Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Ace of Spades has a few questions for Chris Wallace

Chris Wallace is very upset at Trump's new press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, because she has suggested that the press do its job. Ace of Spades has some questions for Wallace.
I'd like to ask Chris Wallace a few questions, if a citizen is still allowed to ask his Media Masters questions:

1. Why is the press the only institution in America which cannot be challenged or critiqued?

2. If critiquing institutions is dangerous and it undermines their credibility, why does the press critique critical institutions like the government, the military, etc.

3. Why is the press the one industry in America that is not helped by sunlight and criticism but threatened by it? If criticizing the press puts the lives of "journalists" in danger, does the press' nonstop attacks on the Trump Administration not likewise put Trump Administration officials' lives in danger?

Did you not think of that, or are you just sort of... intrigued by that possible outcome?


4. The only people who seem to be permited to criticize the press are the press' own minions, like Brian Stelter. This is like saying that only Baghdad Bob may criticize Saddam Hussein.

If the press refuses to criticize and correct itself, then they've deputized the rest of us to do that job for them.

Oh, I forgot to ask a question. So here's the question:

Go fuck yourself and die sobbing, Chris Wallace.
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