Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Two stories covered by Ace of Spades so far today:
Politico: Coronavirus Cases are Plunging, And That's... Apparently Some Kind of Political Danger for Trump
Politico spins Trump's success as Trump's coming failure.
Another Political article talks about the "peril" that plummeting infection rates pose for Trump.

They decide to, um, prove that falling infection rates are just a mirage -- by rebutting actual, real current numbers with... more "models" about the future.

Politico then attempts to blame Trump for the fact that people can't return to their normal lives -- despite the fact that Trump is the one fighting for a return to normalcy, and Poltico's political allies and sources and leakers are the ones fighting to keep life as miserable as possible.

Democrats and their client groups, like teachers' unions, are the ones fighting to keep life abnormal, but Trump "can't spin" the abnormality of current life?

I think someone's spinning here, but it's not Trump.

And up to 90% of the "covid cases" we have are so minor, so low in "viral load," that the person showing the infection does not even need to be isolated, because he just doesn't have enough virus in him to spread it.

LOL: "NBA Ratings In Free-Fall After Boycott"
Ah, that's a shame.

Maybe LeBron can buy a book about dealing with failure, and try to read the first page.
The NBA's ratings are in an inexplicable free fall after a brief player-led boycott last week.

Note that media writers have to always pretend they don't understand what Get Woke Go Broke means, because they refuse to ever admit it's true.

This is a playoffs game when America is still largely locked up. It features the LA Lakers, who play in a state with the most draconian lockdown in America.

So people are locked in the house with nothing to do, and still don't want to watch the local politicsball team.

"Inexplicable." No theories are known which can explain this baffling turn of events.

A friend notes that the NBA already alienated most normies a year ago -- so what's left are the leftwing/BLM types that they've decided are the only audience they want to play for.

And even that Hard Core of political zombies is tuning out.

I propose the NBA add two new expansion teams, the SafeSpace and the Snowflakes.
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