Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Obama on incompetence?

In the American Spectator, Dov Fischer writes in part,
...Obama avoided speaking out on other issues because, once in front of a camera or reporter, he inevitably would be asked about Biden, why he was not yet endorsing his former vice president, and whether or not Biden ever had been coherent. But now that Biden is the last man sitting, Obama felt he needed to endorse, and that quickly moved him beyond Biden into attacking the Trump administration. Because, honestly, in endorsing Biden, there really is nothing else to say other than “Yeah, vote for him.” Honestly, what else? He has a nice smile? The hair on his legs is soft? His touch on a woman’s body, whether stroking, smelling, and kissing her hair or rubbing her shoulders, is gentle? He offers proof of the abiding national dream that, only in America, even a mediocrity who does not know what state he is in, what office he is running for — or whatever else — one day, too, can have a shot at being president?

...Note that he is not pontificating on the Cuomo mass killings in New York, where a truly incompetent governor ordered unprepared seniors’ facilities to admit coronavirus-infected people into their nursing homes, resulting in at least 5,000 documented and confessed deaths within weeks. The numbers of the Cuomo mass-killings are almost certainly closer to 10,000 dead. Lucky for 77-year-old Biden that he was not in one of those skilled nursing facilities. Obama has not commented on that. Instead, he is knocking President Trump.

It may be difficult for Obama to look into a mirror, because he always raises his nose several inches above the normal horizon line that the less stuck-up populate. But if someone can set one up at an angle that he can view, he will see in that mirror the man who, by sheer virtue of his incompetence and utterly failed eight years in Washington, opened the door to the Trump presidency.

But it was Obama who made Trump possible. Obama had destroyed, in only eight years, so much about America that was good and precious — our economy, our culture, our values, our civil harmony — that the conservative rank and file could not afford the “luxury” of yet another RINO debacle. Too much damage had been done to the very foundational fabric of the Republic to go along with another Eisenhower-Nixon-Ford-Bush-Dole-Bush-McCain-Romney-type joker in the White House. Obama had messed things up so badly that it came down to all or nothing. Pick your metaphor in this coronavirus era of no sports: we had to pull the goalie, full court press, go for it on fourth down, and bring the infield in. That is how Obama created Trump–Pence 2016.

...Everything he touched, he botched. He gave away economic rights in the Pacific. He negotiated a “climate accord” that put the onus on America immediately, while leaving India and China free to pollute with vague goals for them to attain in the future. The entire southern border broke down, and he ended up locking up unaccompanied children in what the media later would call “cages.” Through his attorney general, he passed along deadly weapons to the Mexican Drug Cartel. It was like a plot straight out of The Three Stooges. He gained a huge congressional dole, an $831 billion “stimulus,” to set up shovel-ready jobs, then he announced that they were ready. And then he admitted they were not ready. Instead of staring down the Ayatollahs, he secretly sent them $1.7 billion in cash between January 22 and February 5, 2016. Of that, $400 million was flown in pallets of Euros, Swiss francs, and other currency to Iran on January 17 of that year. Just as Christopher Steele made the word “dossier” a household term, most Americans never knew the word “pallet” until Obama sent them as blackmail to Iran.

Obama played the game well for himself. Walked out worth many, many millions — among the bare handful of African Americans to get rich and benefit during the Wasted Obama Decade. Like Carter and Clinton, with the passage of some time for historians to look back dispassionately, he will take his proper place on the lowest rung of American presidents. This is the bumbler and bungler who now would comment and pontificate on the competency of the Trump administration that propelled three years of extraordinary economic growth, near full employment, an expanded footprint of authority overseas, both in trade and commerce as well as in military strength and influence, with domestic tranquility at home — all with one hand tied behind their backs by corrupt investigations, impeachments, and other roadside bombs.

As for Trump and coronavirus, the chapter still is being written. It is as tough a challenge as any American president has had to face, and Trump’s legacy will be rewritten to his glory or his detriment by the outcome. One thing is for sure for now. Whatever advice he seeks, Trump knows that he need not consult the volumes of Obama on Incompetence.
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