Saturday, September 26, 2020

Some important early tweets today

dutchsheets tweeted,
Wash us clean, oh Lord. Show us any hidden places, any unswept corners in our hearts. Show us our sin so we can repent, then come to you with clean hands and pure hearts. As we humble ourselves, forgive us for our sins, Lord, and please heal our land.
Joe Concha tweeted,
Joe Biden called a lid on the day earlier this morning. No events, no questions. Less than 6 weeks before the election, the Democratic nominee is working at a 50% clip, calling a lid 7 of the past 14 days and 11 of the past 26 this month. Is this a preview of a Biden presidency?
Jeremy McLellan tweeted,
When I clerked for Barrett she tried to adopt me twice against my will, called regular wine cis-substantiated, had a yellow phone with a secure line to the Vatican, and made me read all the memos out loud in Latin while facing away from her. Please Democrats, you must stop her.
Scott Adams tweeted,
Can someone ask Democratic leaders, including BLM, if they will commit to a peaceful continuation of the Trump administration should Trump win reelection?
Sara A. Carter tweeted,
It makes my stomach turn to see what @GenFlynn and his family have been through because of the systemic culture of corruption inside the FBI and Intel community. For four years I have seen the brutal lies spread across news reports perpetuated by criminals. The truth is coming

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