Monday, May 25, 2020

Where is his apology?

Dov Fischer writes in part in the American Spectator,
Cuomo’s own government admits to nearly 6,000 of the killings attributable to his order. The data are so shocking and indefensible that he understandably now plays three-card monte and does not count among his nursing-home killings any senior who contracted COVID-19 in a skilled nursing facility and thereafter was removed to die in a hospital. No question that the honest tally is closer to 10,000 Cuomo killings.

...Cuomo gets mega-plaudits on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, MSNBC, in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and wherever else truth is distorted into lies and lies are falsified into truth. In such media, he is the anti-Trump, the genius of the coronavirus season. Measured. Methodical. Liberal. Democrat. Why, he ought to run for president of the United States — and there’s still time for this savior to do it, assuming he can get around Stacey Abrams, who has eclipsed him and most everyone else.

...Even so, Cuomo owes the survivors of his 10,000 victims the most deep, heartfelt apology imaginable. And not one of those famous political “IF Apologies” — “IF I offended you by calling your mother a prostitute” … “IF I offended you by saying that your child is genetically defective” … “IF I offended you by mocking your racial identity, religious belief, ethnic heritage … ” Rather, Cuomo owes an incredibly candid, tearful apology for killing some 10,000 grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters — people — who were among society’s least able to defend themselves from his killing onslaught.

In New York City, the tabloids are famous for appending nicknames to killers. I just googled “The Nursing Home Killer,” and the name remains available. America awaits the non-IF apology from New York’s Nursing Home Killer.
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