Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Rioting in Minneapolis after policeman kills a man named George Floyd.

Heavy reports,
Videos hit social media showing escalating protests in Minneapolis, Minnesota, over the death of George Floyd, including a Target store being looted and an Autozone on fire.

The protests grew after a viral citizen video emerged showing a Minneapolis Police Officer, Derek Chauvin, putting his knee on the neck of Floyd during an arrest for minutes, even after Floyd went silent and bystanders pleaded with the officers to check on Floyd’s welfare. Floyd was pronounced dead a short time later.

What started out as vigils quickly turned more chaotic in the streets. People were throwing Molotov cocktails, police were using tear gas, according to live CNN reports. Flash bangs could be used during the live broadcast. The scenes were starting to resemble the protests of a few years ago in Ferguson, Missouri and other U.S. cities after controversial police-related deaths.
Go here to read more and watch videos of the rioting.

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