Sunday, May 02, 2021

Piling one injustice onto another

In Clash Daily, Wes Walker reports that
ESPN’s “OJ, Made In America” snagged an interview with Carrie Bess, one of the jurors from that world-famous murder trial.
Interviewer: Do you think there are members of the jury that voted to acquit OJ because of Rodney King? Bess: Yes. Interviewer: You do? Bess: Yes. Interviewer: How many of you do you think felt that way? Bess: Oh, probably 90 percent of them. Interviewer: 90 percent. Did you feel that way? Bess: Yes. Interviewer: That was payback. Bess: Uh-huh.
If we can take Bess at face value, the jurors really only let a man they believed to be guilty of murder to be acquitted and go free because some other injustice had occurred, and this was some sort of a judicial ‘make-up call’.
Did it EVER occur to them that denying the families of the two people murdered that day in June of 1994 justice in seeing the man who killed their loved ones pay a price did nothing to set things right for Rodney King?
All it did was pile one injustice onto another.
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