Saturday, June 12, 2021

In solitary confinement for the thoughtcrime of doubting the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election.

Julie Kelly reports,
The rule of law for anyone involved in the events of January 6 has been flipped on its head by the U.S. justice system; defendants are presumed guilty before proven innocent. The right to a speedy trial and the right to participate in one’s own defense are ignored, as are other constitutional protections.
One person suffering in the DC Deplorable jail wrote to Julie in an email,
"We are charged with every possible offense and held in the DC jail on solitary [sic] confinement and treated inhumanely. For example, a correctional officer from a different pod came to C2B screaming at us late at night on 6/1/21 because we had just sang ‘God Bless America’ [sic] from behind our locked doors like we do every night. Being as we are on lockdown 22 hours a day it’s nice to keep morale up through patriotism. When [name omitted by American Greatness], my next door neighbor, informed the officer that we were just singing ‘God Bless America’ the officer responded by yelling, ‘Fuck America!’
I am concerned for the safety of myself and my fellow Capitol rioters here in the DC jail. We are locked down all day and threatened with violence regularly. We all know that getting our hands tied together and being beaten is something the DC jail officers have already done to Capitol rioters in this pod.
Solitary Confinement and beatings. That is our reality. When will the inhumane treatment end? I just want to let everyone know the reality of how we are treated in this place. Left wing rioters are not even held in jail. Much less subjected to the harsh and inhumane treatment my fellow Capitol rioters and I have survived under so far this year.
Julie then publishes a compilation of reports from January 6 prisoners. American Greatness will continue to publish reports from patriots being held in the DC jail. Julie ends her report:
On Thursday, FBI Director Christopher Wray repeatedly assured the House Judiciary Committee his agency has “one standard” of justice for all political protesters. Unless he can point to a prison in the nation’s capital specifically used to house Antifa and Black Lives Matters protesters, something tells me that testimony is not at all accurate.
Read the reports from prisoners and more from Julie here:

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