Thursday, August 20, 2020

"No justice, no sleep"

Ace of Spades brings us the latest polling from Minnesota and adds,
...I would imagine that seeing blacks parading through white neighborhoods with drums and horns at 2am telling whites "No justice, no sleep" and demanding they give their homes to black people is undermining Black Lives Matter's claim that black people are just absolutely terrified of police.

If you're marching through white neighborhoods threatening violence and demanding that whites give you their houses, that tends to suggest you're not the Oppressed hounded by the state, but instead the Oppressor given carte blanche license by the state.

That in turn may contribute to whites' declining estimation of how much racism blacks face.

You can't claim "We're totally repressed" as you march like an invading army through white neighborhoods telling them they are not allowed to sleep and must give their houses to you.
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