Wednesday, May 20, 2020

DeSantis is a hero. Cuomo, Whitmer, Murphy and Wolf are villains.

Ace of Spades writes today about the decisions made by the governors of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan and New York to force nursing care homes to take patients being discharged from hospitals who were infected with Covid-19.
Most residents of nursing homes are on Medicaid, which pays much less of a percentage of costs than private insurance.

So the pressure was from hospitals to take these money-losing elderly people off their hands and put them back into the nursing homes.

Which would kill thousands of people -- but hey, better that than take a loss on providing treatment, huh?

Florida Governor DeSantis had the same pressures from hospitals demanding that sick nursing home patients be taken out of hospitals and put back into nursing homes.

But he told them "No," and ordered hospitals to treat the infected elderly.

But he's the villain and Cuomo's the hero, huh?

Given the media's absolute determination to claim that Cuomo is a hero (for slaughtering more than five thousand people) and that DeSantis is a villain (for having less than ten percent of the number of infected that New York has, despite having 25% more people), you can see why it is imperative for their narrative that they push conspiracy theories about Florida feeding coronavirus victims' bodies to the gators.

One thing: I'm forced to speculate why Cuomo (and Murphy, and Wolf, and Whitmer) did this, because they won't say why. They won't say why they took people carrying the most infectious disease ever and crammed them into poorly-staffed nursing homes incapable of putting patients in isolation to infect the very same cohort of people who were at serious risk of dying from the disease.

The closest we've gotten to an explanation is Cuomo's statement that old people are just going to die and there's no way to avoid that.

So I guess: Fuck 'em.

Sure would be nice if the media pushed for answers here instead of demanding that DeSantis explain why he's been so incompetent that Florida has less than 10% of New York's infection rate, despite having 25% more people.

(Oh -- and of course the only major hotspot in Florida is Palm Beach -- infected by people fleeing New York City.)

Quick -- send the news crews to golf courses. Healthy sportsmen are sometimes walking within twenty yards of each other. That's dangerous and anti-social.

Unless it's Obama, of course.
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