Tuesday, October 31, 2006

And A Happy Halloween To You, Too!

Tonight my wife escorted the five and six-year-old sons on an extra long walk through the neighborhood, after bringing the younger children back home from early trick-or-treating. They came up to a house, and the six-year-old exhorts the five-year-old to "quick, get your bag ready, I hear someone coming!" From inside the house my wife hears a voice exclaim, "Damn it, we should turn off that light!" Off went the light, just as the boys happily sang out, "Trick-Or-Treat!" The woman inside replied loudly, "We don't have any fucking candy!" To which my wife replied, "Okay, boys, get your eggs ready!" Can you believe an adult using language like that to little children?

Sunday, October 29, 2006


After an afternoon spent happily but unsuccessfully shooting at clay pigeons with our two teen sons, my wife got home just in time for us to go down to Denver for a Saturday night on the town. The children-moving vehicle we drive is too tall to fit into any of the downtown indoor parking garages, so we drove round and round looking for an outdoor parking lot with a vacancy. We found one next to Coors Field, where the Rockies always finish their baseball season well before the world series begins.

The parking pay thingy had openings the size of a quarter for me to put one five dollar bill or five one dollar bills in. I had the latter. I was concentrating with all my might on this seemingly impossible task, when my wife came up to observe. I noticed that there was a guy standing behind her, and I thought he was just waiting for me to develop some competency at the task of folding up dollar bills and fitting them in a hole the size of a quarter. Finally I squeezed the last one in, and we began to walk away. I noticed that my wife was looking back at the guy, who had now disappeared. I asked her why she was looking back over her shoulder. She calmly says that the guy had come up to her in the parking lot (while I was working on my first grade science project with the dollar bills), and told her he thought she was looking very sexy. I asked her what she said to him. She calmly stated that she told him, "Shut up, Whippersnapper!" I can only imagine what she will say when she actually starts hitting those clay pigeons!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

It Takes A Grandma!

Where are the men of America? Are we all watching football on t.v. 24/7? Are we out in Yuppyville teaching our kids in the name of self esteem to push ahead of the kids with manners? Are we forcing our kids to play only in organized sports?

Why does it take a grandma to slap down a network that always puts the government of the United States in the worst possible light? Lynne Cheney is the woman of the year in my book. She does in one short interview what we American males should have done a long time ago, but we have been so cowed by the feminization of America that we must always be politically correct and we just have not spoken up. I think Lynne Cheney has done what no American male has been able to do: mobilize Republicans to get out and vote!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sometimes All You Need Is A Picture

Intrepid investigative KHOW Radio talker Peter Boyles brings our attention to this flyer being used by Democrats in Texas.

From the Mexican Lab to Elmo to You and Me!

Illegal immigrants are back on the front pages of Colorado's newspapers again today. One story is about an illegal immigrant who shot two Denver policeman (in their backs). One of the officers was killed. Today was the sentencing hearing. The coward did not show up in court to listen to what the victims had to say. Possibly his public defenders told him to stay in his cell after they saw him. It seems he asked for some clippers the night before the hearing so he could prepare for his appearance in court. Apparently he asked his cellmate to shave a giant gang sign into the back of his head. I do not recall that fact (his being a gang member)being mentioned in any of the news coverage prior to the sentencing hearing.

The other story was about a meth ring being broken up. U.S. attorney Troy Eid pointed out at a press conference that methamphetamines are now being manufactured in high volume factories, and then shipped into Colorado. In this particular bust, seven hundred small mom and pop labs (yes, they are often adults with small children) would have had to be raided to equal the quantity seized in this sweep. 45 pounds of high quality meth, 1.1 kilos of cocaine and $59,000 were seized in this bust. Street value? Millions of dollars.

Another very interesting aspect of this was the route taken by the drug smugglers, twelve of whom are illegal immigrants from Mexico. The lab was in Mexico. The drugs went first to Los Angeles, then to Barstow, then to Las Vegas (of course), and then to Greeley Colorado, which is in the heart of a large agricultural county, where many illegals work in the fields. From there the drugs go to tiny Kimball, Nebraska, which really intrigues me. Why? Because when I was working as a child protection worker I had a case involving a mom and four children. I always suspected the mom was a meth user. When they moved to Kimball, Nebraska I asked her about the town. She told me there was just one stop sign, and the town is in the middle of nowhere. Then why is it a stop in the drug trade? By the way, there is only one more stop on the route: Roanoke, Virginia. Oh, and one more thing: four pounds of Meth was found inside a Tickle-Me-Elmo children's toy.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Refreshing Place to Go In The Blogosphere

One of my favorite blogs to visit is The House of Zathras. Surfing the blogosphere can sometimes be a little depressing, but not at the House of Zathras. Check out Mrs. Who's latest multiple choice quiz here.

