Wednesday, May 27, 2020

"no person and no party ever should be allowed to reach the conclusion that they have Blacks in their pockets and have the power to tell them how they are expected to behave,"

Dov Fischer writes in part in,
...If government had “offered” those handouts and that “largesse” to our parents and grandparents, do not be certain that many of our predecessors would not have become likewise addicted to the “largesse” of the Democrats. Thankfully, so many of our forebears preceded and thereby avoided the Great Society. Immigrants from Germany, Italy, and Eastern Europe were offered no bilingual education, no choices to press “2” on the telephone, no community organizers encouraging them to sue their teachers for perceived affronts and indignities. So they had to immerse in English immediately to swim in the economy and society, or they would get “left back” or drown. They were forced to learn American citizenship and culture. It was a time of the “melting pot,” when the immigrant was expected to adapt and participate in the national culture that made America unique — to cherish the language, heritage, and value structure that had combined to make this the haven to which they streamed. Immigrants still could retain their own ethnicities and traditions. No one was being forced to “dissolve,” only to “melt.” So the children of Italians, Irish, Germans, Poles, and East European Jews bought into the American way. The colleges to which those immigrants sent their children imposed demanding standards for admission and taught those students substantive subjects that could be leveraged for success in the American marketplace.

That changed. But here is the thing about charity and handouts: No one ever is going to hand out as charity so much that it makes the recipient richer than the donor. As long as I rely on you for charity, I never can get as rich as or richer than you. If I want for my children to have all that yours have and more, the only way we ever will get there is by finding and paving our own road, not by relying on your crumbs, even if well meant. And if your crumbs are being sent our way because of cynical politically manipulative reasons, all the worse. Look at the Jackson–Sharpton–Charlatan race hucksters whose entire reason for being is to feed at the Democrats’ trough. Notice how all the race hucksters get personally rich that way. Jesse Jackson has a net worth of $10 million. No typo that. Even Obama: he and Michelle played the race card beautifully, walked away with millions upon millions, bought magnificent properties in the best White playgrounds of the rich and famous … and left African Americans no better off than they were before.

I am an Orthodox Jew, a descendant of immigrants exiled from the Holy Land by the Roman Empire and who eventually, centuries later, made their way to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty by way of Poland, Ukraine, and Russia. It is not my place to tell African Americans what is best for them, and it certainly is not my place to tell them whether they are or are not Black. I can only observe that no one owns me, except for my G-d. Not Democrats and not Republicans. And if someone were to tell me that, if I do not vote for his party then I “ain’t a Jew,” you can bet your family farm that, at least for the subsequent election, I would bullet vote for the other side just to make the point as clear as can be: No political party and no person owns me except for my G-d.

I wish and pray for Black voters that they someday come to the same conclusion. Because until they do, until they realize that absolutely no person and no party ever should be allowed to reach the conclusion that they have Blacks in their pockets and have the power to tell them how they are expected to behave, Black Americans will not be free.
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