Tuesday, April 06, 2021

"Unproven accusations? Shit, these accusations are currently *unaccused.*

Ace of Spades acknowledges the complete lack of verified accusations against Congressman Matt Gaetz and writes in his blog,
Maybe we should all wait until there's one actual accuser before all running like panicked horses every single time the left starts shooting off (blank) pistol shots to get us running in the direction they want.
I really wish those on the right who are joining yet another political op against a Trump supporter would put their own sexual hang-ups about unmarried men being required to live like celibate monks until marriage.
Matt Gaetz has ZERO accusers. Zero. This bullshit seems to come from people who are trying to extort him.
And the op includes putting out rumors to the press that a guy who left Gaetz office for entirely unrelated reasons actually left because he was witness to unspecified perversions.
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