Thursday, September 24, 2020

Early quotes and tweets I like today

Ace of Spades headline for a story:
Watch a Lie About Amy Coney Barrett Migrate from Leftwing Clickbait to a Reuters Story In Just Six Hours
JJ Sefton writes in his Morning Report
This is now organized terrorism disguised as anarchy for the sole purpose of not only affecting an election but now a naked attempt to overthrow the nation.
Ace of Spades headline for a story:
Biden Calls It Quits for the Day -- at 9:26am
Mollie Hemingway tweeted on the same subject,
You are all making jokes now but you're going to look foolish when Biden's 38 days of debate prep in the place of campaigning really pay off with a stellar debate performance.
Dr. David Samadi, MD tweeted,
New COVID-19 survival rates per CDC: 0-19: 99.997% 20-49: 99.98% 50-69: 99.5% 70 & over: 94.6% AMAZING NEWS!
Gina Bontempo tweeted,
Hot tip ladies: if you don’t want to be shot dead by police, don’t date a drug dealer, don’t help your deadbeat drug dealer boyfriend smuggle and deal drugs, and don’t hide drugs in your house with said deadbeat drug dealer boyfriend. Doesn’t matter what your skin color is.

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