The quiz reminds me of my neighborhood. We live at the base of a mountain. Across the street is a beautiful Victorian house. Across the street in another direction is an underground house! Next to that house is a family that is like the house in the multiple choice quiz. The snooty neighbors who have the yard signs for liberal political candidates look down their noses at this family (and at us, too, no doubt). We actually get along better with that family than we do with any of the other neighbors.

The man of the house works in a very dirty job laying asphalt. His hobby is bringing home used cars, putting them up on the cement blocks, and getting them to run for a while. One day in 2004 he came over and told me that he had never voted before, and would like some help learning how to register. He also asked me if I knew where he could get some Bush/Cheney signs for his yard. We have been fast friends ever since. He and his wife ask me for gardening tips, and they recently helped us carry in some furniture we found on sale. When the tomatoes were ripe for pickin, they gave us all we could eat, and they were delicious. We give them baby clothes from time to time. Their daughters have each given birth a few times, even though they are not yet twenty-years-old. Grandmother takes care of the babies while the mothers are at work. Our children love playing with their children.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Bob Beauprez For Colorado Governor

The Rocky Mountain News today does a profile of Congressman Bob Beauprez, who is the Republican candidate for governor of Colorado. His is a real American and Colorado success story. To me he seems to be a really excellent candidate for the top executive position in the state.

Of course, the headline writer could not resist saying Beauprez has been "Assailed Over Middle Ground," and in the edition that was delivered to our home, "Do-It-All Guy With Do-nothing Party". That last crack is aimed at Beauprez for voting with President Bush 95% of the time. I happen to admire President Bush, so that record only improves Beauprez's standing in my eyes.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Let's Adopt American Babies!

Yesterday I listened to Dennis Prager, a man I respect greatly, make the following statement: "There are no babies available for adoption in America!" That, of course, is completely false. I emailed him, but have had no reply.

Here is a way for a family to adopt an American baby. First, become licensed as a foster family. Then, tell the social workers that you want to be a legal risk or foster/adopt family. That means that you are willing to take a baby into your home and take the legal risk that the baby will not permanently be yours to love and care for.

Let me explain. After the baby is removed from the biological parents because of abuse or neglect, the baby is placed in your licensed foster home. There are two ways that the baby may not stay with you permanently. One is if the social workers find a relative with whom to place the baby. That could happen any time from a few days to several months. So you could have the situation that the baby and you are happily bonded, then the baby is removed because the social work agency has a priority of placing children with relatives. That is the risk you take. The other way the baby could be taken from you is if the parents complete a treatment plan designed to remedy the problem that caused the baby to be removed in the first place. But there is a time limit. Courts are not willing to go for years giving the parents chance after chance to get their act together. The federal law says the baby should have permanency after no more than one year in out of home placement.

Nevertheless, dozens of babies in the Denver metro area are adopted every year by families willing to take the legal risk. Sara Jane, pictured above, was placed with us when she was sixteen days old. The adoption was finalized in February of this year. She will be three-years-old next month. Every member of our family loves and enjoys Sara, and she feels the same way about each of us.

Many Americans are needlessly spending thousands of dollars to travel the world to find a baby to adopt. That is wonderful that they do that, but if they follow the above procedure, they could be adopting right here in America.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

So you think the job of a child protection worker is not dangerous? Check out this story about the death of a social worker who brought a baby to visit the mother shown in the above picture.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Numbers Are Much Worse Than Our Government Has Previously Acknowledged

Yesterday the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security Subcommittee on Investigations released a report revealing that the illegal immigration problem is much worse than anything heretofore acknowledged by our government. As many as ten million people may have illegally entered America from Mexico in 2005 alone! Only ten to thirty percent are apprehended, and only ten to twenty percent of illegal drugs are confiscated. 650 of those who were apprehended were from countries who sponsor or train terrorists. Assuming that figure represents the high number of thirty percent, that leaves over 1500 who were not apprehended!

The report talks about people being brought from the Middle East to "staging areas" in central America, then smuggled into the United States illegally. It states that Venezuela has emerged as the "hub of terrorism in the western hemisphere." I would like to know just what and where Venezuela is doing this terrorist training. I have heard that there is training going on at an island called Margarita Island. Anybody know anything about this?

The report talks about the role of Mexican drug cartels, which are described as the most sophisticated and dangerous of all organized criminal enterprises. They have unlimited cash to purchase and use the most sophisticated and advanced weaponry.

