Saturday, September 26, 2020

A new accomplishment by President Trump!

In the Ace of Spades blog, Open Blogger KT writes,
Yesterday, we discussed the President's campaign against Critical Race Theory. He has also specifically attacked the New York Times' 1619 Project, but Nikole Hannah-Jones is still busy trying to bury her project, so we can discuss that phenomenon later. Right now, we need to recognize that the President has actually set the Woke Establishment back some. THIS IS REMARKABLE. But they will be looking for new areas in which to channel their activism. Especially schools. SPECIAL HEADS UP IF YOU ARE IN CALIFORNIA, below.
After the President's first Executive Order and his Constitution Day speech but before his latest Executive Order prohibiting CRT training in a wide range of organizations, representatives of the NYT's "1619 Project" started backtracking on the extent to which they were trying to change American history. And BLM scrubbed its website of much of its Marxist, anti-American content. This was a new and amazing phenomenon:
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