Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain's Pick: Sheer Brilliance

This morning I am hearing that Sarah Palin is in Dayton, Ohio, where McCain is going to reveal his choice for V.P. Romney is not there, and neither is Pawlenty. If she is the pick, I think it is absolutely brilliant.

She recently gave birth to a Downs Syndrome baby. She looked at her baby and said, "I am looking at the baby right now, and I see perfection!" She and her husband knew full well that the baby would be Downs Syndrome. She is a champion snowmobiler, and is a hunter and ice fisherwoman. She has fought to clean up the Alaska corruption. She is ardently prolife. She is ardently anti-illegal immigration. She is attractive. She has a son heading to Iraq. She has a 90% approval rating in that wonderful western state. She has always been against wasteful spending and corruption. Gutsy, she ran for governor with no support from the Republican party, and defeated the incumbent Republican governor in the primary. She is very knowledgable about energy, including drilling in ANWR.

The press will surely be asking her to name all the presidents of the "stans," and she will have to bone up on foreign policy.

I really like this pick. There are many women still angry about Hillary being completely snubbed by Obama when he considered V.P. picks. We'll see if those women can recognize that McCain has chosen a superb member of the female gender, or will they cling to the failed socialist policies of the Democratic party?

This a pick that is beyond brilliant. I am very excited. Bless that maverick's heart!
She will chew up and spit out Joe Biden. You ought to hear her talk about how idiotic it is to "lock up" safe and secure energy.

Palin is plainspoken. Homespun basics. Grow our economy, not hamstring our economy. Brains and guts. Tough, feminine, smart: what is not to like? Grit, no nonsense, pro military: what's not to like? Did you know she sold the "governor's jet" on EBAY for $2.7 million dollars?

This will energize the entire Republican base. It will take the air out of the Obama balloon.

Mr. McCain, you have just made the most brilliant V.P. decision of any candidate who has run for president in my lifetime.


QP said...

Concur 100%

MommaLlama said...

Well said!

Jeffro said...

Now I won't be holding my nose at election time.

Webutante said...

Bob, this was a very well done piece on Palin. I also agree that this is a brillant choice and certainly jazzes things up.

Will be the most interesting race in decades, if not our lifetimes!

Mrs. Who said...

I was telling my husband if she had been a fictionalized character in a book, it wouldn't have been believable.

I like her a lot.

Terri Wagner said...

Well I like her but I confess my first choice was Romney.