The full report is available at the Committee on Homeland Security website.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Do Our Intelligence Officials Know Who Are The Sunnis and Who Are The Shiites?

Daily Pundit cites a New York Times story in which the Congressional Quarterly national security editor asks the chief of the F.B.I.'s new national security branch: Iran and Hezbollah, are they Sunni or Shiite? His answer, "Sunni," is wrong. At least Condi Rice understands the difference, as I pointed out yesterday.

Update: James Joyner at Outside The Beltway adds two more names of intelligence officials who were not able to answer the question correctly. They are Rep. Terry Everett, vice chairman of the House intelligence subcommittee on technical and tactical intelligence and Rep. Jo Ann Davis, chairman of the House Intelligence Subcommittee on Terrorism, Human Intelligence, Analysis and Counter-Intelligence.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Red America and Blue America: Let's Get It On!

Gagdad Bob over at One Cosmos wishes we could actually try an experiment: let's divide ourselves into two Americas, one blue and one red. He says, "In Blue America they would have high taxes, a huge, intrusive federal government, marriage for any two or more people who wished to do so, socialized medicine, economically crippling Kyoto-style restrictions, government enforced racial discrimination, open borders (except into our country--to preserve the integrity of the experiment we’d have to have a big fence to keep them from escaping into our beautiful Red America), a permanent ban on vouchers to ensure the stranglehold the Teachers Union has on education, a religious test to keep people of faith out of public life, no guns, no smoking, lots of abortions, even more special rights and protections for criminals and terrorists, a ban on evil places like Walmart which provide vital goods to people of modest means at rock bottom prices, free college for everyone no matter how stupid, and a high minimum wage to suppress employment, spur inflation, and keep tax revenues down."

My wife adds that no discipline of children would be allowed, except one minute of time out for each year of the culprit's age. Whatever children wanted, they would be given. They would never be asked to do chores or any other form of work. They would continue to get an allowance until age twenty-one, even if they do not live at home.

No one would be allowed to own a pet. They could become a guardian of a pet, after taking comprehensive courses in animal rights and sensitivity training.

No one would be allowed to drive a SUV or a pick up truck, unless certified hybrid.

All points of view would be tolerated, except, of course, Christianity and Judaism. All citizens would be required to be card-carrying members of the ACLU.

I am sure we are missing many important aspects of the ideal blue America. Please add your suggestions in the comments section.

The Threat From Iran

All Things Beautiful posted this organizational chart of the power structure in Iran. Unlike Kim Jong-il of North Korea, the terrorists in charge of Iran are "rolling in cash," because of the oil revenues we provide.

It is clear that the Bush administration now considers Iran as the most destabilizing influence in the Middle East. Secretary of State Condi Rice leaves soon for meetings with leaders of "emerging moderate forces" in the region. That would be Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain. I don't envy her.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

America Alone

Michelle Malkin points out that Mark Steyn's new book launches tomorrow. Malkin quotes Steyn from his new book: "Americans and other Westerners who want their families to enjoy the blessings of life in a free society should understand that the life we've led since 1945 in the Western world is very rare in human history. Our children are unlikely to enjoy anything so placid, and may well spend their adult years in an ugly and savage world unless we decide that who and what we are is worth defending."

"Where Were The Protests?"

Would you believe America lost more military lives on average each year of the Clinton Presidency than we have during the Bush Presidency? Gateway Pundit provides the graph shown above, which is taken from a Department of Defense official report.

North Koreans A Super Race?

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il has performed a miracle! There are no deformed babies in North Korea! They have all been murdered in the name of the super race, whose god is Kim Jong-il himself. Moreover, the race has been kept pure by Kim Jong-il's thugs murdering any babies carried by women who become pregnant by Chinese men.

Perhaps the biggest irony in all of this super race talk is that most of the twenty-two million citizens of North Korea are malnourished, living in abject poverty. Unlike most of the rest of the world, which is seeing their populations growing taller, North Koreans are actually shrinking in size, averaging three inches shorter than they were before the Communists took control.

That is not the way socialism is supposed to work, according to our leftist university professors. Socialism, where the government takes care of its citizens, is supposed to be a better system than we have here in America. Our emphasis on limiting government's role in citizen's every day lives, and allowing for individual initiative and individual liberty is thought by our elitist leftist professors, bureaucrats, and politicians to be uncaring and cruel.

