Friday, October 15, 2021

Who do you want to educate your children?

Robert Zimmerman rites,
Academia in America is no longer a place of learning and open-mindedness. It has become instead a propaganda house for leftist politics and a vehicle for attacking and destroying anyone who opposes those ideas.
The new dark age of silencing: Nicholas Ratekin, a masters student at the University of San Diego (USD), was fired from a teaching position, and then booted from the school’s masters program, because he apparently had a “Keep America Great” bumper sticker on his car.
Nor is this incident the only example of such intolerance at the University of San Diego. In April I reported how a law professor was under investigation and threatened with firing for daring to criticize China for its role in the start of the COVID-19 epidemic. The students at the school apparently put together a petition, claiming his comments left them “feeling vulnerable and helpless so that students cannot balance their studies.”
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