Monday, April 19, 2021

A U.S. Congresswoman urges mob violence!

In the Legal Insurrection blog, attorney Andrew Blanca writes,
If it cannot be expected that Chauvin can get any fairer a trial elsewhere in Minnesota than he can in the rage-mob surrounded Hennepin County Courthouse, the solution consistent with the “justice” any of us would want for ourselves or anyone we care about is not to compel him to endure an unfair trial where he is.
Rather, the solution consistent with “justice” is to dismiss these charges, with prejudice.
And if the rationale for not doing so is anticipated rioting, looting, and arson—and I expect that will be the rationale—then all we’re doing is admitting that we’ve already handed over “justice” in America to the mob, and adopted the “Emmett Till lynching model” of “justice” for anyone targeted by the mob.
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