Friday, May 15, 2020

An army of Karens: Contact Tracers

Megan Fox explains in PJ Media,

In my worst dystopian nightmares, I could not have imagined a scenario where the American government would intentionally bankrupt the populace and then offer them $25 an hour to snitch on their neighbors in order to incarcerate them, and yet, here we are. Just in from CBS News is this horrific proposal for contact tracing jobs.

But what is contact tracing? This is the new go-to solution that our betters have come up with to fight the Chinese Wuflu that will erase all semblance of privacy for Americans. They want to know where you’ve shopped, eaten, driven, who you’ve talked to, and who they have talked to. In order to do this, you will install an app on your phone that tracks you and you will give up all of your information ‘voluntarily’ to a government agent who is assigned to spy on you or you will be incarcerated against your will.
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