Tuesday, September 01, 2020

News items with an Ace of Spades commentary

Here are some headlines and opening paragraphs of stories being covered by Ace of Spades in his blog today.
Nancy Pelosi Videotaped Getting Hair Blown Out in Shuttered Hair Salon, Not Wearing Mask
The hair salon is shut down, by order of law, due to covid.

But Nancy Pelosi is a Democrat Politician. The law does not apply to her, just as it does not apply to Lori Lightfoot.

Know your place, serfs.

Ad: Watch Democrats and Media (But I Repeat Myself) Call For Violence In the Streets For Two and a Half Minutes
But they're totes against the riots now, right?

But before that: The New York Times runs a piece about victims of political violence, and how they're forced to take special measures to protect themselves.

No, I don't mean law-abiding citizens routinely being beaten by antifa.

I mean: The New York Times frets that with an allegedly rising number of Right Wing Vigilantes pouring into "Protest Zones," "protesters" like antifa and BLM thugs now have to worry about their own safety.

Shocker: Insurance Barely Covers Even The Start of Demolition for Destroyed Minneapolis Businesses; Costs For Demolition and Reconstruction are Far More Than Businesses are Worth, So City Will Be Left Deserted and Blighted

Why does Trump claim these riots are riots?

Gee, Chris, it might have to do with the fact that they're Literally on Fire. The photo that runs with your "analysis" confirms as much.

Oh wait, let me correct that per the CNN Styleguide: These cities are mostly peaceful, but fiery.

NFL Will Allow Names of Those Killed by Police on Helmets

Will players be allowed to put the names of victims of Burn, Loot, Murder, like David Dorn on their helmets?

How about the names of victims of antifa, such as Aaron Danielson, executed in the street by an anitfa assasin?

How about any of the victims of black racist murders? How about Cannon Hinnant? Will the #NFL allow players to #SayHisName or nah?

How about the unidentified (surely to protect him from reprisals) AutoZone worker stabbed by a racist black killer who went hunting a white person to kill after getting amped up on the constant agitation against white people by the media?

Judge Rules That There Is Enough Evidence to Sustain Sarah Palin's Defamation Lawsuit Against the New York Times;
Orders Case to Proceed to Trial
Would the New York Times say that Sarah Palin is targeting them?

The case had been at the deposition and discovery phase. The New York Times moved that the evidence supported them, and the court should just rule and say "The New York Times wins."

The judge said, "Nah."

Mostly Peaceful Arsonists Try to Set Fire to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler's Condo
Brian Stelter Says: People Reporting on This Are Liars, Nothing to See Here
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