Monday, May 25, 2020

They paid the ultimate price

In the Daily Caller, Virginia Kruta reports,
Every Memorial Day, millions of Americans take time to remember those who have fallen in service to country — but for some, like Republican Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw, it’s personal.

Crenshaw, a retired Lieutenant Commander and Navy SEAL, marked the day by sharing a series of photos memorializing his own brothers-in-arms — each of whom willingly paid the ultimate price for their friends, their families and millions of complete strangers.

“Enjoy your Memorial Day and let us remember why we celebrate. We celebrate the lives of the heroes we have lost. Never Forget,” Crenshaw tweeted, adding, “Read entire thread please.”

The rest of the post includes Crenshaw's photos of and stories about fellow soldiers who lost their lives fighting for us. Read it here.

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