sundance writes,
If you read the Weissmann/Mueller report carefully one aspect stands out strongly; the Mueller investigation was fully committed to The Steele Dossier. An inordinate amount of the report is focused on justifying their investigative validity and purpose in looking at the claims within the Steele Dossier.

Repeatedly, the investigative unit references their mandate based around the Steele Dossier, and the mid-summer 2016 origin of the FBI counterintelligence operation.

Why? Why was/is Crossfire Hurricane (July ’16) and the Steele Dossier (Oct. ’16) so important to the principle intelligence apparatus, and the Mueller team (’17, ’18, ’19)?

I believe former NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers has told us the answer. In early 2016 Rogers caught on to a massive and pre-existing weaponization of government surveillance and the use of collected NSA metadata for political spy operations. Everything, that comes AFTER March 2016 is one big blanket cover-up operation….. ALL OF IT.

The Russian election interference narrative; the use of Joseph Mifsud, Stefan Halper, the London and Australian embassy personnel; Erika Thompson, Alexander Downer, U.S. DIA officials; everything around Crossfire Hurricane; and everything after to include the construct of the Steele Dossier; all of it was needed for the creation of an ‘after-the-fact‘ plausible justification to cover-up what Mike Rogers discovered in early 2016, AND the downstream unmasked records that existed in the Obama White House SCIF.

Fusion GPS was not hired in April 2016 to research Donald Trump. The intelligence community was already doing surveillance and spy operations. They already knew everything about the Trump campaign. The Obama intelligence community needed Fusion GPS to give them a justification for pre-existing surveillance and spy operations.

That’s why the FBI, and later the Mueller team, are so strongly committed to, and defending, the formation of the Steele Dossier and its dubious content.

...Remember, the special counsel was a continuance of the FBI counterintelligence operation which officially began on July 31st, 2016. [The unofficial beginning was much earlier]

Understanding now that Mueller is saying from Day One he was investigating the Steele Dossier; here’s where we all need to question the assumptions.

Why is the Steele Dossier so important?

From the beginning most people have thought the Fusion-GPS objective was to dig up dirt on Trump for political exploitation. However, with all the recent information outlined there’s actually a more significant role for Fusion.

The overall intelligence apparatus of the U.S. government was already conducting political surveillance on their political opposition. The systems of the intelligence apparatus such as FISA-702(16)(17) databases searches were being exploited months (if not years) beforehand.

When NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers discovered the use of the database he shut down contractor access on April 18th, 2016.

...Regardless of anything happening to stop them, the intelligence community was conducting surveillance of their political opposition. To validate that surveillance the intelligence community needed a plausible FBI counterintelligence operation. That’s where John Brennan (CIA) comes in.

...The Steele Dossier is the investigative virus the FBI wanted inside the system. To get the virus into official status, they used the FISA application as the delivery method and injected it into Carter Page. The FBI already knew Carter Page; essentially Carter Page was irrelevant, what they needed was the Dossier in the system {Go Deep}.

With the communication from Alexander Downer (foundation for the EC), in conjunction with the Steele Dossier (foundation for the Page FISA), the CIA and FBI now held a plausible -albeit fraudulently obtained- basis to explain/justify all of their 2015 and 2016 political spying and surveillance activity. This is their insurance policy.

...Fusion GPS was not hired to research Trump, the intelligence community was already doing surveillance and spy operations. The intelligence community needed Fusion GPS to give them a plausible justification for already existing surveillance and spy operations.
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Avenatti's latest

Have you been following the growing list of allegations against Michael Avenatti? Here is the latest.

Russian Disinformation Campaign (that our media fell for)

Ace reports,
In case you missed it on Friday, even the shabby DNC front company, the NYT, is now forced to admit that the entire dossier that Jake Tapper so proudly reported on may be nothing more than the product of a Russian Disinformation Campaign aimed at reducing confidence in US elections.
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Disgraceful anti-Christian bias

Can Barack Obama say the word "Christians"? He refers to the attacks in Sri Lanka as attacks on "Easter worshippers." On the other hand, when tweeting about the attacks in New Zealand he sent his condolences to the Muslim community. Was the New Zealand killer alt right? No, he was a "National Bolshevik,” about as far away from being right wing as he could be.

Ace points out that
Christians do not worship Easter. You can use Context Clues in the word "Christians" to figure out what they worship.
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"If we let them redefine speech as violence, the First Amendment has no meaning!"

They can tell you what to say and when to say it! They can use any force necessary to make you be quiet. They are saying your opinion and a terror attack are the same thing."

Why is gas so expensive now?

My local gas station here in New Mexico is charging $2.39 per gallon. Just a few weeks ago it was $1.75. Today I see this article from Drudge linking to a L.A. photo of gas prices at $5.19 per gallon.

"Evasion and denial are surefire ways to lose business. Is it Chase Bank or Chase Away Bank? Inquiring customers would like to know."

Michelle Malkin writes about another case of Big Tech censorship of free-thinking individuals here.

A lack of straightforward coverage of terrorist slaughter

Mark Steyn notices that media coverage of the slaughter of 300 people in Sri Lanka has been less than straightforward. He agrees with an observation made by one of his Steyn club members that on Easter the media went from mere dhimmitude to taqiyya. Read more here.

Muslim massacre of Christians celebrating Easter in Sri Lanka

In his Morning Report in the Ace of Spades blog, JJ Sefton writes,
Good morning kids. Monday and the top story is yesterday's Muslim massacre of Christians celebrating Easter in Sri Lanka. As of this writing, there are over 200 confirmed dead and at least 450 wounded. Americans, Canadians and other foreigners are also listed among the casualties. Those whose lives were savagely snuffed out for doing nothing more than being devoted servants of G-d died at the hands of others who in their mind were doing exactly the same thing. The so-called "religion of peace" is not a religion, let alone a peaceful one. It is a totalitarian death cult dressed up in the trappings of religion that for over a millennium and half has been waging a war against the ideas and ideals represented by what ultimately evolved into post-Enlightenment civilization, individual freedom and real human progress to subjugate the entire world or destroy it trying. Those goals happen to be identical to that of another malignant, pseudo-fundamentalist death cult: Leftist-Socialism. Despite certain incongruities the latter conveniently overlooks (the enemy of my enemy, etc.), the two have joined forces both here and abroad to bring us down, either by violence or by deception, infecting the vitals of society and using the very freedoms they despise, along with the naivete and willful blindness of our political and cultural leaders, as weapons against us.
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