Sunday, April 11, 2021

The battle of Tinhorn Flats

Diana West writes,
You probably never heard of Tinhorn Flats. I had not, not until photographer Peter Duke alerted me to a protest there this week, where he shot these photos. But all Americans should know about Tinhorn Flats, a Western-themed restaurant in the middle of Burbank, California, where Angelenos yearning to breathe free (maskless) of the corona hoax tyranny and peacefully assemble for beer and burgers according to their constitutional rights and good taste have rallied, and continue to rally, yes, for freedom.
Local media coverage sketches in only the outline of this small business's epic struggle against dictatorial Big Government and Big Tech, not to mention Big Fear and Big Apathy. The most recent account of the restaurant's battle to stay open for business and liberty documents the third arrest since April 1 by Burbank police of Lucas Lepejian (photo below), the 20-year-old son of Tinhorn Flats proprietor Baret Lupejian.
...the restaurant supports freedom, capitalism and President Trump, and reviles tyranny, socialism and Governor Newsom. No wonder they are in the crosshairs -- but no wonder they are in the fight!
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