Tuesday, January 29, 2019


Dov Fischer writes in Spectator,
...Attorney: “You said earlier today that you mailed that letter on Tuesday. Is that correct?”

Deponent-Client: “Did I say that? I am so sorry. Actually, meant to say that I e-mailed it — and I think it was on a Monday. I am not sure.”

That is common at every deposition I ever have taken or defended in the past fifteen years. I teach my law students to be ready for those innocent slips of tongue. But in the Mueller Investigation universe, each such slip becomes another count of perjury. Yes, in the end, perjury has to be a deceit that is intentional, so the charge can be beaten if accidental, but it can cost tens of thousands of dollars, even hundreds of thousands, to have a legal team to defend all the way through appeal.

...Now, as the new era of this most vicious abuse of our freedoms unfolds — with dignified and exemplary Supreme Court nominees falsely accused of sexual impropriety, with searching back thirty and forty years to high school yearbooks, and in an era with each and every close associate of a disapproved newly elected President hounded into bankruptcy and personal destruction, know that this is not the end of it. Mueller is not “Last Call.” They are just opening the bar, and the night is ahead.

...This Mueller Inquisition guarantees that, one day in five or ten or twenty years, Republicans will take them down and destroy them. And the Democrats then will make notes and keep their records and await their revenge. And so it will go until the fools eventually destroy what once had been the finest political system and way of government that people ever had created.
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