Friday, September 25, 2020

This is the story the media is failing to report today

Ace of Spades writes in his blog,
Revealed: Christopher Steele's Primary Subsource -- Noted Public Drunkard Igor "Iggy" Danchenko -- Was Branded a National Security Threat in 2009 and Was Subject of a Counterintelligence Investigation And the Crossfire Hurricane Team Knew This
And of course -- they failed to inform the FISA court (or note it in any intelligence assessment) that Steele's primary source for his Pee Pee Prostitutes story and various other claims was a man arrested on multiple occasions for public drunkenness and disorderly behavior, and on top of all that -- just might have been a RUSSIAN ASSET HIMSELF.
They knew all this. They concealed all this. They are criminals and should be in prison. Question: Did Andrew Weissman know this and choose to keep it out of the "Mueller" report...?
So it was actually Hillary Clinton, FusionGPS, and the DNC who were colluding with Russian spies to subvert an election? Boy, I bet that will get some media play! Spoiler alert: Nope.
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