Saturday, September 26, 2020

Later worthwhile tweets tonight

Josh Caplan tweeted,
LAKE JACKSON, Texas (AP) — Texas officials have warned residents of some communities near Houston to stop using tap water because it may be tainted with a brain-eating microbe.
Donald Trump Jr. tweeted,
Why should the American taxpayer pay for professional liability insurance for FBI agents who only got it because they knew they were doing something wrong and illegal? Seems like fraud.
Tammy Bruce tweeted,
Today was another reminder that @realDonaldTrump is the right man at the right time. It’s revelatory how God has made that possible during the significant turning points in our nation ~~ its founding w Washington, its saving w Lincoln, and now its reformation with Trump
Candace Owens tweeted,
Anybody have time to explain to me how arsonists setting trees on fire to ignite wildfires in California, somehow translates to climate change and Trump? I’m not dumb enough to comprehend.
Jellenne tweeted,
So if a majority of the D Senators on Judiciary are tweeting out they won't be supporting ACB's nomination, and don't care to even meet with her. Can Graham just call a vote and we can skip the nonsense of the hearing?

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