Thursday, August 20, 2020

Early tweets I liked today

Thomas Sowell tweeted,
Barack Obama is one of those people who are often wrong but never in doubt.

Eric Carmen tweeted,
You can't "fix" an economy that's working.
You can't "bring together" people that are already together.
They had to destroy the economy, burn our cities & create a fake racial divide so "Joe" would have something to "fix" and "bring us back together." They had to destroy America.

Richard Grenell tweeted,
California is overrun with homelessness, skyrocketing taxes and rolling energy blackouts.
is failing. So why is he offered a speaking role for the Democrat Convention.

Lindsey Graham tweeted,
What you saw last night from President Obama was a downward spiral – from “Hope” to “Hate.”

I hope the American people will look at the results of President
on their behalf and not listen to the hateful rhetoric of his predecessor.

Vernon Jones tweeted,
spent more time tearing down
in his
speech than support of
and his fitness for office. He abandoned joe like he abandon his violence ridden Chicago hometown when he left office.

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