Thursday, April 08, 2021

Still no evidence against Matt Gaetz

In the Hot Air blog, Ed Morrisey has new information regarding Congressman Matt Gaetz. All of the eight women who work in his congressional office have signed a letter of support for Gaetz. Morrisey writes,
The statement did not include the individual names of those providing the testimony; the statement was signed “The women of the Office of US Congressman Matt Gaetz”. According to the Daily Caller, though, all eight of his female staffers signed off on the statement. This does not mean that Gaetz didn’t commit some sort of wrongdoing, of course, but the people in his office should know his behavior better than most. With Gaetz reportedly looking for a media gig, the staffers will not likely need to worry much longer about covering for their boss either.
And if they have indeed “tracked his schedule” while in office, they’d know better than most about any of his travel partners, at least those while on official duty.
until we see evidence, the best strategy is to keep an open mind.
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