Thursday, August 20, 2020

Later tweets I enjoyed tonight

Rep. Jim Jordan tweeted,
The Obama/Biden Administration spied on the Trump Campaign.

Joe Biden suggested using the Logan Act to take down Michael Flynn.

It’s one of the worst scandals in American history.

And most in the media and on the Left ignore it.

Sean Davis tweeted,
"We lost 159 officers from the U.S. in line of duty deaths this year so far," Green Bay's police chief told
. "I guarantee you that every one of those blue lives mattered,” he said, referring to Goodyear's ban on employees supporting police.

Laura Ingraham tweeted,
Why won’t they tell us about Joe’s policies? Why won’t he? “Decency and science is on the ballot” is a line someone wrote for him—but it’s not a policy.

Conservative Momma tweeted,
“Unity” a talking point in tonight’s #DemConvention.
The party that:
-refuses to accept election results
-refuses to tolerate ppl who don’t think like them
-sets cities on fire
-burns churches
-kills babies in the womb
-sides w/Anarchists
is talking “unity.”

That’s hysterical

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