Thirty-five Thousand Christians Have Fled Iraq Since We Toppled Saddam Hussein

Reuters has a story alleging that thirty-five thousand Christians have had to flee Iraq since we toppled Saddam Hussein. Where have they gone? Syria!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Head of Senate Democrats Hangs Up On Associated Press Reporter

Senator Harry Reid hung up on an Associated Press reporter who was inquiring about one of Senator Reid's Nevada land deals. The deal with a a guy tied to mob cases netted Senator Reid $700,000 profit. Senate ethics rules require a senator to report any deal involving investment properties, but Reid chose to hide the transaction.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Islamist Man Wanted to "Kill As Many Innocent People As Possible"

A thirty-four-year old man was arrested in Britain today. The man was raised a Hindu and is the son of a banker in England, where he went to high school. He converted to Islam at age twenty. Isn't that a surprise? His goal was to kill as many innocent people as possible by blowing up financial institutions in New York and buildings in England.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A New Low For The United States Senate

John Kerry has brought new shame to himself and to the U.S. Senate.
In an interview with HBO's cynical comedian Bill Mahrer, Kerry jokes about going to 1600 Pennslyvania Avenue to kill George Bush. View the video here, and see if you think there is any way it can be justified as anything other than being in extremely poor taste.
Update: All Things Beautiful writes about the bitterness and envy that is so obvious in lefties like Kerry. "And the root cause for such ironically domineering attitude, as it has been shown time and time again in the Left's campaigning style and content, is that the vast majority of its base is driven in their personal lives by destructive emotions such as envy, resentment, bitterness and most of all, pure and gut-wrenching hatred which, like any pressure cooker under too much heat, needs to release its steam through the emergency valve." She also quotes Peggy Noonan, writing recently in the Wall Street Journal: "What is most missing from the left in America is an element of grace--of civic grace, democratic grace, the kind that assumes disagreements are part of the fabric, but we can make the fabric hold together." Can I hear a big amen?

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The ACLU Succeeds in Effort to Give Illegal Immigrants A Chance to Cancel Votes of American Citizens!

Arizona voters passed a law requiring voters to show I.D. The A.C.L.U. has succeeded in getting an order from the leftist judges at the ninth circuit to stop enforcement of the law. This will, of course, allow illegal immigrants to cancel out the votes of American citizens...in America!

Update: October 20, 2006 The United States Supreme Court today ruled that Arizona may go ahead and require photo identification in this November's election!

JC Watts Gives More Kudos to Seven-Eleven

Former Congressman JC Watts has some more thoughts about Seven-Eleven and Citgo, and "me first" politicians. Watts himself should perhaps be a person we should consider as a candidate for President some day.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Helping Illegal Immigrants Avoid Deportations: After They Commit Crimes Against Americans!

Kudos to the Denver Post! I never thought I would ever write those words! Yesterday they ran a front page across the top headline and story revealing Bill Ritter's record as Denver District Attorney. He okayed "agricultural trespassing" plea bargains in 152 cases involving serious crimes of assault and drug dealing committed by people who were in this country illegally! The result? The scumbags were able to avoid deportation and stick around here in Colorado, so they can find more opportunities to commit crimes against Americans.

Show me the agricultural land in Denver. My wife needs a place to graze her horses and goats.

Even though the Post has enthusiastically endorsed Ritter for Governor, they still had the integrity to place this story where it belongs. Kudos!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Video of Bin Laden with 9-11 Plotters

Want more reasons why our military needs to be able to detain, interrogate, and then lock up terrorists? Check out this post by Don Surber.

Which Political Party Is More Likely To Protect America From Its Enemies?

Whom shall we turn to to protect America from enemies within and outside America? The Democrats put forward John Murtha as someone we should listen to. The American Spectator has made available the FBI transcript of their sting operation against Murtha. Read the whole transcript here, if you want to understand for yourself how utterly disgusting this man really is.

The Investors Business Daily lists 97 facts of recent history,starting with well-meaning but dangerously naive Jimmy Carter. Understanding these facts can only lead us to one conclusion. We will clearly be less safe if Democrats are elected to run our federal government.

Colorado's Democrat Senator Salazar was one of the few to vote Friday against the 700 mile fence to protect us from illegal immigrants invading our country across our southern border. Not even Kennedy or Clinton joined him!

Poor Me, I'm a Victim!

The killer in the most recent Colorado school shooting, on the day of the shooting, mailed a goodbye letter to a brother. The brother gave it, unopened, to ATF officials. The local media has not printed it, but they tell us that the killer spoke about being abused by his father as a child. This is becoming so common to every person who decides he is entitled violently to abuse another person or persons. First, establish the fact that you have been victimized. Then, anything you decide to do will be justified by the fact of your own victimization.